They Will Never Call Me Old Again


They Will Never Call Me Old AgainIt has been a rough month. I just turned forty. Now I was never one of those guys that thought the big 4-0 was going to be that big of a deal. I never minded getting older. Sure, the grey hairs had started moving their way onto my head, and into my goatee, but the fact was that I was a fairly decent looking man still, so I just figured they added to my character. What was another year after all?So there it was, my fortieth birthday, and I decided to come home early as my own personal present to myself. My wife and I had made plans to go out for dinner that evening, but other than that, I really hadn’t intended to do anything else to celebrate. I walked in the front door, and was going to head upstairs for a shower, but before I could even get both feet inside the door, I came face to face with the sight of my wife fucking some young stallion in the middle of our living room. She didn’t even see me. He had bent her over the arm of my recliner and was fucking her hard inside her ass. That bitch would never even let me get my cock near her ass, and yet here she was begging for him to fuck his “hard, long cock deeper…deeper.” I just stood there in awe for a few moments, not even sure of what to say if I had been able. But then she said something that hurt even more… “Give me that young throbbing cock; I’m so tired of my husband’s old wrinkled dick.”Old? Wrinkled? My dick was 10” long, and if I don’t say, I’ve always felt as though I was pretty good at using it. She had always come from our fucking. And I know what you’re thinking…she wasn’t faking. She is just a whore. I slammed the door shut behind me, causing them both to jump up and start rambling off a bunch of excuses.“Really John, this isn’t what it seems…”Who says crap like that? What do you mean it’s not what it seems; you have another man’s cock shoved deep inside your ass…the ass you would never let me fuck. I’m damn well sure this is exactly what it seems. Needless to say, I made them both get out of my house. Screw that crap with the woman getting the house. I paid for it…and I didn’t cheat on her, the bitch cheated on me.Well, things got even worse from there. I went to work the next morning, still confused, hurt, and of course extremely angry about the ordeal. I was hoping that a good day in the office would help me clear my head a little. I had no sooner hit my office though when my boss walked in and shut the door behind me. She was an attractive woman, but had always been a little meaner than one would hope. She seemed to feel as though she had to prove that she deserved to be the boss over a bunch of male salesmen.“John, I’m sorry, but we are going to have to let you go. The economy is taking its toll on the company, and to be frank, we are just wanting to get some fresh YOUNG blood in here to bring things back to life. You are just not as YOUNG as you used to be, and some of these new faces around here seem to portray the company a little better than you do. I’m sure you understand.”With that the cunt turned around and left my office. NO BITCH…I DON’T UNDERSTAND!!! I have numerous awards hanging on my wall from being the top salesman in the office for the past years. This was just what I needed for my moral…another woman telling me that I was getting too old to be effective.I packed up my office, went down to accounting and picked up my severance check. It was a decent check, but not enough to stop working and retire on. I spent the rest of that week and then the next pretty much feeling sorry for myself while I searched for a new job. It wasn’t the greatest job, but I finally got a job selling clothes in one of the department stores in the mall. I found myself constantly surrounded by these high school and college aged girls that seemed to keep wondering why the old guy couldn’t find a better job than this. Each day it felt like their eyes were staring at me, constantly passing judgments.Finally it happened though. There was this sweet girl…Tracy…she worked in cosmetics, and every day I passed, she would smile at me and we would talk for a few minutes. She was adorable as hell, and for the first time in three weeks, I guess I hadn’t felt like I was the “old guy” around someone. She tended to wear these short skirts and slightly tight blouses to work. She was only 18, but to be honest, she gave me more than one dirty thought each time I would talk to her. I would have never thought to ask her out, but I am sure that my flirting started to become more and more noticeable. I would let me hands brush hers as we talked across the counter from each other. I was starting to get a little of my self esteem back…until…I’m sitting in the break room one day eating my lunch when I heard some people talking in the hall right outside. The door was open, so it was easy to hear what they were saying. I was pretty sure it was Tracy, and the new girl from lingerie. They were talking about the new thongs that had come in and out funny they thought it was to get to display them on the mannequins. Well, anytime women are talking about sexy panties, I’m paying attention. For a few minutes, that was all there was. But then I heard Tracy mention my name.“John is a nice guy, but he is so old. He keeps putting his hands on me at the counter as though that old fart would stand a chance of ever getting into my pants.”Great…back to the old guy scenario! It got worse though. They spent the next five minutes talking about how gross old guys that want to fuck young girls are. My name kept getting brought up. I was getting angry instead of hurt though. The more this snobby little priss acted, the more I wanted to teach her a lesson. I AM NOT FUCKING OLD!!!I kept listening, and finally the conversation got off of me. Tracy started talking about how her folks were out of town for the weekend. The two girls agreed that they would hang out at Tracy’s house for the night and watch girl movies. How I would love to show up and teach both of these little whores just how great a man of my age can fuck….Hey…now that’s an idea.I finished my lunch and went back to work. I had a great view of Tracy from my counter, as well as the new girl…her name was Laura I found out. We all three were stuck closing the store that night, and for that reason, I found myself in this total fantasy world about what all I would do to them “IF” I happened to show up at Tracy’s house.The night got later, and my fantasy started turning into to actually wondering what would happen if I showed up at these girls house. I became more and more consumed by the details. Would they let me in the door, or would I have to kick it in and **** them both just to make my point. Thoughts of prison leaping through my head as well as the satisfaction I would feel as I thrust my cock deep inside their tight pussies….oh wait….and even better…their tight little asses. Fuck, my cock was getting harder by the minute as I pictured Tracy bent over my own recliner at home as I pounded her ass the same way that scumbag fucked my wife. But instead of her begging for more, she was begging me to stop…offering to suck my cock if I would just not fuck her ass; her sweet little girlfriend attempting to fight me as I held her on her knees with her face pressing tight against my asshole, forcing her to lick it.Imagine three hours of thoughts like this running through my head. I was lost to the frustration of my wife leaving me for a younger man; angered by the fact that I was fired by a sexy slut that wanted younger men to do my job; and completely turned on by the fact that I could force these two young sexy sluts to satisfy this “old man’s” every sexual whim…whether they wanted to or not.The store closed, and I quickly counted down my drawer. I wanted to get out to the parking lot first. I kept watching Tracy and Laura as they chatted it up while finishing their work. Tracy drove a little red Mazda, and I hurried out to my car, and moved it to a place in the parking lot that I knew I could watch her leave without her seeing me. They took their own sweet time getting done, but finally both girls made their way out to the small red sports car and climbed inside. I kept a safe distance as I followed them all the way back to Tracy’s house. The house was dark, confirming that they would be home alone. I watched as those sexy little asses swayed inside the front door, still hard at the thought of being able to get my cock beneath their sexy little mini-skirts.I sat at the end of the block with my lights off, watching their shadows through the living room window. My cock was hard, but my heart was pounding like never before. I just didn’t have the courage to go to jail for ****, but I also couldn’t get past the thought of fucking these little sluts. Finally it came to me…what does every teenager want, but usually not have great access to? Alcohol! I had passed a liquor store a few blocks back, and quickly ran in and bought a case of beer, a bottle of Jack Daniel’s and a few packs of wine coolers; figured I’d cover all the bases. As I walked out of the liquor store, I noticed a young man at the end of the building handing a small bag of something to a guy in a car. d**gs? I had never done d**gs before, but to be honest, I couldn’t think of a better time to experiment a little.The guy looked at me a little strange, but I think he saw “d**g virgin” written boldly across my forehead. He kept glancing around…asked me if I was a cop…but then asked me what I needed. I told him I had a poker game with two sexy ladies, and wanted to find something that would make them a little more…uuuummmm…willing. He handed me a few small white pills and six rolled joints. I handed him the required cash and quickly made my way back to my car.Well, d**gs and liquor, if this doesn’t get me in the door, then I guess I’ll have to resort to türbanlı kastamonu escort the kicking the door down approach. I drove back to Tracy’s house, and was pleased that the lights were still on. I opened the bottle of Jack and took a quick swig for confidence. I made my way up to the door with my bags of goodies, and then somehow found the courage to knock.Tracy opened the door wearing only the short white blouse and a pair of, what I can assume, were the thong panties they were talking about earlier at the store. She looked incredible.“Shit John…what are you doing here? I thought you were the pizza guy.”I started to mutter out a response when she cut me off mid-sentence.“How the hell did you know where I lived?”“Well, to be honest, I heard you girls talking at work about tonight, and I thought that I had pretty much had the worst month of my life, so maybe you’d let me spend some time chilling with you guys.”“No offense there John, but why the fuck would we want to hang out with an old guy on our girls night in?”“Well, because the old guy brought liquor and d**gs, and was hoping you’d like to try some with him. What do you think?”I was pissed that she pulled out the old guy card again…but at this point…losing my temper would pretty much eliminate any chance I had of getting them wasted enough to fuck me. I stood there staring at Tracy, trying hard not to stare down at the unbuttoned blouse and the glorious cleavage that was staring back at me. I had to concentrate on not licking my lips as I noticed her nipples poking at the fabric, and the slight tint of darkness from her aureola’s staring back at me. Tracy looked back over her shoulder at Laura who to my delight was sporting pretty much the same outfit as Tracy. Both of them seemed to have this naughty look of curiosity in their eyes.“You’re not going to try anything are you John? We’ll let you in if you try to behave.”“I can’t promise anything, but we’ll see.” I said, grinning as I pushed my way inside. Tracy was a little shocked by how quickly I moved past her, but I walked directly toward the couch and sat down, placing the bags of liquor on the coffee table in front of me. Laura was sitting in a chair next to the couch, her feet pulled up Indian style in front of her. I couldn’t help but notice the small piece of fabric that covered her young pussy; her lips very defined and visible beneath the thin cloth. She must have noticed me looking, because she quickly thrust both hands into her lap to cover my view. My cock was already twitching back to life in my slacks though.“If you get some glasses and some ice, I’ll pour you girls a drink.” I gave Tracy a little wink, and she scampered off into the kitchen. I didn’t even to try to deny the fact that I was watching her ass as she walked away. You have to love a good short blouse that doesn’t cover anything don’t you? I never wanted to be a small piece of fabric in my life as much as I did at that moment. As she returned back into the room, my eyes were now fixed on her covered pussy lips. I was a little surprised when she sat down next to me on the couch. She pulled her legs up under her as she placed the three glasses on the table.“So what’s it gonna be girls…I have beer, wine coolers, and Jack Daniels.”“I’ve never tried liquor…which one taste the best?” Laura asked, this being the first time she had ever even spoken to me. She was a very innocent looking girl aside from her outfit. She had soft silky legs, she was very petite in build, but from what I could tell, nice perky tits. She was a lovely blonde looking thing…with a little sexier than the girl next door type of look. Bright blue eyes, and pouty red lips. Then of course you have Tracy. Also very petite, but she had black hair and bright green eyes with slightly larger breasts.“Well Laura, beer and wine coolers are a little milder than the Jack. The beer will be bitter, with an acquired taste, whereas the wine coolers will be more like a cool-aid with a kick. The Jack is stronger with a lot more kick. So what would you like to try first?”Laura and Tracy looked back and forth at each other. “I’ll try the wine cooler first.” Laura said.“Yes, me too.”I opened them both up a bottle, but instead of pouring them into the glasses, I just handed them the bottles. Fact was, I wanted to see how their mouths looked on the long neck bottles. I’ve always had an oral fixation…guess I was summing up their potential. I opened a beer for myself. The fact was, I wasn’t a big drinker. I wanted the girls drunk, not myself. I planned on enjoying every last minute of my evening. They both liked the wine cooler and drank it down fairly quickly…trying to prove something I’m sure.“Want to try a beer next?” I asked them. Both girls agreed, and I opened their cans and told them that they probably wouldn’t taste that great at first, but would get better the more they drank. I chuckled as they both snarled up their noses, but I made a comment about how maybe they would taste better when they got older. It felt good rubbing their ages in their face. They didn’t realize it, but I was challenging them. They both drank down their beverage fairly quickly, and I gave them another one. They started drinking that one slower, but I could tell that both of them were already starting to loosen up a little.“I thought you said you had d**gs too?” Tracy asked, surprising me with her boldness.“Well, I do, but I really think you girls are just too young to be messing with d**gs. I don’t want to start you on any bad habits. Young girls like you need to learn control, and you probably just aren’t mature enough for that.”“We are not girls,” Tracy snapped back, “We are grown women, and we can do anything any older woman can do.”“I didn’t mean to offend you, but let’s be realistic, even your bodies aren’t as mature as a real woman’s would be. Don’t get me wrong, you are both incredibly sexy, but I have a feeling, that you still have a little developing to do.”“What are you talking about?” Laura spouted out, “I have an awesome body for a woman. My last boyfriend told me so.”“Ahh, yes, the operative word being boy-friend. It doesn’t matter what the boys think…it’s what the men think. Don’t get defensive though. I’m quite certain both of you sexy things are going to be absolutely hot in a couple years. A man would be crazy not to want to fuck either one of you.”I could see they were getting worked up by the conversation, and both girls chugged down their second beer, attempting to prove their grown up stature. I opened the bottle of Jack up and poured three glasses; making sure to get more in both of their glasses than my own.“Here, let’s see how well you handle the grown up drink here, and then see how womanly you girls really are.”Both girls eagerly grabbed their glasses and took a deep swig of it. The whiskey burned their throats, and they both started choking and gasping from it.“Ah yes, just as I thought…don’t worry though girls…you’ll get better. You’re bodies will develop more, and you’ll even get better at sex. Believe me, there is a lot to be said for a woman that knows how to fuck a man.”“I know how to fuck a man just fine, thank you.” Tracy was worked up, and I liked it. “I’ve had sex a few times now, and the man was always happy afterwards.”“You mean the boy was always happy afterwards. Shit, you can get a teenage stud off by winking at him. It takes skill to fuck a real man and make him happy. You have to know how to suck his cock right, grind on him right, and even how to use your hands right.”“I gave a blowjob to a guy once…but I didn’t really like it.” Laura added to the conversation. “It tasted kind of funny, so finally I stopped and just jerked him off.”I was lost in our conversation. I was so glad the liquor and my small baiting comments were working so well. This may be even easier than I had hoped.“Well, it’s like beer and whiskey Laura, the more mature you are, the better you get at drinking it. I guess you just need to grow up a little more. “ I smiled back at her, more like a fatherly smile than some 40 year old pervert who was fantasizing about fucking her ass.“Damn it John…we are women…stop calling us girls.” Tracy snapped back as she downed the rest of her drink. “I hate when adults insist on treating me like a c***d.”I looked at both girls. They were tipsy and pouting; A good combination.“I’ll tell you what; maybe I’m not being fair. How about I put you through a few ‘adult’ tests to see where you girls fall. If you show me you are women, I won’t make another negative comment. Fair?”“You’re on” shouted Laura.“I’m game…what did you have in mind?” asked Tracy.“Well, if you sure you girls are up for this. I don’t want to have mommy and daddy call me tomorrow because their two baby girls decided that they were taken advantage of by the big old man.”I watched their response, and both girls puffed up a little in their seats, looked at each other and then back at me. Tracy just nodded her head yes in approval; hell bent on proving that she truly was a woman.“Fine, test #1: You both need to stand up in front of me and take off your blouses. You see girls have sweet pert breasts, but they change when they become women. I’ll tell you if you have woman breasts or little girl breasts.”Neither girl seemed to hesitate at all. They both jumped up from their seats, and quickly came to stand only about two foot from in front of me. They once again looked at each other and then back at me. Slowly they began to unbutton their blouses revealing the soft silky smooth skin beneath. I tried to look authoritative instead of lustful as both pair of gorgeous luscious breasts came into view. Neither wearing a bra; neither really needing one. I was correct…Laura’s were slightly smaller, but absolutely perfect. She had these delicious türbanlı kastamonu escort bayan swollen nipples poking straight out toward me. Tracy’s breasts were a little larger, and had just the slightest of sag to them, but only due to the size; Her nipples also sticking out ever so proudly for inspection.For a few moments all I could do was stare at them; my eyes jumping back and forth between them; comparing them and locking them into the farthest reaches of my memory for future access.“Very nice ladies; I have to admit that I am very impressed; much lovelier than I ever expected. But if you’ll permit me, looks are only half of this test. I’ll have to check the feel as well.”I stood up from my chair and quickly moved behind Tracy first. She pushed back her shoulders, projecting her luscious globes forward for my inspection. I reached around her, allowing her to feel my breath on her face as my hands grabbed for both breasts. I massaged and teased them. Then I gently tugged and twisted at both nipples, pulling out on them just enough to make her wince. Then I moved behind Laura and performed the exact inspection on her. After a few moments of very satisfying fondling, I moved back in front of both women.“Absolutely wonderful ladies! I can’t say ‘women’ quite yet, for there are still a number of tests for a true determination. Test #3 is the taste test. There are a few different variable with this test, so I must once again make sure that you are up to this evaluation.”“Yes…I am ready.” Laura said, sounding almost military about it.“I am too…give me the test.” Tracy agreed.Without speaking, I leaned down and immediately sucked one of Laura’s tits into my mouth. She tasted so sweet in my mouth. My tongue danced around it and teased the nipple. I was delighted to hear her moan out in pleasure from the attention. I didn’t want to stop, but I reluctantly broke my grasp on her nipple and then moved over to Tracy. I performed the same “evaluation” on her as I had done to Laura. Once again I was treated to the sound of satisfying moans.“MMMMMM, very delicious ladies. Now I need you to both sit down on the couch for the second part of the taste test.”Both girls quickly complied and stared up looking at me intently. I think Tracy was the first one to notice the giant bulge in my slacks. It had become too large to hide any longer. She kept staring at it and then even nudged Laura, encouraging her to look at it as well.“I see you girls have noticed the growth in my jeans. Surely you don’t want to see my cock though…after all, I believe you called me and old man at the store today. Surely you don’t want to see this old man’s 10” cock do you?”Both girls realized that they had been busted, but their curiosity was getting the best of them.“We are sorry about the comments. We didn’t know you could hear us.” Tracy said. “We were just being foolish. But we really would love to see your…errrr…ummmm…well, you know.”“No Tracy..I don’t know. Why don’t you tell me? What would you like to see?”“Your cock.” She whispered out under her breath.“Hmmmm…well, I guess it’s fair…after all, I’ve seen your breasts.”Both girls eyes fixed on my hands as I undid my belt and then the button on my slacks. Slowly I lowered the zipper and then kicked off my shoes before allowing my hands to release their hold on my pants. My hard on was pressing hard against my cotton briefs, and the head had nearly popped out the top of the waist band.“I’ll tell you what; Tracy, why don’t you pull down my briefs?”She paused for only a moment, but then quickly her hands moved up to the waistband of my underwear. She quickly pulled them down, and jumped back a little as my cock sprang up into full view right before her eyes. But it was Laura that surprised me. Before Tracy had my briefs down to my ankles, Laura had reached up and immediately grabbed a tight hold on my throbbing shaft. Her hand explored it like she had never seen a cock before and was trying to figure it out. Her face was so close I could feel her breath on it. All I could do was stand there frozen in my own lust as I watched Tracy’s hands join Laura’s; Both girls using both hands now to stroke up and down the full length of my shaft and then tease their way between my legs and fondle my balls.“I’ll tell you what girls, how about we postpone the taste test we were going to do, and fast forward to the next one…I feel the circumstances warrant it. “Both girls continued to fondle my cock, but they looked up at me, anxious to hear the rules for their next taste test.“You see, I have always judged how good a woman was as a lover by how well she could suck a cock. So many women are scared of the cock or the semen or they just think it is gross to think she has to swallow all that cum down her throat. But you see ladies, how can you expect a man to be an ultimate lover to you, if you are not the ultimate lover to him? So now is your chance to prove if you can be a woman in the areas of sucking cock. Hopefully I won’t have to give you too much instruction along the way.”“Can I go first?” Laura asked. “I guess I have to prove that I can be good at it.”“But I’ve never sucked a cock before Laura, and I want a chance too.”I was loving the fact that I would be Tracy’s first blowjob; and the fact that Laura had something to prove…well, that was just icing on the cake.“I’ll tell you what ladies, you can both take turns sucking my cock. Make sure you suck on my balls too. And extra points go to the lady that can fit the most of my cock deep inside her throat. It’s pretty hard to do since my cock is so hard and thick.”With that I watched as Laura lowered her head down and sucked the head of my shaft into her mouth. Tracy opted to go lower, and I immediately felt her warm plump lips suck one of my tender balls into her mouth. Both of the girls seemed to work with a fever to prove how womanly they truly were. As soon as Laura moved off of my shaft for a second, Tracy immediately sucked it back in. I was in this ultimate euphoric bliss as I watched these teenage lovelies desperately suck my cock and balls for approval. Tracy was the first one to try and push my cock into her throat. She started gagging, but she was a trooper, and simply pulled out a little and then pushed it back in. Laura stopped sucking on my ball long enough to see how far she could get it…I could only assume that she wanted to take it even deeper. My assumption was correct. Only a few moments later I watched as Laura wrapped her fist around my cock and then eagerly engulfed the thick shaft past her lips and then into her throat. She too began to gag, but wanted to get it in deeper than Tracy had. Back and forth the two girls fought to get my cock deeper and deeper into their sexy little throats.My hands were grabbing at both of their tits and finding the best position to see each of them as they bobbed up and down on my dick. I could feel that my orgasm was growing close, and didn’t think I could take much more.“Who wants the first load of cum ladies…I’m about to explode?”“Please let me have it Tracy, I’ll let you fuck him first if you do.”I couldn’t believe my ears, but I was very happy where this was going.“Okay Laura…you go ahead.”With that I stepped even closer to Laura’s face, and moved both hands to the back of her head. She eagerly opened her mouth and without hesitation sucked my cock deep into her mouth. I pushed my hips forward and pulled at her head with my hands. She eagerly began to devour my cock as I slowly began fucking my way deeper and deeper into her throat. She really was great at sucking cock.“Tracy…you be ready…you’re going to swallow some of this cum too.” I ordered through the grunts and gasps of my thrusting. Tracy moved forward to the edge of the couch. Her hands were rubbing my ass and balls as she waited eagerly for her dose of cum.I started to feel my balls tighten up as my cum boiled to the surface. “Here it cums baby.” I said as I grabbed tight to the back of Laura’s head and fired my first steamy load of cum deep into her stomach. Laura feasted on it with more lust than any woman I’d ever been with. I allowed a few spurts of cum to fill her throat and mouth, and then quickly withdrew my cock and thrust it into to Tracy’s luscious lips. She just as eagerly drained the cum from my cock and balls, thrusting as hard and deep down on my shaft as she could get. I was shocked that at some point both girls had actually managed to drive my entire 10” cock into their mouth. Tracy sucked and feasted on my shaft until all I was doing was shaking violently against her frail face. My cock was still super hard, and I did not want to ever take it away from these two sweet vixens. I started moving my cock back and forth between the two girls, both of them seeming as turned on by my orgasm as I was.Finally I withdrew my still throbbing cock from their lips, surprised to see this look that cried for approval from both of them.“Oh Shit ladies…that was truly a ‘WOMAN’ blowjob.” Both girls smiled back happily, feeling as though they had accomplished this magnificent feat. “And I must say that the deep throat contest was a tie. I’m proud of you both that you managed to take this thick 10” cock and drive it all the way into your throats. And the fact that you both swallowed my cum so eagerly…very very good.”The praise had the desired effect. They were both anxious for more…and so was I.“Well, I guess we should go back to the other part of our taste test. Sit back both of you,” I commanded; pleased to see how quickly both of them obeyed. I knelt down on the floor between Tracy’s legs and grabbed the sides of her thong panties and then gently pulled them off of her body. She willingly lifted up her ass of the couch, eager to allow me to see her completely naked.“You’re next Laura…let’s türbanlı escort kastamonu get those panties off.” Laura too lifted her ass up, allowing me to remove her panties. Both girls had trimmed their pussies to have these small narrow landing strips of hair just above them. They looked very smooth and neat as I studied both pussies as though back in my authoritative mode.“Spread your legs girls…give me a good view. In fact, both of you lay backwards, and scoot your asses to the edge of the couch.”Both girls did as they were instructed, and I moved one of my hands in between both girls’ legs. I gently teased their wet pussies with my fingers and then rubbed my thumbs across their tender little clits. I was shocked when I pressed at Tracy’s clit and she exploded in orgasms immediately. I kept rubbing her tender spot as she gasped out in pleasure.“Oh fuck…I’m sorry John…I didn’t mean to…”“Didn’t mean to what? You just had and orgasm. That is what sex is about, giving each other pleasure. No apologies.”“But I should have lasted longer like you did.” She said, some what embarrassed that she had cum so quickly.“Oh know baby, I want you to cum as many times as you can for me. And I want you girls to try and make me cum as many times as you can. You just enjoy what John is going to show you.”I began teasing my way even more against their pussies, probing my fingers in and out of them now, watching them both grind against my hands as their moans of pleasure filled the room. After only a couple more minutes, Laura exploded with her first orgasms. She reached down between her legs and grabbed hold of my hand. She locked her legs tight around my fingers and then violently began fucking her hips up to grind my fingers even more eagerly into her pussy. I was so caught up in Laura, that I hadn’t realized how eagerly I was now finger fucking Tracy’s pussy too. She exploded in her second orgasm of the night, and also began fucking tight against my hand.My cock was getting harder with each thrust, and I couldn’t wait to explore even further with these girls…but my cock was going to have to wait a little longer. I began to slow my pace now, knowing that both girls were soaked with their sweet young nectar.“Taste Test #2 girls.” I said as I moved between Tracy’s legs, pushing them even further apart. I immediately target on her clit and sucked the swollen nub into my mouth. She tasted so sweet with cum that I couldn’t help but dip my tongue down to her slit and scoop some of her juices up into my mouth. I slid two fingers into her pussy and eagerly began to devour her pussy and suck on her clit. Tracy was going crazy as a third and then a fourth orgasm ripped through her body. Her hands were locked around my head as her hips thrust violently against my face. Her juices filled my mouth with each thrust. I eagerly feasted on her for a few minutes longer, while noticing out of the corner of my eye Laura pulling at her tits as she watched me feast on her best friend.I reluctantly pulled away, but eagerly took my place between Laura’s legs. She tasted different than Tracy, but just as sweet and delicious. I was lost in this passionate lust for more pussy as I dove hungrily into Laura’s cunt. Her hands locked on to my head as my tongue thrust deep inside her pussy, lapping up every drop of nectar I could find. As my mouth locked on to her clit, Laura exploded even more hot nectar into my mouth. I eagerly drank it all in as she violently fucked my face with everything she could. Her orgasm seemed to last for minutes as my mouth continued its assault. As her orgasm finally started to die down a little, I broke free from her pussy and without warning grabbed her by the hips and flipped her over, pushing her face into the seat of the couch, and bringing her awesome ass right in front of my mouth.“Taste test 4 ladies…3 was when you sucked my cock.” I stared down at the cute little star of her asshole, and immediately thrust my tongue down upon it. Laura jumped beneath me, but knowing that she couldn’t resist for fear of being classified a little girl still. It didn’t take long though before she got lost in the feel of my tongue pushing its way into her ass while one of my hands were still working on her pussy and the other one found its way back up to her tits. I feasted on her virgin ass with hunger and lust, forcing my tongue deeper and deeper inside her. She started thrusting her hips back to meet each thrust of my tongue as I finger fucked her pussy to another explosive orgasm.I pulled myself away from her ass only to see Tracy immediately flip over and present her ass up to me. She didn’t pull away at all as I feasted on your delicious hole in the same manner as I had done to Laura. My little orgasmic princess didn’t disappoint either. She came three times while I tongue fucked her asshole.My cock was rock hard again though, and it was time to see which girl was the most willing to let me fuck her asshole before her pussy.“Okay girls…I didn’t bring any condoms tonight, and I’m not ready to get you pregnant, so the question is…which one of you is ready to show me how adult you are by taking my cock up your tight little sexy asses.”“Oh John…please…fuck my ass. If it is anything like your tongue, I want it in there now. Besides, Laura already said that I get to fuck you first…I don’t care if it is my ass.”I couldn’t believe my ears. Tracy couldn’t wait for my cock up her ass. And neither could I.“Well, then this is what we are going to do…” My mind went back to that image I had in the store of me in Tracy’s ass while I pulled Laura’s mouth against my ass…”Laura, I want you to tongue fuck my ass like I just did to you while I drive my big hard cock into Tracy’s ass. Are you woman enough to do that?”I could tell that she was a little nervous, but this had been a night for Laura to prove how old and mature she really was; my how the tables had turned.“I promise to do a good job John…I won’t let you down.” Was all Laura said as she moved up behind me. I jumped a little as I felt her soft warm tender fingers spread my ass cheeks apart. She didn’t even waste time as she eagerly dipped her tongue in for the first taste. Her tongue was so warm and tender as she gently began pressing at the little tight hole.“Oh fuck baby…just like that.” I muttered out, somehow giving her even more confidence.I guided my cock up to Tracy’s ass, and began gliding my cock all over her slick wet hole.“OH please fuck my ass John…I want it so bad. I want to feel your cum inside of me.”I’m not sure where it came from, but my sweet curious girl had just turned into a sex crazed woman. Damn I’m good.“You got it baby.”I pushed the head forward, finding her ass much tighter than even I was expecting. I had wanted to fuck a woman in the ass my entire life, and here I was at 40 finally getting to violate this sweet little teenage girl for the first time. I pressed the thick head hard and slow forward, watching as it spread her little sphincter open. I heard her grunting beneath me, but to be honest, the feel of Laura’s tongue in my ass now pumping even more eagerly away had stopped me from having any chance of conscience at this point. I gave a hard deep thrust forward, and heard Tracy cry out into the couch cushion a little as she realized just how large my cock truly was. I didn’t stop though. I just pushed my way deeper and deeper into this sexy creature, anxious to feel my entire cock impaled deep inside of her.“OHHHHHFUUUUUUCCCCCCKKKKKKK” Tracy muffled out into the couch.But it wasn’t a cry of pain as much as one of surprise.I pushed deeper…using my hands to hold tight to her hips, not allowing her to pull away from me. Deeper…deeper…I continued to violate her tight luscious asshole. Laura tried to pull back at one point to see what was happening, but I quickly reached behind me and pulled her head tight into my asshole. She got the message.I felt my balls come to slap against Tracy’s wet throbbing pussy. I set still for a moment, allowing her to get used to the feel of my thick cock buried deep inside her. But once again; she surprised me.“ Oh John…please don’t stop…your cock feels so fucking good right now…fuck my ass baby…oh please fuck my ass.”I probably could have picked her body up off that couch with my cock alone she had just made it so hard. I could hardly move my dick she was so tight, but she wanted to be ass fucked…I was going to ass fuck her. I eagerly hoisted myself up on my arms, releasing the hold I had on Laura’s head and began forcing my hips up and down, creating a tight suction inside sweet little Tracy. Her moans got louder and more passionate the harder I fucked her. Within a few minutes our hot sweaty bodies were grinding feverishly against each other. Tracy just kept begging for more as I fucked her harder and faster with each thrust. Her orgasms were ripping through her body one after another and I could feel my second one of the night growing to the surface.Finally knowing that I couldn’t take much more, I yanked my cock out of her ass, and quickly pulled Laura back in front of me and flipped Tracy back over on her back. I grabbed my cock and began feverishly pumping it in my fist only inches away from both girls’ faces. I thrust my cock forward and immediately found Laura’s mouth open and ready. She didn’t hesitate to drive it deep into her throat. I think she felt a little neglected from the ass fucking that Tracy had just had. I grabbed the back of her head and quickly pounded her face like there was no tomorrow. My first string of cum fired into her throat, but she quickly pulled it out and began pumping it straight on to her tongue. The sight of my cum on her lips and tongue only made me cum harder. Tracy grabbed my dick and forced the next few spurts into her mouth. She quickly swallowed the jizz and pumped some more onto her tongue before shoving my entire cock down her throat. I felt hands fingering my ass and squeezing my balls as these luscious beauties sucked me to the best orgasm of my life.I finally collapsed on the couch and was pleased to have both girls fall into my lap, continuing to suck up and down on my shaft. All of this, and I never even needed the d**gs or the rest of the liquor.

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