True Stories –Winter At Beech Mountain Chapters


True Stories –Winter At Beech Mountain ChaptersIt was mid-winter here in Western N.C. — and I had cabin fever. Looking at the same places- same faces – had given me the ‘itch’ to travel.. My income also suffered now because of the Christmas season. People would rather buy presents than have a massage.I had watched the discovery channel lately, and hit on an idea. In winter, caribou would migrate south to their winter grazing areas and be near a water supply. In summer, they moved back north to stay cool and be near food and water. I would be like the caribou– ‘migrate’ to where some real money was this time of year– to the nearby ski resorts in our snow covered mountains.I called my brother who lived at Elk Park ,N C ; only a driver and 4 iron from Beech Mountain , an exclusive high end ski resort a mile high. Asked him to make a few calls to see if it would pay me to make the two hour drive. In one hour he called back, saying he had me ‘dialed in’ with a guy at the resort, and I could start immediately.Upon arriving early the next morning, Scott took me out to breakfast at a local dive. As we left, a stunning brunette came up to the car, and asked my brother where he had been hiding.. He introduced me to Sandra , a 33 year old knockout who owned the local fitness center. As we shook hands, she drew her back, shaking it.”My that’s an awfully strong grip you have Dano.”” I’m so sorry, it’s because of my work,I suppose.” I repliedScott told her we had to hurry to an appointment, but she made him promise to stop by her place on the way back. We arrived at the resort just in time. The parking area was full of out of state Mercedes , Caddy’s, SUV’s and assorted expensive vehicles.At the managers office we met Stanley, a nerdy- looking guy who ran the show there. He quickly laid out my terms.. He would charge the guests $125 an hour for my services. Any tips were mine. He would take a 25% cut in exchange for a room there. Since most guests paid with cards, he would keep a running balance for me and settle in cash at the end of each week.My hours were 10am -12 noon and 1pm – 4pm.. He said I would need to be available week ends also, if I was smart.. I already didn’t like the guy, and that remark earned him a higher spot on my shit list. I agreed to begin the following morning.As we were leaving, Scott remarked at the local ladies that were there. ” You got it made–just look at all this nice ass running round here.” “I’m not up here for ass Scott, but I’ll keep my options open.”We stopped in at Sandra’s place and walked into the high-dollar fitness center and found here. She flipped out because I’d taken that job.”I would have met all those offers, and not even taken a cut.” she said, ” it would give my place a real touch of class to have my own ther****t on site.”She gave us a tour of her newly remodeled gym and weight room. It sported an indoor swimming pool, a large 12 person sauna , mud baths , the works. Everything in sight was either chrome, stainless steel, or mirrors.. She ended the tour by asking me to remain there with my table and stones and give her a treatment.”Scott can drive your car home , and I’ll bring you back later.. ” He left , and I set up my table in her office, and plugged my heater up for the stones.” I suggest we have a short time in the sauna, to open my pores up.”I got my swim trunks from my ‘Jethro bag” [ a large gym bag I keep a little of everything in ] and changed.. Upon entered the sauna, it was empty but for Sandra. She was lying on a bench with a towel wrapped around her,sort of.” I gave Donna , my assistant instructions that we were not to be disturbed..” she smiled.. Getting to her feet, she came over to me and turned,saying ” If you can relax me after the week I’ve had, I’ll be grateful in more ways than one.”Having said that, she let the towel drop and leaned her back into me. Her shapely buttocks rubbed my crotch as her hands held the sides of my hips. I took a step back and began to walk my fingers up each side of her spine, searching for tight spots and knots of muscle.. “Oh — you have great fingers– a little lower please.”A shiver shook her as the chill bumps followed my fingers, and the very fine fuzz on her arms and neck stood straight out. She was trying to lean into me again,and I quickly suggested we move to her office to get her on the table. I walked behind her as we walked down the hall, and I could see she was out of alignment in her shoulders a bit.. That alone can cause tension to easily build in that area, as well as the spinal column.I was starting to dress but she said to wait,as I would be too warm in her heated office. Now I’m far from stupid.. I could see the wheels of her mind turning, trying to figure a way to get me to come work for her. She latched the door and let her towel fall again as she slid tummy down on the table. I began at her feet , popping her toes and working the calve muscles on each leg. Moving up to the thighs, I divided the large muscle on both as she moaned her approval. Next, I placed the heated stones , lining them on both legs all the way to her lower buttocks.” Lord– those things are hot !” I purposely avoided her shapely cheeks, moving instead to the head of the table.. I stood facing her and massaged the neck and shoulders, moving down to work her shoulder blades.. Oiling my hands, I checked each disc, all the way to the L-4 right on the tail bone. I moved down and removed the leg stones and returned them to the heater. I bent the legs at the knees to check her range of motion.Taking the stones,I placed them along both sides of her spine, all the way to her neck. I oiled my hands again and worked the leg muscles to get the heat worked in. As I moved upwards, I noticed her thighs beginning to spread. A very well- kept trimmed mound showed through, as well as her labia. They were turned in on themselves, with a large glistening clit peeking out from its hood. I used my thumbs over thumbs to work up the center of each thigh all the way to her cheeks.Re-oiling, I massaged both cheeks with my open palms, making her moan with pleasure. As I continued , her hips began a slow roll, trying to match my moves. I finished, but not before seeing her cute pink anus winking at me.I rolled her over to see her pink nipples rock hard and pointed straight at me. I used what oil that was on my hands to work into her temples and forehead. I placed my stones from her collarbone to the top of her pubic mound. This met her approval as she sucked in her breath deeply, and rolled her eyes to gaze at me. Her hand slowly worked around to the back of my knee, lightly scratching at first.. then becoming more bold as it slid up my trunks to cup my ass cheek.” This is supposed to be your massage, not mine, ” I said. Her eyes closed as my hands found her breasts, and rolling her nipples in my fingers, she let out a gasp.” Ahh–Y-Yess ! Don’t Stop !! ” My hands grew more bold as her back arched up to my squeezing touch. I could tell where this was going. Sandra was either one horny chick, or else she was putting her high school acting classes to good use. What the hell , I’d been without more than a few days and could use the exercise. I leaned to pull the stones off her as her hand found my balls.She cupped them saying “That’s a nice set of jewels you got there Dano.” I put the stones away and leaned bahçelievler escort over her nearest nipple and flicked it with my tongue. I sucked it in deeply and gave it more tongue,swirling the bud inside my lips.”Agghh !! God that’s nice !” I squeezed it while moving to give the other equal time.. Then slowly I tongued down the center of her torso till I reached her cute navel… Meanwhile my hand had crossed her trimmed mound to circle her now erect clitoris.. It was large, as big as I ever seen. It was soaked in her fluids, and as my fingers slid lower, so was her labia. The lips were previously turned inward on themselves. Now, they had unfolded and ‘blossomed’ , not unlike a rose.I moved to the bottom of the table and pulled Sandra down also till her knees hung over the edge. Bending low , I scooped her legs aside to allow me a direct line between her thighs. I moved in close and blew my warm breath on her erect clit, then licked all round it,but avoiding direct contact..“Ahh– ggddd!! “ As I done this, my two middle fingers slipped inside her labia, toying with her inner lips. Her ass began to raise, trying to pull my fingers inside.“ Pl-Please– Stick em in! “ I let them sink slowly inside , to the second knuckle , and turned them up and hooked the backside of her pubic bone, on her G-spot. It was a huge gland, full of fluid. I pressed it lightly as I wrote my ABC’s on and around her clit. By the letter M , she was screaming.. I could tell she was very close to orgasm, so I backed off a bit, and she raised hell.“ Damn you! Don’t st-stop! I’m alm-ost ….” She was trembling , and I reached up to wipe her sweaty brow. I stood and let my trunks drop, letting my thick cock come into her view. I took hold of it and began to rub the wide head up and down her soaked labia. She hunched downward in an effort to trap me inside, but I was too smart for that. I pulled back and gave her clit a half dozen slaps with the head, taking her breath..“Oh—Ohh Yess!!” I place her legs on my shoulders and penetrated her about halfway. All movement ceased as her eyes went wide and said– “ Take it easy there , let me get used to the size of that thing.” I paid her no mind as the final few inches slid in, our pubic bones touching.“Oh FUCK !! You’re so fucking wide! Damn it! Be still a moment ,please! “ She was very tight for her size , not that she was fat , just 5′ 7” and 120lbs..She was well toned ,with not an ounce of excess on her. I eased forward and took turns sucking her nipples as she adjusted to my girth.I could feel her cunt muscles contract around my shaft,and she pushed me up slightly and started to roll her ass in tight circles. I pulled back to the entrance and plunged back down , making her squeal in pleasure. Smiling , she said “ Fuck me – Fuck me hard !! “I reamed her well, as her climax built again quickly. I felt the muscles grip and hold me, a sure sign she was close. Stopping again, I crossed her legs Indian style on my chest. This position let me angle the head of my cock straight at the G-spot, tormenting the gland to orgasm. It also lets me get the couple of inches behind my balls into play. A dozen more well placed strokes and she was there.“Oh-Oh my-gg—od!! I’m C-Cummmingg!!!” Her ass left the table as she rode my shaft, slamming her crotch against mine. Her G-spot emptied as the fluids rushed around my shaft and drenched my balls and her ass. A true squirter , she continued to cum for another half dozen spurts, slowly backing down as her orgasm abated.. Not satisfied with one, my hips found another gear, now sliding in deeply to bump her cervix ..“ Mmmm- you do that so well !! “ It wasn’t a minute till her breathing gave her away again, coming in short gasps and finally holding her breath as another stronger orgasm shook her..“Oh no – I can’t stand another one so soon!!” I gave her little choice in the matter, as my thick cock hammered her into submission, followed quickly by a third, even stronger orgasm. I could feel that tingle way down in my prostrate that signaled my release was imminent..I let my thumbs roll her large clit between them as my hips became a blur..“ Y-You’re m-making mee c-cum again –Ahhhhggg!!” As she gripped my cock,milking it, my first jet of cum hit her cervix with so much pressure she actually jerked as if shocked..“ I-I can feel that hot cummm—ooohhh !!” My cock swelled another half inch in girth as 3-4 more strong shots filled her to overflowing, with Sandra still cumming ..Her eyes rolled back as her body went limp , her legs still crossed on my chest. I pulled them down, and pulled my dripping cock out and lay it on her quivering mound, and two more weak spurts jetted up to pool in her navel. She was semi- conscious , her head laying to the side and her eyes closed. I rolled her onto her tummy, and with her bent at the waist over the table, I entered her soaked pussy again..“N-Noooo!!– I can’t take any more right n-now!” Her legs began to tremble in spasms as my hips ground into her. She was so weak she could barely stand in that position.. I gave in and reluctantly withdrew, laying my still hard cock between the cheeks of her fine ass.I got her back on the table, face down and let my soaked member slide up and down across her pink asshole.I was tempted to enter, but in her present condition, I didn’t think she could handle it..I held my thumbs down on the shaft while stroking in her cheeks till another orgasm rocked me, spilling my cum all on her rear entrance..Wiping it clean with a towel, I covered her with a sheet.. While she recovered, I went to the pool and done a couple of laps, to get refreshed and cool my libido ..Upon returning, Sandra was already dressed and on the phone with Donna up front. I packed my equipment and table.. Sandra helped me load it into her Hummer and she drove me back to Scott’s…”You have an excellent way of relieving stress Dano. That was a great massage , and I’ve never been ‘fucked out’ before.”“Well, if you think back, you started it—playing with my leg and balls.”“ I know—I was asking for it, but you – did so much more than I expected.”“It’s been a while for me too , but it was great, was’nt it?”“That would be putting it mildly!”We arrived and Scott came out to help me unload. As Sandra kissed me on the cheek, she pressed two hundred dollar bills into my hand, asking me to come by her place tomorrow when I got off work. I agreed and she left.Scott was all in my shit. “b*o– I didn’t get the chance to tell you about her.. Come on in and lets have a beer.” After packing my car, we sat inside sipping a brew.“ I had a one-nighter with her bout a year ago. I found out she was married and never went back, so you need to watch yourself with her. She’s got a lot of those fitness centers in several states. She flies a twin-engine plane in and outta here to keep a check on them, and flies up to New York to see her husband. I’d feel bad if you got mixed up in that .” Me being the older brother, I told him thanks, and not to worry over me. I said good night and went to bed ..6am would come early..Next morning I was up and out by 8am, and made it to the resort with time to spare. I grabbed a paper and was headed to get some coffee when Stanley came around a corner and cut me off.“ I’m glad you’re early Dano- I have a treat for you. We have some balgat escort wealthy guests here, and it’s their daughters birthday.. I suggested they give her a massage , from you, to celebrate .. They said they would pay double your normal rate, plus a nice tip if she likes your work.. They’re in the dining room, let’s go meet them..”We walked to the dining room and they sat just on the inside next to the windows.. Stanley made the introductions.. They were the Baxter’s , from Miami .. Both in their mid-fifties. Their daughter Susan however, was a cute little strawberry blonde with a sexy petite body and bedroom blue eyes.“Are you the one who’s giving me a massage today?”“Only if you’re 18 – I’m prohibited from doing minors without the parents permission.” I said, thinking of the tip. This seemed to impress them as Susan stuck out her ample rack of boobs and exclaimed–“I’m 20 today, thank you! What time can I have my ‘present’ ?”I glanced at Stanley , and he quickly said “ As soon as Dano can get his equipment set up… Will you be wanting this massage in your suite, Miss Susan?”“My parents like to nap awhile after they eat, so I would prefer to come to him, please.”“Very well, you may come up to 505 in say—20 minutes.” I replied. “My Hot Stones takes a bit to warm up.”Stanley and I excused ourselves and made our way to the buffet. I grabbed a country ham biscuit and coffee , and at the register stood a redhead , Debra was on her name tag.“ That’ll be $5.75 please.. “ I gave her a ten and told her to keep the change.. Stanley was at my elbow and said–”We don’t tip the buffet help, Dano.! “ I looked at Debra and then back at him and replied–“ I’ll tip who I damn well please!” His jaw dropped nearly into his eggs and she gave me the sweetest smile I’d seen lately, and I read her lips as she said silently said– ‘thank you’…. I took my leave and went to my room to get ready, leaving Stanley at the register.I had barely eaten when Susan knocked .. I asked her if she had ever had a massage before..“ Not a professional one– my girlfriends at college have though, and told me what to do.”I explained my routine,while she filled out my client form..“ Just step in the bathroom, remove your clothes—there’s hangers on back of the door. I need the bra off, but you can leave your panties on , if you’re shy.. You can wrap in this sheet..”She stood , handed me my paper and began to strip right there.“ I don’t wear em– bra or panties , and I’m not shy either.” O K – I shook my head and pointed to the table..“ Tummy down , please..”I moved to her feet after oiling my hands. She refused a towel or sheet to d**** her with, as was the norm– but Susan seemed anything but normal.. Feisty would be my first impression , rich sexy little spoiled brat my second one.. I worked the oil between her toes and around her arches and heels. Moving to her calves, I divided the muscle on each as she twisted this way and that, trying to watch me.“ You gotta relax and be still to enjoy this” I reminded her. She said nothing, just went limp as I moved to her thighs. My fingers divided the larger thigh muscles on each leg as she groaned ..“ Am I using too much pressure ?” I asked. Spreading her thighs wide enough for me to see her cunt, she answered..” No, but I need more attention to my inner thighs. They’re sore as hell from skiing .” I re-oiled my hands and began inside at her knees, working my thumbs deeply in circular motions .. Her trimmed pubic mound was the lightest orange possible– a true strawberry blonde. Her labia was clean shaven , as was the present trend these days.At her knees, I stopped long enough to bend each one to touch her heel to her buttocks.. Checking her range of motion while watching her labia unfold and clitoris come to life.“Mmmmnnn– That’s nice! My butt is sore too –will you do it also?”“I’ll see to it immediately with these.” I placed two of my largest stones on her butt cheeks…“God-damn — Those are hot! I meant with your hands!” she exclaimed. I moved the stones in slow opposing circles , to dissipate the heat ..“ Oh Yeah—That’s more like it.”Leaving her cheeks glowing red from the heat, I moved to face her at the head of the table. My fingers worked her neck and upper shoulders as she groaned some more, obviously enjoying the pampering I was giving her body. I worked her shoulder blades, finding a few calcium deposits, which crunched like rice crispies under my thumbs.I made my way down each side of her spinal column, finding no knots or deposits there. I was back at her buttocks again when she said,“ You’re gonna have to do better than this if you expect a tip!”I was confused now, I thought I was doing well, so far. I decided to be blunt..“ Just what are your expectations of this massage, Susan?”“Well, I know my girlfriends have told me to ask for whatever I want, so I’m saying not only do I expect a great massage, but also a little ‘ foolin around ‘ if you think you can handle me.”It was the first time in recent memory that I was at a loss for words. I decided to jerk her chain some.“ Susan– you couldn’t handle my style of foolin around. I’ve got 30 years experience on you.”She turned and rolled completely over to her back , in all her naked glory and bragged back..“And I don’t think you can stand this young pussy– you old fart! Hell, I’ve been fucked three times this year, so you can’t show me anything new I’m afraid.”I felt like I was being I cooled down somewhat as I put a line of stones from her collarbone to her orange mound. She would have to make the first move, before I got serious with her.I stood quietly, sipping the remainder of my coffee..“Well, what’s the matter Dano, you get cold feet?”“No , I want to be sure you ‘re not joking , and you will have to be more specific with your request for me to continue. I have a special Erotic Massage I do for some ladies.. Is that what you’re requesting?”Her hand went to her pussy, as her thighs spread wide. She used two fingers to stroke her swelled clit, and then dipped them into her moist lips .. She withdrew and brought her fingers up and licked the dew off them …“ Wouldn’t you like to taste this sweet pussy? It’s so sweet, and I’m getting soo wet down there.”She dipped them more deeply this time and brought them to my lips.. I didn’t need any more convincing.. I sucked both fingers in, savoring the sweetness of her young fluids. She moaned as my suction pulled them deeper,getting every last drop.I pulled the stones from her and moved to her spread thighs. Pulling first my shirt, then my pants off, I was in socks and sports briefs in no time. I leaned to tickle her clit with my thumb while exploring her labia with a couple of fingers. Moving to her side, I bent to suck on her breast, a fine rack of flesh for her young age. Large, puffy nipples were a weakness of mine..Each nipple was a mouthful..“Ohhh—God Dano ….. Yess!!!!” My tongue is long , and I licked her breast from top to bottom, underneath and around to the top..I repeated on the other as my fingers curled inside and found her G spot.. The large gland was full of fluid, and I massaged it carefully, so as not to make her cum too quickly. She held my head in her hands, guiding me—as if I were blind….. I left little hickey’s , two and three on each before Susan’s hands began to push my head batıkent escort further south. “ I- I want that long tongue in my pussy! “ she exclaimed as my head reached her mound. I suddenly stood, and bent low to her crotch level..My fingers had her pussy dripping fluids onto my sheet.. I settled in for some serious oral, breathing heavily on her exposed clit.. I took a small half-dollar warm stone from the heater and gently held it on edge just inside her labia.“ Uummhh—God that’s so fucking sweet!” she said. “ I’m liking you more and more each minute.”I stroked the stone up to bathe her clit and she screamed loud enough that I was afraid security would come knocking.. I told her to quieten down or I would gag her with my underwear and duct tape..“MMMnnmm—You’re a little kinky aren’t you Dano. I like kinky, I think.”I threw the stone back in the heater and pulled her labia apart to expose the pink inner lips.. Making my tongue into a stiff ‘U’ , I plowed all the way in to my chin, and instinctively put my hand over her mouth..“Mmmggffghh” I pumped her cunt for a good two dozen strokes as her muffled moans let me know she loved it. Pulling back ,I next circled her soaking clit and began to trace out my ABC’s on and around the throbbing bud.. No woman yet has gotten past the letter O..without cumming.. but I planned to ‘ drop her ‘ a few times for the ‘old fart ‘ insult earlier.. I was going to bring her right to the brink of orgasm-then back off , and start again.. Half a dozen ‘drops ‘ later she would beg me to let her cum.I had my right hand palm up and my two middle fingers hooked behind her pubic bone, massaging her G spot very gently. Too much pressure would push her past the point of no return..I felt her walls start the gripping spasms that signal orgasm..Her breathes were rapid and shallow gasps.. with an “Oh Shit” and ‘Yeah-Yeah! Eat that pussy!” coming in whispers now.. I abruptly stopped, and she lost it..“ Do-Don’t Stop Now!! Pl- Please Dano ! Do it some more .. I’m wanting to cum!!” she pleaded..I brought her to the edge three more times , and each time I backed off, she pleaded more, and tears were in her eyes, begging me…I had my revenge, I hooked my elbow on the outside of her ass cheek, so my hand were free to bend around to hold her crotch steady, pinning her ass to the table. Sucking her clit into my mouth, I applied more suction as my tongue swirled and lapped at it..I raised my head long enough to tell Susan that I wouldn’t be stopping this time, and please– no screaming… My other hand was still busy with her G spot.. I felt the walls contract hard and steady, and her moment was finally upon her..Pulling down with both fingertips, I milked the gland, forcing the fluids to spurt from her urethra and squirt past my wrist. She gritted her teeth and pushed down so hard I got a couple of pussy farts from her as her orgasm peaked..“Nnnoo– I can’t st-stand it- it’s too much!” Her legs spasmed uncontrollably, and spurts kept coming out as she covered her own mouth to silence her screams. I licked up and down her pussy, trying to catch the sweet nectar , but the volume was too great. Another , stronger orgasm took her breath as she turned sideways, trying to wiggle free from me. She kicked and squirmed like a c***d as the orgasm rocked her senses.. I let her go just as she continued to a third orgasm, and she fainted ..On her side now, her body still convulsing in ‘aftershocks’ , I rolled her onto her tummy.. Dropping my sports briefs, I pulled her down a bit to the edge of the table. My erect cock was dripping pre-cum and I lay the wide head into the soaked crease off her ass..I was content to slide it up and down in her warm cheeks while she recovered.About a minute passed before she said” Mmmm – Whatcha doing back there?”Her cute ass cheeks rolled as I spread her thighs. I slid my shaft down level with her pussy and pushed the head and bout two inches inside the hot, slick tunnel.. even though she was soaked in cum, when she clamped her muscles around my thick shaft , I could not go further. I backed out, leaving the head just inside her inner lips..“ Have you got a strap-on in me?” she asked.I pulled out completely and walked to the side for her inspection.. She looked at my glistening cock and smiled..“ I bet your Mom just loved changing your diapers !” I think I actually blushed a little..“Damn– Dano . Com-here, and let me see that ! “I moved to her side and she took it in her hand. It wouldn’t hardly reach around it.. Susan opened her hand and let it slide down palm up to heft my balls..“ Can I suck it?” she licked her lips.“Well, I’d like to fuck you with it, but seeing as how I’m an old fart, I didn’t think you would want me.”“ I’m sorry I said that.. It was a mean and cruel thing to say, and not respectful” .. I could tell she meant it. She dropped to her knees and begged–“Please Dano , I love to suck cock.”I let her control this, as I watched.. Her soft tongue came out and licked the wide glans as she pumped the shaft a few times.. A half shot of pearly cum appeared in the tip, hanging by a thread a couple of inches. Her tongue caught it , and it disappeared along with the head and an inch of shaft into her warm mouth. She rolled her tongue all round the head, then promptly gagged herself trying to go on down.. Her hands cupped my ass as she forced more shaft inside, taking my breath.. Susan wasn’t mouthing it, her suction was intense, and I would not last long at this rate..“ I can’t hold out long – you better back off” I told her..She brought one hand around to grip my shaft right below her mouth and began to jack me off and sucked me faster.. I guess she liked to eat cum also. I would not disappoint her.I watched in awe as my climax burst forth, and her cheeks bloated as I filled her mouth , forcing her to spit or swallow.. She swallowed– over and over as her other hand came under and grabbed my balls, milking them.. Then she done a crazy thing…she started humming while draining my shaft.. The sensation was incredible! She had gotten some nice advice from her girlfriends..I pulled her up to the table and bent her over again, but let her stand while resting her upper torso on the table..I didn’t want her laying in her own cum, and my sheet looked like she had pissed on it. Now my half hard cock slipped quite easily into her, and she grunted her approval as I sank in far enough to slap my balls on her clit..Susan reached back, pulling her ass cheeks apart to give me even better room.. Seeing her tiny pink anus wink as I stroked long and slow into her made me get my second wind. My cock swelled to it’s full girth as Susan said –“ God—I feel it growing in me!! I thought it would hurt , but it don’t, I just feel so full !”My next few strokes were quicker, and I let my thumb slip onto her little pink anus , still wet from her orgasms. I massaged it , circling it with the pad of my thumb. With very little pressure, the digit slid right in to the bend, causing her to catch her breath.“Yes!– I love it !” she said, and I went all the way down till I ran out of thumb.. Firmly seated in both holes, with her hands still spreading her cheeks, I fucked that young lady like it was my last day on earth.. Susan and I came together in a gut wrenching orgasm that left us both satiated..She said as we dressed she would see that I received a generous tip, if she could take a pic of my cock.. Sure , long as my face don’t show I said.. Stanley said later that day old man Baxter flipped him his credit card and said I was to have a $200 tip… ——————————————————————————–

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