what Our Son’s are doing 3


what Our Son’s are doing 3That night I lost count of how many times we had each got facedby the other? I do know all of Us had cum dripping from our male pussyholes. Danny and I were on cloud 9 having all this sex with Our handsomeSon’s and each other. We spent the whole night drinking and trying outall the different fetishes we all could dream up. Danny and I both hadput on one of my uniforms boots and all and had wild hard sex with bothour Son’s I got down and was able to and suck on Sean’s hot sexy malebare feet and cum a load all over his bare feet. Kirk got into sucking onall our feet and seemed to love it as much as His Dad did.I woke up first the next morning and looked around the bed. Therethey all were buck ass naked in the one bed. My handsome Son and Hisbuddy Kirk wrapped in each others arms sound asleep. Then Danny myhandsome stud fellow Firemen next to me still with a pair of his whitesocks on his masculine feet and his big cock soft laying over his hairyballs. Slowly I crept out of the bed and after taking a piss I walked tothe kitchen and was putting on breakfast. Lots of bacon sausage eggs andtoast knowing my Men had built up a good hunger from last night. Thesmell of all this cooking did the trick in walked Sean buck ass nakedwhich was never the way We would have walked around our home before lastnight I chuckled to myself know He now felt free to let it all hang out.I had on a pair of walking shorts We hugged and I loved being able toenjoy the feel of Sean’s bare long cock against me like that and his barechest and back in my arms. He sat down to a cup of coffee tell me theothers would be down soon they were getting dressed. Next in came Dannyarm and arm with his Son Kirk both balls ass naked and my eyes glued totheir semi hard bare cock’s. We hugged and I was nearly ready to pullthem all back up to the bed room for more sex. We had our breakfasttalking and joking about the last night and the changes this would makein our lives all for the good we agreed.A kind of informal agreement for now came into play. We all wantedto now live together but We had the two homes between us so The Boyssuggested that for now we take turns spending one week in our house thenthe next week at the other home. The boys were telling us about how theyhad so often wanted to come out to us and I was telling Danny how long Ihad been wanting to have sex with him over the years. He told me he hadbeen wanting it all these years too. Then I asked him to tell us allabout his first time with a man?He began with ” I was 14 I remember and knew I was attracted to guys butthought I had kept it hidden pretty well? I figured it was just a thing Iwas going through and I would change once I got my first taste of pussy?my Mom had been dating this really great looking guy named Gary and Iknew the first day I saw him that he was all man’s man kind of guy strongpowerful build and handsome as all hell. One thing My Mom was not thekind to et me catch them in bed so Gary never slept over. he seemed tuzla escort tolike me and I just got this tingle all over when he would touch my arm ormess up my hair and when Gary would look into my eyes I would get allweak kneed. Of course when ever I thought I could get away with it Iwould steal a look down at his crotch and wow this man was hung. Always abig bulge in his pants. Gary was in construction then and had the bodyfor it powerful strong and so tanned. When he would take off his shirthis chest and ABS looked like one of those pictures in the books.Mom was a Nurse and this one time she had to go take a course at aHospital more then 300 miles away. She was to be gone a full two weeksand was going to have me stay with Grand for that time which I hateddoing. Then Gary who had been there offered to over me while She wasgone. He said it would be a great opportunity for Us two to kind of bond?I can’t explain the feeling I had in my stomach to think of two weeksaround this handsome stud and maybe getting to see him undress? Momagreed and I would stay at Gary’s house which was close enough to myschool then to walk. I ran over and gave Gary a big hug while Mom was outof the room. He had stood to allow me to hug him and I swear I could feelhis cock getting hard against me as we hugged and then Gary smiled downat me and winked his eye saying ‘ MM Danny boy we’ll have to do more ofthat tonight?Gary’s house was great all male two wet bars one in the recreationroom the other out by his pool. he showed me his bed room first and Icouldn’t get over it. He had a full bath in there a small gym set up inone corner and a large TV. The bed was king size and high, So high I hadto at 14 even jump up into it. Gary was getting a kick out of my lovinghis room and said ” Danny if you want you can sleep in here with metonight in stead of the spare room? I looked at his handsome constructionworker and the thought of us two undressing with each other left me nochoice but to yell out YES. Gary threw his head back laughing at that andthen asked me for another hug. I flew into his arms and held him sotight. Again I could feel his cock getting hard against me as we huggedand this time Gary didn’t pull away instead he held me and it grew muchmore and now he was actually rubbing it into me and moaning saying thisfelt kind of good. I told him I liked doing this and liked that he didtoo. Then he said pulling away “We better cool it for now Danny and havea bite to eat? we’ll have all the time in the world to do more of this.That is if you would like to do more of what We were just doing?I couldn’t believe my ears or my luck and I was hoping he reallymeant it. I said ” Gary Yes I want to do more of what we were doing andmaybe even more stuff like that together? he smiled and held my chin inhis powerful hand then said ” We’ll talk down stairs about that stuff sowe are sure what we are talking about? down stairs at the bar he had abeer I had a soda and we both were eating a pizza We had bought pendik escort with Us.I couldn’t keep my eyes off of this handsome man and knowing he was Okwith Us at least rubbing together had me going nuts all the while I washoping once undressed we could do just that in our underwear. Gary thensaid clearing his throat. ” Now Danny about what we were doing with eachother I’ve been thinking and Your only 14 while I am in my 30s if youever told a soul I could be sent to jail for a very long time. So maybewe should cool it Danny? My heart sank to my stomach and I felt close tocrying even and I pleaded with Gary saying ” OH no Gary I would never sayanything. Really it would be our secret just the two of us would know Ipromise. Please I really want to do more with you and learn about whatall to do? He reached over and rubbed my head saying “OK buddy our secretthen. Do You know what a bisexual is Danny? I shook my head yes as I knewI might very well be one? he smiled saying that he was a bisexual and heliked sex with men as much as with women. He was telling me that a mancould do everything with another man that a man and women could do. Likesuck and even fuck each and that he thought in many ways he kind ofthought sex with a man could even be better. he said as how he loved theMale body every inch of it. I told him I had not had sex with a guy orgirl but knew I wanted to do it and I had seen many books showing whattwo men can do with each other. My dick was so hard and almost hurting asit was pressing against my pants in my underwear. I looked at Gary andjust came out with. “Gary can I come around the bar and see you thing?He laughed saying You can call it what it is Danny My cock or mydick. And sure why not Danny come on around”My whole body was shaking as I walked around that bar. There was Gary onthe stool his legs now spread to give me access to his cock. he had onblue jeans and boots with a white TO-shirt. I could see he was alreadyhard and I put my hand on his cock through his jeans. Gary put his headback and as I felt his cock like this he was moaning and saying how goodit felt. I was amazed at the size of it and the feel of it in my hand Ihad dreamed so often about doing just his. I let my other hand go intohis TO-shirt and feel his Six pack of ABS so strong and so rippled. Garywas moaning more and more. he reached down and undid his belt then thetop button of his jeans. I held his zipper in my hand and now was pullingit down exposing his cock in his white briefs. The head of his enormouscock so well out lined in the white briefs. Gary opened his eyes andlifted up saying take them down for me Danny. My hands were shaking as Islowly pulled down both his jeans and his underwear. his hard big dickcame into view. the head was so wide and kind of bell shaped I was amazedat the wide piss hole on it and His cock shaft the biggest I had everseen. I Later found out Gary was a good 8 inches long and 5 inchesaround. I had his jeans down around his boots now and my face kartal escort was rightat his cock. I could smell his cock that manly smell of a mixture ofsweat and pubic hairs and I saw a drop of pre-cum on the tip of his cock.he said to take a hold of it and just kind of get to know it. I took hisman meat in my one hand and His big hairy bare balls in my other hand.Gary moaned his delight at my touch and I was pulling on it loving thefeel of his cock skin in my hand his hairy balls in my hand. without aword I leaned into his cock head and he just said ” Yea That’s it Dannyput my cock in your mouth boy” I did just that took his big 8 inch cockinto my mouth. I had to open so wide to his cock head in and the firstfeel and taste of it in my mouth I knew I would love being a cock-suckeralways. The taste of this man’s bare cock and then he was holding me headpumping his man meat into my mouth. I gagged a few times trying to itall down my throat. Gary asked me to now lick his balls. I came off hisbig dick and now was licking on his hairy big cum filled balls and lovingthem so much knowing I would be soon tasting the cum load they held forme. The feel of his powerful bare hairy legs as I was eating the man’sballs and sucking on his hard bare dick was out of this world.Gary was trying to kick off his work boots with not much success soI came off his cock and got down to his boots taking them off one by oneleaving on his socks which were all sweaty and kind of had a sexy maleodor to. I pulled off one sock and held it to my nose he then told me tosuck his big toe like I had sucked his dick and I did that as he told metoo and found that I loved the thought of being so close to this stud ofa man that I could suck even his toe. I was loving it so much and stilldo this day and man’s bare or socked feet turn me on so much. I waslicking all over his bare foot on his soles his high manly arch, hisstrong ankles up his legs. Gary was taking off his T-shirt and then heldup one arm telling me to now taste his hairy arm pits. God his pits wewet with the days sweat and so hairy and so very muscular licked andloved them then I was on his nipples sucking on them loving how they gothard in mymouth and the moans from Gary then down his chest and into histhick patch of Pubic hairs more eating them then sucking them back ontothe root of his cock and up his thick 8 inch cock shaft and then takingthat big bare mushroom head back into my mouth. Gary pushed his cock intomy mouth and held me head he told me to get ready to take my first manload of cum from him. My Adonis was going to fire his man load into mymouth. He got tight all stiff I knew it was going to come then he let go.his man cream flooding into my mouth and splashing against my tonsilsagain and again I couldn’t take it all but loved that he was firing histhick man cum into my mouth his balls his hairy big balls emptying everydrop of his man seed down my hungry throat. As the last of his load shotinto me Gary leaned over and was kissing my head then pulled me up to himstanding we hugged and he kept telling me how great I had been. He saidnow it was my turn to get a hot blow job. I nearly melted in his arms atjust the thought of my cock going into his handsome face.

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