Twisted step-sister Vll (Summer Fun)

Alissa White

Twisted step-sister Vll (Summer Fun)As you know drivers Ed started on Monday, I got up a 5am to be ready when the instructor arrives at 6am. The instructor is Coach Jenkins the basketball coach so things will not as bad as I thought. I had to dress up because at 11:30am we will be at Dans office for his introduction and promotion press conference. They also will be serving lunch so the coach gest a freebee today. The Coach picks me up and we drive over to a driving range they use to see just what I know. I get to drive around the range for about an hour, not much fun alone so he gets in a spare car and drives around with me he can still talk to me over the radio. We go inside and he gives me a test that I thought was too easy. We hit the road so we can be close by when it is time to go to Dans office.We pull up at 11:30 and a member of the security team takes the car and parks it for us. Three speeches and a couple of presentations later we are done and go to the banquet room for lunch. it is set up cafeteria style and the coach and I get through the line ad go find seats to eat and then hit the road.First day in driver ed was kind of slow and long I got home about 7:00pm. I change just in time to eat.Dans springs some more news on us, he bought the five acre lot next door. With that purchase he has 20 acres all tuzla escort together and no one can build within 500 yards of us. The garage add on will start in a few weeks but the work inside will be done while we are on vacation. Also Kim will move in this weekend across the hall from Jen and me for now. The big kicker is they will be hiring a housekeeper. This was the worst news of all, Jen kicks me under the table. After dinner Jen gets me aside she does not want a housekeeper to be in the way, her idea is to get Mom an talk to her. She changes and goes to the tennis court to practice. Mom asks me what is up with Jen, I tell her and she gives me a kiss and heads to the court. later they both catch me in my room and tell me that Jen will be in on the interviews so we will not have to worry.Skipping to the end of the week not much has happened, me drivers ed and Moms work and housekeep interviews and Jen just hanging out I guess. Any way it is Saturday Jen and I will be helping Kim move in and they have narrowed the Housekeeper down to three and they will be coming by the house today for final interviews and to meet us. Dan and I have not seen them every thing has been Mom and Jen. The job will be just part time to begin with and then after the house add on she will move in and work more sancaktepe escort hours. Long story short Kim is moved in and they decide on a college student named Kathy she is 21 and a rising junior. She worked as a waitress for a while to save for college. Katy will start next week working about 10-12 hours a week then more as she has time, she has promised to stay until graduation. Mom and Dan wants her school work to be her first priority. She is good looking too and Jen tells me she understands about the clothing optional times and was OK with it and may even join in too. Jen is happy, Mom gets some help for when they are gone.Mom is a florist and has two shops in town, she maybe the biggest one around here. She made a good living before Dan was in the picture.Dan met her at the shop, he was buying flower for an old girlfriend because he did something stupid. Mom fixed up a really good bouquet and gave them to him a $50.00 freebee that paid off. Dans girlfriend was really upset and refused the flowers and candy he gave her. Dan had to postpone a trip for the third time because of work. He had a necklace too but never got it out of his pocket. Jen wears that every day. Any way he went back to the flower shop not telling her how the night went and had her make a bigger bouquet of üsküdar escort flowers and said I must pay for these they were about $80.00 and he gave them to Mom for her efforts and told her what happened. They went to dinner that night and the rest is history as they say.Mom now needs at least one more employee at the shop maybe two. She and Dan will do a lot of traveling over the next few months. With Kim moving in and a housekeeper they feel good about the house.Jen is happy and says things will be more fun while Mom and Dan are away. She has talked to Kim and she while not in agreement with her will not bother her schemes she knows she can get Kathy on board. Jen really wants Kathy to go ahead and move in, I have missed something but not too upset over it.Another full week of drivers ed then Saturday morning for four hours and with the delivery of the mustang on Friday the Coach says we can take it Saturday if Dan is OK with it.Kim is all set across the hall and Jen want Kathy to move in the other room she plans to talk to Mom, Dan and Kim before talking to Kathy. The more the merrier I say, I learned a while ago to just let jen do her thing and I will get some benefits from it. Caught a glimpse of Kathy when I cam home from drivers Ed, her work uniform is a tight tank top and short shorts I do like that. kim has been real busy at work with vacations and all just worked eight 12 hour days before two off then will work eight more before she gets 4 off. She will be racking up the over time. I know this one is kind of boring but we are about to go hog wild.Thank you for reading.

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