Train Fuck


Train FuckThere we were two people on a subway train, no other person around. I looked him up and down and I knew that I wanted him with his tired face and a scruff of beard coming in his curly hair tossed upon his head in disarray from running his finger through it. I wanted to run my fingers through his dark brown locks.His eyes droop with weariness and it makes me want him more. His soft brown eyes slowly shut and his head drops to his chest. I rise from my seat and walk towards him I lick my lips in anticipation as I slide into the seat next to him. His eyes flutter open as he looks at me and I smile at him. “Long day.” His voice is as smooth as caramel making me wet. I turn in my seat without saying a word and press my lips to his I trace my tongue on his full lips and love how he taste like vanilla and coffee. “What are you…?” “I’m just a dream.” I whisper as I lean in for another deeper kiss, this time with him kissing me back, soft gentle and strong. I reach down between his legs and feel his thick hard cock and I want it inside of me. I feel how hard he is getting in my hands as he reaches up under my sweater and starts to massage my bare breasts. A shiver runs through my body as his thumb swirls around my nipples and gives a slight pinch, I let out a moan knowing nobody will hear us as I fuck him on the empty train. I undo the buckle of his belt and unbutton his pants and slowly unzip his fly reaching in I feel his wonderful long hard cock in my bare hands I pull it out of his pants and smile as I look up into his perfect eyes. Lift my skirt up to my hips I straddle his legs and run the head of his cock against my bare wet pussy. As I slide his hard shaft into my tight wet pussy, the man reaches up and pulls my sweater up over my head. His cock is so thick that it hurts so good going in. Once he is completely sheathed inside of me I try to adjust to his girth as he leans forward and starts kissing and sucking on my tits. I watch as he tries and fails to take my large breasts fully into his mouth his teeth scr****g the skin down to my nipples where he bites down a little harder and pulls, back on lifting my heavy mounds up, it almost hurts tuzla escort but he releases them before it does. I could sit with him inside of me for hours while he bit and sucked on my tits but I wanted more and I was going to get it. I raised my hips sliding his cock slowly out of me I could feel my insides shrinking at the loss of his size. Just as he was about to slip out I dropped back down fast allowing his cock to spread me open fast and hard. I rode him like a cowgirl thrusting his cock deep and hard inside of me filling me up with his long thick dick as my tits bounced up and down against his face. I was fucking him deep and hard as the train started to slow down we were nearing the Lancaster Ave. stop. I didn’t care if the whole world was on the platform I wasn’t going to stop, this cock was too perfect and wonderful and this was the best fuck of my life and I wasn’t going to stop till I got my fill. As the train came to a stop, I looked down at my husband who was starting to look worried. “Enjoy your dream.” I whispered into his ear. The doors of the train slid open as a man in his mid twenties boarded the train from behind my husband. Once inside he paused, his mouth dropped open as he watched my large tits bounce up and down. I pressed a finger to my lips so he would stay quiet, I didn’t care if he watched I just wanted my husband to fill me up. The man sat down and facing me, he was handsome in that life’s been hard sort of way. He licked his lips as he watched us fuck and it made me hotter, I liked watching him watch me fuck my man. I liked how his greedy eyes stared at my tits as his licked his lips and how his hands rubbed down at his crotch. I smiled as I watched him getting hard. I watched as he slowly unzipped the fly of his too baggy jeans and pull out his own cock. It wasn’t as long as the one inside of me but it was thicker. I slowed down my rhythm doing long slow deep pulls on the cock inside of my pussy as I watched the young man slide his hand up and down his shaft. With each slide of his hand, I slid up and down my husband’s cock keeping exact pace with his movements. I pulled my eyes away from the man, looked sancaktepe escort down at my husband, and leaned in for a kiss. “What is your fantasy?” I whisper as I lick his lips. “Anything?”I smile at him. “Anything you dirty little mind can think of.”“I want to fuck you in your asshole.”“I want you to fuck me in my asshole.”I lifted myself up from my husband’s cock and I rose my the seat and walked to the pole in the middle of the aisle I bent down and lifted my skirt up over my ass. I angled myself so the man in the back would still be able to watch. My husband stood up and followed me he ran his hands over my ass and slid his fingers down my crack. Out of the corner of his eyes, he saw the man in back. “Is he watching us?”“He’s a memory, ignore him and fuck me like the dirty whore you want me to be.” My husband looks over at the other man as he grabs my hips to get me in position; I feel the head of his cock pressed against my tight whole. No warm up as his fat cock thrust deep and hard inside of my tight hole. I let out a scream as he invaded my darkness. “This is a dream?” He asks me again. “Yes.” I tell him as I look back at him. “Now fuck me hard.” He does exactly as I told him too. Each thrust is pain and pleasure mixed into one as he fucks me deep and hard. The man in the back of the train wants to get a better view so I watch as he makes his way towards us his hard cock bobbing and swaying with each step he takes. My husband slams his long cock deep into my ass as he asks me to suck the man. “I want you to suck his cock as I fuck you.”“Of course.” I tell him as I feel his dick stab wonderfully into my ass and I feel my orgasm starting to build. The man comes forward with a broad smile on his face, I reach out and grab hold of his cock and gently pull him towards my mouth. The tip is coated with precum that I quickly lick up. I swirl my tongue around his head pressing my lips around him as my husband slams into me hard shoving his cock deep inside of me pushing me forward causing the mans dick to slide deep into my mouth and down my throat. “Looks like she needed a little help.” My husband told the other man. üsküdar escort “Don’t cum in her mouth; I want to cum in her ass as you cum in her pussy.”“Alright.” The man groans as I take him deep inside of my mouth swishing my tongue around his staff. “Fuck she is good.”“A fantasy.” the other man groans. “I’ve got to stop for a minute or I’m going to cum too soon.” I feel the thickness of his cock slide out of my ass. I thought that now he was going to watch as I gave the other man a blow job, instead he got down on his knees and started licking my pussy. That wonderful mouth that did wonders to my tits was now setting off fireworks against my clit. His skilled tongues licked, swirled, and flicked as his fingers searched and explored my inner being. I felt another orgasm working up as his fingers worked my g spot. The man pulled his cock from my mouth as I screamed out my orgasm. I felt my legs giving out as the man lifted me up. “Not yet sweetheart, sleep will come soon enough.” The man lifted me up and slid me down on his long cock as my husband came up behind me. I wrapped my legs tight around the man as my husband pressed his cock inside of me. I felt like they were going to rip me open with the pressure of both their cocks inside of me. I let out a whimpering moan that turned into a groan of pleasure as they slowly lifted me up and eased me back down. I’d never had a threesome before and this was amazing. It wasn’t long before I was helping them work me up and down their hard shafts. The double penetrating of both their cocks as we rode the empty train, stop after stop with nobody getting on, but us getting off. Together we started to move faster my orgasm a constant thing that filled my soul with joy and pleasure. The man was the first to say. “I’m going to cum.”“So am I.” My husband replied. I could do and say, nothing as my body writhed with the excitement I felt pulsating thought me as I felt both men cum inside of me. The deep shots of their cum as they poured into me filling me up just as I need and wanted to be. It was late and as both men sat down, they drifted off into sleep. With weak and shaky legs, I made my way towards where the man had originally been seated and I grabbed my sweater from the seat. Once I was dressed the next stop to come over the speaker was for Alexander Blvd. my stop, I walked past the two sleeping men and made my way home leaving them to wonder if this was a dream or fantasy.

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