Three virgins went on holiday – The girl’s ve

Three virgins went on holiday – The girl’s ve

It was our first real holiday together. At the end of the first year at university, my boyfriend Marco and I went sailing in the Agean. You can read his version of the holiday in one of the other posts from Naked Flautist. This is the girl’s version.

We spent the first night in a quiet bay. He was so tired that he went straight to sleep. He normally slept in the nude, but that night he had his boxer shorts and T shirt on. Too tired to even get undressed. It was a huge disappointment.

We had both been studying hard for the past two months for our end of year exams and had not made out for nearly two months. I had not seen much of his very good looking penis all that time. Before that, we had gone as far as mutual masturbation and blow jobs but had not gone all the way to full sex. That summer, I was ready to give him my virginity.

Nonetheless, I could see his penis getting erect under his boxer shorts as he slept. He must be behaving a wet dream. About me I hope. I returned the complement by giving myself a little treat down below. I was hoping that he would suddenly wake up and caught me in the act and took over. But no such luck .

The next morning when I woke up, he was not next to me. Where we were sleeping there was a port hole that was partially submerged. Through it, I could see rays of sunlight piercing into the turquoise water. Then the most erotic scene I had ever seen appeared in front of my eyes. Marco swam gracefully towards the boat, his whole naked body in full view, penis swaying in perfect harmony with his strokes. He was like a mermaid, with a penis! I reached down to rub my clitoris as I watched to add to my enjoyment.

I grabbed my camera and went on deck to capture this magical moment. He was back on the beach, lying down near the shore line to allow the waves to caress his trimmed body, obviously enjoying being in the nude and getting closer to nature. I could tell that he was looking at his own body, admiring it’s eroticism. So was I. Every so often, he would splash water onto his delicious body, especially that tasty dick of his which was half erect. Oh, how I wanted to lick every inch of his body there and then. He went into the sea to do some back strokes. Full frontal view for my camera, penis up and proud! I did not know how he would react if he caught me taking videos and pictures of him secretly. After a few dozens clicks and several short video clips, he saw me, smiled and changed to front craw. [You can see one of these videos and the photos I took on Naked Flautist’s profile page ]

I leaned over the side to show him my tits, but I could see that his eyes were on my groin. I wished I had taken off my French knickers beforehand to show off my pussy.

Later that afternoon, I persuaded him to pose for a set of erotic photographs. He was a natural. Getting into suggestive poses at ease. I could tell that he was enjoying it. However, his very beautiful penis was soft. I wanted it to be hard, so I did a little stripteases in front of him and masturbated a little. Well, quite a bit actually. The result was better than expected and I have the photographs to proof it.

We had discussed when we should go all the way and have full penetrative sex before. We agreed that our first time should be spontaneous. Surely it was the right time then! Fuck me, fuck me, I said to myself. Sadly, it did not happen for a whole week. I gave him plenty of chances and temptations.

We did a lot of other stuff though. Oral sex was our favourite. I sucked his dick at least twice a day and he licked my pussy to heaven countless times. My favourite was 69 after skinny dipping. We were covered in salt water and I could not tell what was his pre cum and what was sea water. I developed a taste for his salty salami and he liked the raw oyster in between my legs. We tried very hard to climax together but never managed it. It was fun trying though.

After a week of debauchery, my friend Laura from school joined us. Any chance of loosing my virginity had gone with somebody else being there.

On the first day, I sent Marco to the one end of the boat so that Laura and I could do some serious girl talk. We stripped off together. We were comfortable seeing each other naked as we often sunbathed in the nude in her back garden when her parents were out. She had the body of a ballet dancer. I adored it. If I were to find a lesbian lover, it would be her. We had touched each other sexually before playfully, but that was it. This time, we put suntan oil on each other, loitering round the sensual areas longer than necessary to tease each other. It was fun.

I then noticed a peeping Tom. Marco was looking at us through a gap. I could not see his lower half, but he was obviously masturbating. I pretended that I had not noticed and laid down with my legs open to put on a show. After a while, I could tell that he had come by his facial expression so I turned over. Laura also turned. Then we heard a splash. It must be Marco diving into the water. He loved swimming after an orgasm.

Laura had said that he wanted to see his naked body after accidentally seeing the naughty pictures I took of him. I was keen to show off his athletic and graceful swim moves, so we moved to his end of the boat. Laura had not bother to put anything on, but instead, covered her trimmed bush with one hand to preserve her modesty. After a scrumptious display of eroticism, he got out of the water to give Laura a shell that he collected from the sea bed. Laura gave him a kiss. Longer than I would have liked. Come on, he was my boyfriend, not hers. Letting her see his cock was one thing, kissing in the nude with a rock hard erection was another.

Something must have happened to him. Marco turned towards me, looking like a lion approaching its prey. Without saying anything, he pointed his rock hard penis towards the opening of my pussy. Pre cum and salt water on his tip mixed with my overflowing love juice. Surely, he wanted to take my virginity then. Please, please fuck me, I had been waiting all week. In fact, I had been waiting ever since I met him.

He insert his steel like penis inside me slowly. Sense of pleasure came from parts of me deep inside that I did not know existed. It felt good. I put my hands on his sculptured butt. I could feel the rhythmic contraction of his powerful muscles as he gave me his virginity and I gave him mine. He the put me on the deck face down, on all fours to fuck me from behind like dogs. I was the luckiest bitch on this planet! Laura had moved closer to look and started masturbating. Marco pleasured her by sucking her nipples. He had never sucked mine like that. I thought they were going to come off. I should have been jealous but I was having too much of a sensory overload to care.

We climaxed together. It was the most wonderful thing that had happened to me and my best friend Laura was there to witness it!

Find out what else we go up to in our next post!

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