When Master Leo Took Me To The Forest

When Master Leo Took Me To The Forest
We’d been riding in the car for what seemed like an hour. I was in the back seat with a bag over my head and my hands tied behind my back. Master Leo was driving. We rode in silence. The car stopped, and I heard a door open. Then my own door was opened and I was pulled from the car. The bag was removed from my head and I could see we were in a forest. Standing there by the side of the woodland road, Master Leo took a pair of scissors from his pocket and began to cut my shirt off of my body. He ordered me to kick off my shoes and to remove my socks. It was a bit of a struggle, but I was able to get my socks off using my toes. Then Master took the scissors to my pants, cutting them off with a few quick, clean cuts. Lastly, he cut off my briefs. The pile of rags that had been my clothing were tossed carelessly into the back of the car.

The Master tied a rope around my neck, loosely, to be used as a leash. He picked up a shoulder bag and slung it over my shoulder so he could use me as his pack mule. Then we set off deeper into the woods, Master Leo leading me using the rope leash he had put around my neck. There were briars and stiff weeds that hurt my bare feet, but Master would not allow me to move too slowly. If he decided I was holding him up, he would take a piece of cane and hit my ass with it. “Move along, bitch!” Those swats from that cane hurt something awful! So I walked fast, despite the pain in my feet.

Finally, we reached our destination. We were deep in the forest with no one around. Master Leo took the bag from around my shoulders and placed it on the ground. Opening it, he reached inside and pulled out a much longer piece of rope. He attached one end to the place where my hands were bound, and he threw the other end over a low-hanging tree branch. He pulled my arms up behind me, forcing me to bend over at the waist. I was now in the proper position for him to be able to place his cock in either of my waiting holes. He could fuck my ass, or he could fuck my mouth. I had no choice but to accept my fate.

He started in my mouth, forcing me to suck his cock all the way to his balls. I could feel his cock in my throat and I wanted to devour him. He stopped for a minute and attached some weights to my nipples. They hurt like holy hell. Then he hung some heavier weights from my balls, and those hurt terribly. But I knew I was his to do with as he pleased, so I accepted his torture silently, except for the moaning. When he was satisfied that I was in sufficient pain, he stood behind me and started roughly fucking my ass, slamming his cock in me until I could feel his huge balls bouncing against my own balls. The motion of the fucking caused the weights on my tits and balls to swing around, increasing the pain in those areas. The fucking continued until he decided he wanted to be back in my mouth. He pulled out of my ass and shoved his cock in my mouth. This continued for some indefinite amount of time — ass, then mouth, then ass again — until he decided he was ready to release his cum.

He shoved his cock into my ass as hard as it would go and then he grabbed my hips and pulled himself in even deeper. I could feel Master’s large cock throb as it shot spurt after spurt of cum into his slave’s body. When he was spent, he came around to my face and ordered me to clean his cock with my mouth. I could taste his cum mixed with my own ass juice. I tried to gag, but when I did that, he started pissing into my mouth and all over my face and body. It seemed like the shower of warm piss would never end. When it did and Master was satisfied, he had me clean his cock one more time. Then he got dressed.

“I’m not sure whether I want to leave you here like this or take you back with me,” he joked. At least I hoped he was joking. Finally he untied the rope from over the tree limb and led me naked, my face and body still dripping with his piss, back to the car. When we arrived at the car, Master opened the door and spread the rags that had been my clothing over the seat to keep any of the piss from dripping off of me onto his car seat. He put the bag back over my head and pushed me into the back seat. We drove home like that.

Is it bad that my dick was hard the whole way home as I thought about what had just happened in the woods? You decide…and let me know.

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