True Story – Best Anal Sex to me


True Story – Best Anal Sex to meTrue Story – Best Anal sex I ever hadI’m now in my early 40s, I started getting fucked when I was about 24. I can still remember the first time I tried it, the guy was very gentle, average cock and yet I recall crying my way home with a sore ass. I bought a few toys ranging from butt plugs to a 16” double dildo. It took me a few years of practice and even now my hole still gets tight right before I get fucked.Ok to the story, I had been chatting with this guy I met on A4A for a couple of months and we finally decided to meet, I’m 6’2 and weigh 225lbs, I’m very handsome and have a very nice body and ass, he’s 6’4, 260 lbs., looks like a linebacker. We met at a park by my house around 3 in the morning, it was pitch dark, we could barely see in front of us, we walked naked in the park for a few minutes türbanlı çanakkale escort and decided to start out, I got on my knees and quickly took his already erected member in my mouth, to my surprise it was a big dick, 9” to be exact, straight and semi thick. “I’m ready, are you?” he asked, I quickly got on my hands and knees (before I left the house, I rode my 9” toy just to loosen my hole a bit, cause some guys are rough and don’t care about how tight you are, they simply rush in and rip you apart). His cock slid right in my ass (I hardly ever take the entire 9”, generally 5 of it, I felt his cock reach spots inside of me and close to being in my belly, I took a deep breath, he smacked my ass “damn your pussy’s wet” he said pushing himself all the way inside of me. türbanlı çanakkale escort bayan I felt his pubic hair on my ass cheeks, “damn” he said and took it all out, then pushed it all in again and this time, he picked up the pace, I was literally gasping for air. I never felt that before, my entire body got weak, I tried to find something on the dirt to hold on to, but nothing, I grip the dirt, I fell face forward. But he was still holding on tightly to my hips, which was still in the air. I honestly ate some dirt that morning, my mouth and face was filled with it. “Flap… flap… flap… flap” his body was smacking against mine, my toes dug in the ground and curling up, I truly never got fucked for that long. Once he let go of my hips I fell on the ground, I was sweating türbanlı escort çanakkale “we ain’t done yet” he said to me and laid down on my back, he pushed his cock back inside, this time my ass felt a bit at ease, took it in, I felt my juice run down the side of my balls, he pushed my back down and my face was more in the dirt now “Flap flap flap flap” he was going faster, I could have sworn someone passed by and saw us, but I wouldn’t stop for anything. I tried to arch my ass up a little but his body weight was too much, I concentrated on the inches going in and out non-stop in my juicy hole, I spit out some dirt… He leaned over and this time, I think he must had been the energizer bunny, he was fucking me so fast my hole got hot and a few minutes later I heard him groan and pushed me deeper in the dirt. When he pulled out, there must have been at least 6 tablespoons of cum in that condom. I laid there for a few seconds catching my breath. “Damn you got good pussy” he said shaking his dick and putting his underwear back on. “You got good dick” I answered. The walk home was not fun at all, I stopped many times to catch my breath and clean out more dirt from my sweaty body. RD2 coming up next story…

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