Unforgettable Day With My Daddy… (Continued)


Unforgettable Day With My Daddy… (Continued)So, we had so much fun within a few hours before my interesting day he had in store for me was presented. My daddy fucked me like no one ever has. I was a bad girl when we weren’t together. I would touch myself and play with, finger, and fuck my pussy with my vibrator. My daddy didn’t like the fact that I would do that on my own. So when I saw him, he would spank me on my ass very hard to get it through my head to not masturbate without his permission. That’s what happened this day… again. I suppose I don’t like to listen, or, I’m just a horn dog. Anyway, we showed up to the sex store. We were only there for 15-20 minutes. My Daddy picked out the red collar and leash and a blindfold for me. So, I did what I was told and put on the blindfold. On the way there, he was making me wet… Pinching and rubbing my nipples. We were driving for about 20 minutes or so before we got to our destination. We finally made it, with blindfold still on. He when we got in, he took the mask off. I was his friend’s house. I was ordered to strip to my bra and panties. The profile pic above is the end result.This friend of my Daddy’s was ready for me as well. I was ordered to strip to my bra and panties as soon as I got in the house. I had to put the collar on and he made me kneel to the floor. I was still flying blind, not knowing what else was in store for me. While I was on my knees and Daddy had my by the leash, he called his friend to come down stairs to have a look at his new pet. No one knew at that point how ashamed and embarrassed I felt… It wasn’t because I was in front of a total stranger, or trying this for the first time… My panties got so wet, I wasn’t sure what to do with myself. adıyaman rus escort My freshly shaved pussy couldn’t control herself. My Daddy proceeded to show me off to his friend. He let him know he could touch me, grab me, and smack me. I was way turned on before the first touch. My nipples were poking through my bra, about to poke holes in it, and I just started dripping from my pussy like a tap. Both of them began grabbing and spanking like I was a piece of meat for sale. Mmmmm, that felt amazing… amazing to have this attention on me. My Daddy and his friend went a bit further now. Playing with my tits and nipples, kissing, rubbing, and sucking them. As if they weren’t hard already. Still having my mask over my eyes, I was shaking a bit wondering what was to come next. I got a swift hard spank on my ass from Daddy. Scaring me and making me smile at the same time. His friend was standing next to me and Daddy ordered me to suck his cock. That I did. Hopefully very well. After a few minutes, I was then ordered me to lay on the couch on my back. My Daddy wanted to show off his beautiful pussy to his friend. That made them both happy to see her so clean… freshly waxed. Now, I felt hands on her, I assume they were Daddy’s hands. He showed his friend how wet they made me. I felt a finger enter my hot wet pussy. By that time, I didn’t bother on who’s it was. It felt so good. That made me lose my breath. A few seconds later, I realized it was my Daddy who was fingering me, demonstrating to his friend on what to do and how to do it to me. By then, I’ve lost my mind because I’m feeling amazing. I came in less than a few minutes. But I forgot the main thing… I was to ask adıyaman rus escort bayan permission before I came. By the time I realized, it was too late. “Who gave you permission to cum?” my Daddy asked. “Did I say you can cum Slut?” And I felt a slap on my inner thigh. “I’m sorry Sir”, I said. Now, all three of us are in the swing of things. My Daddy is now fingering me faster, I’m still wet enjoying every minute, and Daddy’s friend is having me suck his cock. I was pretty preoccupied at that moment. After about 15 minutes, I’m ordered to my knees in front of the sofa. Now Daddy’s friend is on the couch, and my Daddy is behind me, fingering me still. Easier access to spank my ass if I do something he doesn’t agree with. I’m moaning so loud and assuring my Daddy they’re both making me feel so good.My Daddy is the only man in my life that’s made me cum/orgasm so much in one session. While I’m on my knees cumming to Daddy’s fingers in my wet pussy, I didn’t realize that I squirted all over the floor. I think that was super hot. My Daddy found my sweet spot. Daddy asked his friend if he’d like to try some of this pussy he had here. Of course, who wouldn’t? He put on a condom and was ready to fuck me. I didn’t realize my pussy was so tight. He said it was hard to get in. I just told him to take his time and he’ll be ok. I wasn’t in a big hurry. Now Daddy’s friend is fucking me, and fucking me good. While that’s going on, I’m sucking my Daddy’s cock. His cock tastes so good. So sweet. I lick my sweet cum off of his fingers as well. That’s another turn on for me. Daddy’s friend surprised me in making me cum pretty fast. I managed to catch myself before I came and asked for rus escort adıyaman permission. I could barely get the words out to ask. “Daddy… Daddy…” I kept repeating. “Yes Baby Girl” he said, until I managed to ask the question properly. “May I cum?” I asked. “Yes you may princess.” I finally was able to let go. I didn’t think I could hang on that long. My body was trembling badly, but I was enjoying.My Daddy and his friend took turns fucking me. He had made me cum at least 5 or 6 times earlier that day before we started to his friend’s house. During the time we were there, I had to have cum more that 15 times. I’ve never been through anything like that before. So amazing. When Daddy’s friend was ready to cum, he asked me where would like it. I told him I wanted him to cum all over my tits. He agreed. Right before that first squirt, Daddy grabbed my head and shoved my mouth on his friend’s dick to catch all of his cum in my mouth. Quite the surprise, especially since I was still unable to see with my mask on. When we were done, Daddy praised me for doing a good job and said he was proud of me. I was very happy that Daddy loved the way I performed for him. We agreed there would be a next time. We cleaned up, and got in the car and left.When we got back, we went inside and we held onto each other for a few minutes. That turned us both on pretty quickly. We stripped and I assumed my position with my leg up on the chair bent over. He pressed my head to the table by my neck and entered me. His dick sliding in and out of my wet (once again) pussy felt like heaven. OMG! I didn’t think I still had it in me for a few more orgasms. Daddy’s main goal was to make sure I was taken care of just like any other Baby Girl. After that little session was finished, we stood there in each other’s arms kissing. The only reason my panties didn’t drop for him again, was because I had a mandatory class soon after that. But they would have most definitely came off again for sure. Daddy, you’re amazing. You make me feel good all the time, physically and mentally. Thank you.

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