When did Mom Start Wanting Me


When did Mom Start Wanting MeBack shortly after I was born dad was in a bad accident that killed him while on the job at work, which left my mom, sister, and me, to live without a husband and dad.Some years later mom met a guy and they got married and even thou he never really tryed to just step in and take dad’s place in my life, which was a good thing at the time, he did treat me like a friend and not like a k** and he did the same with my sister too.The one thing I didn’t really like the most about the guy was, he never let me go with him deer hunting and fishing. He said he didn’t have time to teach me how to hunt and fish, so mom would take me when she could, and my sister had no intrest in hunting or fishing, even thou she did like to eat the fish or what ever I was able to get when I hunted, like squirrel or rabbit.By the time my sister and I made it to high school, mom and the jerk she was married to got a divorce, which I was happy to see happen, since they did a lot of arguing over the years that they were together and more than once, it was for the fact he wouldn’t take me with him hunting and fishing.My sister didn’t like it when they got the divorce, which her and mom then had their bouts till finally mom had enough and let my sister go and live with the jerk, since it was what my sister wanted any way.The reason my sister liked the jerk was cause he would do things with her but not with me and that, is another thing that mom and the jerk argued about a lot about.After the jerk and my sister was loaded up and gone, leaving mom and I home alone, my mom then started doing things around the house that had me a bit confused about at first but I must say, I liked it better than I did before but it made me have more boners, than ever before.The changes that mom did, didn’t all take place at once but a little, over a time of a few months.The thing that started right away was mom did things with me more than she did before, since she had just me to do things with and not have to do things with my sister at the same time or during times she wasn’t doing things with me, meaning her time wasn’t devided between two of us now, since it was just her and me at home now.About a week after my sister moved out to live with the jerk, I came in from school all ready for the week end since it was a Friday, which I found mom in the kitchen with a red sleaveless blouse on, with the top three buttons unbuttoned, a red and black skirt that stopped at mid thigh, that fit snug around her hips and butt, showing off her little round butt, and a pair of two inches heals with open toes and her toe nails painted red, to match her dress.”Wow mom, you look sexy as all get out dressed like that. What is going on? I’ve never seen you dress like that before.””I was just thinking that you and I have never had a date together and plus, you’ve never even been on a date with any of the girls from your school, so why not let you have a date with a real woman and me, have a date with a real man.”How am I going to have a real date with you if your on a date with a real man, or was you thinking of another real woman for me, to go on the date with?””You are the real man I’m thinking about dating.””How am I a real man?””You have all ways been there for me when I was down and out, trying to lift me back up and you have all ways known, when I needed held and loved, when no one else would and You, are all ways doing things for me when no one else would and you, are all ways wanting to go get food to put on the table, by hunting and fishing, which is what a real man does and you, do your best at fixing things around the house when they are broken.””You and grandpa are the ones that taught me how to hunt and fish. It was grandpa that taught me how to fix things or talked me through on how to fix something, that needed fixing that I didn’t know how to fix.””Yes he did but you are the one that asked him for his help, the same as you would ask me, to see if I knew anything about it or not, which is more than any one else has ever done for me or for us, for that matter.” “How does a real man dress for a date with a real woman?””I have clean clothes laid out on your bed for my real man to put on for his date with a real woman.””Cool.” even thou I had a hard on from looking at mom’s cleavage, I went and put my arms around mom and hugged her and when I felt my boner touch mom’s belly and her tits poking me in the chest, I made the hug a quik hug and turned and ran to my room, hoping mom didn’t notice the hard on I had in my pants.While running to my room and after getting in my bedroom with the door shut behind me I’m thinking, ankara escort ‘you jerk, how can you forget that you have a hard on and then just poke your mom with it and get harder when you feel your mom’s tits in your chest, I’m such a jerk’After i got some of my thoughts sorted out I looked at the clothes mom had laid out on my bed that were a pair of dress pants, a white shirt, a sport jacket, and a pair of whity tightys. I then went in and took a shower and rubbed out a load of cum from my hard dick, still thinking about the cleavage I had been looking at, while talking to mom in the kitchen.When I finished with my shower and had got dryed off, I went in to get dressed for my date with a sexy woman, that happen to be my mom, I noticed that the white shirt was a pull over shirt and not a button up, like most of my shirts were and it had a V neck, which I liked better than the turtle necks that seemed to be more in style now days.When I was done dressing I then made my way out to the living room where I then found mom siting in a chair waiting for me then she said, “My, my, don’t my young real man look sexy and handsome.””Thank you. I know my mom sure looks sexy and beautiful and looks so young her self. I knew you looked good but to night, you look super great, tonight.””I bet you look at some very pretty beautiful girls at school all day, every day, that looks a lot better than I do to you.””No I don’t. You have all the girls at school put to shame with your looks mom.””If I didn’t know better, I would say you are trying to get into my pantys tonight.””If you wasn’t my mom, yes I would, for sure if I knew how to, maybe go about it.””Oh wow. You better give me five minutes to freshen up then we can be on our way.” mom then started toward her bedroom then stopped and turned around, “For tonight, call me Sarua, which you know is my real name.”Watching mom (Sarua) walk toward her bedroom, I couldn’t get my eyes off of her swaying butt as she switched it back and forth as she walked away from me, making my dick get hard even more, from looking at her cleavage, when I walked back into the living room, where she had been sitting waiting for me at.When mom came back into the living room, “I’m sorry it took me a little longer than five minutes to return.””It’s okay, the night is still young yet. I’ve waited for the time I could say that to a woman, that I have a date with, after hearing it on some tv show.”I noticed that mom had put on some eye shadow and some lipstick and a little bit of makeup as well, that did make her look even younger yet, than she all ready did look.”You sound so grown up at times.””I’m working on it.””That you are.””Now. Do you have a place picked out for us to go eat or do I pick the place?””Tonight I have one place picked out to eat at. The next date we may take, you can pick out.””Okay. Do I drive or do you tonight?””You can drive and I’ll direct you to the place.””I guess, since I have no more questions. Are you ready Sarua, my sexy beauty?””Yes my sexy handsome man, I am ready.”Stepping over to the door, I opened it then when mom stepped out the door she stopped and waited, till I had it shut and locked, then she took my arm into her arm then we walked out to the car, “I think this week end we can maybe work on cleaning out the garage, so that we can get the car into it.””With a little luck it will leave room for me to park a car in there, when I have enough saved up to buy a car?””There should be enough room.” mom said as I opened the passanger door to her car.For the second time today, mom shocked me when she got into the car. Usually, mom makes sure to keep her legs together and not let me see up her skirt or dress, to see her pantys when she get’s into or out of a car but this time, she put one leg in and then the other leg, which gave me a clear view up her skirt, showing me her white cotton pantys she had on under her short snug skirt.”As I walked around the car after shuting her door, I saw mom slide over to the middle of the seat, to sit next to me as I drive to the restaurant.After I got seated in the car behind the stearing wheel, “You don’t mind me sitting next to you like this do you?””No, I don’t mind. Your not worried about the neighbors seeing us sitting this close together?””The way I see it, they need to tend to their own business cause a mom and son, can sit next to each other if they want to and there is no law, saying that we can’t sit next to each other like this.””Good point.” then I started up the car and backed out of the drive way.As I drove to the restaurant, mom told me where to turn and which way to turn and between ankara escort bayan the times of telling me where to turn and all, we talked about different things and about our likes and dislikes about men and women.When I parked in the parking lot of the restaurant, I got out of the car and mom slid over behind the wheel then got out when I took her hand into my hand, to help her out of the car and again, she stuck one leg out and then stuck out the other leg, giving me another view up her skirt to see her cotton pantys again, before standing up then stepping aside for me to shut the door behind her.Once we were in the restaurnt, we were led to a corner table in the far corner of the dining room, where mom slid in first and slid over for me to get in beside her and I saw her skirt ride up her thighs a little bit and she didn’t pull it back down, like she usually had done before.I slid in beside mom and she put a hand on my leg about mid thigh and used her other hand to put my hand about mid thigh on her thigh and told me what she wanted me to order for her and since, I was to young to order her drink she would order that for her self.Having my hand on mom’s leg and her hand on my leg kept me hard the whole time and we didn’t take our hands off of each other, till we had food in front of us, and when we finished eating and was enjoying our drinks to finish off our meal, we had our hands back on the others leg again.At one point while we was finishing off our after meal drinks, mom’s hand slid up my leg a little bit closer to my groin, which I decided to try the same thing with her, which she had let me without moving my hand back to mid thigh and when I happen to look down at her leg and my hand, I saw her cotton pantys just a half inch away from my little finger.When mom finished her last swallow of drink, “Are you ready to leave and find some place a little more quiet, Sammy?””Okay, do you have some place in mind for that too Sarua?””Yes I do.”With the check paid in full and a tip left for the waitress, I stood up, then mom stood up parting her legs enough for me to see a bit more panty and I even saw a wet spot on mom’s pantys too, then we walked out arm in arm to the car.As we walked out to the car, mom directed me to the driver’s side of the car and when I opened the car door, she slid in and over to the middle of the seat again but left the hem of her skirt, where it had rode up to, when she slid over in the seat and again, I had got a view of her wet panty when she got into the car.With mom telling me where to turn and which way to turn, we ended up at a lake where was no one around and we could sit and look out across the lake, with the moon light reflecting off the lake water.”Let’s get out and then get in the trunk and get the blanket out, with the ice chest I have in the trunk.””Okay.”I opened the car door and got out with mom following behind me so I took her hand and helped her out and like before, she got out first one leg then the other then stepped aside for me to close the door behind her then I went to the back of the car and opened up the trunk, to see the ice chest and blanket, she had told me about, to take out.Mom waited for me at the front of the car where there was a small grassy place for me to spread out the blanket on to, which I did after I had sat the ice chest down by her feet.With the blanket spread out, I took mom’s hand as she kneeled down onto the blanket covered ground then she let one hip on down, to have her legs bent back kind of beside her and pointing back behind her then put one arm out and hand down on the blanket, to help keep her at some what of an upright position.As I had held mom’s hand as she kneeled down, I had kneeled down as well to sit with my legs crossed in front of me next to her then I reached into the ice chest and pulled out a bottle of cold wine and seeing two wine glasses in the ice chest, I pulled them out too.Mom reached into her purse and pulled out a cork screw, “Here Sammy, this might help you to open the bottle up.””You mean I can have a drink of the wine too?””Yes you may. Just drink it slow and don’t drink to much cause I don’t want you to be driving drunk, when we go to leave here tonight.”When I managed to pop the cork from the bottle of wine and then pored some into each glass and got the bottle back into the ice and the ice chest lid closed, “Now, what is the occasion that you are letting me drink a little wine with you tonight?” as mom handed me one of the glass’s of wine.”First off, this is a one time deal till you are atleast eighteen years of age which is what, three months away. Now the escort ankara reason I’m letting you drink this tonight is, as of one week ago, you became the man of the house and you have lived up to it, far longer than you have been the man of the house, with all the work you have done around the house and all of the care you have given and showed me, for quiet some time now.” Holding her glass out towards me then, “Here is to the man of the house from now on till you decide to move out.”We clanked our class’s together lightly then took a drink of the wine.After I swallowed my drink, “You know I am still going to be to young to drink when I turn eighteen even.””Yes you will be but, I will only let you drink at home and maybe when you and I are out here on a date, like we are tonight and the reason, I will let you drink at home is cause to me, if you are old enough to go and die for this country, you are old enough to drink what ever you choose to drink.””You are so cool Sarua. I think I like this little change I am seeing in you tonight.””Well thank you, I am so glad you are liking this change you are seeing in me tonight.” as mom did a little bit of a shift with her legs that kind of let the hem of her skirt ride up her legs more.We took a drink of the wine at the same time then mom got a bit closer to me and then crossed her legs in front of her the way I had my legs crossed leaving her knee and my knee touching each other and even gave me a view of her cotton pantys that covered her what looked to be a hairy pussy under them, “Do you really like the way I am dressed tonight Sammy? Like you seemed to be at the house before we left?””Sarua, I not only like it but I love it. Even with the problem it puts me in.” I could not believe I just said the last part of that to my mom like I did.”Oh? And what kind of problem is that Sammy?””Ahhh, well,… you know… I think.””You mean that I make you horny?””Ahhh,… Yea… But I,… love it just the same.””I’m your mom and I make you horny. Is that what you are saying?””Yes.” I can not believe I’m saying these things to my mom and she is saying what she is saying to me.”You know, that makes me glad that a young man finds me sexy enough to turn him on, even if that young man, is my own son.””It does?””Yes it does. I’m flattered by it really. I must say, it even turns me on to know that I turn you on.””You have turned me on all right.””I have to say, when you made the comment about trying to get into my pantys if I wasn’t your mom, made me get a little bit turned on then.””You are so beautiful and when I came home from school and saw you dressed like you were, made me hard then.””Is that a good thing or a bad thing?””With you making a guy hard and not doing anything about it, makes you a cock tease, to hear all the guys at school tell it.””Oh it does. Mmmm, I guess I might better work on that then.” then she took my glass of wine from me and turned and sat both her’s and my glass of wine down on the top of the ice chest, then turned back toward me and pulled me into her and kissed me on the mouth.I kissed her back for a moment thinking she would be pulling away from me real quick, but the next thing I know, Sarua was trying to get her tongue into my mouth and so I opened my mouth and let her slip her tongue into my mouth and I in turn, stuck my tongue into her mouth.It was the first time ever in my life, at that time, to ever French kiss a woman and that woman, was my mom.I know it wasn’t very long before mom broke the kiss off, but to me, it sure felt like we had kissed for quite awhile, before she broke the kissing off.Mom kept her forhead next to my forhead and her arms around my neck, looked me right in the eyes, “I hope I didn’t scare you or make you mad at me, for kissing you like that?” between breaths since she was breathing a bit heavy now.”No, it didn’t do any of those to me and I really liked it. I’ve never French kissed a woman before and I loved it.” saying that, I then noticed that I was breathing a bit heavy too.”I tell you what, any time you want to French kiss me like that, you just kiss me.””Even in front of other people too?””Maybe we better make sure no one can see us. Especially any one that may know us as mother and son.””Yea, it may make it hard to explain why we kiss like that if some one we know saw us.”I took mom into my arms and French kissed her again for a little bit, then we broke the kiss and finished off our wine we had in the glass while we held onto each other and even, put a hand on the other’s leg again, like we had at the restaurant, but this time, mom’s hand was touching my balls and the base of my hard dick through my pants and my hand, was touching her panty covered hairy pussy, and I could feel the wet spot on her pantys, which had gotten bigger by that time.Comments on the story can be a help in getting the next part of it posted faster.

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