Train station affair –


Train station affair -The Train StationAfter innumerable texts back and forth, arrangements were made for the want to be lovers to finally meet and give into their lustful and sensual desires. When her mother asked where she was going the answer, as planned was to a friends’ for a school project, which of course wasn’t true. He told her to meet him at the train station. She arrived in the afternoon as planned with a backpack over her shoulder. Within it not a single book. Being careful to get to the station unseen by anyone that knew her, she would be safe from prying eyes once in the station. Sitting there waiting nervously and impatiently for his train to arrive. Just as she was about to change her mind and go home the announcement for his train came over the intercom. A few minutes later he walked into the station. It’s been a while since she had last seen him, he still looked the same, yet so very different. Maybe it was because of all the texts that inspired many a fantasy deep within her psyche. Sensual, lustful, sexy, and yet so sinful fantasies. One’s that in only a short time could come true. That would be such sweet release of tension that has been building since all the wordplay had begun. He walked across the station, looking right at her with slightly crooked grin barely seen through his reddish beard. As usual with him he was wearing jeans, t-shirt, shamy shirt and that damned hat. With the coolness of autumn in the air he also had a sweatshirt with him.Her eyes locked on him…Always the same but where was she to judge her look never changes. She is always black jeans, black graphic tee and her signature dark as midnight hair. Which fell in waves to the middle of her back. It gained a few inches since the last time he saw her. Nothing was familiar to her. Things changed…Things between them changed. The sound of the station faded out and she only focused on him. A steady paced clicking the belonged to her brown boots as they echoed between the stationary trains. Her eyes did an uneasy scan of the area praying no one that knew her was there. She is 18 and she doesn’t care what people think of her running across a train platform to reach him.He walked up to her and gave her an obvious up and down look, lust twinkling in his eyes. He says nonchalantly, “hey, how you been. Well let’s head over to the ticket booth so I can get yours and we can get onto next one out of here.” Her face flushed a light girly pink. “Yes please let’s go.” Urgency hinted in her voice and she grabbed his hand pulling him toward the ticket booth. She kept her head ducked to hide the color on her cheeks…But she knew he saw. Heheld her back and then steps forward, wrapping his arms around her in a lovely warm hug. He whispers in her ear… “I’ve missed you, and you blush nicely,” as he delicately licks the very edge of her ear. Stepping back from the hug he looks her in the eyes. “Shall we?” Indicating to get the ticket.Her body shutters and she nods the color on her face turning a deeper red. She follows him to the where the tickets are sold…She has a tight grip on his arm sleeve. “I already have my return ticket so all that’s needed is one for you to go and return,” his voice steady. At the ticket counter he got one for the next train north and a return for a day later. She fights the urge to kiss him in the middle of the station. “Oh alright,” she mumbles “what if I don’t want to come back?” He feels the grip on his arm, it’s tight, looking at her he asks, “Are you nervous, and you don’t have to come back if you don’t w…want to.” He stumbles a little on want. She could only nod. “Yes but only a little…I don’t trust public transport.” She looks at him and smiles rising on her tiptoes she kisses him softly.He wraps his arms around her, and melts into the kiss. Pressing his body into hers. She didn’t care who saw. He was important to her. Her body pushed against his…The kiss intensifies, it’s takes his breath away…his body reacts and betrays him by stiffing his member. Pulling away a bit weak in the knees she grabbed the counter to steady herself. She smirks to herself and grabs the ticket from the lady and leads him to the platform at which their train would arrive. “I have been waiting a long time to do that,” he says breathlessly. As she leads him away from the counter. And the staring eyes of the receptionist. There was another half hour to wait for the train. So what to do? They find a seat in the waiting area. Holding hands tenderly, they gaze at each other and away not knowing what to say. Spoken words are not what they want. An idea speeds through her mind causing her breathing to hitch. She knew of an old office that isn’t used anymore she could take him there. Grabbing his hand she blushed. “Follow me I have an idea.” “Oh what is that,” he queried her as she stands and leads him somewhere by the hand still locked in his. “You will see,” that’s all she said.She led him down a flight of stairs stopping at a door marked Office. She pushes the door open a stack of chairs falling from behind it. Pulling him inside she kicks the door shut behind them. “Umm, why do we need to go to the office? You don’t have to worry about the return ticket if you don’t want to use it then don’t,” his voice shakes. “Oh this isn’t that office…”Grabbing the back of his neck she pulls him down to her height. Her lips press to his quickly. Wrapping his arms around her he indulges himself in the kiss, drinking her down as though a man dying of thirst in the desert. He lets out a muffle low moan of desire. Her fingers lock in his hair as she pushes her body against him searching for heat…As she swallowed down the sound.He shutters with the grip she has on his hair, his member throbs through his jeans pressed against her. She breaks from him, her face flushed. She smiles at his dazed look. Slowly she runs her hands down his torso then over the bulge in his jeans…Abruptly she sinks to her knees in-front of him dying to taste what’s hidden…Looking up at him, she smiles, her fingers nimbly undoing his jeans. A very lustful thought runs through his mind, yet a tiny voice can still be heard. “Wow!” His voice loud enough to attract her attention back to him. His breathing was heavy as he spoke, “Just remember, we don’t have long. The train will be here in 20 minutes or so.” She glances up, “I can always stand back up, your choice.” Looking down at her he sees a very determined and lustful look in her eyes… “No please don’t…”A smug smirk crosses her face as she pulls out his stiffened manhood. Her hand wraps around him. She squeezes softly laying a kiss on the tip of him. He moans quietly as she kisses the tip. “Mmmmmmm.” His cock throbs in anticipation with her hand wrapped around it. She starts at his balls kissing and licking gently. She drew them into her mouth softly as her hand moves up and down his shaft. Her eyes staying locked on his face, his expressions. He feels a drip of precum ooze up the inside of his shaft. Rising up on her knees she slides him into her mouth. Sucking on him softly. Watching her watch his reactions turns him on more then he realized… “You lovely little mmmmm,” he can’t finish the words as she slides her mouth over and down him… She buries him deep in the back of her throat. There is not even a risk of her gagging. She bobs her head the warmth of her mouth surrounding him. A low throaty word comes out, “Ayna.” “Yeesss,” he hisses as he throws his head back. As she goes down on him she turns herself on. She starts sucking faster. The expression on his face makes her lower body clench. Her tongue swirls around him as she deep throats him again. She purrs making her throat vibrate. His voice strained as he moans his words, “I…I…I, can’t hold oonnn mmuch lonng-ggerr.” She smiles around his member…Her free hand plays with his balls softly squeezing and stroking. He grasps for her head as the tension is unbearable… Barely touching her hair he let’s out a deep moan and shutters. She swirls her tongue around him sucking a bitfaster. Her eyes glance up at the clock; 7 minutes. Her gaze moves to him, her eyes radiating lust and desire. Not knowing if she’ll stop him he grabs the sides of her head entwining his fingers in her hair, letting his arms go with the motion of her head’s bobbing. As she slides back to about half his length he stops her head moving and shudders as he orgasms…A surprised look forms on her face as hot sticky liquid fills her mouth. She swallows, the taste of salt sliding down her throat. He shudders over an over again into her mouth. His knees go weak as he untangles his fingers from her hair an props them behind him so not to collapse. She stares up at him then her eyes moved to the clock. She drags her tongue alone her lips, “Are you ok.” Barely able to speak he stutter’s a sentence “Y…y.yeesss, I….I’m ggood.” He tries to catch his breath. “That wass amazzinngg.” He stands still erect in front of her. She blushes and stands, “we have to go.” Reaching down he pulls up his underwear and pants, quickly redoes them. Knees feeling a little watery as he follows her out the door. They reach the platform as the train arrives.They board the train and find seats. Looking over at her, he sticks his tongue out towards her playfully and it curls up to touch his nose. She tries to do the same but struggles, “my tongue is to whittle.” He laughs lightly, and then says, “It’s a short trip and then we catch a cab to my place.” She smiles and hides her face. “And your tongue is just the right size.” As she tries to hide a light blush behind her slightly tangled hair. She reaches in her bag for her hair brush. He reaches over and places a hand on her thigh. At the same time looking around the train car. Her focus was on her brush. She grabbed it and raked it threw the knots. Looking behind the seat he sees the ticket checker walking up the isle. “Ticket guy is almost here, pass me yours.” He lightly trails his fingers up her thigh. She pauses and hands him the ticket her fingers gliding over his skin. Once her hair was untangled she drops her brush in the bag. The ticket guy stops by their seats and scans both of their tickets and moves on down the isle. Seeing her hair back to its lustrous waves brings a smile to his face and a knowing look in his eyes. Glancing at him she smiles running her fingers through her hair. He puts his hand back on her thigh, and slowly rubs up and down. His finger tips opening and closing like a cat kneading. Her hand covers his and she scoot closer to him. Her face hovers close to his as she whispers in his ear, “What are you thinking?” It slowly goes more and more to the inner thigh. Still doing the motions even with her hand covering his. He does a long slide up to the point of almost touching her crotch and stops.“Wow feel the heat radiating down there.” He looks her in the eyes, his face just inches from hers. Reaching up with his other hand he caresses the side of her face and leans in for a kiss. She presses her lips to his, nuzzling her face against his hand. The kiss tastes different then before. The remaining taste from his spent passion not 5 minutes before. Her tongue slips between his lips and pushes against his.As the kiss lingers and grows, even with hers still on his, he suddenly presses his hand on her crotch. She whimpers and kisses him deeply her hips pushing at his hand. His fingers move up and down on the outside of her jeans, pressing lightly and more firmly as they curl open and closed. Enjoying the kiss but not getting totally lost in it like that amazing kiss back at the station for the whole world to see. She bites his bottom lip moaning softly. Her legs moving slightly apart giving him more room. She pulls from the kiss not wanting to get deep into it. He uncurls his fingers as he feels her part her legs. He presses his palm to the heat he feels coming from between her legs. Then starts doing a slow circular motion right there where the mound presses behind the fabric. He smiles lustily at her as she withdraws from the kiss. She tilts her head moaning softly. Her lips press to his neck, “Are we almost there.” He feels the brush of teeth as she presses her lips to his neck. The soft moan encourages him to continue the rotating palm motions. She looks out the train car, her eyes searching for people.As she asked the question they feel the train start to slow. Lights flicker threw the window as they enter the tunnel that leads to their stop. Her heart starts pounding fast and her face flushes as she slings her bag over her shoulders. The muffled intercom crackles to life and barely understandable announces the current stop. He smiles and takes her hand, “This is our stop.” She can feel her panties samsun rus escort are damp and blushes, “Let’s go please.” He explains how to get outside, “Out there we go up a flight of steps to the station proper, then out the front door and turn left to the taxis. Welcome to the city.” “The cab ride will be like 15 minutes then were at my place.” She smiles and walks off the train onto the platform. She was happy to be off the train. Going hand in hand up the stairs they exit the station and get a taxi. He tells the driver the address, one she knows and having been there before but not like this, neither of them having been there, with these untold thoughts and desires before.She watches the town speed by, her fingers entwined with his. Her side glance can see the driver staring. The 15 minutes feel like an eternity as he glances back at her. Totally oblivious tothe driver, he only has eyes for her. She leans against him pressing her face to his neck. She nibbles on his earlobes. Wraps his arm around her, holding her close as she nuzzles in to his neck and starts nibbling his ear. A barely audible growl, more felt starts low in his throat. They feel the cab slow and he glances out the wind shield briefly, he knows where they are and says just loud enough for her to hear, 2/10th of a mile to go.” She giggles and pulls from him. The taxi pulls into the driveway, he pays the fare, and he sees the odd an knowing look in the drivers face. He gives him a 5 dollar tip. They get out and head to the door. She feels the eyes of the driver staring at her.She presses closer to his side as they walk up the stairs. They reach the door, he unlocks and let’s her in then closes and locks it behind him. Alone. Finally alone, just the two of them. He pulls out his phone, turns the ringer off and sets it on the shelf by the door. She sends a final message before turning it completely off. She stood in the thresh hold of his place. She had been there before but not alone and not like this. He re grabs the phone and turns it off. Sees her phone go dark. He grabs the strap of her backpack and slides it off her shoulder and down her arm; to finally drop to the floor. “Alone. You. Me. Here. Now.” He says each word as though it was an entire sentence. She turns and faces him shrugging her sweater off her shoulders dropping it on the recliner. He steps forward to her dropping his sweatshirt to the floor. He leans in and places a hand behind her head and the other around her waist; pulling her to him. He kisses her deeply passionately andLongingly… Her arms wind around him, clinging to him as she kisses him back. Her body moving to press to his. He pulls her harder into him. He takes the hand from behind her head and trails his fingers down her spine until it meets the other where they both lower to grab her ass and squeezes. Her body shudders in his arms and she moves her lips back to his neck. Licking and kissing the warm skin. Pressed together as tightly as they were she could feel him starting to stiffen in his jeans. A pleasurable rumbling ensues from his throat, as she works around his neck.His hands wander up to the top of her pants until he finds the edge of her t-shirt. He works his hands under the t-shirt and up her back to find the clasp of her bra. She shivers, his hands a little cold. She grabs his head pulling him back down to kiss her. Her lips met his with lustful urgency. He finds there isn’t one, it’s a front style. Undeterred his hands wander around to thefront of her, but never actually touching her breasts. She smirks and licks his lips. Finding the clasp he undoes it…an in one quick motion he leans back just enough and pulls her shirt and bra off, exposing her large full breasts. . The nipples react almost instantly to the sudden change of temperature. Her face turns beyond red and she fights the urge to cross her arms over her large breasts. Goose bumps rise on her skin as cool air hits her. “Love the blush,” he says as he stares into her eyes. He places his hands on her shoulders and gently but firmly pushes her backward. One slow step at a time, eyes locked on hers. He guides her back through the kitchen and into the darkened bedroom, as she feels the edge of the bed he pushes one final time so she falls on her back. He leans over her and starting from her eyes and working his way down his gaze follows the lines of her face, neck, breasts, to the hindering pants. He reaches for them to undo the button. He kisses downwards to the edge of her pants his fingers undoing the button and slowly undoes the zipper. Then starts to lick and kiss back up her body. His hands slide up the sides of her body until they reach just under her armpits; his finger curled inwards and quickly sc****s his finger nails down her sides. His kisses and licks continue up between her breasts to her neck where he nuzzles into and starts to bite down.She takes a deep breath threw her teeth before a shaky moan slips from deep in her throat. Her body shudders as his nails leave fine red lines down her rib cage. She loved the feeling of his teeth against her skin. The sensation of his hands exploring her half naked body was making her grow damp. Her nervousness slowly fades. His hands lift off her and he takes his mouth away from her neck. Leans back and pulls his shammy and t-shirts off at once baring his upper body. Looking down on her flushed face and seeing the pleasure there, he leans back down and bites onto the other side of her neck… The bites lessens into a kiss, he trails his tongue around to the middle of her neck, then down between her breasts. His sc****s his fingernails back up her sides until they reach the sides of her breasts, then palms glide over the sides of the soft flesh of them, around to the underside of them until each is cupped in a hand. He kisses and licks around the left breast as he squeezes the right one. She grabs his jaw pulling his face back up to hers. She lets her tongue glide across his lips before siting up on her elbows to kiss him. She lets herself fall back pulling him with her. Hands slide up his back as she pushes her tongue into his mouth. Whimpers of pleasure vibrate against his lips, nails digging into the skin of his back. The feel of her nails digging into his back, the pleasure and the deep passionatekiss causes his back to arch. He runs his hands back down and up her sides, finally back to her breasts, grasping and squeezing them as he presses his hips into hers, then rolls his hips downward and presses his groin into hers, and grinds it slowly up and down. His erect member straining against his pants and her. She moves her hips with his, as she pushes her crotch against his. Her back arches from pleasure as he continues to squeeze her breasts. Tiny whimpers ensue from her lips as she slides her hands around to his chest; where her fingers flex. Sharp white nails sc**** down his stomach. Running her palms over the fresh red lines. Reaching his shoulders the process repeats, leaving fine claw marks down half his arms. A low growl of pleasure rumbles deep in his chest as she works down his neck. He pushes his hips up us she grinds hers downwards increasing the pressure between them as he wraps his arms around her back and suddenly sc****s his fingernails from the top to bottom of her back. “Mmmmm” she moans as he pushes up against her as the jeans sc**** uncomfortably; the sound muffled by the soft flesh of his neck. Her body shudders as his nails reach the base of her spine, her back bowing slightly. Her breasts moving slightly in front of him. As her upper body rises she pushes her hips harder against him, craving to have him. He pushes his thumbs down the top of her pants and grabs then and pulls downward, they slide to only about halfway down her ass since she’s straddling him. Letting the pants go as her breasts slide farther up his chest he grabs them again and fondles them some more, running his finger nails lightly around the sides and towards the nipples, which he then lightly pinches and tugs on them. As this is being done he continues grind his hips upwards, as his breathing becomes deep and heavy. Rocking forward she lifts her groin off his and rises to her feet. She slips her thumbs into the waist line of her pants sliding them down to her feet; giving off one hell of a view. She kicks them off onto the floor and falls back to her knees on top of him. Her body completely bare but a pair of black lace panties. She smiles down at him; her hair falling like a curtain around their faces. She bits her bottom lip to stop herself from moaning while he fondles her breasts. Her knees sit to the sides of his chest as her ass rests on his hips. He slides his hands onto her hips and sliding his elbows downwards he pushes her up a bit and slides himself farther down under her. He stops with his faces in front of her panties and inhales the sent of her. He licks the front of the panties tasting her nectar that has soaked into them. Licking a couple more times and then moves them to the side with a hand and slowly licks up her slit to the very edge of her clitoral hood, where he plants a kiss and thenslowly starts to lick. A small whimper of protest ventures from her parted lips as he moves her forward. She glances down at him watching as he breathes her in. Heat rushes to her face; a blush the shade of a crimson rose enfolds on her cheeks. She makes a slight gasping sound as his tongue slides across the lace. Her body trembles slightly as his hand rises between her thighs and he slips her panties to one side. Using his torso as a brace she leans back ever so slightly. An in cohesive garble is all he heard as his tongue ran along her wet slit. She wanted to speak but was lost for words. Continuing his slow licking up, down, and around her clit. He pulls away slightly with a long lick that ends with his tongue flicking upwards on end of her clit. He purses his lips and blows onto the wetness left from his licking up and down her slit. He then licks backwards down her slit to where her juices where oozing out of. Lapse that sweetest of nectars and loses himself in the smell and taste. His tongue darts out flat against her lips and slowly parting them slightly, and then curls the edges of tongue so it form a tube. He plunges it into her. The grip on his arm tightens cutting off circulation as his tongue plunges into the tight wet expansion of her vagina. A loud moan echoes threw the room as she her head falls back spilling her dark hair down her back. Her nails leaving perfect crescent indents on the surface if his skin. She fights to stay still and not rock her hips against his face. She lets go of him bringing her hands to her breasts. Moaning as he continued to lick at her juices; squeezing her nipples…twisting them till it sent little sharp pains through her body. He continues to tongue fuck her. As he plunges in and out, he opens and closes his tongue like a butterflies wings. His tongue swirls around her opening, plunging back in over and over. Looking up the line of her body when she moans, he sees her hands move to her breasts. He pulls the panties back more and hooks the moist laciness behind his ear, and slides both hands up her sides; he grips tightly pushing with one hand and pulls with the other, rotating her onto her back. Her panties slip off his ear, he grabs them; yanking them down to her ankles. He plunges his face back between her legs. He shifts slightly to the side and rests her right leg on his shoulder. With a finger of his left hand he glides it up and down rotating it and coating it completely with her love juices. Lowering his mouth, he clamps it down it around her clit and sucks on it, plunging his tongue up under the clitoral hood. Using the underside of tongue he does rhythmic swipes left, right, left, right… As he builds on the rhythm he plunges his finger into her hot wetness. The grip on her breasts tightens as his tongue plunges in and out of her. Her nipples peak between her whitenails. She shivers as his warm hands run up her sides. As her back hits the bed she giggles; then her laughing turned into an inhaling moan of pure ecstasy. Pressure builds between her legs as his tongue moves to a secret beat that only he can hear. The pleasure he is bringing to her body causes her back to arch up and her nails to dig into the bedspread; leaving tiny rips as her nails pull at the fabric. Her moans encourage him to continue working on her love button, his finger plunges in and out of her hot wet pussy, working on her inner sweetness that will push her over the edge. With his right he wraps it around her thigh and holds onto it tightly. Her body shudders samsun rus escort bayan against his face. Her back rises off the bed moaning his name; her tight pussy starts dripping, the juices running down his hand. He removes his hand from around her thigh, slowly withdraws his fingers. He briefly sucks the juices off, and then continues to lick her clit. He reaches down and works his shoes and pants off. His member throbs for release. Eating her out has excited him beyond words. Her reactions were everything he’d hoped for, now for the final plunge. He keeps his face in her crotch, his beard moistens with juices. He stands bent over then slowly licks up her belly, hands walk across the bed. As he moves forward, kissing and licking his way up her body to finally reach her mouth. Planting a deep and longing kiss; he muffled the sound. He pushes his member against her dripping slit and slides it down moistening it until it’s head gets to her hot sticky opening, and slowly, oh so slowly slides into it. As he continues to suck on her clit; drawing enticing moans from her mouth. Raising her head she sees him working his way out of his pants. As he crawls over her; she can’t help but notice his erect member. A deep blush forms on her face before his lips press to hers. A whimper of excitement is muffled by his mouth. The kiss intensifies as he rubs him self against her opening. The taste of juices still lies on his lips as he presses them to hers.He slides into her all the way to his pubic hair to mesh their bodies together. He slides out and in again slowly, a few times, and as he finishes an inward thrust, he stops, and a shutter runs down his spine and his member deep in her throbs, and she feels a warmth not her own. Her tongue slips from between her lips to taste herself as his lips press to hers. The feel of him so deep inside her causes her breathing to thicken. As he slides in and out of her wet pussy; it makes a soft squishing sound, like a hand clenching and UN Clenching in a shallow layer of water. A sudden shot of warmth fills her; causing a symphony of little moans. She stares up at the man above her. Her eyes fluttering open and close as she tries to wrap her head around thefeelings that fill her mind. After a few moment of staying still inside of her he looks at her in the eyes and then starts to pump in and out of her again. He says, “Sorry, but I get so excited that I can’t help but get partly off,” he leans back into her and kisses her again as he works himself in and out, increasing his rhythm from the slowness he’d restarted with. He continues his rhythmic pumping; her counter rhythm encourages him to increase his speed. He bites into her neck again, and sucks on it. His hands roam up and down her body a few times and then run them up her arms until their hands meet, and he interlocks his fingers with hers. She turns facing him as she squeezes his hand. Her eyes glowing with lust as they lock on his. All she could do was moan his name softly and repeatedly. Yet again the pleasure started to build between thighs, threatening to spill before she wishes it to. She angles her hips upwards pushing him in deep; as his teeth closes around her flesh. With his fingers locked in hers, he presses her hands into the bed. His rhythmic pumping increases. He pulls his mouth of her neck, and in a strangled voice says, “I can’t hold out much longer…” he breath hot on her neck and ear. She knew she couldn’t hold out much longer either; letting her hands wander up his chest to his shoulders…She rolled them over. She adjusts herself, leaning back, using his legs as a brace as she rolled her hips forward. As she moves her body on top of him. Her head tilts backward letting her hair spill down her back; letting her nails dig into his thighs. The sudden shift of positions and the feel of her nails digging into his flesh push him over the edge. He throws his head back put his hands on her hips and presses her down as he does a final upwards thrust, a loud moan escapes him, his entire body shudders from head to toes. His orgasm seems to go on and on, with each shuttering quake of his body, more hotness spills deep inside of her. She releases her grip on his legs and her body shudders above him. The consistent warmth filling her makes her pussy tighten around him, squeezing him. His grip on her hips the feeling of him spilling over inside causing her to moan loudly. Her upper body falls forward as she lays on top of him while he stays inside her. Her hair a tangled mess that spills around them in dark waves. Still breathing heavily, he moves his hands from her hips and embraces her in a hug. His heart pounding in his chest, his breathing still deep and labored, through her hair, he tenderly lays a kiss upon her cheek. And lets his head fall back onto the bed. Enjoying the feel of her weight pressing down on his chest, their bodies still connected, the juices of their passion running down between his legs and soaking into the bedspread. She listens to his heart slam against his chest; her facenuzzling into the hollow of his throat. Kissing his neck and shivers a bit; goose bumps rising across the warm expansion of her torso. Her lips move up his jaw line; she lightly brushes her lips across his. Between her legs grow sticky…. She shifts again, moving only slightly sitting up. She places her hands on his chest her nails tapping against his skin; her hair covering most of her breasts. He tantalizingly runs his hands down her back, around each side and curls his hands around her breasts, pressing them together so the nipples touch, picking his head up he bites down onto the both of them at once. With her nipples between his teeth he licks them quickly back and forth each one. Her body quivers as a nearly silent moan hums in the air. She raises a hand to his face running her finger tips across his skin. She smiles her face slightly flushed…”are you sure you can go again?” she giggles and kisses him lightly moving off of him. She ends up kneeling against his side. “Hehehe”, he chuckles lightly. “I just wanted to do that, I didn’t give your breasts enough attention, and there they were right in front of me.” “Actually I think a little rest wouldn’t hurt, lay down with me.”Nodding; she lays down next to him… curling against his side. She pushes her warm naked body against his skin. Shivering she pulls back the blanket throwing her arm across his chest. Her body craving the warmth his body radiates. “I am chilly.” He slides one arm under her and the other, pulling the blanket up; covering their nakedness in a cocoon of warmth within his arms. His breathing has slowed, as well as his heart beat. Embracing her, listening to her breathing, feeling her heartbeat, the touch of her flesh against him. A fantasy fulfilled, a passion given into, he lay there with her wrapped in his arms he was contented to stay as if they were in their own world. Murmuring in her ear, “Was it everything you’d hoped for? She snuggles close to him, “Yes it was everything, I dreamed it would be…everything I wanted it to be.” Her eyes flutter slowly open then closed repeating every few minutes. Her energy drained and her body exhausted she falls asleep in his arms wrapped in complete warmth. “I’m glad, it was everything and more then I’d hoped”, speaking lowly and slowly to her as he snuggles into her more, listening to her breathing slows to the regular rhythm of sleep he mummers; “sleep well my sweet one.” As he drifts off to sleep.The reflection of sunlight streams into the room, he awakens to growing brightness. Glancing over her head, still snuggled on his shoulder, he looks at the clock on the headboard the time showing 7:49am. Reflecting back upon last night, it still seemed surreal. With herwarmth still pressed against him, he runs his hand down the line of her body, drinking in the scent of her. The taste of her still on his lips, and a stirring down low let’s him know he wants to do it again what they had last night. But a different urgent need presses upon him. He slowly disentangles himself from her, first every so slowly pulling his arm out from under her, and when it’s freed millions of pin pricks drive down his arm as the blood rushes back into it, doing his best trying to not wake her. The warm rays of the sun dance across her pale skin as the soft light fills the room around them. She feels the bed move around her; but she refuses to open her pale blue eyes. His arm slides out from underneath her, the warmth of his body dissipated as his rises off the bed. Rolling on her side she faces the wall. The blanket slips halfway down her body, the light color of her skin giving off a luminous glow in the morning light. Her dark waves casting a shadow over her face. Glints of red shimmer in her hair. Feeling the cool air brush across her bare breasts causes her nipples to harden slightly. Her left arm crosses over her chest as she curls in a ball. He takes the blanket that slipped off as he got out of the bed, and recovers her as she curled up with the cool air hitting her nakedness. Leaning down he kisses her cheek lightly through her hair. Turning around he leaves the room, the bright sun light streaming through the windows stinging his eyes as he crosses naked through the kitchen towards the bathroom. After he relives himself, he goes back into the kitchen, grabs the coffee pot and fills with water, pours into maker, puts filter and grounds in then presses start. He turns back to the bedroom. The glow of reflected sun light defines her body through the blanket. Getting to the bed, he lifts just the edge of blanket and slips under it, spooning himself around her. Her back to his chest he reaches around her with an arm and slides it around her just under her breasts, cupping the one against the bed in his hand. He snuggles into her just to be with her. Her body uncurls slightly as the warmth of the blanket enfolds around her. The sound of him working in the kitchen makes her smile to her self. Her horribly knotted hair still covers most of her face; using her hand she brushes most of it to the side. Turning only her head she see’s him completely nude messing with the coffee pot. Curiosity hit her because he doesn’t drink coffee. Shrugging she faces the wall closing her eyes tight locking out the sun. Feeling the blanket move around her, then his chest press to her back and another flood of warmth around her. She pushes back against him her body absorbing his heat and the smell of the coffee that floods into the room. Her pressing into him as he enfolds her with his arm, brings a low hum of content torumble in his chest. Everything was right in the world. The sound of dripping coffee in the maker can be heard in the background, and her steady breathing there by him sounded slightly different than when he first woke up. With just the tip of a finger on the hand cupped around her breast, he slowly rotates it forming a circle. She turns facing him, “I am awake you know.” Smirking as she pushes the blanket back revealing herself to him in the sunlight. She watches his finger make small circles on her breast; turning to face him her breasts jiggle slightly as she presses the front side of her body to him. Her lips brush against his as she rises to her hands and knees the sheets falling completely from her body. She crawls over him walking out into the bright kitchen she heads to the bathroom, exposed to his eyes. After washing her hands she glances at the coffee pot then to the doorway of the bed room contemplating. He watches her walk away, drinking in her nakedness. Her pale milky skin shining in the sunlight as she crossed the kitchen, and back after her brief bathroom visit. Her breasts bounce slightly as she walks. Her pause by the coffee maker allows him really enjoy the view. There is no evidence of a blush upon her face this morning, as there was yesterday when he removed her shirt. He could see that there wasn’t a hair on her body, she was shaved smooth everywhere but for her head, and that dark hair gleaming with red highlights in the sunlight was still a tangled mess, but it look good on her. He loved the way it looked.The light stung her eyes as it shone threw the kitchen windows, the curtains partially drawn back to allow air flow. She reaches in the cupboard; having to rise onto her tip toes her fingers latched around her pumpkin spice creamer. Her obsession with pumpkin startled even her. She grew up hating the very taste. Glancing in the bedroom she can see the gleam in his eyes as they fixed to her naked body. Fighting to keep color from her cheeks she pretended not to notice and makes her coffee, her rus samsun escort body craving energy. (Missing Piece) “When you’re finished with your coffee, what do you have planned for the rest of your day? Hmmm?” He says lowly and vocally implying at more than what the simple ness of the question. Talking his hands and cupping each breast and giving them a playful lifting squeeze. Her coffee was 3/4th the way gone; setting it on the counter she moves his hands from her breasts. “Well personally I was thinking you could make French toast while I shower and then we can fill the day with some more ‘Fun’.” She let the words rolls from her tongue longingly. She grins and picks up her coffee walking to the window making sure the curtain covers her body from the front. “Mmmmm,French toast. That can be arranged. But how about breakfast first and then we can share the shower?” Staring at her as the sun and shadow of the curtain highlighting her body in contrasting reliefs. Briefly glancing past her out the window at the lake, the ripples of the currents in the lake sparkle in the sun. He walks to the fridge for the milk and eggs, turns back to the counter and places them there. Gathering the rest of what’s needed for breakfast. She watches him putt around naked collecting breakfast ingredients. Ducking away from the window she walks to the fridge she opens the door bending down to grab the pumpkin swirl bread. Turning to him she throws the unopened loaf at him, “Catch!” She prays he will catch it because pumpkin French toast sounds amazing. An itch bugs the inside or her left thigh; she drags her nails across her own skin making her self shiver. He looks over to her as she speaks, and sees her toss a loaf of bread at him. As it sails through the air towards him he sees her reach down to her inner thigh, and that distracts him from catching the bread. It hits him in the chest and falls to the floor. Keeping his eyes on her he squats down and blindly seeks the bread with a hand. Finding it he stands and holding it forgotten, “Now that’s a breakfast I can lick my lips over. Hehehe” he says as looks up to her eyes. A deep blush forms on her face as she looks into his eyes. “When I said catch that means don’t let hit the ground…Hehehe. Personally I don’t think I would make a good breakfast.” She stands up straight up her breast rubbing against each other; her hand slides up her stomach to her lips. She bites down on the nail of her index finger as she watches him stare at her. She walks into the living room grabbing her brush, standing in the door way she does her hair. Standing still he watches her, he feels a stir in his groin as she walks by. With a smirk on his face he turns back to preparing breakfast. Plugging in the griddle to preheat it and then cracking some eggs into a bowl, pours some milk, add a bit of sugar and cinnamon, he stirs vigorously with a fork mixing the ingredients well. Grabs a stick of butter and runs it over the now hot griddle, then dipping bread into the mixture places 4 slices in to cook. He turns slightly to watch her again. He can’t help himself, he can just watch her doing anything and it mesmerizes him. She notices him watching her as she brushes her hair. Dropping her brush on the couch she walks back to the kitchen, as she walks by him she lets her nails gently drag across his lower stomach. She spins in a small circle giving him a view of everything he is dying to touch. Her hands run over the soft skin of her breasts and torso; teasing him she squeezes her own breasts. Her hand descending lower till nearly touching her pussy. She knew what hewanted but she wanted food first and if she kept distracting him, her food will never get cooked. Tilting her head she smirks at him “In due time love …in due time.” “Oh my, oh my, you are such a lovely tease. Just look at what you’ve done.” Holding a spatula in one hand his other he grabs her hand and presses it against his crotch as his member gives a throb of growth along her hand. Smirking he releases her hand not knowing if she will leave it there. He uses the spatula to check how far the first side has cooked. She giggles and gives his growing member a squeeze. “How well can you concentrate?” A smirk forms on her lips as she sinks to her knees in between him and the counter where he is cooking. Glancing up him her voice a little seductive, “do you think you can handle cooking and me pleasuring you at the same time? Because I don’t think you can.” She starts laughing again. “Reeaaallyyyy, I bet I can.” As he looks down into her eyes twinkling up at him. He turns his upper body slightly and checks on the toasts cooking seeing they are done he flips them over to cook the other side. Taking his agonizingly long drawn out words as encouragement and a test she drags her tongue up the length of his shaft. Not taking her eyes off him for a second she slips the head of his cock into her mouth; sucking softly as he continues to cook. Her tongue swirls around him as she removes him from her mouth; kissing softly up his member. Her tongue slides across his lower stomach releasing his hardening member. He concentrates on his cooking, really it was just waiting enjoying her tongue doing it wondrous actions on him, and when it licks across his stomach, its wet warmness send a slight shiver up him. Looking down he sees she’s really enjoying herself, teasing him to distract him from cooking. Looking back he checks and finds the first four done, spatulas them onto a plate. Then grabs the butter and rebutters the griddle, it’s sizzling can be heard, then four more slices of bread, dipped and put on to cook. She frowns clearly understanding she was defeated… She rises to her feet and kisses his cheek, “Ok, ok you win…..this time.” Peering at the cooked French toast she snags a piece and takes a bite out of it. Using her free hand she sc****s her nails down his back. “Yum…it tastes so good, but I know something that tastes better.” “Reeallly? I win, hmmm, how ’bout we make it a more challenging for me?” he says, mischievously looking her in the eyes. He grabs her hand that’s holding the toast, pulls it down, pours some syrup on it, and lowers it more. Growling as he takes her food she looks at him questioningly as he pours sticky maple syrup in her hand. Slightly disgusted by the sticky liquid dripping down her arm. Dropping to her knees she smears the syrup on him;her hand squeezing and sliding up and down his shaft. Dying for a taste she lets her tongue explores the tip of his hardened member, the warmth of her tongue sliding down the length of him… this was a sweet and unique experience. The syrup was cold on his member, but it quickly warmed, her tongue licking causes it to throb, and to distract him self, he checks the toasts that are cooking and finds they are done flips them, his knees quiver slightly flipping the last one and almost misses put it back on the griddle. The toast in his hand he moves it down in front of her face as she does her magic. Her eyes notice the toast and the smell of pumpkin but she is busy. Closing her eyes; she moves her tongue across the head of his cock. Her tongue taking time to poke into the tip, not know if he finds that pleasurable. She lets her teeth graze down his member till her mouth reaches his balls. Sucking on them softly as the hand covered in syrup rubs him tenderly. A deep moan fills the room, when she puts her tongue into the opening on his member, his head falls back, the stickyness of the syrup, her teeth grazing downwards send a shiver up his spine, and he locks his knees. The syrup making a sloppy sound between her fingers as she works it up and down. The sensation is nearly to much for him, his breathing getting heavier, dimly he remembers he’s cooking, and without checking if they were properly done, spatulas them onto a plate, and unplugs the griddle to remove anymore distractions from the attention she was paying him. Loving the reaction she is getting from him, she pulls from him standing up; tormenting him as she grabs the French toast. “You will have to wait for me to finish love then I will grant you what you want.” Smiling she takes a bite out of the French toast and paces around the kitchen her breasts bouncing as she walks. She loves to torment him in any way she can. “Grrr, that’s not right.” as he grabs another toast off her plate, slathers some syrup on it, walks to her holding it up near his mouth as though he was going to eat it, then suddenly flips it syrup side down onto her chest and rubs it over her breasts. “Hehehe… sure it is.” She smiles as he smears syrup across her chest… “Well, well now don’t we both taste just fabulous.” grinning she kisses him deeply; pressing their sticky bodies together. “What a waste of food,” she looks down at the toast stuck to her chest, “But damn don’t I smell delicious.” Her tongue slides across his cheek. “Mmmmm, it’s not wasted… jus u make for a better enjoyable plate.” And leans down to the toast stick to her, licks the syrup to the edge of the toast and then takes a bit of it. He sinks his teeth deep enough to bite into her breast playfully. Then takes a second bite the same way, lift his head back up, chews and swallows the mouthful. “Mmmmm,def better than using a plate and fork.” She shivers as he bites down catching the skin of her breast with his breakfast. “You definitely have a way with cooking.” she snickers and runs her fingers threw his hair as he took the second bite. She kisses him after he swallows, “I don’t like how sticky I’m turning out to be.” She steps back from him syrup slowly drizzling down her torso. “I love it when you’re sticky, besides you were kind enough to syrup my hair, and after breakfast is shower time.” As he places a hand on the toast stuck to her and runs it down between her breasts, down her belly to the top of her sex. Then starts back upwards, peeling it off of her and folding it in half eats another big bite. Meanwhile with the fingers of his other hand he trails them through the syrup on her breast making circles around her nipples. “Well you did pour it in my hand…did you not?” She shivers as he runs syrup to a very intimate place on her body. A lustful moan hums from her lips as he rubs the syrup around and on her nipples, “Mmmmm… you know your a tease.” She walks to the bathroom after he pulls his breakfast from her body. The syrup stretches with the bread. A wide grin forms on her face as she turns on the hot water. “Mmmmm” he agrees with his mouthful, eating the rest of the toast as he watched her ass swaying as she walked to the bathroom. Swallowing the last bite he went to the bathroom. As the water runs over her hand, waiting for it to heat to a comfortable temperature, he just stands there admiring the view of her leaned over the tub. He slowly reaches his very sticky fingers under and upwards to her slit, and runs three of them down. One centered to the parting and one on each to the sides of her lower lips. A shuttering moan escapes her lips as his syrup covered fingers rubbing against her dampening pussy. The water starts to burn her hand; she turns the nozzle right trying to adjust the temp. She grips the edge of the tub as her body quivers. Turning to look at him she stands up; stepping into the tub. She lets the hot water run over her body, slowly rinsing the maple syrup down the drain. He follows her in to the tub and closes the curtain. Standing so he doesn’t block the water he watches as she rubs the syrup off her, and how the water cascades off her body. While watching, he licks at the syrup on his fingers with a playful look on his face. She watches him as she reaches for her body wash, who needs a lufa when you have hands. She squirts liquid soap across her breasts; she takes his hands placing them on her slippery breasts. Wanting him to play with her wet body was making her lower lips drip for his touch. Smiling, he step in the way of the water, leans his head back into it, but with his hands he starts rubbing the soap up and her body, around herbreasts up to her neck and then back down, across her breast and belly, and finally to her pussy lips, where he rubs up and down slowly, languishing the feels of them. His other hand just absentmindedly rubbing the water in his hair to loosen the syrup from it. She moans his name as he rubs the soap between her legs; not knowing what wetness is water and which is hers. Her own hand sliding down his torso to his member. Gently she rubs the syrup off him; watching his face as she touches him, and rubs him clean. Finally the last of the sticky disaster from breakfast vanishes. She kisses him as hot water beats around them; her fingers run through his hair helping him remove the last of the syrup. He leans into the kiss, and wraps his arms around her. He carefully turns them in the tub, then slowly slides down her body. Grabbing her hands he sits down in the tub pulling her downwards to him. Her breasts hang in front of him; he licks and nibbles at them. ( To Be Continued )

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