The White Suburban Housewife – My First Date

Aria Rae

The White Suburban Housewife – My First DateThe White Suburban Housewife – My First DatePart 1In the process of getting pretty and sexy I forgot that I was getting ready to meet Marvin’s customer and have an afternoon of sex with him as a reward for doing business with Marvin. In other words, I forgot that I was getting ready to go to work as Marvin’s whore. Now, on my way to the Ritz, I was back to my senses and I was pissed off and mad at that son-of-a-bitch Marvin for forcing me into this situation.Driving across town I switched back and forth between panic attacks over meeting Marvin’s customer and hating that SOB Marvin. I kept asking myself… “how in hell did I get into this situation?” But then I remembered… it wasn’t Marvin… no, it was Dan. Yes, it was that SOB Dan and his putting pictures of me on Flickr. He’s the one who got me into this mess. If he had not put those pictures of me on Flickr, where all of those men (including Marvin) saw them, then I would not be in this mess. Dan got me here. God, I hate that SOB Dan! I told him not to put my pictures on Flickr but he just had to put them out there for all to see. If he had not put my pictures on Flickr then I would have never met Marvin. Yes, I would have never met Marvin. Right, I would have never had lunch with Marvin. It was Dan’s fault that I agreed to meet Marvin…. no, it was my fault. I’m the one who got curious about BBC and I’m the one who met Marvin. And I’m the one who let Marvin fuck me. That’s how I got here…. it’s my fault.I pulled up to the entrance of the Ritz and was met by what seemed like an army of valets and doormen. One of the valets opened my door, welcomed me to the Ritz and asked if I was checking in to the hotel. I answered not that I’m just here for lunch. As I was getting out of my car I texted Marvin to let him know that I was just outside. As I walked into the lobby I sensed that all eyes were on me. Then, just as I walked through the door, from out of nowhere Marvin appeared, took me by arm and directed me to a quite, out of the way spot off the lobby.“My God girl, you are looking so hot,” he said.“Well, this is how you want me to look, right,” I answered back with a question.“Yes, I want you to look hot for this guy and you do, thank you,” he said.“You really spent my money well.”“I like your skirt and top. They look really hot on you.”“I really like your hair. It suits you perfectly.”“And your heels and stockings make you look so sexy.”“Did you notice that every man in the lobby was looking at you when you came through the door?”“Yes, I sensed that I was getting looked over,” I said.“Yes, Susan, because you look so damn sexy and hot.”“I might just fuck you myself when Robert’s through with you.”“You’ve given me a hard on, girl.”“Marvin, I hate you, you son of a bitch.”“I don’t want to do this.”“You’re forcing me into prostitution and I really don’t want to do this.”“And, you can forget about fucking me ever again. I let you fuck me one time and this is what that got me into.”“Girl, this isn’t prostitution. This is business. This is business entertainment,” he said.“And, if decide I want to fuck you, then I’ll fuck you. Got it bitch. These are my clothes. This is my hair. These are my heels and stockings. I paid for all of this stuff. And now you belong to me and if I want to fuck you then I’ll fuck you. Got it,” he said.”“I hate you Marvin. You’re nothing but a pimp. You aint no business man. You’re a sophisticated pimp. Nothing more and nothing less,” I said.“I should call that security guard over here and tell him what you’re doing with his hotel.”“Yeah, well go ahead and call him over here. Tell him what we’re doing. Yes, he’ll call the police and I might go to jail but I’ll see that Dan learns about his sweet little bride. I’ll make sure that he sees some pictures of his honey fucking a black guy in a public bathroom. You know Susan, your little ass photographs real nice. You should see it with a big black cock stuck up it. So, go ahead and call the police,” he said.“I may go to jail, maybe, but you’ll be out on the street. Dan will toss your ass out of his house. You told me that he hates the idea of black men fucking white women. Just think what he’ll do if he finds out you fucked a black guy. He’ll toss your ass out.”“Look Susan, your into this. When you met me for lunch to talk about black men and black cock that told me that your into this. You let me fuck you. You could have run. You could have screamed but you really wanted me to fuck you. And you enjoyed it, right?”“Yes,” I said.“Susan, I told you that you’re made for fucking and made for fucking black men. That’s the truth. Now tell the truth, you’ve been sexually unfulfilled your entire life. Am I right?”“Yes,” I said.“Right, and when I fucked you that was something like you had never experienced before, right?”“Yes,” I said.“And you wanted more, right?” “Yes,” I said.“So calm down girl. You’re getting your wish. You work with me and you’ll have all the black cock that you can handle. And you’ll be sexually fulfilled. And I’ll make sure that you can dress very nice and sexy and experience places like this. Are you with me Susan?”“Yes, I’m with you Marvin,” I said.“Good, then let’s go and I’ll introduce you to Robert.”“Are we going to have lunch?” I asked.“No, Robert is in a hurry to get between those legs, girl,” Marvin said laughing.“And when he sees you dressed like this he’s going to be in an even bigger hurry.”Marvin then led me back through the lobby into the bar and lounge area where Robert, Marvin’s customer, was waiting to meet me. The introduction was quick and professional.“Susan, this is Robert. He’s my most valued customer,” Marvin said.“Robert, meet Susan who I’ve told you so much about.”“Good to finally meet you Susan,” Robert said.“Marvin has told me so much about you.”“I can’t wait to get to know you better.”“Oh my, you are beautiful, aren’t you,”“Thank you,” I said.“Well, I know you two have things to do and I have a meeting starting in just a few minutes so I’ll meet you back here at the bar say around five o’clock,” Marvin said.“Five o’clock will work,” Robert said.Then Marvin left the bar walking toward the lobby.Robert asked me if I was ready to go up to his room and I said yes. Then he directed me to the elevator hall and pushed the button for an elevator. The door to the elevator opened and we stepped inside. Robert inserted his room key into a slot on the button panel and then pushed a number to one of the top floors. As we were riding up I told him that I was surprised that he didn’t seem to have an African accent. Robert laughed and said that is because he’s not African. He’s from Memphis Tennessee. He went on to tell me that his business is in Africa and he lives there a good bit of the time but that he’s an American. Then he clarified himself and said that he’s an Afro-American. He went on to tell me that Marvin likes to tell people that he’s from Africa. I told him that Marvin told me that you’re from Africa. Robert laughed and said ‘well, all of us black folks are originally from Africa, so Marvin is right.’The elevator stopped, the door opened and Robert took bursa escort me by my hand and led me from the elevator and down the hallway to his room.Robert opened the door to his room, walked in and just about pulled me in behind him. I’d never been in a Ritz room before much less a suite. It was beautiful and elegant. My first thought was that if I have to be whore then this is the place to be one.“Well this is my home away from home,” Robert said.“Very, very nice” I said.“Yes, it’s a very nice suite,” he said.“Let me show you around.”“Well, this is the living room,”“And over here is the bar and that door is to the powder room”Robert still had me by my hand and was showing me around his suite.“And, girl, this is the bedroom,” he said.“My God this is nice,” I said.“This bed is so big”“Yes, it is big isn’t it,” he said.“I think we’ll have plenty of room to play on,” he said laughingI didn’t know what to say.“And in here is the bathroom.” he said.“Oh My God, this is so nice,” I said.As we walked back into the living room I thought how nice it would be if it were just Dan and me here for a special weekend. This is so nice! So elegant! Robert had released my hand and walked over to the windows.“Come over here and let me show you the view”I stood next to Robert and looked out over my city. Without thinking I pointed out toward where I lived. And then I pointed toward where my husband works. Robert looked at me kinda in amazement and kinda like… ‘are you for real girl.‘ The look on his face said ‘I’m here to fuck you slut and I’m really not interested in where you live and I’m certainly not interested in where your husband works.’“I think I’ll fix us a drink,” Robert said“That sounds good”“What’s your poison, girl?”“Oh, can you do a martini?”“Let’s see what’s here in the bar?”“Yes, I can do a martini,” he said.“Great, shaken not stirred” I said laughing.“Right, shaken not stirred,” Robert said laughing“I’m going to go and freshen up while your fixing the drinks,” I said.“Ok, you know the way to be bathroom”I walked from the living room through the bedroom into the bath. I was still overwhelmed with this suite of rooms. I had never stayed in a hotel room like this suite. This was just pure luxury. The bathroom was beautiful and I just stood there for a moment taking it all in and again thinking that if I have to be a whore this is the way to go. In fact, I could get accustomed to this lifestyle. But seeing myself in the mirror I was brought back to reality and remembered that I was there to do business for Marvin. And that I was there as Marvin’s whore. I was there to turn a trick. In a few minutes I would be on that bed fucking this guy. Doing whatever he wanted me to do. I finished freshening up and went back to the living room.Robert was sitting on the sofa and I saw our drinks on the coffee table.“Come here girl, I have your martini,” he said.I walked over and sat down next to him on the sofa. Robert handed me my martini and then with his glass he toasted us to a nice afternoon of getting to know each other much better. I agreed and toasted him back…. to a nice afternoon together.We both sat back on the sofa I took a sip of my martini.“This is very good,” I said.“Thank you, it’s my own recipe and it’s shaken not stirred,” he said laughing.“Right, shaken not stirred,” I said laughing.Just then Robert’s phone started ringing. “Im sorry Susan, I have to take this call”Robert answered his call and started talking what sounded like business. As Robert talked on the phone I sat quietly next to him and enjoyed my martini. After a few minutes he reached around me and pulled me closer to him. Now I was sitting right next to his side. As he continued to talk on his phone, and with his right arm around me, he began to fondle and squeeze my right breast. At the touch of his hand I tensed but nervously continued to sip my martini. After a couple of minutes of this I relaxed and started to enjoy what he was doing with me. Seeing his large black hand grasping and squeezing my breast was arousing. Feeling his large, strong hand squeeze my breast and finger my nipple was making my head spin.He continued talking on his phone but took his arm from around me and then starting feeling of my knee and leg. As he talked on the phone, his hand moved from my knee up my leg to the bottom of my skirt. Then he started pushing up my skirt revealing more of my legs. Soon he had my skirt pushed up to the lace at the top of my stockings. I was now sitting next to him, my legs crossed and my skirt pushed up as far as it could go with me sitting on the sofa. Even while conducting business on the phone he was starting to get down to business with me.Then his conversation changed and he stopped talking business and started telling the person on the other end of the conversation about me.“Well, I must go. I have one of Marvin’s girls here with me,” he said.“Yes, I agreed to Marvin’s terms and as usual he has an award for me.”“Yes, she’s quite beautiful.”“Oh yes, she’s white. You know I only want to fuck white whores.”“I don’t pay to fuck black women. I’ve got one of those at home,” he said laughing“Well, she’s blonde and she has these big tits.”“Wait, I’ll take a picture of her and email it to you.”“Susan, stand over here and let me take a picture of you for my friend.”I got from the sofa, straightened my skirt and walked over to in front of Robert. He held up his iPhone and started to take a picture of me.“Back up just a little, I want to get all of you in the picture”Robert took the picture and then emailed to his friend.“Yes, she’s beautiful.”“Oh yes, she has great legs”“Yeah, ok, good idea. Just a minute.”“Susan, take off your skirt.”“Take off my skirt,” I asked.“Yes, take off your skirt. We want to see your legs. So please take off you skirt,” he said.Nervously I reached behind me and unzipped my skirt. Then I slowly slid it down from my waist and then down my legs to the floor where I stepped out of it.“Oh my God, you are so hot,” Robert said.Then for the next few minutes Robert directed me through various poses, took pictures of me and emailed them to his friend on the other end of his phone conversation.“Yes, I like that picture too. Yes, she is so hot bending over and showing her ass like that. Yes, I agree that is the best picture but they’re all good. Yes, these iPhone pictures are great. Thank you Mr. Steve Jobs,” he said laughing.“Oh yeah, send them to Derek and tell him this is Robert’s new mistress.” he said laughing.“Derek’s gonna be jealous, man. He loves fucking white women and he likes women in stockings and heels. These pictures will drive him crazy.”I thought, oh my God. I’m now being shared with other guys and there is no telling where these pictures will end up. But there was nothing I could do or say. I’m working. I’m here to entertain this bastard and now I’m entertaining his friends too.“Yes, that’s a good idea. I’ll tell her,” he said.“Susan, take off your top and show us your tits, girl.”I thought, ok you’re into this now so you might as well make it nice and entertaining. So I pulled together my best sultry, take off my top performance and I escort bayan removed the top, revealing for Robert my breasts held by my black lace bra.“You are so hot Susan,” Robert said.Then again he directed me through a few poses, took pictures of me and emailed them to his friend.“Now Susan, take off your bra and panties.”“Nervously I reached behind me and unhooked my bra strap. Then I slowly removed my bra, freeing my breasts. I think I heard Robert gasp. I did hear him tell his friend on the phone ‘she’s unbelievably beautiful.’ Then I slowly slid my thong down my legs to the floor where I carefully stepped out of it and making sure not to get snagged on my heels. Now I was standing in front of Robert completely nude except for my stockings and heels.“Oh man, this in a fine piece of white woman,” Robert told his friend on the phone“This thing has got to be the best runner in Marvin’s stable”“Damn this is one hot woman”“Yeah, just hold on. I’m going to send you pictures”Then Robert began to direct me in several poses and took pictures and emailed them to his friend on the phone.“Yeah man, this is the finest specimen of a white woman that I’ve ever seen”“Yeah, I like that shot too. You need to send that to Derek. And send it to Marcus too.”“Have you looked at the close-up of her pussy and that pubic hair?”“Yeah man, it’s trimmed in the shape of a heart” he said laughing.“That’s right man, that’s her Love Hole. This bitch is so hot that she has a Love Hole,” he said laughing.“Hey man, I got another idea, hold on just a minute.”Robert set down his phone and went into the bedroom. In a couple of minutes he came back into the living room carrying a tube of lubricant and a black dildo.“Here girl, here’s a toy for you. Play with yourself for us.”I stood there frozen and in shock. I’d never used a dildo before, much less in front of a strange man.“Come on girl, you know what to do with that thing”I was in shock and didn’t know what do. Suddenly I realized that I was standing in a hotel room, completely nude accept for heels and stockings, and this strange black man was telling me to put a dildo up my vagina.“Come on Susan, just don’t stand there, put some lube on that thing and show me what you can do with that thing. I want to watch you play with yourself girl,” Robert said.Nervously I open the lubricant and squeezed some on to the head of the dildo. Then I spread the lube over the head and down the shaft of the dildo.“That’s right girl, get that thing lubed up real good so that it will slide in nice and easy,” he saidRobert went back to his phone conversation.“Hey man, I brought a dildo with me and now she’s going to play with herself with it.”“Yea man, I’ll send you some pictures. I might shoot a video too.”“Common Susan, you’ve got it lubed up, now show me how to use that thing.”Standing in front of Robert with the dildo in one hand I nervously put it between my legs and started trying to insert it into my vagina.“Girl, you’re going to have to spread your legs.”“Look, go over there and lean back on the desk. Spread them legs wide and put that thing up your hole and start playing, girl.”I backed up to the desk, leaned back against the edge and spread my legs wide apart. Then I took the dildo with both hands and nervously started pushing it up my vagina. I thought – Oh My God I never done anything like this before. The dildo felt both familiar and strange but the moment it penetrated into my vagina I started to become aroused.“Hey girl, that’s good but look down at yourself and watch what your doing to yourself,” Robert said.Following Robert’s instructions I looked down at my hands and the dildo and I started watching myself push this dildo up my vagina. It was an erotic scene, me leaning against the desk, dressed in only heels and stockings, my long blonde hair dr****g down around my face, my legs wide apart and my hands pushing a black dildo up my vagina. And Robert took my picture and emailed to his friend on the phone.“That’s perfect girl, I’m going to take of picture of you just like that.”“Oh, yes, girl, you are so hot. You are so sexy,” he said.Then“Hey man, I just sent you a picture of her playing with herself.”I was still trying to get comfortable with what I doing when Robert started telling me to push the thing in deeper.“Come on girl, push some more of that thing in that Love Hole. You only got a couple of inches of that thing in you. Push that thing deeper up your pussy.”With both hands still on the dildo I proceeded to push it deeper into my vagina, and the deeper it went in the more aroused I became. “That’s right girl, get that thing in there. Come on, push some more of that thing up your hole. You can handle it.”With Robert coaxing me along I pushed even more dildo in to the point where almost the entire dildo was in my vagina.“Good girl, you got that thing way up in that Love Hole. Now start working it. Let me see you play with that pussy.”I thought, Oh God, but slowly I started to move the dildo up and down my vagina. Oh God it felt so good and I was really becoming aroused. My nipples were now protruding and hard. I started working it a little faster up and down my vagina. With every stroke I became more aroused. Then I started pushing it deeper into my vagina and soon I had it pushed in all the way up to the end. Then I started pulling it almost all the way out and then pushing it all the way back in. Suddenly I was becoming super aroused.“Oh My God,” I screamed.“Oh Yea.”“Ah, Ah.”“Oh Yea.”“Oh My God. This feels so good.”Robert went back to his phone call“Oh man, you should see this bitch. She’s getting herself all worked up with her toy.”“Work that thing girl. Fuck yourself.”“Man you should see this. This bitch is into this shit. Man, she’s giving her pussy a workout.”Robert took a few more pictures of me fucking myself and then he ended his phone call.“Man I got to go”“This thing is ready for fucking and I’m ready to fuck her.”“Yeah man, I’ll call you later”“Ok man, I’ll send you some more pictures.”“Ok man, talk at you later.”Robert ended his call, put his cell on the coffee table, got up from the sofa and walked over to me.“Babe, you are one hot and sexy white girl,”When Robert approached me I had stopped stroking myself with the dildo. Now Robert reached between my legs, took hold of the end of the dildo and pulled it out of my vagina.“Oh. That was feeling so good. I’ve never done that before,” I said.“What? You’ve never fucked yourself with a dildo,” Robert asked.“No.”“Well, you can keep that toy. My gift to you girl. Now you can fuck yourself between jobs. You can practice for fucking Marvin’s customers,” he said laughing.“I can’t believe that Marvin ain’t keeping you for himself. But I know Marvin is a businessman and with him it’s all about the money,”“You are a prize, girl. You look like you’re worth every penny you cost me,”“Let’s go to the bedroom and find out if you fuck as good as you look”Robert took me by my hand and led me into the bedroom and to the bed. I caught a glimpse of myself in a full length mirror and there I was, completely nude except for my thigh high stockings and high heels. Standing beside bursa escort a black man. Holding his hand. It was an arousing image.Holding my hand, Robert directed me onto the bed.“Get on your hands and knees girl,” he said.I got upon the bed on my hands and knees. Robert was standing next to the bed beside me and he began feeling my legs and butt.“You are a fine specimen girl.”“In fact, you are the finest piece of white ass that I’ve ever seen.”“Spread those legs girl,” he said.Robert was rubbing and feeling up and down the inside of my legs. Each time he rubbed upward his hand got closer to my crotch. Finally the back of his hand touched my vulva and then he grasped it with his whole hand.“AH!,”I gasped at the touch of his hand to my vulva.“You’ve got a fine pussy,” “Marvin told me that you have a fine pussy,”“He told me that you are built for fucking and I believe it,”He was feeling and fondling my vulva.“Yes, this is a fine damn pussy,”“Fine damn white girl pussy.”“AH!,” Again I gasped as his finger penetrated my vagina.“Damn, you’re tight girl,”“Even after using that dildo you’re tight.”“But this is exactly what I wanted”“I told Marvin to get me a white woman with a tight pussy,”“Are you ready for some cock baby,” he asked.“You ready for some big black cock girl,”“Uh-huh,” I muttered.He was now fingering me with one hand and with his other hand he was feeling and rubbing my stocking legs.“I like these legs,” he said.“You got some fine legs bitch”“When you took off that skirt and I saw these legs, my cock grew two inches,” he said laughing“And I really like these stockings.” “They look and feel so damn sexy”“Hell, just feeling them makes my cock hard.”“Do you want me to take off my heels,” I asked.“No, leave them heels on,” he said.“You look so damn sexy in them,”“They’re part of the package,”“ Damn I like them heels on you,”“When I saw you walk into to the hotel in these heels my heart skipped”“I thought, Damn, you are one hot white woman in these heels and stockings”“I couldn’t wait to get you up here in my room and get my hands on these sexy legs.”“Long sexy legs that go all this way up to this fine pussy”“Damn, you are one sexy piece of ass”I was still up on my hands and knees, legs spread apart and my breasts were hanging and dangling below me. Robert’s hand moved from feeling my legs to fondling my breasts.“I like these big tits too, girl.” “I really like these damn big tits.”“How big are these things, girl?”“34 DD,” I answeredDamn, 34 DDs, they are big,” he said. Robert’s hand moved from fondling my breasts to squeezing my nipples“Have you ever been tit fucked, girl,” Robert asked.“Uh-Uh,” I muttered.“What? Your husband doesn’t tit fuck you,” he asked laughing.“Uh-Uh” I replied“Well girl, today I’m going to fuck these things,” he said.“These things need fucking.”“Today you’re going to learn about tit fucking.” “You’re going be tit fucked and bred” he said laughing.Robert moved from just squeezing my nipples to squeezing and pulling them down.“Yes, after I breed you I’m going to fuck these things.” “These damn things need a good fucking.”Robert released my nipples and his hand moved back to my legs. His other hand was still fondling my vulva and fingering my vagina.“You are a pretty thing, girl. Marvin sure did right when he discovered you. I was worried that Marvin might not be able to come through with his promise but girl you deliver. You are the complete package,” he said.“You are a fine filly. You’re a thoroughbred, a real runner.”And as he said that he slapped me on my thigh.“Marvin knows that I pay top money for a good ride and girl you’re the best he’s ever delivered. You must be the finest filly in his stable.”I was stunned. I thought this is so wrong. I’m a married woman with a wonderful husband, family and friends. How did I get here to be treated like a horse? How did I get to be on this bed with this strange man and him fondling and inspecting me like a piece of property. It’s because I got curios and wanted to find out about black men and their big cocks. That’s why I’m here. I just had find out about black men. Well, now I’m finding out. This is what a black man thinks about white women. We’re just property. Something to own and use. To Robert I’m just a sex toy. Something to play with for the afternoon. Then he’ll discard me and then ask Marvin for a new and better sex toy. Robert now moved his hand from my legs to my hair“I really like this blonde hair too” he said He was pulling and stroking my hair.“Marvin told me that he was going get me a blonde and man has he come through.” “I told him that I wanted to fuck a hot blonde.”“Girl, you are perfect.”“Girl, you are the perfect package,”“Blonde, nice figure, great legs, big damn tits and a tight little pussy,”“Oh girl, you are a black man’s dream.” he said.Robert then moved his hand from my hair to my face. He started feeling my cheeks but then his finger moved to my lips.“Open that mouth girl,” he said.I opened my mouth and Robert inserted his finger.“You gotta nice mouth girl,” he said.“Suck my finger girl.”“Do you like to suck cock girl,” he asked.“Uh-huh,” I muttered“Good, because I’m going to fuck this pretty mouth.”Oh my God, I knew it. He’s going to make me suck him off. I knew it, I knew it, I knew it!Robert pulled his finger from my mouth“Open your mouth girl, open it wide,” I opened my mouth as wide as I could.“Oh yea, nice mouth, big enough to take my cock”“Girl, you are the perfect white female specimen. You got it all,” he said.“You are what black men talk about and fantasize about and I’ve got you all afternoon”He removed his finger from my vagina and stopped fondling my vulva. His hands were now off of me and he was standing next to the bed. “Lay down and relax girl while I get undressed”I shifted from my hands and knees down to lying on my side. As I laid there on his huge, king sized bed I looked over at him and watched him removing his pants and then his boxers. Then I saw it… a cock bigger than anything I could ever imagine. It looked like it was a foot long or more. And it was big around. I could not imagine that thing inside of me but I knew that Robert was determined to make it happen.“Oh My God Robert, you are so big.”“I can’t take that thing, it’s too big,” I said.“You’ll hurt me.”“You’ll split me open”“Look girl, Marvin told me that you’re new at this and that I’m your first date”“There ain’t no secrets here”“You are prime, Grade A, virgin white meat”“He told me that I need to go slow with you because your pussy ain’t been conditioned for big cocks. You’re a filly that needs breaking in”“That’s what I’m going to do today, I’m going to break you in.”“I’m going to condition that fine white pussy of yours.”“I brought some good lube to help the process.”“So don’t worry girl I’m going to lube us real good and this thing will slide right into your love hole, no problem,” he said laughing“Please don’t hurt me,” I said.“Look girl, you can handle this,”“You’re going to take the whole thing,” he said laughing.“You’re built for fucking. “Nature built you to be fucked.”“Your love hole just needs some conditioning,”“And that’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to condition that thing.”“In fact, when I’m finished you’ll be a machine…. a ‘fucking machine’,” “You’re going go from ‘don’t hurt me’ to ‘hurry up and put that thing in me’,” he said laughingRobert walked over and joined me on the bed.“Come here girl,” he said.

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