tribute 4


tribute 4we lay there, talking about sex. JC told me his friend kristy wanted to hang out with him. he told her she could hang with us, and she was already on her way…I remembered kristy from the video booth night that we all had, but there were so many cocks at one time that I couldn’t really remember her sweetness. a couple moments passed waiting for her. JC went to the bathroom for a second. immediately when he closed the door, she knocked. I answered, greeted her, and invited her in. much sexier than I remember…we sat down, and I bumped my computer, taking off the screensaver, unleashing the porn we had been viewing earlier. kristys eyes widened, and she said, “we’ll what were u guys up to??” I replied not to much, with a chuckle. she says “bullshit. that’s why there’s porn already up, and a fleshlight oozing with cum on the counter there.” I looked at it and just started giggling. she looks at me and says “I want my pussy to look like ur fleshlight…covered in cum.” my cock immediately started getting kayseri escort hard. I sat up, and pushed her onto my bed. I got on top of her and started undoing her pants. as I removed them, I saw a perfectly groomed bead of hair over her pussy. I was in love. I stuck my face right into her pussy. I rammed two fingers deep inside her while sucking on her swollen clit. she was moaning very hard. every time I dug my fingers inside her, I felt a very small amount of her cum squirt out of her clit, and into my mouth. harder and harder I fingered her pussy. I couldn’t stop, it was so hot. she moaned louder and louder until suddenly she ripped my fingers out and yelled “fuck yesss!!!” and squirted all over my face. I looked up and see JC standing by the door, flashing his big cock at us. kristy, still breathing hard after her orgasm, tells him to get over here. “I wana suck both of ur cocks.” I pulled my pants down, and stood next to JC. she got on her knees, gripped both our hard cocks, and began sucking JC. after 5 seconds, she started sucking mine. sucking our cocks in intervals, I told her to put em both in her mouth. she stuffed both our cocks in her mouth, stretching her mouth enormously. I could feel JC’s slimy cock grinding against mine, and it felt amazing. she pulled our cocks out of her mouth, and said “how bout you guys suck each other?” JC jumped down and shoved my spit covered cock deep into his mouth. kristy loved it. “fuck ya I love watching guys suck each others dicks.” and shoved her fingers deep into her pussy while watching us. JC was sucking my cock so good. deep throating like a pro with 1 hand gripping my balls tight…perfect. I told him to fuck my mouth, so I layed back on the bed, and he climbed on top of me. he stuck his cock in my mouth, and began thrusting into my face. I heard kristy in the background moaning hard, and then heard what sounded like a water fountain going off. I look over to see kristy spraying herself with cum, all over her tits and face. as I continued sucking JC, I felt kristy get on the bed, and climb right on top of me, directly on top of my cock, behind JC. I felt her grab my dick, and then I felt it slide into her warm pussy. she started riding my cock while I had JC’s cock down my throat. as kristy rode me good, she told JC to get behind her and ram his cock into her ass. he popped up and mounted behind her. she stopped riding so he could fill her ass with his big cock. as he started pounding her ass, she began riding my dick some more. we were drilling kristy so hard, 2 big dicks in her pussy and ass. we pounded her like this for several minutes. JC then pulled his cock out of her ass, and started squeezing it into her pussy with mine. she said “yes I want both of these cocks to fill my pussy.” our cocks were grinding on each other while we both fucked her hard. I couldn’t take it anymore, and had to shoot so bad. as I started spraying my cum inside her, I felt JC’s cum hitting my shaft at the same time. we filled her pussy with so much cum, and she loved it. we both pulled out, followed by drips of pussy juice mixed with 2 different kinds of jizz…

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