Weekend away


Weekend awayMe & the wife went away for the weekend a few months back in Blackpool, we stayed in a decent hotel & the thing that really stood out was its licensed bar in the basement. Firstly i should give you some background to me & the wife, she loves sex & especially loves sucking cock, she sucks it well & more often than not she swallows, she’s a 32DD & is 31 yrs old. I love watching her, either on her own or with other men, i cant explain it it’s just so erotic, she only fucks other guys we know through our swingers groups NO STRANGERS & this is what really shocked me about this situation.On our 1st night which was a Saturday we went out for dinner & returned to the hotel at around 11pm, we had already had a few drinks but decided to have a couple more in the hotel bar,we went down stairs to the basement & was confronted with a hand written note halkalı escort on the door,the note said.”BEWARE lads night out all ladies entering must give head to the lads”Me & the wife thought it was funny & continued into the bar, we ordered our drinks & sat at the bar, we could hear these lads (only 4 in total between 20& 22 yrs old) playing pool in the next room. The barmen had gone off somewhere, We were there about ten minutes then we heard the lads commenting on me & my wife being at the bar.About 5 mins later one of them introduced himself to us as Derek, he said “I don’t mean to be rude but did you read the sign on the door” we replied yes & laughed, he said “any chance then” again we laughed. He went off back to his mates & me & the wife carried on talking.she pipes taksim escort up & says “that guy was quite fit, i bet he’s got a massive cock” i replied by saying “don’t go there” my wife then says “come on lets join them for a drink, it might be fun”we went over & introduced ourselves, the lads were eyeing my wife & smiling at each other. We got chatting ordered some more drinks & were playing pool for about 30 mins when my wife whispered in my ear “I’m gonna give these lads a surprise they wont forget” I was taken a back but at the same time I was feeling horny myself, i told her no intercourse though which she agreed too. My wife stood up & said to Derek”Your sign on the door, lets see what you got”Immediately the lads cheered all of them kept saying “are u serious, honestly”My wife said “get your cocks out & we’ll find şişli escort out” All of them pulled there boxer shorts down & got there cocks & phones out ready to record it.My wife went to Derek 1st licking his stem & helmet, he groaned & said “yeah suck it baby” my wife continued to suck his cock for around 4mins before moving on to the next one. All of them were dead quite whilst my wife was sucking there cocks except Derek. He was acting like a porn star & kept saying things like “you suck great cock” & “you love sucking my cock don’t you” to be fair i think this really aroused my wife as she did say to him “i want you to come in my mouth”Eventually they all reached climax with all of them except Derek shooting there loads onto the carpet (feel sorry for the cleaner)Derek was the last to climax & all of us watched as he shot his load into my wife’s mouth, i could tell my wife liked him alot hence the swallow.We finished our drinks, the lads kept watching their video footage again & again, Derek blue-toothed his footage to my wife, we got his number & have met up since, he’s coming to a swingers event soon so he may end up with his cock in my wife’s mouth a few more times.

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