Used at McDonalds


Used at McDonaldsUp to this point every task she had given me had taken place in the privacy of my own house.I’d met her here on Xhamster a number of months ago. She had told me how she was turned on by submissive, obedient guys. She’d give me tasks and ask me to write to her telling her about them. The tasks had been simple enough. Jack off and eat your cum…tell me how it taste. Tie up your cock and balls and masturbate. Fuck your ass with a toy. Things like that.This time she wanted me to put in my butt plug and go out in public wearing it. I figured that wouldn’t be too hard. Nobody would notice. I’d just have to try to walk normal and not let people know I had something shoved up my ass.I had told her there was a McDonalds nearby. She had instructed me to insert my butt plug then go to McDonalds and order a soda. I was to have a seat for a few minutes then to go into their bathroom to masturbate.So here I was in the McDonalds bathroom. Thankfully it was pretty roomy and clean. I had my eyes closed and was focused on stroking myself. I wanted to cum fast so I could get out of there before anyone suspected I was up to anything.Suddenly there was a knock at the door breaking my concentration. “I’ll be a few more moments.” I said.I went back to the task at hand increasing the pace. A few more minutes of stroking and there was another ankara escort knock. Dammit this wasn’t going to work. How can I focus when someone keeps distracting me. I guess I’d just have to tell my Xhamster friend what had happened. She’d probably get a kick out of it anyway.I pulled up my pants and took a minute to straighten myself so it wasn’t obvious what I’d been doing.Opening the door I was confronted by a big guy with a smirk on his face.”Whatcha doin in there? Strokin it or something?”, he said.How the fuck would he know that I thought to myself. I was embarrassed and just wanted to get out of there as fast as I could.He was standing right in the doorway and I tried to brush by him. He sorta stepped in front of me so I couldn’t get by. Again he repeated, “I said, what were you doing in here? Playin with yourself?”Before I could say anything he pushed me in the chest back into the bathroom. He stepped in and closed the door behind him.He was about six inches taller then me and outweighed me as well. There was no way I’d be able to kick his ass and get by him.”So it seems that bitch on Xhamster was telling me the truth. She said there’d be a little faggot in here who’d be wearing a butt plug and would probably be happy to suck my cock. Is that true?”Before I could answer he reached between my legs and felt the butt plug ankara escort bayan in my ass.”Well that parts true. How about being happy to suck my cock? Is that part true as well?”Oh my god, I couldn’t believe she’d set me up like this. Being kinky and playing in the privacy of my own home was one thing. But this was a whole other level.He just stood there grinning at me. I tried to stammer out an answer….”I just played around on line…..nothing serious….I was just pretending to like that stuff.””Oh you were just pretending huh? She showed me the emails you sent to her. I read them all.Were you just pretending to eat your own cum and wishing it was someone elses?Were you just pretending to fuck your ass with a dildo while wishing it was a real cock?Is that a pretend butt plug you’ve got up your ass?”I was really nervous at this point. “I was just playing around.” I mumbled.”Well why don’t you just play around with this.” he said as he unzipped his jeans and pulled his cock out.His cock was semi hard, about 6 inches long already with a big mushroom head. He stood there in front of me slowly stroking it.”Go ahead faggot. You know you want to. You better hurry before someone else wants to come in here.”He put both of his big hands on my shoulders and pushed me down to my knees. I could smell the musty scent of his cock. escort ankara What the hell I thought…..I began softly kissing up and down his shaft. His cock was completely hard and was bobbing up and down as I planted small kissed all over it.He grabbed me by my hair with both hands and said,”Open your mouth bitch.”He slid his cock into my mouth fucking it in short thrusts. Going a little deeper each time.He got to the back of my mouth and I began to gag.”If you’re going to be a real cocksucker you’re going to need to learn to go deeper than that.””Stroke me while you’re sucking me.”I began bobbing up and down on his cock. I stroked the part I couldn’t get into my mouth.I kept taking him as deep as I could. I kept gagging and my drool was running out of my mouth down his cock and dripping from his balls.After several minutes of this he said, “That’s enough bitch. Open wide. Here come’s your McDonalds meal.”He pulled his cock out of my suck hole and rapidly stroked his cock aiming it at my mouth. A moment later spurt after spurt of hot cum began filling my mouth.”Now eat it all bitch. Just like you do your own.”I swallowed it all just like the good sissy fag I know I’m suppose to be.He wiped his dick off on my face then zipped himself back up.”Later faggot.” he said as he opened the door and left.Getting up I cleaned off my face and walked out of the bathroom.I don’t think anyone knew what happened but I couldn’t help but think that everyone in the place knew. I embarrassingly left as quickly as I could.I’m sure my Xhamster friend can’t wait to hear the details of this task.

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