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Visit In ThailandYou may remember Diane from my first story, Slut Girlfriend Diane. This is what happened to us in Thailand, near the end of our relationship.My girlfriend Diane had flown out to meet me in Thailand, and after a couple of days in Bangkok we got the bus and boat down to Koh Phan Ngan to rent a little cabin on Bottle Beach and get high and chill out a while. Our relationship was coming to an end, which was clear although neither of us said anything. I was no longer emotionally involved. Diane had a great body, 32DD tits and this tiny waist, long dyed blonde hair, full blow job lips and a number of hot little bikinis. She always got a lot of attention. I used to get jealous about other guys looking at her, or her flirting with them, but now I didn’t care. I’d done my share of fucking around while we were apart, and kind of felt guilty about it, so I just relaxed and enjoyed everything. There were two guys on the beach, Rob and Steve, who immediately started hanging around us, trying to steal looks at her deep cleavage and awesome, bubble ass. I could tell that Diane loved it, and when we fucked that afternoon, both of us tripping on weed, I talked her up into a frenzy by suggesting that the two guys should come and spit-roast her. She came hard and tripped harder, and as we came down and held each other and kissed I let her know that I was serious, that I wanted her to fuck these guys, to let our island trip be another slut adventure.That evening would be as good as any. We went to beach café and ordered some drinks. Sure enough, Rob and Steve soon came over to chat and leer at Diane’s tits. She just laughed and jiggled and gave them all they wanted, bending forward so that they could see just how deep her cleavage went. Her little yellow bikini top was really straining, and her nipples shot up to show through the thin material. Soon they were sitting down beside us, Steve with me and Rob with her. My eyes met Diane’s – it was time to get this going. “You know,” I said, “this is a really beautiful place, yeah?” And everyone agreed. “Why don’t we go back to our place and get high?” And like that we back in our cabin. Walking there Diane was still laughing and jiggling at everything the two guys said. Rob was short and fairly muscular, with short blond dreads, while Steve was tall, thin and a little dark. Diane let herself stumble on the beach and into two sets of arms, and both guys copped a feel her tits and ass as they helped her up. Diane just laughed and adjusted her bikini, hiking up her tits and pulling the thong out her ass crack. I smiled, “C’mon, we can play when we’re there.” And so we quickly got there.I had some joints already rolled, and lit one up and passed it around. In no time we were off our faces, and I grabbed Diane and kissed her mouth and groped her tits. Steve and Rob just gawped. I pulled my mouth from Diane’s and pushed her over to the guys, “Go on” I said to them all, have some fun. That was all it needed, and Diane was pulled between the two men and they started mauling her tits as she kissed one mouth and then the other, working her hands over their chests and down to the bulges in their shorts. What a slut! Rob and Steve were all over her, pulling her tits out of her bikini top and rubbing her thighs and cunt. She was wild for it, gagging and moaning at their touch.I slipped my own shorts off while they were busy and started pumping my cock up, “C’mon baby” I said, “show them how you suck cock”. Diane may’ve been a little pissed that I was pulling her away from the boys, but her eyes locked on my cock and in a second she was on her knees sucking like a dirty whore, working her tongue from balls to the tip, getting the whole thick length wet, before trying to cram the most in her mouth. It was quite a show for our two new friends, and she wanted to play the slut to perfection, pulling her bleached out hair to one side to give them a clear view of the action, opening her big blue eyes wide and innocent/nasty, as they watched they took the occasional stroke of Diane’s ass, high in the air, or grabbed some her full, heavy tits hanging down. She would make her cheeks bulge with my cock and then pop it out, lick it up and down and then feed it all back in again, slowly, quickly, every fucking hot way she could.“Two cocks,” I said, “Let’s see her with two cocks in her mouth.”Diane pulled up and smiled at me, wiped some of the spit from her sloppy mouth and finally undid her bikini top and slipped the thong down. The guys gasped at her shaved pussy, and she shocked them by sticking two fingers deep inside her wet cunt, then pulling them out and sucking them clean. She looked magnificent, her ass good and high and those tits, that little waist. She was going to get her brains fucked out by three cocks and she knew it. “OK,” she avcılar escort said to Steve and Rob, “two cocks, you and you. I want both your fucking cocks in my mouth now, and you’re going to fuck me till you cum”. She knelt down and worked her hands over the front of their shorts, quickly unzipping them and working the cocks out. Rob might have been a short guy, but his cock was a fucking monster, long, but mostly really thick. Diane groaned and spat at it. Steve’s was thinner, but still a good size. They would look great inside her. Diane grabbed both cocks and pushed them in her mouth, pumping them as her tongue lashed over them and the spit dribbled down her chin.“Ah…you fucking slut” I said, and slapped her ass, which wriggled as she pulled back and began deep-throating first one dick and then the other, forcing each balls deep in her face, gagging a little and then going down for more. I stood up and worked my fingers into her pussy from behind. It was open and wet, and when I pulled out and went back in again I stuck a finger in her ass too, then I slipped my cock all the way in her pussy and began fucking hard, jabbing her asshole with two fingers and working it open and closed. We were all high and this thing was getting frenzied fast. Steve and Rob were moaning and swearing, and when one cock wasn’t in her mouth it wanking into her face and rubbing against it. “You fucking cunt, whore, bitch, slut”, they both yelled at her, using her mouth like a fuck hole. They were right, of course. Who was this big-titted slut who they’d just met on the beach, now sucking their cocks as her boyfriend worked her pussy? What a fucking whore! They were going to cum soon, and so was I. Diane was already at it, yelling and grunting around the cocks inside her.“You like that, bitch?” I said, “you like that you’re a fucking cunt, yeah?” I drove my cock in deeper, then as I pulled back I spat on her asshole and stuck three fingers deep inside. She stiffened and bucked a little, then forced herself back onto me, stuffed full of cock and fingers, dribbling over two big strange cocks. “Cum on her face, give my bitch girl all your cum” I said, “We’ll fuck her more later”I pulled out and moved closer to the action, pushing my cock into the scene. She got hold of it and sucked her own cunt from it, and then pulled the coolest slut stunt yet. All three pumping cocks up against her mouth and her she opened wide and flicked her tongue out. “Come on,” she said “cum on me, give me your cum, I wanna fucking taste your cum!” And at that Rob started to cum, great wads of it shooting across her face, from the chin up to her hair, as she just kept her mouth open and locked on whatever she could. Steve was next, getting nearly all of it in Diane’s mouth, which she brought up to her lips and let run down her chin, before it dripped to her tits. I came last of all, the head of my cock in her mouth as I furiously beat the shaft. My slut girlfriend all covered in cum and the prospect of more bitching fucks to come…I shot my load all over her face, the mouth, cheeks, nose, she looked like a porn star. I put my spunky cock back in her mouth and she sucked it clean, then worked her way to the other two guys, slowly licking the cum up, putting on a show, showing us the cum in her mouth, blowing bubbles, letting it drip onto her tits and drawing it up with her fingers, hanging strings of it over her mouth and then swallowing it all. I swear she kept this up for several minutes, and when it was finished we all slumped on the bed and I reached over and lit up another joint.All four of us lay on the bed and smoked a while, then Diane got up and walked over to the bathroom, keeping the door open as she showered. Me, Steve and Rob watched her and kept passing a joint around, and without a word we all hard again and rubbing our cocks, watching Diane soap up her tits and ass, enjoying her body with the water and our eyes upon her.“I need you inside me” she said, “I need your cocks in my pussy and ass.” She was all wet and glistened in the shower, her white bikini line and the dark o her tan.“Bend over and show us your ass” I said, and she turned her back to us, touched her toes, and then reached up and pulled her ass cheeks apart. Her cute little asshole winked at us, and she slipped a soapy finger inside, fucked in and out a moment, and then pulled it out and pushed two bunched together back in deep, the rest of her hand working her pussy. I looked at Steve and Rob, whose eyes were frozen on Diane as they slowly beat their cocks. “OK guys, I think she wants us to fuck her, so why don’t you get her back here and then we’ll fuck her ass and cunt, yeah?”Rob got up fast and walked into the bathroom, pulled Diane up and put his arms around her, started kissing her deep in the mouth. “Go on Rob, fuck her” said beylikdüzü escort Steve, and I agreed, “yeah, fuck the slut there.”They were kissing hard, and feeling each other up in the shower, like a softcore movie. I turned to Steve and suggested that he go up behind Diane and start working on her there, while I watched and smoked. He smiled and strode over, and there was my girlfriend, being groped between two guys who were getting ready to fuck her apart. It was a great thing to see, Rob kissing her tits and rubbing his cock against her pussy, while Steve worked on her neck and ass. All the while Diane was wriggling and moaning between them, loving every second of it, the cock-hungry slut. I’d been cheating on her all the time I’d been traveling, and soon we were sure to split up. This was a great way to for us both to go out.The kissing, groping kept up for a couple of minutes, but then they just needed to fuck, and so they stumbled out of the bathroom, still wet and collapsed on the bed beside me. As Diane lay down I stroked her ass and smiled at her, stood up and put my cock in and out of her mouth a few times, then backed off to give the two guys more room to get into her. Diane rolled onto her back and Rob went down on her, licking and sucking her cunt, poking it with his fingers and tongue, while Steve kneeled by her face and got some class A sloppy head, while feeling up those great big tits. I just watched and played with my cock, stunned by the sight of it all. “C’mon” I said “work on that pretty ass of hers.” Nobody looked at me, but Rob pushed Diane’s thighs up a little and began tonguing her ass, putting a finger inside and then spreading the cheeks as her pulled it out, dilating that little fuckhole and then tonguing it, probing it more. You’ve got to work an ass slow before you fuck it hard. I turned my eyes to Steve’s cock and Diane’s mouth, watching it disappear down her throat and her cheeks bulge as lazily fucked her gob, those full lips of hers stretched out and dribbling spit.I needed some of that, and got on the bed and knelt beside her too, so now she had two cocks by her face, both long, thick and hard, anxious to get in her mouth. She opened her eyes and smiled around Steve’s cock, then popped it out and began to devour mine, pulling it down to the balls and sucking in a good, hard rhythm. At the same time she kept a hand pumping on Steve’s cock, and when she pulled back to let my cock out of her mouth, letting it dab spit and precum on her face, she grabbed us both and tried to cram both cocks in. She kept her mouth wide open and her tongue played on our cock heads, then she let out a gasp and pulled us in a little deeper, her mouth stretched like she was choking. Then both Steve and I looked over and saw that Rob had just stuck his fat cock in Diane’s pussy, and was pounding the whole length in and out.We were all high, and the scene was kind of a blur, but I do know that Rob was fucking her hard, going in with all his weight behind hi, making Diane’s big tits fly up almost to her chin. The force of it knocked our cocks out of her mouth, so we just wanked into her face and rubbed our cocks on it, on her outstretched tongue, and played with her tits. I worried that we’d peak too soon, without giving her ass a going over, or a fucking DP, TP, whatever. “OK, someone fuck her ass, let’s give this slut a fucking party.”We all drew back and looked at each other. Steve wanted to go first, and Diane rolled over and raised her ass and shook it. “Oh yeah,” she said, “give this fucking slut a cock in her tight ass now! Use me like a whore.” Steve was back there and easing the head in in a flash, which Diane took no with problem, just a smile and a sigh. Rob and I were at the other end, and she would take one cock in her mouth, work it, and then change, while Steve fed more of his cock slowly in her ass, and as the length built up she started to grimace and moan.“Harder” I said, “Open that ass for us all, drill the bitch ‘til she cums.” Steve worked up speed and soon the whole length of his cock was driving in and out of her asshole. Sometimes he let the head just come out and held the cheeks open, so that her little hole panted and gaped, before plunging deep back in again. Diane was going crazy, dribbling and chomping at the two cocks that pushed into her face. It was all getting out of control again, and time to change the scene, so I stood and moved round the bed to well fucked back end of my girlfriend. “OK,” I said “my turn in there, why don’t you gag her on that cock and then Rob and me will DP her.”I don’t think any of us gave it a second thought at the time, too horny and high, but Steve pulled out and moved around to give Diane a taste of cock straight from her ass, holding her nose and pushing the whole length of it down her throat esenyurt escort while I just rammed my cock up her butt. Her body stiffened and bucked at the twin assault, and she shuddered as we drilled her balls deep from both ends. She was gagging, the cock hungry whore, either from the deep throat or the thought of ass to mouth, but we kept it up a few more seconds before both pulling out and letting her relax, gain her breath, then fucking her again. Each time she choked on Steve’s cock she brought up a lot of drool that hung down from her chin like cum.Rob stood up and was watching as Diane got cocked in her ass and mouth. He said it was time for her pussy to get stuffed too. I agreed, and Steve and I pulled out and backed off to get her into a better position for her first ever triple assault. She just lay on the bed, hunched up and shaking as she came again and again, the sex and the d**g overwhelming her, so Rob moved in close and pulled her up, then told Steve to lay down with his cock up for her pussy. Rob wanted to try her ass, and I was going to get the mouth again. Diane was dazed and just let herself be handled and used like a fuck doll. She straddled Steve and sat bouncing on his cock, then leant forward as Rob pushed his thick cock all the way into her ass.I watched for a minute for a minute or so as my slut girlfriend rocked between these two cocks, both men handling her big tits and grunting at her, grinding themselves deep into her body. I loved to see her being used. I stood on the bed and waved my cock in her face, hitting her cheeks with it, her nose and chin, treating her like a cheap, dirty whore. She loved it and opened her mouth to take me in, and I grabbed the back of her head and forced myself down to the balls in one go, feeling her stiffen and retch as Rob began to pound her ass harder. I pulled out and she drooled over my cock, which I rubbed back in her face before sticking back in again, all the way, pulling out with more drool to flick at her, like she was halfway to some bukkake scene. I looked into my girlfriend’s eyes and didn’t recognize her. She grabbed my cock and began pumping it into her mouth like she was desperate for more cum in her face, something I was more than happy to give her.All four of us were building up now, with Diane bucking and cumming all the time as three cocks ploughed in and out of her wet and busted holes. It was nearing a climax, and we needed to do it right. “OK,” I said, “Steve and I will pull out. Rob, fuck her ass hard and cum in there, I want to see her eat cum from her ass.”We all moved and then there was just Rob in Diane lying on her back, ass reamed by his cock, which looked huge in her tight hole, her cheeks pulled apart so there was plenty of gape and back in again. She was shut eyed and delirious, shivering and snorting, her face a mess of drool and sweat. Steve and I stood over her and jerked off in her face, letting our cocks hit her mouth and tongue and both slapping and squeezing her tits. Suddenly, Rob hit his stride and worked up to the finish, shooting his cum deep in her ass, grinding his balls against her pussy. He slowed down, still fucking, with a little cum oozing out each time, then pulled out and sneered “eat it, cunt”, grabbing one of her hands down to her fucked open ass. I couldn’t believe what a slut she was being. Rob kneeled by her head and she gently licked his cock clean while fingering her spunked up ass, then drawing her hand to her mouth and sucking it clean, going down two or three times until she’d eaten it all.Watching this, Steve and I were ready to blow, but I wanted to fuck her tits first, so I straddled her chest and she pushed them together and I worked my cock in between. With each stroke up I hit her face and she stuck out her tongue and opened her mouth wide. I’d push my cock into her mouth, work it around a bit, and then pull out and fuck her sloppy tits some more. “Come on baby, give me you cum, cum on my face, yeah, cum on my tits, I’m your fucking slut whore girl…” It was too much, and I shot right in her open mouth, ramming my cock in as I did so. Diane took it all in and then dribbled it out, rubbing it into her face and tits, looking up at Steve, who was pumping his cock and ready to go too.“Come on,” she said, “I know you want to make me your big tit slut, eh? Make me a cum whore, give me your cum!” She opened her mouth and made desperate sounds, which set Steve over the edge, and thick strings of hot cum shot into my girl’s spunked-up face and she ate it all up like a whore. There she was, lying on the bed with three sticky dicks hanging around her, licking, kissing and sucking each in turn while we three guys idly toyed with her pussy, ass and tits. I saw Rob open up her ass again and stick his cock in the gape of it, while Steve and I both had our softening dicks in her mouth. It had been a great evening, and all of us began to think about what would happen next, how we would turn my girlfriend Diane into an even bigger slut and whore.To be continued.

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