The Prom


The PromThe Promanother reality based fiction by DizzyDFinally, there was light at the end of the tunnel. After four years at Northwestern, I had finally received my degree in Architectural Design, and my academic record had helped me get a salaried internship at one of the most renowned architectural firms in the country, and they would also pay for my Masters Degree if I stayed on. The other reason I was so excited was that the internship was in Denver, where I would get to see my Aunt Jesse and Cousin Joey for the first time in over six years.Jesse and Joey were actually my aunt and cousin more in name than by blood. In fact, if you did a family tree, theirs would be a branch that you added later, since we shared no descendants. Jesse was the second wife of my mom’s cousin Bob, who we always called ‘Uncle Bob’, so she became ‘Aunt’ Jesse when they married. And Joey was Aunt Jesse’s son from her first marriage, but Uncle Bob adopted him when they were married, so we all called him ‘Cousin Joey’. While growing up as a young girl in suburban Chicago, in a family where the males outnumbered the females about three to one, I had become close to Aunt Jesse. And even though she and Joey were the last ones to enter the fold, everybody in the family loved her… in fact, we all loved her a lot more than Uncle Bob, and he was actual flesh and blood!When I reached middle school, Aunt Jesse and my mom would take me shopping for the latest fashions, then we would have girl’s lunches at trendy restaurants, and then get our nails done… it was great. Aunt Jesse was even the one who took me to get my ears pierced when I was twelve, and my navel when I was fifteen… which did not make my dad very happy. But mom was cool with it, so as usual, dad lost.Sadly, when I was sixteen, Aunt Jesse and Uncle Bob separated. The bastard had cheated on her just like he had on his first wife, and then ran off with the bleached blond bimbo, leaving her and Joey alone, so Jesse filed for divorce. The entire family was heartbroken because she had become so close to all of us, especially me and my mom, but she was so devastated by him cheating on her that she not only decided to divorce him, but to move back to her home town of Boulder, Colorado.The move really made sense because she still had family and friends who lived in Boulder, plus the move would be good for Joey. He had always been kind of a frail and sickly little boy. It was nothing life threatening, but it seemed he always had a chest cold or some other respiratory ailment, so the crisp Rocky Mountain air would do him wonders.Unfortunately, when I had said goodbye to Aunt Jesse and little Joey back then, I had no idea it would be almost seven years before I would see them again. But two years after they departed, I started at Northwestern, so my time was consumed with classes and part time jobs to help pay for what scholarships and my mom and dad couldn’t cover for the next four years. Jesse and Joey had actually made one trip back to Chicago while I was at Northwestern, but as luck would have it, I was in New York City studying the architecture of its famous landmarks. Still, despite not seeing them, I managed to stay in touch with my favorite aunt via emails and phone calls, and I was thrilled when I found out that I would be interning in Denver, only about an hour from Boulder.As the plane touched down, my heart began to race. I had three whole days off before I started interning at the firm, so I finally had some time to decompress. I hoped that Aunt Jesse could show me around Denver, since I was going to be living right downtown, and she had spent a lot of time in there. I was also looking forward to seeing my cousin Joey again.Mom had told me that he was growing up to be some sort of prodigy. He had the highest GPA in his nationally ranked private school, and had won several renowned academic and scientific awards. He was also graduating high school early thanks to his grades, and had already received a full scholarship to attend prestigious Cal Tech to study biochemistry. So much for me being the smart one in the family!There was a glitch though… because Joey was graduating high school so early, he would need parental consent to attend college, and Aunt Jesse had told my mom that she was reluctant to agree because she feared the university environment would be too much for him, and it was breaking her heart. She said that his academic qualifications were more than sufficient, but he was socially inept, and had no interest in anything other than his studies. He was, in Jesse’s words… a bookworm and a hermit. I felt so bad for him and Aunt Jesse, and was looking forward to seeing if I might be able to help in some way.I finally landed and deplaned in Denver. Since I was only staying with Aunt Jesse and Joey that night, all I had brought was a carry-on holding the basic essentials and a change of clothes, so I was able to bypass baggage claim and go straight to the terminal. The firm’s HR Department had already helped me find a furnished condo in the trendy ‘Golden Triangle’ section of the city, and I was having the rest of my things shipped from Chicago. Unfortunately they wouldn’t arrive until the next day, but I was really looking forward to staying the night at Aunt Jesse’s, and getting caught up with her and my young cousin. The whole terminal was a bustle of activity, but Jesse had texted me a specific spot to meet her, and as I searched the area I heard a voice cry out, “Courtney… Courtney, is that you?”“Aunt Jesse,” I screamed as we ran towards each other and hugged. We held on to each other for what felt like hours, and when we finally parted, we both had tears in our eyes.“My God Courtney… you have grown into such a beautiful young woman,” she said as she held me at arm’s length.“And you haven’t aged a bit in seven years,” I answered as I wiped the tears from my eyes.“You are so sweet,” she said as she wiped away her own tears, and then in typical ‘Aunt Jesse’ fashion she added, “And you’re such a fucking liar.”We both laughed out loud and hugged again, and then she looked around and said, “Don’t you have anything more than your carry on?”“No, the movers are delivering my stuff to the condo tomorrow, so I just brought what I would need for tonight,” I replied.“Okay great,” Jesse said flashing her beautiful smile, and then she added, “You know, the traffic is terrible out there, and since you don’t have any bags to lug around, maybe we can sit down somewhere, have a drink, and get caught up!”“That sounds perfect,” I told her, and then I asked, “Didn’t Joey come with you?”“No,” she answered with a loud sigh, “He’s at home, probably with his head stuck in some college chemistry book.”“Well isn’t that a good thing,” I asked, trying to find out why she sounded so dejected.“Oh it is… but,“ and then she stopped mid-explanation and said, “Hey, why don’t we go in here where we can relax,” as she picked up my bag and led me to one of the many terminal bars.Once inside we found a clean table for two and sat down. Almost immediately a handsome sever approached us and said, “Good afternoon ladies, what can I get for you?”“A Pinot Grigio for me,” Aunt Jesse quickly answered.“And for you miss,” he asked, looking in my direction with a smile.“I’ll have a glass of your house Cab,” I answered, already reaching for my purse for what I knew he was about to request.“Certainly Miss, if I could just see some ID,” he replied pleasantly.As I reached into my purse for my wallet, Aunt Jesse said, “I wish someone would ask me for ID.”The server looked at her with a smile, and said, “I’ll also need to see some ID from you ma’am.”“Forget it sonny, it’s too late,” she said in a mock-insulted tone, and then she added, “Besides, you blew it when you called me ‘ma’am’ and her ‘miss’.”Now all three of us laughed as I was beginning to remember how bawdy and sarcastic Jesse could be. She always watched herself when the k**s were around, but when she thought there were only adults in the room, she was the life of the party, and as my dad would say, a great teller of raunchy jokes.The server came back with our wine, and we sat and talked for quite a while. She asked me about school, and my new internship, and I asked her about living back in Boulder, and her successful boutique. Then I asked, “So, are you dating anyone?”“Hey, you’re the one who just graduated college, I should be asking you that,” she said with a laugh, then she added, “And besides, I’m not ready to take on husband number three.”“Aunt Jesse, your first husband passed away, and your second was a complete asshole, so you can’t blame yourself… and besides, you’re a beautiful woman who has such a big heart, and is so much fun to be around… so I’m sure you would have the men lined up if you wanted,” I said encouragingly.“Well thanks honey, that’s sweet, but I have a successful business, a nice home, a lot of friends, and a wonderful son, so why do I need to date,” she asked, almost challenging me.“What about companionship, don’t you ever get lonely,” I asked her, refusing to give up the argument.“If I ever need companionship I’ll buy a dog,” she answered very directly, “And when I get lonely, I pull out my battery powered lover, turn him on, and the loneliness is gone.”“Aunt Jesse!” I exclaimed, looking around to see if anyone else had heard her.“What… you’re old enough for me to be honest with you,” she said without apology, and then she asked, “So what about you Court… are you dating anyone?”She had completely turned the tables on me, and I quietly said, “No, between school and working to get this internship, there just hasn’t been time.”“So don’t YOU ever get lonely,” Aunt Jesse asked in a very ‘gotcha’ manner.I felt my cheeks flush, and as a sheepish grin spread on my face I leaned towards her and quietly said, “I call my battery powered lover ‘Greg’… after my first boyfriend.”Jesse laughed and said, “I call mine ‘Big Leroy’, if you use your imagination, I’m sure you can guess why.”Both of us broke into hysterical laughter, and I only hoped that nobody around us knew we were talking about our sex toys. Then as we started to regain our composure, I said, “Aunt Jesse, you seemed disappointed earlier when you said that Joey was probably at home reading a chemistry book… why?”Jesse took a big sip of her wine and then said, “I know your mom has told you how smart he is… I mean he’s graduating early, has a scholarship to Cal Tech, it’s so wonderful and I’m so proud of him, but…”Once again she paused, but I wasn’t letting her off the hook this time and said, “But what?”“But I’m afraid he’s completely missing out on his high school years, and he’s going to really struggle at college because he doesn’t interact with people,” Aunt Jesse said with a sigh and a shake of her head.“Why do you say that,” I asked her, wanting to make sure I understood exactly what she meant.“He has no friends to speak of, and barely any social skills,” Jesse said as her voice trembled a bit, and then she added, “He’s never been to a football game, a concert, or a school dance. All he does is go to class, and then sit in his room reading text books, or working on problems and formulas.”“Well is he okay Aunt Jesse, I mean, you know…,” I asked, not being able to complete the sentence, but knowing she would understand that I was delicately trying to ask about possible illnesses or disorders.“Yes, he’s fine… he just has a mind that constantly craves knowledge, and he thinks that all those other things are a useless waste of time,” she answered, and I could sense her frustration.“I’m still not sure I completely understand,” I said, still trying to comprehend what she was saying.“It’s not that he can’t interact with people socially, he just doesn’t care to… he thinks the only reason to speak to another person, other than me, is to share knowledge or order food,” she said, and then she frowned and added, “I took him to see a psychologist, and he thinks the problem is Joey’s always been told he’s ‘different’ by counselors, teachers, even me…. he’s always been the smartest in his class, so he had a hard time relating to k**s his age, and when he was put into classes with k**s two and three years older than him, they made fun of him, so he just decided that social interaction was useless.” Then I asked the million dollar question when I said, “Well, he may be academically considered a boy-genius, but biologically he is a young man who’s hit that age… has he had a girlfriend yet?”Jesse waived to our server to bring us another wine, wanting a little more liquid courage to help her open up, and once he delivered them, she picked up her glass, took a drink and said, “I’m not even sure he likes girls.”“You mean you think he might be… gay?” I asked, wanting to make sure I totally understood.“No, at least I don’t think so,” Jesse answered quickly, and then she quickly added, “Not that I would have a problem if he were.”“Then what are you saying,” I asked, trying to get her to explain.“I’m saying that I don’t think he has any interest in boys or girls,” she replied in frustration, and then she said, “You know, I keep looking for something, anything to exhibit normal behavior for a teenage boy… I mean I’d be thrilled if I found some dirty magazines under his bed, or some porn on his computer, gay or straight, just to show me he has some interest in interacting with other human beings… I mean Courtney, I may be the first mom who wishes she would find some evidence that her son jerks off!”Even though she had said it in her typical, unfiltered manner, I completely understood what she meant, so I said, “So he’s shown no interest in dating at all… huh?” “Nope,” Jesse said, “And if he goes to Cal Tech, the last prom he has a chance to go to is next Saturday.”I knew how much Aunt Jesse loved her son, and how proud she was of his academic achievements, but I could also see how hurt she was that he seemed to be a total social outcast… and what was more upsetting to her was the fact that he didn’t seem to care. “I’m sorry Aunt Jesse,” I said, trying to comfort her, and then I added, “But Joey wouldn’t be the first person who totally immerses themselves in academia, and doesn’t care about anything outside of it.”“I know,” she replied as her voice trembled, and then she said, “But what bothers me is that when he and I are at home, he can be so witty and engaging… even silly, so I know he has it in him. Then the minute someone else is around, that wall goes up. I think we’ve told him he’s ‘different’ so much we’ve damaged him. I honestly believe there might be something out there that could show him he’s just like the other k**s, despite his intelligence, and break through his shell… I just don’t know what it is.”“Is there anything else bothering you,” I asked, still thinking she was keeping something back.She choked back a tear and said, “He’s also been on the victim of some bullying at school… it’s never been physical, but he’s been called some awful names… things like ‘Rainman’, ‘geek’, ‘homo’, ‘fag’.“Have you contacted the school… there’s a huge campaign against bullying right now,” I said, suddenly angry at the thought of some high school tough guys picking on my young cousin.“I wanted to,” she answered, “but Joey said it would only make matters worse, plus he told me that nothing they say bothers him… it’s like he believes he is above silly stuff like that, and doesn’t care.” “Wow, he sounds like a pretty amazing young man,” I said. She just smiled and said, “He really is… I just want him to see there is more to life than a book.” After we finished our second glass of wine, we made our way to Aunt Jesse’s car and started for Boulder, which was about an hour’s drive. Their modest two-story home was something you would picture in a mountain area, and as we walked in, Jesse hollered, “Joey… your cousin Courtney is here.”We went into the kitchen and Aunt Jesse poured us another glass of wine, and as we sat down at the kitchen table to continue our reminiscing, I heard a male voice from behind me say, “Hello,” and when I turned around, there was my cousin. “Joey,” I cried out cheerfully, and then I stood up, walked to where he was, and gave him a hug. As soon as I did, I immediately knew what Aunt Jesse was talking about. I felt his arms stop at my sides and his body recoil from mine, completely shying away from physical contact with me.I didn’t want to make him uncomfortable so I quickly withdrew my arms from around him, stepped back and said, “Wow Joey, I can’t believe how much you’ve grown.”For the first time his eyes met mine, and he said, “You have too, but I guess in the last six and a half years we’ve all changed somewhat.”‘Wow, carrying on a conversation with him is going to be brutal’ I thought to myself, and then I said, “So your mom tells me you’ve received a scholarship to attend Cal Tech… that’s awesome!”“Well, mom and I are still discussing whether or not I should accept it,” he said very clinically, and then he changed the subject by saying, “So mom says you’ll be living in Denver.”“Yes, I’m doing a six month internship, and if all works out, I may stay longer,” I answered smiling.“Well Denver is nice,” he said, at least attempting to make some small talk.“I’ve heard that,” I said trying to keep him engaged, then I told him, “And I’m looking forward to you and your mom showing me the city over the next few days.”“Mom would be more qualified… I don’t get to Denver much, I usually stay at home,” he replied, beginning to fidget at being forced to carry on a non-academic conversation.I looked over at Aunt Jesse, and she gave me a shrug as if to say, ‘This is the way it always is,’ but I wasn’t giving up, and said, “Well maybe you can tag along anyway,” still trying to break down the wall. Then I asked, “So I know you’re graduating early… but how is high school going?”Suddenly a pensive look came over his face, and I could see I may have touched a chord with him as he sighed and said, “It’s alright I suppose… I’ve scored the maximum GPA in all my college entry level courses, and I’ve taken some additional AP courses to round out my resume.”“That’s great Joey,” I said, and then I went for broke when I asked, “So do you have a lot of friends?”There was a long pause, and then he said, “I don’t really have any friends per se, but I do belong to some academic organizations, and we occasionally have meetings.”I could see the distress in his face, and I didn’t want to say anything to make him uncomfortable, so I just said, “That’s nice Joey,” and then I added, “And college is a much easier place to make friends”“I guess that’s something I’ll just have to work on,” he answered quietly, and then he looked at his mom and I and said, “May I be excused now, I have a project I’d like to complete.”“Sure,” we both replied almost in unison, and then I added, “Well I’m glad I’m going to be able to spend some time with you and your mom Joey, it was nice to see you.”“You too,” he replied generically, not even saying my name, and then he disappeared upstairs.“Do you see what I mean,” Aunt Jesse said with a look of sadness on her face and a tear in her eye, and then she added, “He’s not like a savant or anything… he is just completely socially inept.”After thinking for a moment, I said, “Aunt Jesse, you said the prom is next week, right?”“Yes,” she answered, having no idea where I was going.I smiled and said, “Well how about if I went to the prom with him?”“Oh Court, I doubt you could get him to go for that, and besides, you’re his cousin,” she replied.“First of all, we aren’t even blood relatives, and we only call each other ‘cousin’ because you and mom say we are,” I replied, and then I added, “And second, nobody at his school knows who I am, so as far as they will know, I’m just his date from another school.”“Well we have another problem… I mean look at you,” Aunt Jesse said, expressing skepticism.“What about me,” I asked, not really sure where she was going.“Courtney, I know the waiter asked you for ID, and you are a gorgeous young lady who could pass for a high school student… and I hate you for that… but as soon as you open your mouth, everyone will know you are too mature to be in high school,” Jesse sighed.“No problem… if anyone asks, I’ll say I’m a college freshman who met Joey at an open house,” and then I said, “Besides, having a college girl on his arm at the prom wouldn’t hurt Joey’s street cred at all.”“Well I doubt Joey has any ‘street cred’, and I think what you’re offering to do is wonderful Court,” Aunt Jesse said with a sigh, and then she added, “But I’m still sure he’ll never agree to it.”“You let me worry about that,” I replied with a reassuring smile, and then we spent the rest of the evening getting caught up on over six years of being apart.The next morning we all got up and had breakfast, and then started the drive from Boulder to Denver to meet the movers. Joey had asked if he could be excused to stay home and do his usual academic work, but Aunt Jesse shot him down, saying we might need him to help move stuff around, plus she said he needed to get out of the house and go to some place other than school.The fact was I really didn’t have that much to unpack since the condo was furnished, but Joey reluctantly came along. When we got there, the truck was just pulling up. I was thrilled to see the condo was even nicer than the pictures they had sent. It was a beautiful open floor plan with a huge kitchen, and two bedrooms and two baths. The furnishings and appliances were new, and even the artwork was perfect. Then I stepped out onto the deck and was greeted by an amazing view of the city.“Wow, this is gorgeous,” Aunt Jesse said as she looked around.“Yes it is nice,” Joey added, shocking both his mother and I by participating in a conversation into which he wasn’t forced.“Thanks Joe, I’m glad you like it,” I said with a smile.“Did you call me Joe,” he asked, with a look on his face that showed neither approval nor disapproval.“I did, I hope you don’t mind,” I answered, and then I said, “I just thought ‘Joe’ might fit a college student better than ‘Joey’.”“Well mom and I still haven’t decided if I am going to college next year, but I’m fine with you calling me Joe,” he replied. Then the most amazing thing happened when, without being prompted, he went over and picked up a box, smiled at me and said, “Where would you like this Courtney?”Oh my God, he smiled and called me by name. Maybe I was breaking down the barriers that my introverted, super-intellectual cousin had put up. I directed him towards the master bedroom, and as he disappeared with the box, I looked at his mom and she had the biggest smile on her face I had ever seen, and as I smiled back I could see tears in her eyes, telling me this was a huge deal.For the rest of the afternoon we unpacked boxes and put things away, and while he definitely wasn’t ‘Chatty Charley’, Joey actually participated in conversations that didn’t involve the sciences, or academics of any kind. And as we continued to get things in order, I couldn’t help but notice that despite his total lack of any style, he wasn’t a bad looking k**. You could see his body wasn’t very athletic, but his weight was commensurate to his height, and he even had a cute little butt.I was in the bedroom hanging some things in my closet when he walked in carrying a plain box and said, “Courtney, I’m not sure where this belongs since it isn’t marked.”I just loved that he was calling me by my name, and said, “Go ahead and open it Joe.”I heard the packing tape tear, and then a surprised, “Ohhh,” followed by an uncomfortable pause before he said, “I think you had better unpack this one.”My first thought was, ‘Oh my God, he found my vibrator,’ but then I realized he probably wouldn’t know the difference between a sex toy and a salad shooter. Plus, I had carefully packed ‘Greg’ in a locked jewelry box to which I held the only key, just in case I had nosey movers. After seeing Joey backing away from the box like it contained nuclear waste, I walked over to it and saw it was filled with my underwear.I laughed and said, “I’m sorry Joe, I didn’t mean to embarrass you,” but then I intentionally did just that by dumping the contents out on the bed right in front of him, just to see his reaction.I saw him scanning the array of undergarments, from sports bras and briefs to Victoria’s Secret bras and tiny thongs. After a moment I said, “Haven’t you ever seen a woman’s underwear before?”“I’ve seen my mom’s when she does laundry,” he said, and then as he focused on some of my skimpiest thongs he said, “But yours are much smaller.”I picked up a tiny red thong and let it dangle from my finger, and in the most clinical way I could while describing lingerie I said, “This is a thong, I wear it with certain things so I don’t have a panty line.”I could see him looking carefully at it, his analytical mind processing exactly what part of the body the tiny material would cover, and then I saw him begin to fidget nervously. Fearing I might drive him back into the shell from which he was just beginning to emerge, I quickly tossed the thong back on the bed.We both stood silently and then he turned his back to me and looked out the window. Worried that I may have gone too far, I said, “I’m thirsty Joe… why don’t we go get something to drink?”“Ummm, yes, that would be great,” he answered with his back still to me, and then he said, “You go ahead and I’ll be right out.”My first thought was I had blown it. He was really beginning to open up and I had scared him away. As I walked out of the bedroom, I looked over my shoulder to see him with his back still turned, and then it donned on me, Joey wasn’t scared… he was hiding the fact that he had an erection!I walked into the kitchen where Jesse was unpacking boxes and she said, “Where’s Joey?”For a moment I thought about telling her what had happened, but as much as I wanted to assure her that he was a normal teenage boy, I wasn’t sure that telling her he had gotten an erection from looking at my underwear was exactly the way to go about it. So I just said, “He’s still unpacking some things.”After a couple of minutes, Joey finally emerged from my bedroom with what I guessed was a deflated penis. As he sat down at the breakfast bar, I handed him a bottled water from the cooler I had brought, and then said, “Thanks for all your help today Joe, I really appreciate it.”“You’re welcome Courtney,” he said politely with a smile, and his mom and I could hardly contain our joy as we watched him take a long drink of water.We sat and chatted for a bit, and I could see him getting more and more comfortable. I asked him about bio-chemistry and he asked me about architecture. Then we talked about ardahan rus escort living in Chicago, of which he had only a slight recollection. It had been three hours since he had been in front of a computer screen or holding a text book, and he didn’t seem to be having withdrawal. Things were going so smooth that I thought it might be time to take a shot at my idea.“So Joe, your mom tells me that your prom is next Saturday… do you have a date,” I asked, trying to sound very nonchalant.“No, I don’t really get involved in the social conventions of high school,” he said in a pragmatic, but somewhat sad tone, and then he added, “And besides, most of the students who run those events are a little immature.”“Well thank you Sheldon Cooper,” I said with a laugh, referencing the annoying, OCD riddled character from ‘The Big Bang Theory’ television show.“Hey, I think Sheldon Cooper is a one of our greatest American heroes,” he replied defiantly, and as I looked at him, not knowing what to say, a sly grin crept across his face.“Wait… did you just make a joke,” I asked with a laugh.He just smiled and said, “Gotcha.”Aunt Jesse and I both broke into hilarious laughter along with him. It was the first time he had laughed out loud since I had arrived, and I could see that even his mom was shocked at his playfulness. Then I said, “I didn’t think you super-intellectuals had time for such trivial things as television.”“We don’t,” he said, still chuckling, “Just ‘The Big Bang Theory’, and any science specials on PBS or the Discovery Channel.’“There’s my Sheldon,” I said, making my own joke.“Bazinga,” he said with a laugh, repeating Sheldon Cooper’s homage to jokes.I could see a look of pure joy on Aunt Jesse’s face as Joey acted, if only for a moment, like a normal teenager. Then she caused a lump in my throat when she looked at me with gratitude in her eyes and silently mouthed the words ‘thank you.’I just nodded and smiled, and then I decided the time was right and said, “So Joe, you said you didn’t want to go to the prom because high school k**s were immature… what about taking a college girl?”“And what college girl would go to a prom with me,” he said, trying to find a safe zone.“What about me?” I said, not about to let him off the hook. “You,” he asked, caught totally off guard by my suggestion.Yes me, what’s wrong with that,” I asked, putting him on the spot.“Well the first thing is you’re my cousin,” he said, trying quickly to put the discussion to rest.But I refused to back down and said, “Joe, we are only cousins by marriage,” and then I added, “And nobody in that school has any idea who I am anyway.”“But you just graduated from Northwestern,” he asked, still looking for a way out.“With honors,” I said, reminding him he wasn’t the only intelligent one in the family, and then I added, “And what does that mean… are you saying I look old?” “No,” he replied, being smart enough to realize that saying another word could land him in trouble.Now I moved in on the super-genius when I asked, “Do you think I’m pretty Joe?”I could see the question stunned him, but he reverted to his analytical self and said, “Well I don’t notice those things, but I suppose by society’s superficial standards, yes, you would be considered very pretty.”“Well thanks… I think,” I said with a laugh, and then I said, “Look, I think going to the prom would really help in preparing you for the social interaction of college, plus, if you only go to one social event in high school, it should be your prom… so why not go to it with a college girl who society thinks is pretty?”I could see I was starting to appeal to his logical side, and as I prepared to shoot down his next barrage of reasons why we shouldn’t go, he shocked both his mother and I when she said, “You actually make very good points, and it would be interesting to observe the social construct… maybe we should go.”Neither Aunt Jesse nor I could believe our ears, but it didn’t stop us from breaking into huge smiles, and I had to contain myself from jumping up and giving my cousin the biggest hug ever, for fear I would terrify him. Instead I just said, “Well it would be an honor to accompany you to the prom Joe.”After having pizza for dinner, Aunt Jesse and Joey left for home, leaving me in my new condo. I still didn’t have a car, and I was too tired to take a walk, so I put on some music, opened one of the bottles of cabernet that Jesse had bought me as a housewarming gift, and got to work putting things away.As I began finding places for all my stuff, my mind kept wandering back to how I had broken down the huge social barriers that Joey put up, and convinced him to go to the prom. I began thinking of what kind of dress I wanted, and realized that I was feeling a little like a high school girl again myself.After everything was unpacked, I decided a nice long bath might be great. As I filled the huge garden tub, I began stripping off my work clothes. I pulled the cotton tee shirt I was wearing over my head, and as I did, I caught my reflection in the floor length mirror on the bathroom door. I stopped to look at myself, and had to admit that I liked what I saw.I certainly wasn’t a fashion model, but people did say that I have a very pretty face. I was blessed with high cheekbones, a small nose, and a smile that fit my face perfectly. My sandy blonde hair was cut about medium length, and the highlights accented what my mom called my ‘milky white’ skin perfectly.I was a gymnast in high school, so my body had always been pretty solid and toned. My breasts had grown in cup size since then, but as I removed my bra, I could see they still had their perfect shape. And even thought they were larger, when I cupped them, I could feel they had lost none of their firmness. Then I dragged my thumbs across my hard nipples, sending a shiver racing down my spine.After admiring my tits, I stripped off my yoga pants and thong. My ass was still firm and shapely, despite my relaxed exercise schedule, and my hips still had their feminine curves, and weren’t any larger than they were the day I started at Northwestern. My legs still had great muscle tone, and my stomach was as flat and firm as ever, right down to my clean shaven pubic mound. My first thought was that I might be able to pass for a high school girl… but saying I was in college would be better for Joey’s reputation.After giving my body the seal of approval, I slipped into the water with wine in hand and then lay back and enjoyed the music, and my new home. Then I started thinking about Joey, and how I had chipped away at his hard exterior. I remembered how the more he opened up, the cuter he became. And then there was that moment when he looked at my collection of underwear and got an erection.As I thought about giving my socially awkward cousin a hard on, my hand slipped under the water and between my thighs. I had been so busy with school, arranging the internship, and packing for the move that I had very little time for myself… and that included dating, and masturbating. The fact was I had immersed myself so deeply in getting this internship that I hadn’t had sex in over six months, and hadn’t even masturbated in a few weeks… and wow, was I horny!The wine and my arousal began to kick in as my fingers found the swollen lips of my pussy. I d****d my feet over the opposite sides of the tub with my bright red painted toes pointing upward, causing my legs to spread wider, and giving my fingers better access to my aching womanhood.I set my wine aside, and as the fingers of my right hand began stroking my inflamed labia, my left hand found my tender breasts and hard nipples. I closed my eyes and sighed as my hands went to work, and at the same time I found there was only one image popping into my mind that would provide the inspiration for my orgasm, and it was none other than Joey.As I remembered the innocent look on his face as he looked at my underwear spread across the bed, I felt my pussy begin to tighten. My fingers on my right hand had given up their foreplay and were assaulting my hard clitoris with abandon now, while the fingers on my left were pinching and teasing my erect nipples, bringing me closer and closer to a long overdue climax.Just as I felt the pressure deep in my groin building to an unbearable level, I thought about Joey’s erection. What did it look like? How big was it? Was the head purple and puffy? Was the shaft thick? How would it feel in my hand… my mouth… my cunt? Uncontrollable images of my young cousin raced through my mind as I fingered myself, and then suddenly I screamed, “Oh Joeeeeyyyy,” and I came.Over and over I cried out as my cunt melted down. My screams echoed off the hard tile of my bathroom walls, as orgasmic spasms tore through my groin and rolled throughout my body. My finger continued to work feverishly on my hard pleasure nub, wanting to drag out my climax for as long as possible. Then as my clitoris became too sensitive to touch, I plunged one finger, and then a second deep in my cunt as I continued to pinch and twist my nipples. Normally my masturbatory orgasms were quick to subside, but I was milking this one for all it was worth, until my vaginal walls finally stopped contracting, and with one last sigh, I slumped into the warm water.After a few minutes of post-orgasmic bliss, my senses began to return, and as they did I grappled with the fact that fantasizing about Joey had made me cum. I didn’t feel bad or guilty over the revelation… he wasn’t really a ‘blood relative’ and he was starting college in the fall, but what I did wonder was why a socially backward, high school genius who was years younger than me had aroused me so much. After racking my brain, I came up with the only plausible answer… even though he was intellectually superior to men well beyond his years, and he was physically and chronologically ready for sex, he had never even gone on a date. In fact, his mother didn’t even think he had ever masturbated. So it was his sexual innocence and naiveté that turned me on… he was the proverbial forbidden fruit! The next week was a blur for me. I began the internship and loved it. Aunt Jesse and Joe, as I was now calling him, had taken me car shopping where I purchased my first brand new car, and I was making plans for the prom… even though I was almost twenty-three!I bought a floor length red dress with spaghetti straps that was slit to mid-thigh and clung to me in all the right places. I thought it might be a little risqué at first, but when I saw some of the other prom dresses that were so short you didn’t dare sit down, or had a neckline that plunged so low that an entire roll of double-sided tape was needed to keep your tits from falling out, I was happy with my choice. Even though the prom was in Denver, I had driven to Jesse and Joe’s to get ready. She had offered to hire a car to take us to the private club at which it was being held, but I told her that a limo was a ridiculous expense for two people, and that I would drive… and after some objection she finally agreed. Aunt Jesse and I had gone to get our hair and nails done in the morning, and it was like old times… and as a bonus, my hair came out perfect. After applying my makeup, I put on a flesh colored strapless bra, and slipped on the tiny red thong I had shown Joe, leaving no telltale signs that I was wearing anything under the clingy red material of the dress. Then after putting on the gown, I finished the outfit with a pair of red Gucci pumps. As I looked in the mirror doing a few poses, even I had to admit I looked hot!When it was time to go, I slowly made my way down the steps, and as I came into view, Joey’s eyes widened. Being as awkward as he was, he didn’t say anything, but the look in his eyes said it all… he liked what he saw. I was also impressed with him. His black tuxedo fit him nicely, and his red tie and cummerbund matched my dress perfectly. He looked so damn cute… even handsome.As I reached the bottom of the steps, Jesse said, “Courtney, you look amazing.”At first Joey didn’t say anything, but then his mom gave him a nudge and he said, “You look very nice Courtney.”I had to admit it wasn’t the rousing endorsement I would normally hope for, but considering it came from Joey, it was about as good as it was going to get. I smiled at him and said, “Thank you Joe, and you look very handsome.”Just then I could see the reality of things started to set in, and in a panicked tone Joey said, “Courtney, we really don’t have to do this… you really do look very nice, but I don’t want to embarrass you… I mean you’re a college graduate and they are all just immature high school k**s.”I could see he was on the verge of backing out, so I just smiled at him and said, “Joe, why don’t we just go for a little while, and if you want to leave, then we can leave whenever you say. But don’t let these bullies and jerks make you feel like you are any different from them.”I could see him calming down as he said, “Are you absolutely certain you want to do this?”“Yes I am,” I answered him confidently, and then I said, “And the good news is when you go to college, it is the smart guys like you who have the edge… and there are very few cliques, so you are free to be who you are, and everybody accepts you… being intelligent is cool in college.”“I can’t wait for that world,” Joey replied, and when I looked at Aunt Jesse, I could see that if Cal Tech was a world where he would feel comfortable, she was going to find a way to let him go.As we drove towards the prom, I said, “So how do you feel about going to the prom with a college girl?”“Well you’ve graduated so you’re not a technically a college girl any more,” he replied, looking me up and down.“So are you trying to say I look too old?” I asked.“No, I didn’t mean it that way a all,” he quickly backtracked, “I just mean that you look young enough, but you are so much more mature than them.”That was exactly what his mom had said, and I replied, “You’re more mature than them too Joe.”After leaving my car with the valet, I noticed everyone was walking along the red carpet, so I took Joe’s hand and began to follow. At first I felt him pull away slightly, but I held it tight and smiled at him until I felt him relax, and then we entered the building. Immediately I could also see how much more elegant my dress was than the club attire being worn by most of the little pop star wannabes… I mean talk about tiny dresses. That’s when I realized Aunt Jesse and Joe were right, I probably wouldn’t pass for a high school girl… but damn I was pulling off the hot college girl perfectly!Just inside the lobby was an area for pictures. Despite his objection to the social convention of the prom photo (after all, he was still Joey), I convinced him it was alright, and we had one taken. It was at that point that I noticed my heels had made me a little taller than him, but as I scanned around the room, I saw that wasn’t really unusual, so I wasn’t worried about embarrassing him.As we walked into the ballroom, I could see that I was getting quite a few admiring stares from some of the young men, and quite a few dirty looks from some of the jealous girls… and I had to admit I liked it. There was no reserved seating, but I saw a table with two openings and said, “Over here Joe.”“Courtney, no… wait,” he said, suddenly pulling me back.“What’s wrong,” I asked, already knowing the answer.“I don’t think we should sit with them, they’re some of the popular k**s,” he said.“So what, I was one of popular k**s in my school, and it was a lot bigger than this,” I said as I pulled him towards the table. When we reached it I said, “Hi, mind if we sit down?”Almost simultaneously every boy said, ‘Sure, have a seat,’ and most of the girls said, ‘No, they’re taken.’I decided to ignore the girls and said “Thank you.” It was then that I noticed that while the girls were rolling their eyes, the guys had theirs firmly locked on my chest. Once we were seated I said, “Hi, I’m Courtney, and I’m sure you all know Joe.”Actually I was sure none of them knew his real name, and only knew him as ‘geek’ or ‘fag’, but without taking their eyes off my cleavage, a few of the guys said, “Yeah, how’s it going Joe.”However, everybody didn’t want to play nice, and a skanky blond who looked like a hoe’d up Barbie Doll, wearing a short dress with her tits spilling out said, “Why in the world would we know that geek?”“Excuse me,” I said to the Barbie in a confrontational tone, as at the same the biggest popular guy, still staring at my breasts said, “Why don’t you stop being such a bitch Kelly.”“Whatever” Barbie replied, obviously annoyed that big popular guy had stuck up for me and Joe… even if it was because he was in love with my tits. “So Courtney, we all know Joe goes to our school, but what school do you go to… I mean we’d know you if you if you went to ours,” one of the other guys asked, annoying his date.“I’m actually in college,” I said, being very nonchalant.“Cool”, and “Nice,” a couple of them exclaimed in a surprised tone.But Barbie just couldn’t keep her big foot out of her mouth, and said, “Must be a Community College if you’re dating a loser like that,” and then she laughed until she realized nobody was laughing with her.“Why don’t you shut the fuck up Kelly,” one of the other guys said.“It’s fine, I’ll handle this,” I said, and then I looked at her and said, “Actually Barbie, I go to Cal Tech… you may have heard of it, although I doubt you’ll be going there since they care more about the size of your IQ than the size of your boobs.”“OHHHH,” all the guys hollered at my putdown, holding their fists to their mouths and pointing at her. “Whatever,” Barbie said again, only in a much louder tone this time.I really didn’t want a confrontation, but I was tired of the way Joe had been treated. Just then, big popular guy said, “So how did you and Joe meet?”“Oh he didn’t tell you,” I said, knowing they had never spoke to him, “Joe is graduating high school early and coming to Cal Tech next fall… he’ll be the one of the youngest students ever accepted there.” “What… wow,” all the guys and even a couple of the girls said, genuinely impressed. Of course Barbie still sat rolling her eyes.Then I said, “Yes, we met at an open house… he was just so charming and sweet. He walked right up to me and said that even though he knew I was already in college, he wanted to invite me to his prom so he could have the most beautiful date there… so how could I resist?”“Awwww,” a couple of girls sighed, and some of guys actually said, “Dude,” and “Smooth.” Of course, I lied about still being in college, and Joe hadn’t really asked me to the prom, but he really was going to Cal Tech, and he really did say I looked pretty, so I figured my story was honest enough.But Barbie, still not realizing she was totally outclassed said, “Whatever… he’s still a geek.”Before anyone had a chance to chastise her again, I said, “Let me tell you something Barbie, in college, the geeks ARE the popular guys… the poets, the musicians, the scholars. And I know you think you’re hot, but beautiful girls are everywhere in college… and you wouldn’t make a pimple on their asses.”Suddenly all the guys and some of the girls started laughing hysterically at her, and that was when I decided it might be time to move, so Joe and I got up and I said, “Sorry to disturb your party guys, but I see maturity hasn’t reached everyone at this table… we hope you all have a nice evening.”“Don’t go,” a couple of the guys called out, but I figured we had stayed long enough. Still, as we were leaving, I couldn’t resist taking one last shot at ‘Miss Thing’ when I said, “And by the way Barbie, a great mind like Joe’s gets you into Cal Tech… big tits and an empty head like yours gets you on the pole.”She looked at me seething and tried to come up with a snappy retort, but her tiny brain couldn’t process anything so she just said, “My fucking name isn’t Barbie… its Kelly.”I just smiled sweetly at her and said, “Whatever.”We said goodbye to the rest of the table, found an empty one and sat down, and that was when Joe finally spoke up and said, “I don’t know if that was a good idea… antagonizing them.”Just then I realized how that whole situation could affect him, and I said, “I’m sorry Joe, I just hated hearing her call you those names, and besides, you aren’t different… you are just good as them.”“Thanks Courtney,” he said, genuinely grateful, and then he added, “But people like that can’t hurt me with names… I know I’ll be better off than they are down the road.”“Wow, you have more self-confidence than any guy I know, most people would be angry at the names that girl called you, but they really don’t bother you, do they,” I said, very impressed with his attitude.Suddenly I turned and saw two of the guys from the other table approaching us. Not knowing what to expect after abusing Barbie, I said, “This should be interesting.”When they reached us, big popular guy said, “Hey Courtney… hey Joe… we’re sorry about Kelly, she’s a real bitch. None of us really like her, but she’s dating a friend of ours. Anyway, she got all pissed off at us and moved to another table, so if you want to come back and sit with us, there’s room.”“Thanks, but I think we’re just going to hang out over here,” I said.“Well if you change your mind we have room,” they both said and began to walk away.Then out of the clear blue, Joe spoke his first words to them when he said, “Thanks guys.”They both threw the cool ‘finger point’ at him, and big guy said, “You got it Joe- Joe.”When they were out of earshot, I looked at him and said, “’Joe-Joe’ huh… somebody got respect.”He just smiled and said, “I got respect because I’m with you, and you know it… I just rode along.”“Hey, there’s something to be said for the strong silent type,” I said smiling at him, and then I added, “Besides, you’ll be graduating soon, so who cares why they respect you, as long as they do.”Just then one of my favorite slow songs started playing and the dance floor immediately filled with guys too embarrassed to dance fast songs with their dates. That was when I took Joe’s hand and said, “Would you like to dance with me?”“I really don’t dance Courtney, can we just sit here,” he pleaded.“You wouldn’t deny a girl a dance on her prom night, would you,” I said with a giggle as I pulled him towards the dance floor, then I said, “It’s a slow dance so just follow me and sway back and forth.”When we got to the floor Joe held me at arm’s length and slowly began moving back and forth. That was when I said, “If you want these people to think we are really on a date, you can’t hold me like you’re dancing with your grandmother at a family wedding,” and then I put my hand behind his back and pulled him towards me.At first I felt his body go stiff, but then he began to relax, and pretty soon my cheek was touching his, and our bodies were close together. We were really getting into the rhythm when I said, “It feels like you’ve danced before.”“I have.”“Where,” I asked.“With my grandmother at a family wedding,” he replied with a chuckle.“Very funny, smartass,” I said.“Bazinga,” he replied, channeling Sheldon Cooper yet again.His mom had been right… Joe was witty and charming, and he just needed to feel normal and not ‘different’ for it to show. Before long we were both getting lost in the music. His warm body felt so nice against mine, so I pulled him tighter to me, and that was when I felt it… he had an erection. For a few minutes I just danced with him, and then I started pressing against him more, feeling the length of his cock pressing just to the right of my pubic bone. I don’t think he realized what I was doing was intentional, but I suddenly felt his hips pressing against me, and we were grinding.His hard shaft felt wonderful as it pressed against me, and with one slight movement I had it rubbing directly on top of my clitoris. I could actually feel myself getting aroused as we dry humped each other, and then suddenly he looked at me with wide eyes, turned, and hurried through the side door.I turned to make sure nobody had seen his hasty exit, and sighed in relief when I saw the room was dark, and everyone else was humping their dates. Then I followed Joe out through the same door and found him sitting on a bench staring at the ground.“Hey, are you alright,” I asked as I sat next to him.“Uh huh,” he said, still looking down.I didn’t want to embarrass him, but at this point I figured that with someone as smart as him, the direct approach was best and I softly said, “Joe, you got an erection… its normal.”“I know how the physiology works,” he answered abruptly, using his intellect as his defense mechanism.“But it embarrassed you and it shouldn’t, because it didn’t offend me, it flattered me,” I tried to reason, and then I said, “And besides, I was rubbing against you because it felt good to me too.”“I know, and that’s why I stopped,” he said softly.“Why, if you knew I wasn’t offended, why did you stop?” I asked.“Because something… something was happening,” he said, very shaken and uncertain.Immediately I understood, and said, “Joe, do you know what an orgasm is?”“Of course,” he replied, “It is when the genitalia is stimulated to the point where there is a sudden release of sexual tension, causing rhythmic muscular contractions in the pelvic region… this is accompanied by intense feeling of pleasure in both genders, and ejaculation in the male.”“Well aren’t you the romantic,” I answered, trying to make him laugh and failing, and then I said, “Joe, that ‘something’ you felt happening when we were dancing was you about to have an orgasm.”“That’s what I suspected,” he said, still not looking at me.Still surprised that he wasn’t certain what an impending orgasm felt like, I asked, “Joe, haven’t you ever masturbated?” Without an ounce of embarrassment, he said, “No, I never have, at least not consciously.”Even though his mom had suspected as much, it was still unbelievable to hear a him say he never masturbated, and I said, “Joe, you’re a healthy teenager, and I know you get aroused and have erections… don’t you ever do anything to relieve them?”“I read a book or work on formulas until it goes away,” he said.I couldn’t believe it… I had come across one of that most rare of a****ls on the entire planet… a teenage boy who didn’t masturbate. Then before I knew it, I took his hand and said, “Come with me.”He finally looked at me and said, “Where are we going?”“Just come with me,” I said, pulling him back into the prom.At first he groaned, thinking we were going to interact with more people, but then he saw we were heading for the exit. As we got close, we heard our newfound friends say, “Courtney… ardahan rus escort bayan Joe… where are you guys going, the party is just getting started.”I took one last stab at boosting Joe’s stock and said, “We party all the time in college… right now we just want to go and have a little alone time, if you know what I mean.”Suddenly we were followed by an immature but flattering chorus of “Yeah Joe-Joe…” and “You are the man,” as we walked out the door, and I could only smile.Once we were in the car, and as I started driving, Joe said, “Boulder is in the other direction.”“It’s too early to go home Joe, so we’re going to my place,” I said, still not exactly certain I knew what I was going to do when I got there.As we drove neither of us said anything, and before I knew it, we were pulling into my garage. When we walked through the door, I threw my keys on the counter, and then I took Joe by the hand and led him over to the couch. After I sat him down I moved to the middle of the floor, and without saying a word I pulled the zipper down on my gown, slid the straps from my shoulders, and let it fall from my body until it was a pool of material at my feet. Joe didn’t say a word, but his eyes were glued to me as I stood in front of him wearing the flesh colored strapless bra, tiny red thong, and red high heels. I could already feel my nipples harden and my pussy begin to moisten as I stood, almost naked, in front of my young cousin. I could see him fidgeting, and knew he was seeing a real girl nearly nude for the first time.After looking at me for a minute, I could see the embarrassment on his face as he diverted his eyes away. But I had come this far and said, “Joe, look at me.” At first he didn’t respond, and then I said, “Joe… please look at me.”Finally he shifted his eyes back in my direction, and as he did, I smiled at him reassuringly. Then I took a deep breath, reached around my back and unclasped my bra… tossing it to the side. Immediately his eyes moved to my naked breasts, focusing directly on my erect nipples. As he watched, I caressed the full round orbs with my hands before pinching the hard nubbins between my fingers… and as I did I let out an audible groan, wanting him to know I was aroused.I could see his breathing rate had increased as he looked at me. Unfortunately he was sitting forward with his elbows on his thighs, so I couldn’t see his crotch, or what affect I was having on him. So I quietly whispered, “Sit back Joe,” and when he did, I could clearly see the swell in the front of his tuxedo pants.“Do you have another erection,” I asked in a soft, sultry way.“Yes,” he replied… his voice cracking.“Is it because of these,” I said, squeezing my firm round tits.Once again, he responded with only a ‘Yes,” but that was all I needed.“Joe, I’m glad you have an erection,” I said softly, and then I added, “If you weren’t hard, I would worry that you don’t think I have a nice body… do you think I have a nice body Joe?”“Very,” he replied, finally saying something other than ‘yes’.“Thank you,” I said, and at the same time, I turned around and showed him my naked ass cheeks, and then I hooked my thumbs into the strings of my tiniest thong, and began pushing them down over my full hips, round ass and muscular thighs until they slid down to the floor, and then I kicked them aside.After giving my young cousin a good look from behind, I turned around and faced him… wearing only the red Gucci pumps. My arms were hanging by my sides so he could get an unimpeded view of my full frontal nudity, then once I was sure he had drunk the whole thing in, I stepped towards him.As I stood only inches away from where he sat, I said, “Give me your hands Joe.”He reached out his hands very tentatively, and I gently took him by the wrists, and then I guided them towards my chest. I could see him staring at my breasts as I drew his hands closer and closer to them, and then finally I turned his palms outward and pressed them against me.Almost by instinct his hands squeezed my soft tit flesh. I knew mine were the first breasts he had ever seen, let alone touched, and that thought caused my cunt to ache. I let out a low groan as my nipples pressed against his palms, and he must have thought he had hurt me because I felt him retract his hands, but before he could I grabbed his wrists and held them in place, and then I softly said, “Please don’t stop Joe… it feels so good.” Encouraged, he continued to gently knead my breasts, and then he even dragged his fingers over my hard nipples, causing my body to shudder. This time I think he realized he was causing me pleasure, and continued to play with the hard nubs. Then all of a sudden, he pulled his hands from my breasts and folded his arms in his lap… looking at the floor again.“Joe, what is it,” I asked.He took a couple of deep breaths and said, “I was getting the feeling again.”He had almost cum just from playing with my tits, and in an understanding tone I said, “It’s okay Joe, this is all new to you.”“It is,” he agreed. I was still shocked that someone his age had never had an orgasm, unless it was nocturnal, but the thought of it excited me even more, and I could actually feel myself getting wetter.Once he had calmed down for a bit, I said, “Joe, stand up for me.” At first he just looked up at me from the couch, and then he lifted himself to his feet.As we stood facing each other I said, “Joe, I want you to trust me, no matter what I do… okay.”He didn’t say a word, but he nodded, and then I leaned forward and pressed my lips to his. At first his mouth felt like a bear trap, with his lips tightly drawn over his teeth and sealed tight. But this didn’t deter me, and as I began slowly massaging his mouth with my soft, wet lips I felt him relax, and then we shared our first kiss.When I felt his lips soften, I thought of slipping my tongue between them, but I realized that might freak him out so we just shared a long, tongue-free kiss. I was also careful to keep my naked pelvis from pressing against his, for fear it would set his virgin cock firing off like a Roman candle. As we continued our kiss I grabbed his lapels and pulled them back over his shoulders, removing his jacket. That was followed by his bow tie, cummerbund and shirt. When he was down to his tee shirt I finally broke the kiss and then pulled it over his head, leaving him naked from the waist up. I backed away from him for a second to take a look. He was thin, and his chest and arms showed very little muscle definition, and less hair… but he was far from unattractive, and I told him so when I said, “Joe, you have a very nice body.”I could tell he wasn’t really sure if he should reply, so he just said, “Thank you.”I smiled back at him, and then I said, “Now remember, you have to trust me… okay?”He just nodded in agreement, and then I reached for his waist and began undoing his pants. I could feel his breathing becoming more rapid as I undid his belt and button. Then I pulled his zipper down very carefully, not wanting to apply too much pressure to the length of his erection for fear it would explode before I could even get it out.Once his pants were loose they fell down his thin legs and landed around his feet. I knelt down in front of him and helped him remove one shoe and sock, and then the other, and then pulled his pants from around his feet and tossed them over to where my clothes had collected. Now his crotch, covered in a pair of white cotton boxer-briefs, was right in front of me. I could see his erection causing a long vertical ridge where it pressed against the material. It wasn’t huge, but considering Joe’s small stature, it looked pretty impressive. I took a deep breath, trying to slow my own heart rate and the constant flow of pussy juice drooling onto my thighs, and I removed his underwear.Joe’s hard cock immediately sprang forth, almost hitting me in the face as I released it from his briefs. It arched up from a sparse nest of dark pubic hair about six or seven inches. It also looked more irritated than any other erection I had ever seen… not that I had seen that many. The head looked like a swollen, shiny, deep purple mushroom, and the veins that ran along the hard shaft looked as if they might burst through the skin. His balls also looked bloated as they hung in their sack between his legs. From the look of things, I figured that my cousin was suffering from one of the worst cases of ‘blue balls’ ever. My own passion had arisen to a point where I just wanted to lean forward and suck him into my mouth, but I knew he was going to cum almost immediately, and I didn’t want something as special as his first blowjob to be a five second memory. So instead, I said, “Joe, why don’t you sit back down.”He sat down on the couch, with his long-ignored erection pointing straight up to the ceiling. I moved to where I was kneeling in front of him and said, “Joe, there are a lot of wonderful things I’m going to show you tonight, but since you are so close to orgasm, I’m going to save those… okay?”I knew he wasn’t quite sure what I was saying, but he nodded, and then I said, “Now you’re going to feel some things happening inside you, but don’t worry, they’re completely normal,” and once again my usually articulate and analytical cousin only nodded, so I said, “Okay, are you ready?”After one final nod, I began to slide my hands up his thighs. He barely had any hair on his legs, so my palms and fingers easily slid up the smooth flesh towards his crotch. I knew he was on a hair-trigger so I gently caressed him around his hips and on his chest and stomach, wanting him to experience at least a little foreplay. And then very slowly I slid one hand between his thighs and the other to the base of his rampant prick.I looked up into his eyes, and as I gave him a reassuring smile, my left hand gently cradled his swollen testicles while my right hand encircled his hard shaft. As I softly kneaded his balls, my hand slid up and down his erection, but I only managed a few strokes when he groaned, “Oh Courtney… OOHHHHH!!!”Immediately his cock began jerking and flexing like it was being zapped by a tazer, and ribbons of thick cum started spurting from the tip. “Ahhh… Ahhh… Ahhh” he cried out over and over as he experienced the intense feeling of his first conscious orgasm. I kept stroking my hand up and down the pulsating shaft as wads of pearlescent ejaculate leapt into the air, landing on his chest and stomach. My experience had been that after a few hard jolts, a guy’s ejaculation would ease to a slow drool of fluid… but after six or seven spasms, Joe’s cock was still spewing like a fire hose. In fact, his climax was so powerful that none of his cum had even dribbled down onto my hand yet. It reminded me of a video my college roommate showed me… it was a porn clip of Peter North, and it showed in slow motion how much cum he could shoot, and how far he could shoot it… and it seemed like I was witnessing it again.Finally, I felt the twitching in Joe’s shaft beginning to ease, and a flow of thick spunk began to slowly ooze down his shaft and cover my hand. He was still moaning out loud as his first orgasm neared its end, and as I stroked him to finish, he let out one last groan, and then slumped back on the couch.He lay motionless for a few moments, processing what had just happened I guess, and then he finally opened his eyes and looked at me. I still had his balls in one hand, and his now shrinking cock in the other, and I said, “So what did you think?”“It was fascinating,” he said in his usual analytical way.“C’mon Joe, I gave you your first hand job… is ‘fascinating’ the best you can give me,” I asked laughing.“It was amazing Courtney,” he said with a smile.“Now that’s what I’m talking about,” I giggled triumphantly… knowing that was about as much of an accolade I was going to get from ‘Mr. Practical’. Then I said, “Wow, you really made a mess here.”“I’m sorry,” he said apologetically as saw pools of milky-white semen splattered from his upper torso all the way down to where I was still holding his shaft.“I’m glad I didn’t do what I was going to do,” I said as I finally released my grip on him.Suddenly he got a confused look on his face and said, “What were you going to do?”“If you must know, I was going to suck your penis,” I said with a wink. I saw his eyes grow as wide as he contemplated my words, so I said, “It’s called oral sex Joe, and it’s perfectly normal… and fun.”“Actually, the putting of my penis in your mouth is not specifically called oral sex,” Joe said with a smile.“Okay here we go again… then what is it called Sheldon,” I asked with a laugh.“Well,” Joe started very clinically, “Oral sex is a generic term used for any oral copulation between two participants, regardless of gender, or who is performing and who is receiving. Someone performing oral copulation on a man is ‘fellatio’… and someone performing it on a woman is ‘cunnilingus’.”“Well I knew all of that, but thank you for creating that tender moment,” I said sarcastically, poking him in the only section of his ribs that wasn’t covered in spunk. And then I said, “For someone who has never had any sexual experience, you seem to know a lot about the subject.”“I’m a genius… remember,” he said with a grin.“Well Mister Genius,” I retorted sarcastically, “if you were as smart as you think you are, you’d know that constantly correcting a woman is no way to go about getting fellatio from her!”Immediately his eyes looked up in thought, and then he said, “Yes, I guess that does make sense.”We both broke out in laughter, and as I witnessed his quick wit I thought maybe all he did need was one thing to open him up. Then he suddenly asked, “Courtney, you said you almost gave me fellatio… if you wanted to, then why didn’t you?”I smiled at him and said, “Because I knew how fast you were going to orgasm, and when I do give you fellatio, I want you to be able to enjoy it for a while before you climax.”“WHEN you do?” he asked,“Yes… WHEN I do,” I said looking straight into his eyes, and then I said, “And by the way, stop with the whole ‘fellatio’ thing… call it a ‘blowjob’ or ‘sucking cock’, anything but fellatio is sexier.”“Okay,” Joe said with a smile.Then I looked down and saw the incredible amount of cum he had shot was beginning to dry and said, “The other reason I’m glad I didn’t start you with a blowjob is you might have drowned me!”“Isn’t that a normal amount of semen for an ejaculation,” he asked really not knowing.“For a horse, maybe,” I said laughing. Then I added, “But don’t worry, I think the amount you came was just because it was your first time… and there was a lot of buildup.”Then I looked at Joe and said, “I hope you’re glad we went to the prom tonight.”For the first time he didn’t just look back at me, but he looked deep into my eyes and said, “At first I wasn’t sure… but I’m very happy now.”I smiled at him gratefully, and then I said, “You really are a mess, let’s go get a bath and wash you off before it dries too much… otherwise it gets like Elmer’s Glue.”“A bath… together?” he asked.“Yes, together,” I said as I took his hand and led him to the bathroom. I had thought about a shower, but then I decided a bath would be kind of romantic, so as Joe’s eyes focused on my round ass, I bent over and adjusted the water temperature. Once it was just right, I lowered myself into the water, and as I did, I could see that his penis was getting hard again. Once he joined me in the tub, I turned Joe and pulled him between my legs with his back to me, and his smooth shoulders resting against my soft, round breasts. I was sure he could feel my nipples pressing into his back as I soaped my hands and then began gliding them over his chest and stomach. As I did, I began kissing the back of his neck.Quickly the dried spunk left behind by his first, incredibly abundant orgasm was washed away. Now I wanted Joe to feel all the wonders of making love. I could feel his breathing became more rapid as my hands moved lower, until I felt the head of his stiff prick bumped against my wrist. I slipped my hands lower until they were between his thighs, and then as the fingers of my left hand cupped his still-swollen balls, the fingers of my right circled his hard shaft again.“Mmmmmm,” Joe moaned out loud as I began jerking him off again. I moved my hands slowly, knowing that even though he had just cum, it probably wouldn’t take a whole lot to coax out his second load. As I carefully stroked his cock, he began sliding his hands up and down my smooth thighs.There was a quivering in my belly and my pussy ached as I stroked my cousin’s hard cock shaft. Then I kissed him on the back of his ear and whispered, “Joe, why don’t you sit on the edge of the tub.”I released his shaft and he slid up out of the tub, resting his cute little butt on the ledge, and then I moved to where I was sitting between his legs. Once again his hard prick was pointed straight up from his lap, and as I wrapped my hand around it again, I asked, “Are you comfortable sitting like this?”“Yes, but it is a little cold being out of the water,” he answered.“Well let’s see if I can’t warm you up a little,” I said with a smile, and then I leaned forward and slowly dragged my tongue along the underside of his cock, from the swollen balls to the puffy head.“Ohhhh,” Joe groaned as he entire body trembled.“Are you shaking because you’re cold, or because what I did felt good,” I asked, fairly certain I already knew the answer. “Because of what you did,” he answered, looked down at my face only inches from his erect organ.“Well if you liked that, you’re going to love this,” I said with a wink, and then I took the head of his cock deep into my mouth.“Oh jeez Courtney,” my cousin groaned as I began suckling his bloated prick. Even though he had just cum, I knew he wasn’t going to last very long, but I began bobbing my head as slow as I could, hoping to prolong the experience as much as I could for him.With my mouth stuffed with his throbbing dick, I looked up to see him staring down at me. He had a strained look on his face, and I could tell he was trying to control his orgasm, so I let him slip from between my lips, and as I gently stroked him, I said, “Joe, I know you aren’t going to last much longer, and that’s okay… so whenever you’re ready, I want you to cum in my mouth.”“You do?” he asked, seeming genuinely surprised.“Yes I do Joe… I want to taste you,” I said, and then I leaned forward and sucked him back into my warm, wet mouth.“Ohhhh,” he groaned again as this time I used my tongue to massage the ‘sweet spot’ right behind the head of is prick. I could feel his blood gorged member swelling even more between my lips, and I wondered how much cum was going to spew forth on his second orgasm in less than an hour.“Oh Courtney,” Joe moaned, warning me that something was about to happen.“Mmm hmmm,” I hummed around his cock, giving him my approval.Then as I looked up at him, his head fell back and he groaned, “Oh Courtney… oh Courtney… oh COURTNEYYYYY!”As Joe screamed my name, I felt the vein along the underside of his cock begin pulsating on my tongue, and a flood of rich, thick semen filled my mouth.“Unggg… unggg… unggg,…” Joe grunted over and over as hard spurts of cum inundated my oral cavity. I had to swallow quickly as his throbbing cock unleashed another endless load of ejaculate. I could feel a little bit of his sperm leaking from the corners of my mouth, but I kept my lips sealed as tightly as I could around his buckng shaft, trying to swallow as much of his generous offering as I could.My left hand cradled his balls as he came, and I was almost certain I could feel them shrinking as my swallowing finally caught up with the flow of semen spewing from his cock. The once hard jets of sperm had slowed, and I was finally able to savor the taste as it coated my tongue and teased my taste buds. Joe’s cum was creamy in texture, with a tart and slightly salty taste. Normally I’m not a big fan of the taste of a man’s discharge, but I had to admit Joe’s wasn’t unpleasant at all… in fact having him cum in my mouth was so incredible that it had the fire in my pussy raging out of control.When I felt his shaft twitch against my lips one last time, and I was sure the final dregs of his nut fluid had oozed into my mouth, I sat back and looked up at Joe. He was staring at me once again, so I opened my mouth to show him the amount of cum that had collected there, and then I swallowed the last of his load with a gulp. After smacking my lips in satisfaction I said, “Now that’s fellatio Joe.”My young cousin smiled down at me and said, “No Courtney, that’s a blowjob.”We both laughed at his joke, and then my cousin slid back into the water next to me. As he settled in, I said, “So what did you think of your first blowjob?”Joe thought for a second, and then he smiled and said, “I can honestly say I hope it won’t be my last.”We both laughed, and then I reached between his legs, and as I squeezed his now soft dick, I said, “Don’t worry Joe, it won’t be the last one you ever get… in fact, it might not be your last one tonight.”Joe smiled, and then he asked, “So Courtney, if you don’t mind me asking, do you like giving blowjobs?”I thought for a second, and then I said, “Well I don’t go around offering them to just any guy I meet, but if it is someone I care about very much, then yes I do, because giving them pleasure gives me pleasure.”Then he looked and me and said, “Did you enjoy giving me a blowjob?”I smiled the biggest smile I could and said, “I’ve never enjoyed giving anyone a blowjob more.”With that I leaned over and kissed my cousin deeply, this time slipping my tongue between his lips and into his mouth and swirling it around his. Then as I pulled my lips from his, he said, “I think I can still taste a little of me in your mouth… is it a little salty?”“Yes, and with some men it can be a little bitter… but I can honestly say yours is probably the best I’ve ever tasted,” I answered him frankly.Then he looked at me and said, “Well if it doesn’t taste very good, then why do you let a man, you know… do it in your mouth?”I just smiled and said, “Because I know how much it means to the man, and that means a lot to me.”“I guess that makes sense,” Joe said in his typical, pragmatic manner.Then I said, “The other thing I like about giving a blowjob is it gets me very aroused.”“It does,” Joe asked as he looked at me with a raised eyebrow.“Yes it does,” I answered, and then I added, “here, let me show you.”With that I moved onto the ledge of the tub where Joe had sat, and then I had him move in front of me. Once he was seated where I had been, I spread my legs wide, giving him an unimpeded view of my excited cunt. At first my cousin just looked at my womanhood very intently, and then he said, “I’ve had to study anatomy, and I’ve read that when a woman is sexually aroused, the outer labia becomes swollen, and the tissue can turn a deeper shade of color… and I can see where that is happening here.”I laughed and said, “Well when you say it like that you sound more like my gynecologist than my lover, but yes, that is what is happening,” and then I said, “Why don’t you touch me Joe?” Slowly he extended his hand towards my crotch, and as he brushed his fingertips against my pussy lips I inhaled sharply, causing him to withdraw his fingers, but I quickly said, “It’s okay Joe, I’m very sensitive, but in a really good way… so please don’t stop.”Once again he began slowly running his fingers up and down my swollen labia, and I groaned out loud, and then as his fingers began to probe deeper into my pouting slit, he said, “It’s very soft and wet.”“That’s because I’m really turned on,” I said softly, and then I said, “Put a finger inside me Joe.”Slowly I felt him pushing a finger into me, and I groaned out loud as his first knuckle penetrated my tight pussy, followed by the second, and all the way until his entire middle finger was completely imbedded in my trembling cunt.At first he didn’t move his finger, just keeping it deep inside me, and I could tell by the look on his face that he was gauging how wet, hot and tight my cunt felt as it clenched his invading digit. Then he began slowly fucking it in and out of me.“Oh Joe,” I moaned as my inexperienced cousin began fingering my dripping cunt. I was so wet I could hear a squishing noise as he plunged his finger in and out of me.I could see his eyes firmly locked on my crotch, watching as his finger disappeared and reappeared over and over, and I knew that while he was enjoying what he was doing, the constant scholar was also filling his brain with every bit of knowledge he could absorb about the basic function of the vagina.Then just as I thought he might be focusing more on quenching his thirst for knowledge than on my pleasure, he surprised me by ad-libbing, and without any prompting from me, he plunged a second finger deep inside my steaming cunt.“Oh yesssss,’ I hissed as the second appendage stretched my tightening vaginal walls even further. Now Joe was fingering me more deliberately, and I could feel my insides beginning to tighten. Then I whispered, “Joe, do you see that little bump at the top of my vagina?”“You mean your clitoris?” he quickly asked.“You really are a genius,” I said as I tried to control my trembling voice, and then I said, “Some guys never find the clitoris, and you knew where it was the first time you ever saw one.”We both laughed at my joke, and then he said, “Well, I guess my constant need for knowledge comes in handy sometimes.”“Mmm hmm,” was all I could moan as he began fingering me again, and then I said, “Keep doing that Joe, and with your free hand, rub my clit… but be gentle, it’s very sensitive at first.”As Joe kept pumping the fingers of one hand in and out of my body, his free hand came up between my legs, and he softly brushed his thumb over my pleasure button.”“Oh God,” I screamed as he stroked the nerve-filled bud. For never touching a pussy before in his life, his pressure and technique were perfect. I knew that part of the reason was the excitement of the moment, but Joey already had me racing down the orgasm highway towards the finish line.I knew my young cousin would make me cum if I let him keep doing what he was doing… but I wanted more, so I groaned, “Joe, how would you like to learn how perform cunnilingus?”“Well I guess since you just preformed fellatio on me, it would be only fair that I return the favor,” Joe said mocking me, and as he pulled his fingers from my overheated cunt, he smiled and said, “I’d love to try that with you Courtney.”We got out of the tub, and as we dried off I could see Joe looking up and down my body again, and much rus escort ardahan to my very happy surprise, my cousin’s young, fertile prick was sticking straight out from his groin yet again. When I finished drying myself, I stepped in front of Joe, and as I wrapped my fingers around his hardening shaft I said, “And after you’re done licking my pussy, maybe you can put this inside me.”A smile came to my cousin’s face as I took him by the hand, and led him and his hard cock to my bedroom. As I pulled him down onto the bed with me, I heard my phone making the binging sound it makes when I get a text. I wanted to make sure it wasn’t anything work related, so I excused myself and quickly went to the living room and pulled my phone from my purse. As I walked back into the bedroom, I pulled up the text and started laughing. Joe looked at me a little puzzled and said, “What’s so funny.”I laughed again and said, “The text is from your mom… she wants to know if you’re having a good time.”Joe laughed and then he said, “Well I think you can safely say yes, I am having a very good time… in fact, I might even say I am having the best time of my life.”I looked at my young cousin, and as a lump swelled in my throat I said, “Do you mean that Joe?”He smiled at me and said, “Yes I do Courtney.”Tears welled in my eyes as I said, “Thank you,” and then I got back onto the bed and kissed him.As our kiss ended, Joe asked, “So what are you going to tell my mom?”I thought for a second, and then I read each word out loud to Joey as I typed: ‘Hi Aunt Jesse… we are actually having a great time, and have been invited to an after-party. If it’s okay with you, we are just going to stay at my place tonight,’ and then I hit ‘SEND’.As I reached into Joe’s lap and took his hard cock in my hand again, I got a reply from Aunt Jesse: ‘OMG Courtney… that’s awesome. I am so happy that he is having fun. Please stay there tonight. I don’t know what you’re doing to get him out of his shell, but you must have the magic touch.’“What did she say?” Joe asked.I kept stroking his cock as I said, “She said she’s thrilled you’re having a good time, we should stay here tonight, and I must have the magic touch.”Joe looked down at my hand slowly pumping his hard shaft and he said, “You certainly do have the magic touch.”We both giggled, and then I said, “Well my touch isn’t the only thing that’s magic,” and then I leaned forward and took Joe’s cock into my mouth again.“Ohhhhh,” my cousin groaned as I started sucking his cock slowly and deliberately. This time I felt his hand on the back of my head, gently caressing my soft blonde hair as my lips glided up and down his stiff tool. I knew that I could make him cum again, but my cunt was starting to melt into a pool of its own juices, so I lifted my face from his crotch and kissed him.Joe groaned in disappointment when my mouth released his swollen organ, but his disappointment quickly disappeared when I lay on my back and said, “Okay Joe… ready for your cunnilingus lesson?”He nodded at me, and then he surprised me as, without any prompting by me, he leaned over and began softly kissing my neck. His lips felt incredible as he kissed his way down to my collarbone, and then over my chest towards my firm breasts. Then he looked into my eyes and smiled before taking one of my sensitive nubs between his lips.“Oh JOOOOE,” I groaned as he sucked my hard nipple, flicking it with the tip of his tongue and gently nipping at it with his teeth before moving to the other and repeating the process.I couldn’t believe how my young, inexperienced cousin had me more aroused than any other man had ever made me feel in my life. He may have been an intellectual prodigy, but it seemed he was taking every bit of his academic knowledge and channeling it into his sexual prowess.My stomach muscles rippled as he continued kissing his way over my tummy, stopping to tease my bellybutton with his tongue. Then as he neared his final destination, he shifted himself until he was lying between my legs, with his shoulders between my thighs, and his face above my aching cunt.At first he paused, and then he looked up at me and said, “Is there anything special I should do Courtney?”He had gotten this far on his own, but now he was looking for advice, so I said, “Just take your time Joe, most women like to be teased… and don’t go right for the clitoris, sometimes if you begin licking a woman’s clit before you’ve aroused her, it can be more irritating than pleasurable.”“Okay,” he said in an understanding tone, and then he looked at me and as he smiled he said, “Well… here goes.”With that, he leaned his face into the vee between my thighs, extended his soft, wet tongue, and dragged it from the bottom of my opening upward, stopping just before he reached my hard little pleasure button.“Oh God Joe,” I moaned as I felt his tongue stroking my swollen outer lips. Even though he was inexperienced, the sensation he was creating with his tongue was the most amazing thing I had ever felt. I knew it was partially because of the forbidden nature of who was doing it, but I had never been so aroused, and there was no doubt in my mind that my young, sexually naïve cousin was going to make me cum… and cum hard.Joe began stroking his tongue up and down my seeping slit, and each time he did, he dipped it inside me a little deeper. Then I let out a surprised shriek as he licked my tight little asshole… fresh and clean from our bath. When he realized how sensitive I was there, he actually pressed his tongue against the elastic ring, slipping the tip inside my anus and causing my belly to ripple.My young cousin had my insides melting as he moved his tongue back up to my pussy. I was groaning out loud as he lapped away at my swollen cleft, and then my whole body clenched as he began tongue-fucking my aching cunt. I could feel a trickle of his saliva and my pussy juice leaking down the crack of my ass as Joey teased me closer and closer to a much-needed orgasm.“Oh God Joe, that feels so good,” I groaned as he plunged his tongue deep inside me, and then I howled like a wounded a****l as he finally wrapped his tongue around my tortured clit.“Holy FUUUUUCK,” I screamed as my cousin started licking my swollen pleasure nub. My stomach flexed and my butt rose up as I pressed my cunt against his mouth. Instinctively his hands slid under me and gripped my ass cheeks as his lips encircled my clit, and his tongue danced over the nerve-filled organ.Joe began swirling he tip of his tongue around my clit like a tiny tornado as I pulled my knees up and spread my legs as wide as I could, giving him as much access to my pussy as I could. I could feel every muscle deep in my pelvis starting to tighten as my orgasm built, and that was when I felt my cousin’s finger plunge back into my quivering cunt.“Please don’t stop Joe,” I groaned as his tongue and finger stimulated every part of my womanhood. Then as he vibrated the tip of his tongue on the head of my clit, and stuffed a second finger deep into my cunt… I came.“Oh Joe… I’m CUMMIIIINNNGGGGG!” I screamed as a series of intense muscle spasms tore through my lower abdomen. I closed my eyes tight and saw white explosions behind my eyelids as my vaginal walls squeezed my cousin’s fingers. My body thrashed as his tongue flicked against my clit, causing my pussy and asshole to clench as I came. “Oh God… Oh God… Oh God…” I groaned over and over as the most intense orgasm of my young life ripped through my body. And when the sensation finally became more than I could take, I gently pushed my cousin’s face away from my pussy, disengaging his tongue from my tender clit, but I whispered, “Please keep fingering me til… til I’m done cumming.”Eventually the hard contractions deep in my groin began to ease, and my body started to relax. Joe slowly fingered my pussy, helping me down from my orgasm. Then with one final shudder, I collapsed back onto the bed.When my sensed began to return, I looked down through the valley of my soft breasts and saw my cousin’s smiling face looking up at me. A film of my syrupy pussy juice covered his lips, cheeks and chin, and even his nose shined with my orgasmic secretions.As my breathing began to return to normal, he asked, “Well, how did I do?”I looked down at him and said, “Joe, I can honestly say I have never cum that hard in my life.”A proud smile spread over my cousin’s face, and I couldn’t help notice just how cute he really was. Then as I reached down and ran my fingers through his dark hair, he surprised me by saying, “I really like the way your pussy tastes Courtney.”“Well thank you,” I cooed, and then I said, “Even though I prefer sucking a cock, I actually think pussy juice tastes better semen.” Suddenly Joe got a very quizzical look on his face, but before he asked the question, I said, “Yes, I’ve tasted another girl’s pussy… we got a little drunk at a sorority party, wound up in my room, and one thing led to another.”Joe just smiled up at me and said, “Okay Courtney, I’m not judging.” “Well good,” I said, and then I reached down towards him and said, “Now come up here and kiss me.”My young cousin lifted himself to his knees and then moved up until his face, still covered with my juices, hovered above mine. Then he lowered himself and pressed his lips against mine in a deep kiss.As Joe kissed me, I could feel his cock, hard yet again, pressing against my pubic bone. I’ve always loved fucking right after a guy licks me to orgasm because my pussy is always a little tighter and more sensitive, so I maneuvered my hand between our bodies and wrapped my hand around his hard shaft. Then as I placed the swollen head of his cock against my opening, he suddenly froze.I broke our kiss and looked up to see look of apprehension on his face, and I was worried he may have been stricken by some sort of regret or remorse, so I softly asked, “Joe, is everything alright?”At first he didn’t say anything, and then he looked me in the eyes and said, “Courtney, I know this may sound like a stupid question, but… are you still a virgin?”I smiled at him and said, “No Joe, I’m not a virgin… why did you think I was?”“It’s not that I thought you were, I mean it’s obvious you’ve had some sexual experiences, but I wasn’t sure if you had ever gone that far… not that I think there is anything wrong with having sexual intercourse before marriage… I think those are outdated concepts,” my sweet cousin said, beginning to ramble a bit uncomfortably.“Well I lost my virginity a few years ago, to my high school boyfriend,” I told him, and then I asked, “But why would it matter if I was a virgin or not Joe?”He suddenly got a very serious and thoughtful look on his face, and he said, “Courtney, I know I’m not the most socially apt person in the world, and I don’t excel at human interaction… but I am smart enough to know that we are never going to be anything like a boyfriend and girlfriend, so if you were saving yourself for someone special, it would be selfish of me to take that experience away from you.”Immediately tears flooded my eyes, and my voice cracked as I said, “Joe, that is the kindest, sweetest, most considerate thing any man has ever said to me,” and then I asked, “What about you Joe… are you sure this is the way you want to lose your virginity?”Now I could see my practical, sometimes robotic cousin’s eyes mist over as he said, “Courtney, even if we stop right now, this is already the most special night I’ve ever shared with another person, and because of that, I know there will never be anyone to whom I would rather lose my virginity than you.”I was suddenly overcome with emotions, and I wrapped my left hand around the back of my cousin’s neck, pulling his face towards mine, and as our lips met, I released the grip on his hard shaft, and his young cock entered my aching pussy.We groaned into each other’s mouths as our bodies joined. Joe’s cock stretched the walls of my vagina as he pushed into me until his downy pubic hair pressed against my smooth pubic mound, and I could tell by his moaning that my cunt was gripping his hard prick like a velvety vise.At first I just held my hand pressed against the small of my back, keeping him buried deep inside me as we kissed, and then as I moved my hand up to his back, instinct took over, and my young cousin began slowly and deliberately fucking my hungry cunt.I couldn’t believe how good Joe’s stiff organ felt deep inside my tight pussy. His wasn’t the biggest cock I had ever accepted into my pleasure palace, but it seemed like it was the perfect fit. Vaginal intercourse hadn’t always been an automatic orgasm maker for me, but as Joe started thrusting into me harder and deeper, I could already feel the telltale signs of a climax building.“Oh yes, that’s it Joe,” I groaned as my heels rested on his buttocks, helping pace his thrusts.Now my inexperienced teenage cousin was taking long, deep thrusts, and as he made soft grunting noises on each down stroke, I could tell that his orgasm was also building. I started flexing my kegel muscles, something I had mastered as a stabilizing exercise in gymnastics, and I could tell the tightening of my cunt around his hard prick was pushing him to the brink.Joe’s hips began moving harder and faster, and every time he slammed into me, his pubic bone hit my clit, and sparks ignited deep inside me. I was starting to lose control, and as I wrapped my arms around his neck and held his body against mine, I whispered, “Fuck me Joe… fuck me.”My naughty words must have inspired him, because Joey’s hips kicked into a new gear. His cock was like a piston as it pounded in and out of me faster and faster. “That’s it… harder Joe… fuck me HARDER!” I screamed as his ass began moving at the speed of light. My cunt was on fire, and the only thing that was going to extinguish it was a load of his thick cum. Just then he straightened his arms and lifted his upper body from mine, giving himself more leverage to drive his jackhammer deeper into me, and as I looked into his eyes, I said, “Cum inside me… cum inside my pussy.”That was all he needed to hear, and as a thin film of perspiration covered his chest and shoulders, he found yet another gear. The friction his cock was causing deep inside my pussy was exquisite, and as my hand snaked between our bodies and found my clit… I exploded.“Oh Shit… fuck… I’m cummiiiinnnnggg! I hollered as my pussy clamped on his dick in a series of uncontrollable spasms. I was cumming so hard that I was afraid my cunt might actually rip his dick from his body. Tremors started deep in my rectum and rushed all the way up into my belly, turning my insides to jello as I climaxed… and that was more than any teenage boy could handle. And as my cunt gripped his cock tightly, Joe screamed, “Courtney, I’m… Oh God YESSSSSS!!”Hot young sperm splashed against my cervix and coated my vaginal walls as my cousin pumped me full of his third load of cock slime. It felt like he had lost little in force and volume as spurts of his thick discharge blasted into my belly. A feeling of warmth spread through my groin, prolonging my own orgasm as Joe unloaded in me.My sweet cousin grunted and groaned as his pulsing cock spewed forth the contents of his balls. It was then that I realized that it was true… an orgasm could make even the smartest of men sound like an incoherent, babbling idiot. Then I felt Joe’s hips slowing as my magic pussy milked the final spurts of warm spunk from his spent member… and our orgasms faded into the abyss.Joe’s slight body collapsed on top of mine, and I wrapped my arms around him and held him tight. We were both gasping as we tried to catch our breaths, and then I turned his face towards mine and we kissed each other tenderly. Then I brushed wet strands of hair from his sweaty forehead and said, “That was amazing Joe.”I could see he was at a momentary loss for words, but then he said, “I want to tell you how special this was to me Courtney, but the words don’t exist in any dictionary that would do what I’m feeling justice.”Once again the tears came, and I hugged him tight to my body. I had never felt anything like what I was feeling at that moment… it wasn’t that I had fallen in love with him, or that I thought he and I might have a future… but he would never again be ‘just’ my sweet young cousin. Before long we both faded off to sleep, but we woke up again in the middle of the night, and made love again. Actually, this time, it was just straight up fucking. First I mounted him and rode his hard cock until we both felt our orgasms building, and then I dismounted and he moved behind me… fucking me in my favorite position, doggy style.Joe held my waist just above my hips, giving himself maximum leverage as he slammed his raging prick in and out of my pussy. The most obscene smacking noise echoed through my room as his belly slapped against my ass cheeks with each thrust, and as I reached back between my thighs to stroke my clit, we both came yet again.The morning finally came, and an air of sadness surrounded us. It wasn’t because of what we had done… neither of us had the slightest feeling of regret. But we both knew it couldn’t continue… not because there wouldn’t be opportunities, or because there might be consequences… we just knew it had to end.As we made the hour drive back to Boulder, we didn’t say much, but it wasn’t because we were suddenly feeling uncomfortable… in fact, we held hands during the entire drive. It was more because we both knew exactly how the other felt… and nothing needed to be said.When we arrived at the house, Aunt Jesse greeted us. She excitedly asked how everything went, and we had scripted a story the night before that we would both remember… we went to an after-party with some people we met, ordered some late night pizza, and then went back to my place and slept.Aunt Jesse seemed to buy the story, even though I could tell she was dying for more details, but Joe told her the he had a project he needed to work on, and I told her that I needed to get back to Denver. Joe politely thanked me, and then he disappeared upstairs.Jesse convinced me to at least stay for a cup of coffee, and as we sat in the kitchen, I added some details to our fabricated tale. She had the biggest smile on her face, and even got a little teary-eyed a few times as I told her that we danced, that he had been extremely witty and charming, and that he actually interacted with other people there. As Jesse cleaned up the coffee cups and loaded the dishwasher with her breakfast dishes, I told her I was going upstairs to say goodbye again to Joe, and then I made my way up the stairs. Then I softly tapped on his closed door and whispered, “Joe, it’s me… can I come in?”He opened the door, and stood in front of me in a pair of pajama bottoms and a tee shirt he had changed into from his tuxedo. Without saying a word I pushed him into his room and closed the door behind me. First he looked at me kind of puzzled as dropped to my knees in front of him, and then as I yanked down his pants, he quietly asked, “Courtney, what are you doing?” “Shhhh,” I said as I held my index finger in front of my lips in the universal sign for ‘shut the fuck up,’ and then I leaned forward and sucked his soft dick into my mouth.“Oh Courtney,” he groaned, and immediately his cock began to swell between my lips. As the shaft lengthened and hardened, I wrapped one hand around it while the other slipped between his thighs and caressed his balls.I knew it wouldn’t take long for my nosey aunt to start wondering what was going on, so I put my best blowjob skills to work right away. As my mouth and hand slid back and forth along the length of his rigid member, my tongue began circling the glans. I could already hear him moaning as I pumped his tool, and I knew he was going to cum soon.I looked up to see Joey glancing back and forth from the door to my face and then back again, and I knew he was preoccupied with the possibility of his mom walking in and catching us, so I took my mouth off of his prick and said, “Don’t worry Joe, if your mom starts coming up the steps we’ll hear her… so just concentrate on what I’m doing and cum in my mouth.”My cousin quickly nodded, and then watched me as I sucked his rampant prick back into my mouth. This time his eyes focused on my lips as they worked their magic on his wand. I could feel his shaft getting harder, and as I let the tip of his cock slip into my throat, Joey whispered, “Courtney… Oh God I’m going to cum.”I quickly backed off until only the swollen head was sealed between my lips, and as I stroked him with my hand, his shaft started pulsing, and a powerful blast of semen splattered against the roof of my mouth. Joey clenched his jaws, trying to keep himself from screaming as hard spurts of rich young cum surged through his shaft and launched into my mouth. This time I was ready for the copious amount of sperm my cousin’s balls produced, and I started swallowing as hard and fast as I could, determined to not let one drop of his tangy sauce to leak out of my mouth.I could feel Joe’s legs wobble as he fed me his nectar of life, and I greedily accepted the offering. My eyes watered and my nose filled with the musky scent of his cum as with one final muscle spasm, the last of his load was forced into my mouth, and then I sat back on my haunches and swallowed it all, before saying, “I just wanted to give you one last blowjob.”I pulled Joe’s pajama bottoms up, and then I stood up and we wrapped our arms around each other, almost as if we were saying goodbye forever… and in a way, we were. It wasn’t that we would never see each other again, but from then on, we were going back to being just cousins. As I thought about the finality of it, I pressed my lips to his ear and whispered, “I love you Joe.”Then to my surprise, my quiet, introverted, emotionless cousin squeezed me tighter than ever, and whispered, “I love you too Courtney.”That did it. My tears began to flow I kissed him one last time on the lips, then I turned and left his room. I ran down the steps and headed for the front door, hoping my aunt wouldn’t see me crying, and as I rushed out the door I heard her say, “Courtney, aren’t you going to say goodbye?”“Sorry Aunt Jesse… I gotta run… goodbye,” I hollered back, waving but never turning back to look at her to hide the tears that were streaking my face, and then I got into my car and quickly pulled away.For the next couple of weeks I barely had time to chat with anyone, so my contact with Jesse and Joey was rare… plus I thought it would be best if Joe and I had limited contact as we transitioned from being lovers back to being just cousins.Then one night I was sitting in bed watching TV when my phone rang, and it was Jesse. I had to admit that I felt a little awkward about talking to her, especially since I had left her house in such a rush after giving Joe his last blowjob, but I picked up my phone, and as cheerfully as I could, I said, “Hi Aunt Jesse.”“Courtney, how are you hun,” she asked.“Good,” I replied, and then the excuses started flowing as I said, “And I’m sorry we haven’t chatted much in the last couple of weeks… I’ve just been so busy with the new job, and when I get home, I’m just too exhausted to do much of anything.”“Oh don’t worry Court, I understand, but I just had to call you and tell you about Joey,” she said, and I could tell she was having a hard time containing her enthusiasm.“What happened Aunt Jesse?” I asked, honestly having no idea what she was getting at.I could hear the joy in Jesse’s voice as she said, “Well since you took him to the prom, he has been so different… I mean he’s spending less time locked in his room, he’s engaging people in conversations, and he has made some new friends… actual friends!”“Aunt Jesse, that’s great,” I said.“Well it’s all because of you Court… if you hadn’t have convinced him to go to the prom, this would never have happened,” she said gratefully, and I could her voice crack with emotion.“Oh Aunt Jesse, I think he’d have eventually come out of his shell on his own,” I said, my own voice quivering a bit as I tried to deflect any credit.“Bullshit Court, this is all thanks to you,” she said, and then she added, “And guess where he is tonight?”“Where,” I asked.“He’s at the mall with one of his friends… shopping for some new clothes,” she said gleefully, and then she asked, “And do you know why he wants new clothes?”“No… why,” I asked laughing.“Because he has a date… with a GIRL,” she screamed, giddy with excitement.“Oh my God, that’s great Aunt Jesse,” I said, happy that I had help my cousin break through his barriers… but I also had to admit I felt a tiny pang of jealousy as I thought about him going on a date with some cute high school girl.Then Jesse said, “I just thought of something though Court, if he’s going on a date, I think I’d better have the talk with him… I mean he’s so naïve about girls, and I doubt he even knows what sex is.”I almost burst out laughing when she said that, and then I said, “Oh I wouldn’t worry about that Aunt Jesse, with his thirst for knowledge, I’m sure he’s done a lot of research on the subject.”“You’re probably right Court,” she said, and then she added, “And speaking of his thirst for knowledge, we talked last night, and we decided that he is going to attend Cal Tech in the fall.”“That’s wonderful, I’m so happy for him Aunt Jesse,” I said as I began to well up thinking of my sweet cousin moving to California.Then Jesse said, “I know you don’t want to take any credit Courtney, but I know none of this would have happened without you,” and then she added, “I wish you could give every awkward boy some of what you gave my Joey.”‘Oh if you only knew what I gave to him,’ I thought to myself as I almost laughed at Jesse’s suggestion, but I just said, “Well I don’t think that would be possible, and besides, I was only able to do what I did for Joey because he’s my cousin and I love him.”“And he feels the same way about you Courtney… in fact, he was the one who said that he will never be able to thank you enough for what you did,” Jesse said with a note of gratitude in her voice.“That’s really sweet of him,” I said as my lower lip trembled, then I said, “Well, I’d better go, goodnight Aunt Jesse.”“Goodnight Court, and thank you again for everything you did for my Joey… you really did change his life,” Aunt Jesse said, and then we hung up.I slid back under the covers and closed my eyes, and as I thought back to prom night, and remembered seeing Joe’s hard cock for the first time, my hand slipped into my pajama bottoms and my fingers found my wet pussy. FINDisclaimer: As always, this copyrighted story is the physical and intellectual property of the author. It is a work of fantasy, is protected by law, and meets all federal and state statutes involving written erotica. It also conforms to all legal restrictions on written erotica and the Byrne Convention, and is intended for the enjoyment of adults only. Any attempt to reproduce this story in its original, or altered form will be met with legal action.

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