Truck Driver


Truck DriverSeven years ago when I was 50, I took a trip to spend Christmas with my daughter Kay that lived in Pennsylvania at the time. It was the week before Christmas. I was driving through Illinois when it started snowing. It was late, around 9pm and the snow was getting heavier. I always carried a portable CB radio to talk with truckers while driving just to know what to expect what is ahead. I had been talking to this one driver that was a few miles behind me. His name was John. The snow was coming down harder and visibility was getting bad. John told me there was a truck stop coming up and asked if I would join him for coffee there and wait to see if the storm let up. I pulled into the truck stop and got a booth. A few minutes later this gorgeous looking, tall muscular black man walked in and was looking around. türbanlı afyon escort I thought to my self, could this be John, the man I had been talking to? I raised my arm up and got his attention. He walked over to me with a big smile on his face. “I bet you weren’t expecting me were you”, he said with a grin. I just laughed and introduced my self and John was very surprised that I still told him to sit down and join me. I guess he wasn’t used to mature white women not minding being seen with a young black man. We sat, had several cups of coffee, and talked.Then a State Trooper came in and announced they were closing down the highway because of the storm. The truck stop we were at was a small one. They did have a small motel next door but when I tried to get a room they türbanlı afyon escort bayan were already full up because of the storm. I came back to the booth and told John, “I guess i’m sleeping right here in the booth.” I gave a small laugh and we sat there and finished our coffee. I could tell John wanted to say something to me but he didn’t. I finally asked him what he wanted to say. “Oh, i’m that obvious”, he replied. I told him he was so he sat there a few seconds and finally said “I don’t know if I should ask this and I hope I don’t offend you with it but…” and he stopped a bit, I told him to go on. “Would you join me in my truck sleeper”, John said very quickly and backed up a little expecting to be slapped. He was shocked when I said “I would love to”.We türbanlı escort afyon got in the cab of his truck. His sleeper was cramped but both of us managed to get our clothes off and lay on the small bed. We kissed and I could feel his hands probing my breasts, then down to my butt and finally between my legs. I opened them for him and before long I was feeling his big cock slide into me. John fucked me hard and furious, and finally I felt his cum squirt inside of me. After we laid there in silence a short while John asked me if I was married. I had just married my 4th husband Jeff just a few months before. He had to work so he didn’t make this trip.John then said “You have cheated on him before?” I told him no that this was the first time I cheated von Jeff but I had cheated on all three of my previous husbands with mostly black men. He seemed pleased with this and five minutes later we were fucking a second time.The next day the storm had stopped but the highway was still closed. John and I went inside for breakfast. We both ate quickly then went back out to his truck and fucked a third time. I have never seen John since that time but he will always be on my mind.

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