two old men


two old men” let me see your cock ” he said. his eyes darted side to side,looking to see if we were being watched.for this was a dangerous thing to be doing in broad daylight in a small public park.especially this park. in a small town, it is a well known hook up spot for sexual activities. known by young and old, men and women, and the local and state and park police too.even today, a bitingly cold wind blowing off the river didn’t stop people from parking in the bright sunlight.i pulled the elastic rim of my sweats, sliding my pants to my knees, i shivered in spite of the well heated car blowing hot air into my old aching balls. he dropped his head to my cock, i was shriveled, i don’t know if it was the cold or the nervous area but i was so small, i did think john could find it.he did find it, he nuzzled through my grey streaked pubic hair until his lips met the tiny tip of my cock. his tongue darted out and into my pee hole, his mouth engulfed my shrunken manhood, he gently suckled and licked, coaxing my little man out. john gasped for air but immediately returned his mouth to my growing cock. i heard myself gasp for air, apparently we both had forgot to breathe in our lust for sexual satisfaction.with john’s head between me and the steering wheel, it was my job to keep watch gaziantep rus escort for law enforcement types. i watched as one of the other parked cars backed out slowly and made it’s way to the exit road. i held john’s head still until i was sure the car was gone. by now i had shrunken again. ” john, i’m too nervous to stay erect, let me suck yours.”he was wearing blue jeans, he unbuckled and unzipped, sliding them down to his knees. he was also limp, there was a large clear drop of precum on his pee hole.glancing around once more, my head dropped between john’s legs and i sucked his dick into my mouth.john is cut, as i am, i got my tongue up under the helmet of the old man’s dick and tongue tickled that special spot. he began to swell, his hands rested on the back of my head, not pressing but keeping my head from raising off his now hardening manhood.” suck me you cocksucking fuck” he hissed, ” suck my dick, suck, suck..oh you fucking suck me…fuck, suck my faggot cock, suck my fucking dick.” he was slowly pumping his long cock into my face, i gagged, my eyes teared.” easy on me johnny boy, i’m not to good at this cock sucking stuff yet, i hope to be but not today, you have to let me breath”. i said with a laugh. we both chuckled, his cock had relaxed to a drooping head. i dropped my head down and resumed my dick sucking.have you ever tasted a cock my reader ? if you haven’t you are in for a treat. there is nothing in the world taste quite like a man’s cock, the musk. the way it swells in your mouth when you suckle it like a calf suckles a cow. the heat generated as the head and shaft jerk off buddy relaxed his grip on my head and began to fuck my face slowly and gently, pausing to let me gulp tongue worked it’s magic on my man and i felt a gush of sperm splatter into my mouth. i instinctively pulled my head up off his cock, it was covered in john’s cum and my saliva. john began to grunt as the last of his seed oozed out and down his shaft forming a puddle on his soft white belly. i reached for my handkerchief and gently soaked what i could. it was strange to feel another man’s little dick had again shrunk up into my body, only the tip of the head protruded like some kind of distorted clitoris except my precum had soak the band of my sweats. john quickly zipped up. i could see that now he had gotten his nut, like most men, he completely lost interest in sex. i was actually glad, now i could go home and get off in my comfortable bed while the memory was fresh and the taste of john’s cock still in my mouth. i carefully folded up my wet handkerchief, i knew what i would with it when in my bedroom alone in the darkness.the car smelled of old men and sperm, i found the smell pleasant. damned if my little bastard of a cock didn’t start to swell and harden. i squeezed the base of it through my sweats so it stood tall. ” look john, now the bastard hardens. “john reached over and caressed my balls and my little stiff dick through the thick cotton of my sweats. ” i can’t get away from chores and my wife until thursday, can you come out here thursday morning, early? ” he asked as he gently squeezed my shaft.” i’ll have to see what my wife has in store for thursday but let’s make it a yes, i’ll email you if not.” fuck john, i’m horny. you’re making me….uh, uh, uh ooh fuck don’t stop, don’t you fucking stop. ” i grunted.” fuck it, jesus that feels good, i think i might cum, keep…don’t stop..yes, yes your making me fuckin’ cummmmmmm…fuck”a small amount of my seman managed the leak through the cotton material, the wetness spread, cum dripped between my legs onto my hanging bulls balls. i cum fast but that might have been a record for me, i guess i’m a little more on the gay side of bi than i believed myself to be. i like being with a man, hot and fast sex.i knew i would be engorged by the time i got home, i would have to go down to my workshop and get another is good!

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