Where I’ve Been


Where I’ve BeenSo quite a lot of my friends have expressed concern over my disappearance over the last month and a half. First of all I’d like to say that I am healthy and doing fine. Some things in my personal life kind of fell apart and I was in a pretty dark place and in dire need of cleansing my palette. So to that end I gave up all my possessions, left my job and went into submission serving a couple for a month’s time. After several interviews and applications they welcomed me into their home as a servant who would be paid two thousand dollars should I complete the “term”. So I literally cut off ALL ties and entered their service with nothing left to my name.This might seem a lil more exciting than it was at parts. I spent the majority of my time locked in my room that had a very nice n comfy king-size bed, toilet, shower and a camera. Aside from that there was nothing in the room and that is where I spent close to 70% of my time locked up and alone. On occasion I was allowed to play with their daughter and had an hour to be spent in the game room türbanlı zonguldak escort on alternating days.They called us “pets” and gave us petnames. Mine was “Fattie” since I was significantly bigger than all of the other female pets. I was also clearly the oldest with no one else even within 5 years of my age. The first couple of days were mostly training. Learning how to address the master and mistress, their staff and guests and learning the rules of the grounds. We were to be naked at all times unless instructed otherwise. Under no circumstances were we allowed to disobey a direct order. We were taught intense hygiene and to be ready to be used at any given moment.So I did just that. I sat ready and willing for what seemed like ages. But when I heard the key in my door and was greeted by a messenger telling me to be ready within 5 minutes my heart would start pounding so hard I thought I was gonna die. The manner of which they used us was extremely varied. Sometimes I would be taken to serve türbanlı zonguldak escort bayan one of them, or both, or another pet for their entertainment. Sometimes all pets were out and instructed to do the kinkiest of things, whatever they fancied we carried out mostly willingly. There were occasions I was forced to do things I did not want to at all but I got through them. Most of it was very exciting and pleasurable though. The anticipation and being locked up made me burn for attention. Within days I was begging to be allowed to maybe suck the mistress’ feet clean or lick the master’s asshole just so that I may be let out if for only a short while. This resulted in my being pegged as the master’s designated ass licker to which he put my mouth to extensive use. They thought it was very funny but I sincerely preferred crawling around in my hands and knees with my face in his ass as opposed to being alone with nothing.There were two very large parties. One was after the first week was türbanlı escort zonguldak complete and the other was the second to last night. They would invite several of their well off friends who contrasted us drastically. They were dressed to the nines, very elegant and sophisticated. They drank brandy and smoked cigars where we pets, (if we were given permission) only had beer and cigs. Any wild whim they had… any dirty thought or nasty curiosity that dwelled in their minds… they made us do it all. They laughed, played with themselves and each other and brutally took whichever pet struck their fancy. They forced us to drink, take d**gs and m***** each other. Even further still, the last party was held on their ranch grounds in the stables. Their pets were extremely well trained. I and another pet were basically made a spectacle out of that night, completely smashed out of my mind and set free to gobble sooooo much cum. I was soooo full n bloated that night hehe.Anyway. I finished my term a week ago and was invited back for one more. I’m still not sure if I’m going to or not. I’m looking for a place and having a hard time with it right now so it seems like a good move for me. So should I go incommunicado for about 30 days again know that you needn’t worry about me. I’m sure I will be back eventually. I love all my good friends here and I look forward to talking with each and every one of you guys and gals.Your Humble Slut,Katie

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