The step brother and sister


The step brother and sisterPam was asleep in her bed when she felt some one lift her nightshirt and grab her tits. She awoke fast and found her step siblings naked in her bed. John told her “I have been wanting to get my hands on those big tits for a long time. Now don’t say a word or we will get you in a lot of trouble. We just want some tits and pussy. You are going to love what we do to that sexy body of yours.” He then began kissing her as he ravaged her tits and then Jane got in the act and began to take her gown off and get her naked too. Pam knew John was always staring at her tits as she had been blessed with a nice full set just as her mom had. Now she felt John’s hands and mouth all over her tits sucking and licking and squeezing them. Jane had her legs spread and she was fingering her cunt fucking her with two fingers. Then John said to her “Just relax. I have a nice big cock for that tight fuck hole of yours. Jane and I need a new playmate. We are kind of tired of each other. Besides Jane likes a cunt better than a cock any day. So spread those legs little step sister and let us show you how it feels to be really fucked.” Just then Pam felt Jane suck on her clit as her tongue then began to tongue fuck her as John was sucking her tits hard and loving her big full globes. John then laughed and told her “Play nice and I may even knock you up and let you have my k**. But not yet. We need a cunt to fuck first for a while.” He then grabbed a nipple and pinched it as his mouth took over her mouth plunging his tongue in deep and kissing her hard. Pam did not know whether to be scared or enjoy the new sensations they were doing to her body. Then John took her hand and put it on his cock and told her “Stroke my cock and get it hard while I decide which one of your holes I will shove it in first. I may let you suck it first or I may fuck your cunt and then let you suck it clean. Seems like Jane is doing a great job tongue fucking your sweet cunt. kadıköy escort Now rub my cock. You will love how big and hard it can get. Jane can tell you how good I am at fucking a nice tight cunt. Wrap your hand around my big cock while I suck on your nice round tits.” Pam did as he told her and was surprised at the size of his cock. It was long and thick and as she stroked it, it got harder and harder. He also had a nice big set of balls. He took her hand and moved it to his balls and as she squeezed them he sucked hard on a nipple. Jane was tonguing her cunt as her fingers played with her clit and Pam then began to cum many times. She could not help the sensations going through her body from the two in her bed. John had her hand back on his cock and as she stroked him he moaned and told her faster or harder. John then shoved Jane aside and he mounted Pam and began to shove his hard cock into her wet cunt. He knew just how to move to get his cock in her tight hole. Jane had got her wet and he moved in fast and began to fuck her deep and hard. He then moaned to her “You have the tightest cunt I have fucked in a long time. You feel so good. So warm and wet. You are really making my cock feel so good.” Since Jane did not have a pussy to play with she began to finger John’s ass and balls. She spread his ass cheeks and began to lick his ass hole and as John fucked Pam harder Jane really worked his ass over licking it and tonguing it and then she shoved two fingers in him and began to finger fuck his ass as he fucked Pam’s cunt hard. It did not take him long to fill Pam’s cunt with his warm cum. He paused a moment and then pulled his cock out and shoved Jane’s face to Pam’s cunt and she wasted no time sucking John’s cum out of her well fucked hole. John then pulled Pam’s face to his cock and told her to suck him clean. As Jane sucked on Pam’s cunt she felt Pam cum several times and kept sucking the cum from her wet hole. Pam sucked and licked ümraniye escort John’s cock and he began to get hard again. He then grabbed her face and began ramming his cock in and out of her mouth getting his cock in deep and making her gag. He looked at her and said “You will get used to my long cock and be able to suck me down your throat and I plan to make you a great cock sucker before we are through. Now take that cock and suck and rub your tongue over it. Keep sucking or I will hold your head tight and thrust that cock all the way down your throat. I know you can do a great job.” Pam was about going insane with Jane eating her pussy and John shoving his cock in her mouth she could not help but cum over and over. She liked the feel of the big hard cock in her mouth. It was so smooth and felt good against her tongue. She could smell her pussy on his skin and she kept sucking him as he moaned and pushed the cock in deeper. After a while she got so she could take more of the long shaft and not gag quite as much. She sucked him quite a while and then he grabbed her head and began to really fuck her mouth hard as he screamed and she felt the flow of cum go down her throat. He yelled “Yes, take my cum and swallow every drop. You are a great cock sucker. Now suck and swallow. Suck hard you sexy nymph. I love fucking you.” Jane had her tongue deep in Pam’s cunt fucking and sucking her as Pam swallowed cum and felt herself keep cumming on Pam’s tongue. She had never felt so alive. Her body was on fire and tingling. Then John pulled her up to him and began to kiss and tongue her mouth shoving his tongue in deep tasting his cum on her tongue. He looked down and watched his sister eating Pam’s cunt like she was starved. Jane loved pussy and they had done a lot of threesomes with some of Jane’s lesbian friends. None of them felt as good as Pam. She had big huge tits and a very tight cunt and she was a fast learner at sucking cock. He moved his mouth ataşehir escort down to her big globes and began sucking and biting them loving how soft but firm they felt in his mouth. Her youth made her big tits so firm and perky and no sag at all. Her nipples were so hard from him sucking on them. Jane was small busted and he loved that Pam had a nice big set. They felt so good as he sucked one and played with the nipple on the other. He then watched Jane suck on Pam’s clit and then told her “Switch to her ass. Finger and tongue fuck her and get her used to ass sex. She has a great ass and you will love it won’t you my sexy horny pussy lover.” Jane then spread Pam’s legs wide and began to lick her ass before she fingered it. John heard Pam moan and knew his step sister was going to be a great fuck buddy. He could come in every night for some wild fun and any time they were in the house alone. He could even take her in the car and fuck on some back road.He was thinking about all the ways he would fuck Pam when he felt her hand go to his cock and begin to stroke him and his cock began to get hard another time. He looked at her and smiled and said “You like my big hard cock don’t you sexy girl? You make stroke it all you want because soon I am going to fuck you again. Jane is getting your ass ready for some rough ass fucking and once you get used to my cock in your ass you are going to love it and want it all the time. Nothing feels better than deep anal sex. My cock is going to love your tight ass just as it loves that tight cunt. Now relax and give me a tit. Run you hand down to my ass and shove a finger in it and fuck me and then go back and forth between my ass and cock. I am going to make you the hottest fucking cock and ass lover I have ever met. We are going to fuck day and night. Now get me ready so I can fuck your ass then you can suck my cock clean again. You will soon be able to take every inch of my cock and I am going to love that. Yes, baby, put that finger deep in my ass. I bet you like that. Now fuck my ass and add another finger. That’s it. Harder. A little more then I am going to get you on your hands and knees and show you how good a good ass fucking can feel.”

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