What Landlords Deserve Ch. 06


Part 6 of this commission for Dongstar!

The tags are relevant to the story as a whole.

Contains: futa on female, hyper/huge sizes, excessive cum and cum inflation, cuckold/ntr, sph and pregnancy

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Life had not been perfect recently.

Johnny sped down the highway, his fingers gripping the steering wheel hard enough to cause his hands to shake. Another tenant of his was giving him trouble, bothering him everyday, morning and night, about a broken heater. Complaining that his wife was cold and that the frosty temperature wasn’t good for their newborn; Johnny didn’t really give a fuck about their baby, they could just buy a space heater if it was that much of a problem! But just like that bitch from before, he threatened to withhold rent money if the problem wasn’t solved, so Johnny had to drive his ass halfway across town just to assess the issue and figure out how much it was gonna cost him to get it fixed. People just didn’t know how to be self-sufficient these days!

Things had been weird at home lately as well, only adding to his constant aggravation. Darla was more or less the same, cooking and cleaning and such – hell, the house had never looked so immaculate. She was even seeing that personal trainer regularly, and Jane’s visits definitely showed results; his wife’s body had never looked tighter, and even her skin seemed smoother and shinier! Her behavior had been a little out of the ordinary, a certain distance in the way she acted and talked to him, like her mind was elsewhere, but he just chalked it up to feminine hormones or that time of the month that made women unbearable. All those things should have indicated that his home life was as satisfying as it always was, but there was something off. Something incredibly frustrating. Something he never thought he would have to deal with.

Darla was barely sleeping with him.

In the past month they had only had sex a handful of times! Every single time he had tried to put the moves on his wife, or plainly tell her he wanted to have sex, she almost always had a reason not to. Some were typical woman complaints, like having a headache, her period, or being tired from a long day, but even when it wasn’t those it was always something. Soreness from her workouts was a big excuse she used, something Johnny thought was completely bullshit, but other instances involved her claiming she simply wasn’t in the “mood” like that meant anything! He’d tried his usual tactics of mild threats of withholding her spending money or not buying her something she had her eye on, but that wasn’t working like it always did. Hell, Johnny had even gone out of his way to buy her her favorite flowers and chocolates, and still he got nothing in return.

Even when they did have sex, things were different than they were before. People could say a lot of things about Johnny, but one thing they couldn’t claim was that he didn’t know what he was doing between the sheets! He prided himself on being able to please any partner, Darla included of course, which is why his many unfaithful trysts were as successful as they were. But the past few times they’d done the dirty deed, it was like he might as well have not even been there. He put in his strokes, worked his usual magic, and still nothing. His wife seemed uninterested in the whole affair, and he could tell she was faking it with him, something he was sure she’d never done in the past. Not only that but she felt… different down there. Not as tight, not as warm, not as good as she had before. Johnny didn’t know if it was due to her getting older or what, but he was not a fan of this development!

Worst of all, he couldn’t satiate his lust with other women. None of the women he’d slept with in the neighborhood returned his calls or texts anymore, leaving him high and dry in that department. Johnny even… even went against his personal preferences and tried to contact the pregnant ones — not that there were many left in their little suburb who weren’t with child — and still he got no response. Just seeing all the pregnant wives walking around the streets, bloated with spawn, waddling and rubbing their taut stomachs that pushed out their sundresses and shirts, caused Johnny to shudder on the regular. Although Darla’s behavior had been strange lately, at least she wasn’t somehow pregnant. A small blessing, and one he counted on the daily whenever he heard of another woman living near him getting knocked up.

To his embarrassment, he had even taken to taking care of himself in private. That’s right, him, Johnny fucking Chesterton masturbating in secret in the bathroom like he was a teenager again! It was shameful! Johnny couldn’t remember the last time he had to jerk himself off, it had been so long – certainly pre-marriage. It was always in the morning, when Darla was already awake and getting everything ready for the eryaman rus escort day, that he would do it. Turning on the shower to drown out the noise and sitting on the toilet, phone in one hand his dick in the other. Thank God for the internet making the whole process easier and more bearable; things had come a long way from when he had to steal his father’s nudie mags whenever he wasn’t around! That still didn’t make the situation any better though.

All of this led to Johnny doing what he hadn’t done in ages: going to the bar by himself. He went with the other fellas in the neighborhood sometimes, an outing just for the guys to kick back and complain about their jobs and nagging significant others. It was always a good time, having a few cold beers and watching sports with no women around. The bar even catered to guys like him, older gentlemen who just needed to get away, so the clientele was of the same sort – regular guys who needed time away from home. He didn’t make a habit of going and drinking alone there, but the thought of being home with Darla acting so off and aloof caused a douse of anger to rise in his cheeks – she would just have to deal with him being late for dinner!

Pulling up to the parking lot, Johnny parked away from the rest of the cars, not wanting to chance some drunkard bumping into his much more expensive ride. Before he got out and headed inside, he slipped off his wedding ring and did the usual preparations he did when he went anywhere without Darla – a few sprays of cologne, a loosening of his tie, and some quick comb-throughs of his slicked back hair. These were just in case he ran into a woman drinking by herself, never one to pass up the opportunity to sample something new on the side. Flashing his crooked teeth in his rearview and winking at himself, Johnny got out of his BMW and headed into the establishment.

Opening the front door, Johnny stepped in, pausing at the entrance to scan the sparse crowd of day drinkers; not a woman in sight unfortunately, just the usual group of single men. His vision did fall onto a familiar face though: Robert. Sitting at the bar by himself, a tall glass of murky yellow liquid in front of him, his eyes glued to the baseball game on one of the mounted TVs. Not who Johnny really wanted to find, but any company would do today. Waltzing over, Johnny pulled up the stool next to the other husband, clapping him on the back to announce his presence. Robert nearly fell out of his seat, yelping at the sudden interruption.

“Scare ya Robert?” Johnny teased, sitting down and waving over the bartender.

“Oh hey Johnny,” Robert replied, not turning towards him, “didn’t see you there.”

Johnny ordered a beer before responding.

“Yeah didn’t have much else to do today, figured I’d stop in for a quick drink.”

“Oh uh, yeah me too…” he took a large chug of his drink and looked down at the bar top, not making eye contact with his new drinking partner.

“So uh, how are you?” Johnny asked cautiously, taking in his friend’s downtrodden look.

“I’ve been better.”

“That right? Trouble at home? I know you got some more rugrats on the way – that can’t be easy.”

Robert’s hands began to shake.

“Well…” he continued to stare but not really look at the polished wood, “do you remember what I mentioned at the BBQ?”

Johnny did.

“Refresh me. Feels like that was a year ago!”

“I said I thought Maggy was cheating on me.”

Whole body tensing, Johnny gripped his glass tighter, his thin bicep flexing under his suit sleeve.

“Yeah yeah, I think I remember you saying something about that.”

“I was right.”

Johnny didn’t reply. The tension between them could be cut with a knife, the air filled with a silent foreboding. Sipping his drink, he prepared for the worst. It didn’t matter if it had been more than half a year since he’d seen Maggy, cheating was cheating, and that kind of betrayal struck deep. Robert wasn’t a temperamental man – at least not as far as he knew — but Johnny still had to ready himself for what could come. You couldn’t predict what any man would do in this kind of situation. Johnny had some size on him, and the people around him would hopefully help if it turned into a fight, at least he hoped. What a fucking time for this to be sprung on him, of all the God damn days. This was not what he needed right now! Johnny downed half of his beer before further broaching the subject.

“Shit Robert, that’s terrible. Who did you uh,” he paused, trying to find the right question to ask first, “how’d you find out?”

Robert’s head turned slowly towards him, his features shadowed with defeat.

“I caught her.”

Oh shit.

“Oh? Did you go through her phone or something?”

“I wish it was just that,” Robert wetted his throat with the rest of his alcoholic beverage, immediately motioning to the man behind the bar for another, “but no. I walked in on it.”

“You saw her ankara etimesgut escort bayan with another man!?”

Now Johnny was feeling a different kind of panic. She had found someone else!?

“No… not a man.”


“Oh shit Robert, I didn’t know Maggy liked women. Never took her for a dy–“

“Not a woman either.”

“What?” Johnny questioned, visibly confused now. Was she fucking a dog or something!?

“I don’t know what you’d call her, but it was a woman with a dick.”

“A woman with a dick? Like a tranny?”

“I don’t know. I never took her for one. She always looked like a regular female to me, but she had a dick and it was so – she was on the couch with Maggy and–“

Robert didn’t finish his sentence, tears welling in eyes. He looked into the mouth of his glass, salty droplets falling into it, his whole body trembling as he relived the memory. Johnny stared back at him, stunned. Maggy was cheating on him with a shemale!? More importantly, she wasn’t fucking him to fuck some guy pretending to a girl!? Struggling to process the concept, Johnny went back to his own beer, taking a long gulp of the bitter liquid. He watched the players on the television above him, trying to figure out his own thoughts. This was certainly not what he expected, but at least he could rest easy knowing Robert hadn’t learned about his own tryst with his wife.

“Jesus Christ Robert, that’s terrible. Are you gonna get a divorce?”

The other husband shook his head.

“I don’t think so. I– we never signed a prenup. With her being pregnant and the way the courts are and everything, she’d take me for everything I had, I’m sure of it. I don’t think I would come out the winner if I tried.”

“But she’s cheating on you! That puts you in the right here! And not to uh, worsen the situation, but you don’t even know if the baby she’s pregnant with is yours.”

“I know I know!” Robert was actively sobbing now and he threw up his hands in act of dramatic hysterics, “But who’s gonna believe that the personal trainer she’s fucking has a dick!?”

Johnny dropped his glass, the base slamming into the bar counter loudly, the beer sloshing over the rim.

“What did you say?”

“She’s fucking Jane! She’s cheating on me with the fucking woman I pay for her to see! All right under my nose. God damn it Johnny I don’t know what to do.”

“You-you’re sure it’s Jane?” Johnny’s tanned face had turned ghostly, his eyes bulging in their sockets, “It isn’t someone else?”

“It’s her!” Robert turned towards Johnny, his face soaked by his sadness, “I walked in on them hav– in the act. In my own home! I saw everything. It couldn’t be anyone else!”

Johnny stood up so quickly he knocked his stool to the floor. Casting another panicked glance at the crying man, he spun around and stormed out of the bar without a word, barging through the door so hard it rattled. Practically running to his car, he pulled out his phone as he went, his fingers quivering as he dialed Darla’s number; the line rang several times before going to voicemail, the sound of his wife’s sweet voice reciting her personal greeting filling his ear. Tossing the device onto the passenger seat, he started his vehicle, accidentally jerking it forward in his haste, the front bumper scraping against the curb, before he managed to put it in reverse with a series of curses. Swerving wildly, he drove out of the parking lot and zoomed back home, doing well over the speed limit.

Serpentining through traffic, his mind raced faster than his car. All the women in the neighborhood who were pregnant were seeing that personal trainer, at least as far as he knew from chatting with his fellow husbands. Darla had been having regular sessions with Jane for a month or so after she had first tantrum about the woman’s behavior – right, she had mentioned Jane had been inappropriate during their workout and that’s why she didn’t want to see her! But he… he’d convinced her to give it another shot. Shit! And that’s when things started to change. That’s when she had started acting differently around the house. Being weird around him and, fuck, limping on the days the trainer had been over! Johnny had chalked it up to her being weak and the workouts being intensive but now he wasn’t so sure. It couldn’t just be a coincidence that that’s when their sex life had taken a turn for the worst as well! Everything was adding up perfectly, and the answer wasn’t one he would have guessed in a million years.

It was all starting to make sense.

“Oh fuck Jane, you’re so fucking big!”

Darla screamed these words into the air as she rode the futa’s monstrous member. Her hips gyrated rapidly as she grinded atop Jane’s body, their groins married in unholy matrimony. Her bed — her and Johnny’s bed — rocked back and forth from their passionate love-making, the four-poster frame shaking and banging against the wall. Darla was using gölbaşı rus escort bayan her body for all it was worth to please the dirty blonde personal trainer below her, taking her cock to the hilt, filling herself completely and utterly with its enormity. It was a Herculean effort just to take the tip of it between her tight folds, not even mentioning the rest of the meaty monstrosity, but it was a struggle she would happily endure; another orgasm wracked her body as fucked herself against Jane’s monolith, a spray of her feminie juices rocketing against the futa’s bare breasts.

Her own much-larger-breasts bounced against her ribcage as she thrust her crotch up and down, her small pink nipples hard as stone. They nearly bounded against her chin every time she lifted herself off of Jane’s incredible appendage, her pale mounds big enough to hit her in the face if she looked down at the wrong moment; this was something that had always annoyed her, but she knew the futa loved to watch her obscene form jiggle and bob when she moved, and she would do anything to please her new lover. That same lover lie flat against the bed, hands behind her head as she watched Darla fuck herself over and over again on her cock.

This wasn’t the pair’s first coupling of the day, either. Jane came over at the same time she always did, as soon as Johnny left for the day, and they completed the workout the futa had prepared before the real fun began. They fucked right then and there, working up a different kind of sweat amidst the exercise equipment, Jane ending the session by making a mess of Darla’s body. After cleaning up a little, the busty blonde led her partner through the house towards the bedroom, desiring a bit of comfort the second time around. They had barely made it to the bed before Darla pushed Jane down, hopping up and taking her still-erect cock into her cunt without an ounce of hesitation, like it was the only thing she needed in this life.

So here they were, fucking again, enjoying each other to the fullest. Drying cum dripped and flaked off their bodies, staining the sheets around them. Sweat glistened across Darla’s body as she shimmied on the futa’s serpent, giving it a pleasant sheen that only enhanced Jane’s erotic view. While she was mostly a passive observer in her pleasure, she couldn’t help but thrust her hips upward at random intervals, catching the housewife off guard every time, each piston of cock deeper into the blonde’s body enough to cause her to climax once again. Her torso was liberally coated with the housewife’s nectar, and longer they fucked, the more of it pooled in the divots in her abs.

And they had been fucking for a long time!

Never a two-pump chump, it took a lot to get Jane off. She usually preferred to do the work herself, knowing exactly how rough and fast she needed to plow someone to reach her sexual apex, but right now she was content to let the nimble minx above her take the reins. She watched as Darla twisted and grunted, doing her best to wrench the cum from Jane’s balls through her dick. The show the housewife was putting on was a feast for the eyes, the perversity of it magnified by the clear outline of Jane’s cock snaking up her torso. It dented the skin outward, leaving no guesses as to what was protruding from the blonde’s belly button up to between her breasts. Several times Darla had grabbed and stroked the bulge, a unique sort of rapture that caused them to moan simultaneously.

“God you’re so deep baby,” Darla panted, staring down at the cock-shaped bump that pushed her breasts towards her arms, “and it feels so good!”

Breath heavy and face beet-red, Darla kept up her relentless pace, alternating swiveling her hips and making small jumping motions on the futa’s cock. It was clear her body was straining from the effort, further impeded by the constant orgams that coursed through her. Whenever she launched into another she would slow for a moment, almost going limp from the overwhelming sensations, her hair clinging to her face as she threw her head back in pleasure, curtaining the whites of her eyes that would momentarily appear at the same time her cunt let out another geyser of warm honey; all of this would before she’d jolt back to life to continue her performance. She barely missed a beat when this would happen, picking up where she left off only seconds after nearly losing consciousness.

“You’re doing great honey,” Jane complimented the writhing blonde, her trained eyes noting the subtle signs of exhaustion showing in her movements, “I’m getting close!”

Jane’s words were like a shot of adrenaline for the housewife, and her body went into overdrive at the encouragement. Moving so fast she almost lost balance, Darla put every last iota of strength she had into her gyrations, desperately doing what she could to extract the warm cream from the futa’s loins. Hands on her hips, she used the extra leverage to bounce harder on Jane’s cock, their naked bodies slapping together wetly. Darla became vaguely aware of a familiar change happening inside of her – more accurately, there was a familiar change happening to the object inside of her. It stiffened even more — if that was even possible — noticeably thickening and lengthening, pushing and stretching her womb to its limits.

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