Voluptuous Temporary Admin Assistant and The Manag


Voluptuous Temporary Admin Assistant and The ManagThe voluptuous Temporary Admin Assistant and The ManagerWell folks, another year has passed by me and I am filled with anxiety about my future and other personal matters. This recession has not been good to for me as it is for many Americans. The job market doesn’t look to promising especially if you are a female that is over 40. To make matters even worse, I was forced to break my apartment lease in last year to care for my mom who had broken his hip in three places. I had one more month to finish the lease but I was short of rent since my She is still into recovery a year after her surgery. Here I am a 45 year old over educated woman who has approached the early years of middle age wondering what I had done wrong with my choices in life. No love life to speak of. Earlier this year, I was invited to work again as a temp at this local government agency. I have been temping there for the past few years because it has given me the flexibility to be a caregiver for my mom. . This gig doesn’t pay very well, but I was glad that I called back for another year of seasonal work. It was an excuse to get out of the house for eight hours a day and to forget about my problems. This past season, I was assigned to be a fill in for the department’s administrative assistant who was on sick leave for the past few months. I was highly recommended to be her fill in by one of my past supervisors because of my work ethic and I never had given anyone problems unlike many of my fellow temporary co-workers. The job required me to be very professional and dress to the nines. Boy, I really loved wearing my stiletto heels. It wasn’t glamorous but at least I get to perform different duties in addition to my usual duties that I performed before.Every morning, our director has a meeting with our section managers. I have noticed this very tall, ruggedly handsome, bespectacled man with a receding hairline with graying light brown hair. He has a very fit physique. I would probably guess that he is in his mid to late 50’s and very well dressed with starched dress shirts. He has a MBA and is a certified public account from what I gathered when I did a search on his LinkedIn profile. We both have something in common. We are both alumni of University of Maryland-Fear the Turtle. He has a reputation of keeping to himself and has a business like demeanor. He doesn’t like to fraternize very much except when it comes to business. His demeanor türbanlı kırıkkale escort has made him more compelling. I guess hit fits your stereotypical accountant/MBA—uptight and serious. I was wondering what he would be like underneath that businesslike exterior of his. One day, I was manning the phones for the director’s Executive Assistant because she had to take minutes for the morning meeting. I had to take a message for the Executive Assistant. Lo and behold, after I had taken the message for her, I walked towards her desk and placed the message on her chair; the bespectacled gentleman glanced at me when I walked passed him. He tries not to be obvious about it. I have noticed that he was staring at my breasts. I was wearing an olive colored jersey knit long sleeved shirt with a demure A-line skirt with flats. The outfit was very conservative, yet it showed off my curves very nicely in an understated way. Since he had noticed me that day, I never could stop thinking of him.One day, we were in the elevator together. Everyone has those awkward moments in an elevator. We were both feeling very awkward. He was more so than I was. He was staring at my low cut blouse but he quickly looked away. He had his head down. He felt a little uncomfortable. He was avoiding eye contact and I politely asked him “how are you today sir?” he said “alright and yourself? “ So I responded, “I can’t complain.” Then the elevator door opened and he politely let me exit first. Then he got of the elevator and went back towards his office. Then I looked over my shoulder as he was walking inside his office wondering if he ever thought of me. Who knows? I hear that he has been married to the same woman for over 30 years and I noticed he wears a wedding band.Another encounter that I had with him was at a retirement party for our security guard in late April. It was held in a very nice reception room and it simple yet elegant. There was plenty of cake and food to go around that was for sure. I couldn’t enjoy the festivities because I was ill with a swollen chin and puffy face due to allergic reaction to my sinus medication. I just couldn’t eat. I was there a little early because I was on my lunch break and I wanted to wish the security guard best wishes on his retirement. After I wished him well, there he was my bespectacled dreamboat; he sat right next to me which I had found it very odd since a lot our colleagues türbanlı kırıkkale escort bayan did not arrive yet. He didn’t say anything to me. My heart was racing. He smiled and I smiled back right at him. I was thinking that the reception was an excuse for him to get a better view of my best assets. I was disappointed that I didn’t wear my sexy dresses and blouses. It was casual Friday so I wore the usual standard Casual Friday attire—khaki pants, button downed Ralph Lauren shirt and loafers. Later his colleagues from his office had arrived and sat on his right side and started to commiserate among each other. I was feeling a little bit uncomfortable because I didn’t have anything in common with him or his colleagues because of my station at the agency. After all, I was just an overeducated temporary worker who is trying to get by in this Great Recession. I felt that my worth in the workforce has diminished because I use to be someone important and now people at my agency looks down at me. Unfortunately, here at the agency there is such snobbery against contractual and temporary workers. However, I try not thinking about my sorry lot in life. I heard him said to one of his colleagues that he has been married for 30 years and he just celebrated his wedding anniversary. I was bummed out when he had mentioned this. I was thinking how lucky his wife must be! Sometimes now that I have approached middle age, it bothers me that I don’t have a man to spend the rest of my life with to have cuddle and fuck. What can you do? Things happen for a reason.From time to time, I have always seen him outside taking smoke breaks whenever I am outside making personal calls on my cellular phone. He appeared to be unhappy at work or possibly at home. It is hard to speculate. No wonder he smokes too much. That is one thing I didn’t like about him was his smoking. I wish I could relieve his stress from work. All he needs is a nice massage with my 44G tits which would keep him from feeding into his nicotine habit. Sometimes whenever I am outside he glances at me as if he wants to talk to be but deep down he knows that it is taboo to fraternize with subordinates especially temps. As I was approaching the end of my temporary contract; I had another encounter with him in the elevator. This time he had taken the initiative to start small talk with me which I was shocked. He had noticed my black embroidered linen pants türbanlı escort kırıkkale that I was wearing that day. He said to me, “Very nice pants. What is it bugs? What kind?” I said, “I said thank you there are ladybugs, fireflies and butterflies.” I was like a giddy school girl when I got off the elevator. He spoke to me! Later, as the day had come to an end, I had approached him and told him that I was finishing up my assignment. I said to him, “if I don’t get to see you again, I must confess that I find you very attractive.” He says I know this from the way that you look at me. I find you very attractive as well, but I am married.” Later on we got acquainted over a cup of coffee. He says he wants to make love to me but he is happily married. I told him I want to also but I am not living alone right now so I don’t have a place of my own at the moment. I asked him “So where could we meet? “ Later he met me at the employee parking lot where we both were making out in my car. We were both worried if someone who knew us would catch us doing it. I have a very small Toyota which is very difficult for a man of his height to be very comfortable. He pulled up my blouse and took my breast out of my bra and started sucking on my nipples. I pulled his cock out of his pants and pump it with my hand as he continued to lick and suck my nipples. I was moaning with great delight. Then I gave him the best blowjob that he probably had in awhile. He gave me a wonderful “pearl necklace”. He softly caressed my tits with his handkerchief as he was wiping the cum of my girls. As he continued to suck on my nipples, he put in hands inside my pants and proceeds to rub my hairy pussy. I was moaning and groaning with sheer delight. I felt so wet down there and my stressors were released temporarily. I just didn’t want the moment to end. Then he took his fingers and put it in my mouth for me to suck my juices off his finger. I told him I wanted to keep his handkerchief as a souvenir of our time together. So he gave it to me for as my keepsake of our after work delight. We quickly straightened our clothes when the shuttle bus dropped off the next group of employees. He quickly kissed me and says he hopes that I come back next season. This encounter is our secret only. To paraphrase a famous ad campaign, “What happens in the parking lot stays in the parking lot.” There is a written rule that higher ups should not fraternize with subordinates. He has a reputation to consider but we are all human.Well, a day ago I have received an email from the HR department that my application for permanent employment has been considered and I was placed in the best qualified category. So I am hoping that I will get an interview very soon. If I get the job, I will see him more often but the question is if I do get the job, will we both continue where we left off?

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