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Weekend with mother wifeIn early summer, my mother-in-law Margaret went out of town to the country, giving us a big house with two floors and is an hour’s drive from the city. And last week, at the weekend I asked the husband to go and help his mother in the country. I went on a Friday night and said I would come back on Saturday. I was riding in the car and realized that I would stay again with Rita and we no one who does not hurt to be together, even though after the first time when we had one night together, and we never will think about it.But now I remembered what we have with the mother was a beautiful and rough sex, I decided to try it with Rita it again. Arriving at the cottage, I was greeted by my beloved Margaret. I went into the house and put the bag he went to change clothes. When I went to the kitchen Rita stood next to the table and that we are ready, I asked how she was, to which she replied that one boring. I came up behind her and put his arm around said I was all weekend, I’ll be with her, then turned her toward him put his arm around her waist and held her close Rita looked into my eyes and I could see that she was very sad that she wants to be, I was next to her.In her eyes, I realized that she, too, remembered our night I kissed her on the lips, Rita said, “Ruslan why!” “I have times when I can not move away. I remember all the time! “I put his hands on her ass and very close to him so that I could feel her crotch. After I let her go, she explained that I should do and yet I have to flood the bath.I said, “Well, I’m gone!” and going, I spent it on the bum hand, “Go already.” – Rita said. I did everything and in the evening bath was ready. In the evening, neighbors dachas no one had, and all around was silence and beauty. Rita asked, “Who will go first wash?”, “Together!” I said. “No you do that!” – Smiling Rita said, and immediately went to get ready. When she left the house, I was sitting on the porch smoking, I saw that in her hands two towels, and I realized that the second for me, Rita said – “I’m gone.” Come on, I’ll be back soon. “I replied. A little after sitting, I went to the bath.I went into the dressing room Rita was already in the bath “Ruslan is that you?” mother-in-law said, “Yes!” I replied. “Rita you took me a towel?” I asked, she answered that took, I realized that she wanted that we would bathe anadolu yakası escort together. I began to undress, I saw that her robe weighs on the wall, lie on the couch of her panties, I imagined that now I go to the bath and see Marguerite quite naked, see her beautiful breasts with large nipples pisichku see it, these thoughts my dick got up and was ready to immediately tinker vagina my beloved mother in law. “Where have you gone?”-Asked Rita, “I’m coming.” – I said, and with that said, I got up and went to the bath.Margaret lay on her stomach on a shelf and heated, I took a broom is a couple I went to Rita quietly became her soar, I slapped her with a broom on the back and on the ass, my legs, I looked at her ass and was ready to get into it from the top and planted it in his penis. After that I began to stroke her hands on the back sinking lower and lower, and so I began to stroke and knead my ass Tiffany’s, then I pushed his hand between her legs and began to touch her fingers Clitheroe, Rita legs spread a little wider so that I could stick your fingers in it, it was wet and pisichka hot Margarita breathing heavily.My cock was ready to burst from the strain. From this I just could not stand climbed on top of a shelf of Tiffany’s, Rita said, “What was going to do” I replied that I could not stand it any longer, I want her. “Can not Budmen in the bath and then hot?” Rita said, I have not heard, I’ve only seen the ass-law and wanted to plant in her vagina his penis. Mother-in-law realized that otperatsya useless, she just gave herself to her son-she was about to be that it entered my dick. Rita legs spread wider, slightly prepodnyala ass, so I could enter it. I saw her she seemed pisichku called your hole, “Come to me,” I lay down on top of the hand sent his penis and now my cock went into wet cunt my mother in law. Margaret gasped loudly, after I threw the whole length in his penis.I began to move in her faster and faster. I was lying on his mother and his cock bored her vagina Margarita. Mother-in-law moaned and groaned, I fucked her faster and faster and then I felt my Rita cums and her vagina is reduced from that I did not resist and released a stream of sperm inside Margarita. A little more rested on it, I pulled out a member and saw a hole Tiffany became vytikat my sperm. ataşehir escort “You all have filled.” Rita said.”I myself was stunned, as I wanted to see you,” I said, Rita smiled. After we barely got up off the shelf from fatigue and heat, went to the dressing room. After sitting in the waiting room, we again went to the bath. “It does not bother me more in the bath … and then I feel bad. Come on I’ll give you a home” – my mother-in-law said. We have to wash when I rubbed her back to Rita, I slipped between her legs, his penis, “Ruslan, come home already, you’ve decided that I had run out of power, right?” – Told me Rita.”No, you still need me,” I replied. We washed and began to dress, Rita threw a robe over his naked body and left. I sat for a smoke in the street and went into the house. I went upstairs to the bedroom, Margaret made the bed. “Together we will sleep tonight?” I asked, “If you want I can do to bed and in another place,” – said my mother-in-law. “No, I want to you” I said. After that, we went down to the kitchen to dinner, drank some wine, then went outside, it was warm and good.We talked to his mother about various topics, I came up behind her and hugged said, “Come to bed Rita” “Let’s go” – she answered. We went up to the bedroom, I undressed and lay Rita rented gown and went to my bed. I immediately began to kiss her to touch her breasts, kissing her nipples. I touched her hand she pisichku at Tiffany’s was already wet. Rita answered me with caresses, her hands touched my cock it in her hands up, “He is ready?” Said Rita, “It wants into your hole!” I said, throwing a blanket I got down to the bottom and began to kiss her pisichku my tongue licking Clitheroe her, “Oh Ruslanchik, what are you doing! Not when no one is doing me so well!”-mother-in-law moaned.I turned to her so that my cock was on against her face. “Kiss him!” – I said. Rita was gently kissing my cock after it a little bit bolder, mother-in-law began to suck my cock, and how she did it. We lay volt I licked her pussy and mother-in-law sucking cock. It was a thrill! “Well, did you enter already!” Asked Margaret, I spread her legs wider lay on top of her and that’s my cock went back into my pisichku Margarita.Mother-in-law clung to me, threw me on my feet, I was thrust into it further and further, my penis penetrated ümraniye escort the vagina Rita’s full-length, I fucked my wife’s mother, and she gave me podmahivala my movements, my penis just fell into the wet and Tiffany’s hot holes. “How I feel good Ruslan”-mother-in-law said. After we changed our position, I lay back and Rita sat on top of my dick, I took her ass. and she began to ride my dick, I’ve seen it well as my penis enters pisichku Margarita. My balls slapped her on the ass, “Oh well, what he is big at you”, whispered my mother-in-law. And I felt that Rita comes, but I wanted it more. I asked, “Rita come back to”.Mother-in-law got on her knees, I approached her from behind and took the ass Rita drove his cock into it. How did we were right, I fucked my wife’s mother was a member of my dick Rita and pushing her vagina. After I turned her on her back and lay on top again put Rita. “Ruslan you decided to torture me now, huh?” panting asked Rita. But I have heard that bad I fucked her, after five minutes we race together with Rita began to cum, squirt my sperm into the vagina once again turned my Rita. When he had finished, I fell next to in-laws. “How I feel good when you did …”-said. Rita. “I love sex with you!” I replied. “You’re back at me …? We still fly left! “Said the mother-in-law. Tired we fell asleep. In the morning I woke up and saw that Rita no.Going down to the kitchen, I saw Rita, she seemed to glow with happiness when she saw me she ulybnulas.i asked “How did you sleep?” “Are you really wonderful!” I replied. “You will go home tonight?” asked the mother-in-law, with her, I called home and told his wife that a lot of work and come tomorrow. Rita smiled, walked up to me and said that she likes to sleep with me.We wait for the night with her mother climbed back into bed and I fucked her again and again she moaned as my cock into her hole. Mother-in-law just sighed and groaned. We know that tomorrow I’ll go and when will the next time we do not know and we just give sex … again and again … trying to enjoy it. I always finished in the vagina of my Margarita.That night we slept until morning. Of the sex with the woman who was my mother-in and over my many years, I did not experience when. She gave me everything and I gave her! The next day before departing, I said I would come to her alone, Rita said she would wait. At the beginning of the story I wrote that I had already read the story with the mother (Night with the mother). This case really was in my life. You can judge me … your right ….! We are all people .. only men other women … and sometimes they brought down the desire to have each other! (Names changed)

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