Two’s Company

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Two’s CompanyAll my stories are fictional and are not intended to offend in any way. Please read the description of the story and decide if you want to read it before you read the story.I welcome all comments, both positive and negative aswell as any ideas and thoughts for stories. If you wish to email me direct please do so on [email protected] is a fantasy story of a 16 year old twin brother and sister. Both are sexually inexperienced and keen to learn and who better to learn with that your sibling. Especially when one of them has a very unique skill.Two’s Company Sally skipped up the path to her house and having fished the door key from her bag she opened the door and entered. The house was quiet and empty as she had hoped. She had been to the beach earlier with her friend and was now quite happy to be home and on her own again. Her pussy was still tingling from her thoughts and dreams earlier in the day and she quickly ran up the stairs to her bedroom. Slowly and carefully she pulled off her top and then let her skirt drop to the floor before turning to look at herself in the mirror. A somewhat geeky plump looking girl with glasses looked back at her and she pulled the glasses from her face dropping them onto the floor. She stood in just her one piece swim suit and sandals. She wasn’t that pretty, she knew that but at just turned 16 she was shapely, indeed according to the attention her and her friend had been getting from the boys at the beach earlier in the day, they seemed to like what they saw. She looked again in the mirror wondering what they might have liked about her, perhaps her small waist. She smirked at her reflection knowing it was nothing to do with that. It might have been her round bum cheeks or shapely legs, but she had the feeling that it was probably her overinflated chest that was barely held in by the tight costume. Slowly she ran both hand up over her breasts and watched as her nipples started to harden again, as they had earlier with the guys ogling her and her equally curvy friend Debra.But Sally was glad that she was alone, because she wanted to play, with herself and perhaps one or two of her Mum’s toys. She glanced at the clock and knew her parents would be out for at least another 2 hours and her twin brother Ian was probably also out. Giggling to herself she lay back on the bed and ran her fingers inside the leg of the costume until her finger touched on her pussy as she purred with self satisfaction. I need a toy, she thought and standing went towards her parents’ bedroom pushing the door open slightly before entering. That was odd, their bed seemed disheveled and her Mum’s closet was open and some underwear was on the floor. That wasn’t like her Mum who was always very tidy………but Sally was too pre-occupied to care and slid her arm under her parents’ bed until she found what she was looking for. She pulled the small box from under the bed and carefully opened it and lifted out her favourite black 7” vibrator. Quickly closing the box again she pushed it back under and started to return to her own room.It was then she heard it…………….and froze dropping the vibrator onto the soft carpeted floor. A noise, a grunt, or a groan! Something made a noise and Sally knew now that she was not alone in the house. She went out into the hallway.“Hello!” She said quietly. There was silence. “Hello?” She repeated a little louder. Still silence. Feeling very relieved Sally let out a deep breath as her apprehension dissipated and she returned to pick up the vibrator and started to walk to her room. But then she stopped again. Was she hearing things? She knew it now, another groan, coming from her twin-brother Ian’s bedroom. Feeling angry now she burst through his door ready to confront whoever the assailant might be but the sight that met her eyes stopped her dead in her tracks!“Oh my fucking god!” She exclaimed, frozen to the spot and unable to move. He brother was lying on his back with his legs pulled back over his shoulders and his cock was very close to his mouth. But not only that, he was wearing stockings and a suspender belt and a red thong which Sally recognized as her own.Ian in sheer panic scrambled under the covers of his bed and pulled them up over his head.“Oh my fucking god!” Sally repeated, still in shock.Sally hadn’t seen many cocks in her life and had certainly never touched one. Nor had she been touched down below, apart from with her own hand, although she had come close just recently but it was clear that the man she had met earlier in the day, whom she thought cared for her, was only after her tits! He didn’t get them but Sally was still hot and still wanted to play with her toy. But it was the events of the past few minutes had somewhat sidetracked her from her original plan. She walked slowly towards the bed. “Ian?” She said. “Come out!”“No!” He replied firmly. “Go away! Forget what you saw!”“Forget what I saw?” She objected to him. “What about what you saw?”Suddenly his face appeared from under the covers in bewilderment. “What? What do you mean? What I saw?”“Yes!” She held up the vibrator. “This!” She said almost proudly.They both laughed which broke the ice.“What were you doing?” She finally asked and he sat up still covered by the bedclothes. “I was trying to suck my cock!” He said shyly.Her eyes widened. She had never seen anyone suck a cock and was intrigued. “Can you?” She questioned.Her brother’s face reddened as he nodded slowly.“Really?” Sally was getting excited now. “Show me!”“No!” Ian protested. “It’s wrong, you’re my sister!”“C’mon!” She grinned and pulled the bedclothes back. “Show me!”Suddenly his semi hard cock came into view and even though it was only semi hard it seemed huge to Sally. It was lying on his thigh sticking out of the thong that had been pulled to one side but was still around 5 inches long and thick with it. “Are you going to show me then?” She said to him without taking her eyes off his cock. “I’m not hard anymore!” He protested.“Oh!” Almost accepting defeat she suddenly had a thought. “What makes you hard?”“Well……!” Explained Ian, as he lifted a copy of a magazine from under the covers of his bed. “I like big tits!”Sally reached over and flicked the pages to see a variety of beautiful busty models in various poses and giggled. She cast her mind back to Ian’s last girlfriend who seemed big all over bit also had enormous tits, although she knew that her and Ian had never really done anything. She was a school friend of Sally’s and had admitted this one afternoon.“Big tits?” She questioned smiling.“Yes!” Admitted Ian again as he cast his eyes over the magazine and then his eyes rose to his sister sitting on türbanlı bitlis escort the edge of his bed in only a bathing suit. And a very tight bathing suit at that, and one that left little to the imagination as to the shape of the body inside it.Sally’s eyes caught those of her brother and her cheeks reddened. “So are you going to show me then?” She repeated at his cock as she noticed it starting to harden again and grow bigger.He pulled his eyes away from her breasts and looked at her face. “If I’m going to do this, well I want something in return s*s!”This caught her attention and she diverted her gaze to his face. “Which is?”“Pull your top down!” He demanded and as if it was nothing Sally pulled the straps from her shoulders and her big fat breasts bounced out, the skin quivering as they settled in place nearly on her tummy.Ian immediately felt his cock getting hard again. Her large nipples now stood straight up. She sat next to him on the bed, as he scooted up placing the wall against his back.Sally started to smile shyly, as her twin brother looked at her large breasts. Slowly he started rubbing his cock, feeling it getting stiff. Sally’s eyes got bigger as she saw it grow to full size. Smiling Ian leaned over and licked the head of his cock. He heard Sally moan, and finally he couldn’t take it anymore and slid his mouth down around his shaft.With his hand around his shaft pulling hard on the 9 inches of thick meat he clamped his lips tightly around the shaft as his tongue lashed over his cock head. The he started to bob his head faster and faster up and down as he heard Sally breathing faster. He could taste his own precum, and it made him move faster. Ian moved his hand on his cock, rubbing it at the bottom knowing he was getting close, but he was too turned on to stop as he closed in on his self indulgent goal. But suddenly, he felt a hand pushing his own away. He looked up to see Sally with a strange look on her face. She grabbed his cock shaft and started jacking him off. He couldn’t believe it! His own sister was jacking him off. He leaned back moaning, thrusting his hips up and down. Sally was wanking him faster and faster as he small hands slid easily up and down his thick shaft and he gazed at her pendulous tits. “Don’t stop sucking, I want to see you finish in your mouth.” She moaned.He immediately pulled her hand from him and flicked his legs back over his head so his cock was just above his face. Pulling his sister closer he pushed her hand back around his aching cock.With Sally’s hand tightly around his shaft he pulled his hips lower until his cock head disappeared once again into his mouth as he started to suck in earnest. He felt his balls pulling up inside him, and he couldn’t stop. His sister’s hand, for some reason, felt so much better than his own. Suddenly, it was happening and Sally could feel his cock seemed to expand even further and throb before starting to pulse violently as her brother’s mouth started to fill with his own cum. He moaned and some splashed out of his mouth onto Sally’s hand. But he kept pumping as did she and he managed to swallow the rest. He finally released his legs and he lay back on the bed exhausted.Looking at Sally and her fat breasts, with cum on her hand made him shake his head. What just happened? It was wrong……………………………but it felt so good.Sally was looking at her hand, examining the cum on it. “I’ve never seen it before.” She brought her hand to her face and smelled it. Making a funny face she poked her tongue out and tasted it. Her face scrunched up. “Salty, but okay I guess.” She smiled at him before glancing up at the clock on his wall. “Mum will be home soon!” She said almost matter of factly and lifted her straps of her swim suit to cover her breasts once again. She smiled and left her brother’s room.……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………Over the next couple of days nothing was said about their little experience, and Ian figured things would return to normal. But he couldn’t get the erotic sight of his sister’s massive young breasts out of his mind or the feeling of her hand on his cock. He would be in school thinking about it and get hard but in his head he knew it was wrong and didn’t want to be the one to make the first move. His sister smiled at him and she did seem to be treating him better, but she never made a move either. Finally Ian gave up on the thought of anything happening again with Sally, which he felt was probably for the better anyway.They both finally made it through the school week, and went out with friends. Late on Friday night Ian came home exhausted. Even while he was at the local youth club all he could think about was his sister’s big pink nipples. He wished now, he had asked if he could touch them. Tired and annoyed at himself he made it to his bed and fell fast asleep.But a little while later he was being awoken with a gentle shake. “Ian?” He heard his sister whisper.He sat up, “What’s wrong Sally?” He tried to focus his mind.“Shhh…!” His sister told him as she crawled into the covers with him. “Be quiet or you’ll wake Mum and Dad.”He suddenly felt the warmth of his sisters body next to his.“What are you doing here?” he whispered as he noticed she was in a short silky nightgown.“I have been thinking about what we did!” She said in a whisper. “Yeah, so have I!” He admitted feeling an immediate stirring in his boxers. “Well, I tried to play with myself after we you had, well you know!” He nodded in the darkness of the room. “Well!” She continued. “It didn’t really feel right when I played. Then the next night the same thing. Then last night, I was talking on the phone to Debra. She was telling me about what happened with her and her boyfriend. He started breathing heavy, then he unzipped his trousers and took his…….well you know!”He murmured an acknowledgement.“He made her rub it and then made her suck it. She was telling me it was wonderful and then as we spoke on the phone, I took off my panties and rubbed myself.”Ian sat up straight and looked at his sister just making out the silhouette of her curves. “And I played and played and dropped the phone when I finally came!” She giggled softly.Ian was wide awake now as he listened to his twin sister and he could feel that his cock was beginning to harden. “So!” Ian suddenly said looking at her quizzically.“Well!” She paused and looked up at her brother with a slight grin on her face. “I want to do it again and now I can’t sleep. So…….could I watch you again? That way I can get the feeling again, like I did last time!” Sally looked at him, and even in the dark he could see the pleading in her green türbanlı bitlis escort bayan eyes.Suddenly feeling mature and responsible he replied firmly.“I don’t know, Sally. We shouldn’t be doing this. We could both get in trouble!” Ian said, even though he couldn’t think of anything in the world he wanted to do more than seeing her play with herself as he played with his cock.“Come on, just this once. If Mum and Dad wake up, I’ll hide under the bed or something, and if they see I’m missing I’ll say I snuck out to Debra’s house!”Ian suddenly felt his sister’s hand on his bare thigh.“Please Ian?” She suddenly begged.Ian knew he couldn’t argue anymore. With the vision of her breasts in the silky nightie he simply had to touch himself and touch himself now!“Okay!” He finally agreed. “But I get to watch you rubbing if you get to watch me wanking!” Sally suddenly looked fearful, “I was going to go to my room to do that!”Ian started to roll over dejected. “Fine then, I’ll see you in the morning s*s.”Sally reached out and stopped him. “Wait, okay! Fine!”Ian smiled and then pulled off his boxers revealing his cock. Sally had something in her hand and turned it on. It was a small torch and it was pointed at his cock. Ian smiled and gripped his thick hard cock. “Okay your turn!” He said. Sally frowned, but seeing Ian rubbing his cock was starting to make her feel tingly again. She put the torch down and quickly pulled her nightgown over her head. Ian realized she wasn’t wearing any panties and his cock got even harder. His hand reached out and picked up the torch. His hand was shaking as he shone it on her pussy.It was surrounded by pubic curls and looked tight, but was starting to swell. Ian’s hand slowed down as he admired the first pussy he had ever seen. He wanted to touch it but was afraid she would freak out. So instead he sat back and started rubbing his cock again his eyes flicking between her pussy and her massive breasts.Sally grabbed the torch back and sat with her legs spread facing Ian. She watched him rubbing his cock, and she waited for the feelings to come back. She didn’t need to wait for long as the sight of his massive cock oozing precum was enough for her imagination to start to go into overdrive. Finally Ian smiled at her and leaned forward lowering his head towards the raging monster and licked the head of his cock. He tasted a big drop of precum, and smiled again at his sister.“Suck it!” She commanded. “Please?”Ian lowered his head once again and took his thick mushroom cock head between his lips. He heard Sally moan and he looked up. Sally had her head back and eyes half closed. Her hand was rubbing at her pussy and as Ian’s eyes trailed down curvy plump body, first her massive breasts, then her tummy and finally her pussy. When he saw what she was rubbing, his eyes widened. Her ‘clit’, and he only knew it by reputation, was large and Sally was rubbing it with ferocity.Ian moaned with her, and went back to sucking his own cock trying to keep his eyes on his sexy sister. He wanted to feel her hand on his cock again but the sight of her rubbing her pussy was almost as good. Before long however he could feel himself ready to cum. Instead of doing it in his mouth he leaned back and shot his load in a fountain. The first spurt hit his face with the rest splattering down onto his chest before the last of it oozed out down his still hard cock. His tongue sneaked out and tasted the drop that had landed on his face.Sally was rubbing for all she was worth; she lay back unable to keep herself upright. She was moaning louder and louder as he watched her breasts tremble. Ian got closer to watch, laying between her legs his face only inches from her hand and pussy. It was the most beautiful sight in the world. He saw her clit, swollen and red and Sally was rubbing it in circles. Her hips were bucking and she was having a hard time keeping from moaning. She rubbed faster and faster, and she couldn’t seem to get to the climax.Ian reached out slowly, hoping he wouldn’t scare Sally. His fingers touched hers, and gently pushed them aside. She jumped and looked up at him, but the moment his finger touched her, she practically purred and laid her head back. He couldn’t believe it! He was touching his first pussy although it was his sister’s! With one hand he gently rubbed her clit and with the other he started sliding up and down her slit. She was soaking with her own juices and he easily slide up and down. He considered pushing a finger inside her but thought better of it deciding instead to take things slowly.She was now bucking her hips up and down and started moaning louder. He tried to shush her but knew that she couldn’t control it anymore. He took her clit between two fingers, and started teasing and squeezing it. She really started thrusting her hips and the next thing he knew her back suddenly arched and she froze. Then her body started shaking in huge quakes and tears burst from her eyes as she reached the point of pure ecstasy. But her brother kept going until she finally kicked him off and begged him to stop.“I can’t take anymore!” She whispered exhaustedly. “That was incredible!”Ian sat up, and looked at his fingers. One of his hands glistened and he stuck one of the fingers into his mouth. “Mmmmmm, that is nice!” He shyly whispered with a grin.Sally could only smile at him but after five minutes and Ian almost falling asleep naked, Sally got up and kissed him on the cheek. “Thanks, Ian, you’re the best brother in the world!” With that she put her night gown back on and went back to her room. Ian couldn’t believe that he had finally seen a girl naked and actually got to touch a pussy. And what’s more, he had gotten her off! But he felt a pang of guilt with it the girl being his twin sister. But she wanted it too! He thought to justify it to himself and went back to thinking about what had happened. This resulted in him getting hard again and he leaned over and sucked himself off until he came down his throat. Ian then went to sleep, as did Sally in her own bed.…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..The next day, all Ian could think about was touching his sister again. He kept smelling his fingers and thinking of her. His cock would get hard, but instead of playing with it he decided to wait and see if she’d get him to help her. That night she didn’t show up much to his disappointment. But the following night she did and was ready to play.Sally appeared at his bed again only in her nightgown and smiled as her brother had lit a small candle to give just the right amount of light so they could see but not enough to arouse any türbanlı escort bitlis attention. She removed her nightie revealing her big round soft breasts and smiled down at her brother who had pulled back the covers to reveal his rock hard cock. As she lay down he smiled at her and got between her legs. She looked at him slightly strangely but didn’t stop him.Ian immediately reached out and spread his sister’s pussy lips. Her clit wasn’t out yet, so he gently slid his finger up and down her slit. She wasn’t wet yet but he could smell her. He stuck his nose close and inhaled. Her scent drove him wild, and he tentatively snaked his tongue out. When it touched her lips her back arched and she moaned softly. He slowly slid his tongue up and down her slit, as she gripped the covers with her hands and moaned softly.He pulled backed and looked and her pussy, the lips now puffy then he noticed her clit poking out. He couldn’t help but lean forward and wrap his teeth gently around the nub. Suddenly, Sally’s almost burst out in song. “Oh Ian! Yes! Right there, yes suck it! Do it.” She commanded in a loud whisper.Not wanting to disappoint her, he sucked with all his might, rubbing his tongue on her clit sometimes even gently nibbling it. She was moaning so loud now, that she had to put a pillow over her face. Ian reached his fingers up and slowly rubbed up and down her slit. He could feel where her hole was, but not wanting to freak her out he didn’t push in, instead just rubbed around it.Her hips were really bucking now, and suddenly her whole body went stiff and then she started trembling. Ian continued to suck harder his fingers wet now with her juices that were pouring out of her pussy. Sally finally pushed him away! “Oh god………………..that is…………………oh god!” Was all she could say between panting for air.Ian started rubbing his cock. He couldn’t believe how hard it was. Every new experience with Sally was better than the last. But now he wanted to feel her lips on his cock. “Sally?”“Yes?” She asked weakly.“Do you like me doing that?”“Yesssss!” “Will you suck me?” He asked meekly. Sally looked up at him. “I don’t know how!”“Well, you just put your mouth around it and lick it as you bob your head.”“What if you don’t like it?” She asked nervously.Ian laughed, “You could be the worst in the world, and I’d still love it.”Sally smiled. “Yeah right.” But she got up anyway. Her friend Debra had told her how to do it since she did it with her boyfriend all the time. Sally had told Debra how she had met a boy and wanted to try it. And now was the time. Of course, Debra had no idea she was about to do it on her own brother!Sally sat up and got on the edge of the bed as Ian watched. She pulled him off the bed so he was standing in front of her, his cock pointing up at her. As she grabbed the shaft she noticed a big drop of precum dripping out of the head of his cock. She reached out her other hand and wrapped it around the head of his cock and coated his cock with the drop. She leaned over as she started sucking on the head.Ian instinctively started moaning. He couldn’t believe his own sister was sucking his cock and it felt great. But not only that her huge soft breasts were practically touching his cock shaft which added to his excitement. Sally went down on it bobbing her head like she’d seen him do. “Is that okay?” She purred as she released it and looked up at him.“Fuck yes!” He grinned and she went back to it, licking the sides then taking as much as she could into her mouth. While it wasn’t much, about 3 inches, it was more than Ian could take, and he loved it. He started moaning and fucking her face. He closed his eyes and Sally looked up at him as she sucked and licked his cock. She was waiting until he was really moaning and thrusting and then did the one thing that Debra had said her boyfriend loved; she cupped her brother’s balls and gently squeezed them. As she did she heard Ian grunt. “Oh my god!” And seconds later his cock started jerking in her mouth.The first blast of cum filled her mouth and she almost gagged. She pulled his cock out of her mouth and the next shots hit her chin, then her breasts and finally onto her lap. Ian didn’t think he would ever stop cumming but he did stop eventually and looked at his sister. Sally had streams of cum all over her and the cum was splattered down over her breasts that looked particularly inviting. “Thank you, Sally,” He smiled as she looked down at herself.“Please get it off!” She said.Ian laughed and pushed her down flat onto the bed. He got between her legs and started to lick the cum off tummy. She giggled as he lapped at skin then her pussy lips a few times before moving he moved his hungry mouth up to her chest. His tongue swirled around her nipples as they got hard then he moved to the cum streaks there. He licked at his own cum over her big soft tits and felt himself getting hard again.As he started to move up towards her face and mouth his cock suddenly rubbed up against Sally’s pussy and he froze. Sally had started to moan but froze as well. Both Ian and Sally looked at each other, as both were breathing deeply in their erotic state. Ian moved his hand down to his cock and started to rub it up and down his sister’s slit. Every time he brought the head over her clit her back arched and she let out a moan. He brought it down her wet slit as he started rubbing up and down on his cock as he moved it feeling it harder than it had ever been before. He released it once again and it practically fell against her wet lips. With a slight movement of his hips his cock head started to slide inside her pussy lips. Ian moaned and only with an act of an iron will moved it back out as his Sally moaned having to cover her face with a pillow again. Ian started stroking faster as he gazed at her tits and leaned forward to lick and suck on her nipples and slid his cock up and down her slit. It was slippery now from his and her cum. Every time he bumped her clit she would shiver in ecstasy.Ian knew he wanted to shove his cock into her tight pussy more than anything, but he knew if he did that, he would regret it. She was his sister and taking things to that point would be wrong. So instead he kept rubbing his cock up and down as he stroked. Suddenly he felt wetness flowing down his legs as Sally started jerking harder. His cock was soaked and he felt himself go over the edge. He started spraying cum all over her pussy as he pointed it right at it.He couldn’t believe how good it felt and as he looked down at her sweet virgin pussy he suddenly had the urge to clean it. Getting on his knees he started licking her slit, cleaning his cum off, tasting it mingle with her juices. Finally, it was clean and he got up and lay next to her.Eventually, still trembling from the excitement of the events, Sally staggered out of his room clutching her nightie. As Ian watched her go, he knew this was the last time that they’d do anything. If they let it go any further, he would need to fuck her.But that would be too far………………………or would it?

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