White Farmers in The South Africa (Visit)

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White Farmers in The South Africa (Visit)Mondli used to visit Kajsa 3 or 4 times in a week and everyone knew for what reason he is there. Actually Mondli told it to his closest friends the next day after they did it first time. Ayize also realized this weird relationship between his teenager son and Kajsa. He asked Mondli what they are doing and Mondli told him that she believes in stupid things that if she let him know white people, he won’t have misjudges about whites anymore but he only fucks her till his balls get dry and stupid woman can not even walk after he fucks her. Ayize laughed and he decided to pay a visit to Kajsa. One day, he went to her cafe and told her that he wants to visit her at her home one day and talk about Mondli. Kajsa said confirmed it immediately. She was worried and nervous about his visit. She hoped that she won’t make problem about the therapy which she made to Mondli because he was in a the middle of his process. She should convince this strong man somehow tocontinue Mondli’s therapy. They agreed to meet next day at her house and he was there in the evening. Josephine was staying in her best friend’s house that night and they were alone at home. They ate dinner first. She made the most delicious Swedish meals and offered white vine. They talked about daily subjects, life, politics etc. during the meal and then they sat in the living room. She played the CD player and they were listening jazz music which Ayize had heard first time in his life and he really found it boring. Then they started to talk about Mondli. He told her that he is surprised of his son visiting a woman in her mother’s age and he is wondering what it is for. She told him that Mondli and Josephine were being friends and getting close and he wanted to know Mondli better. She always meets and talks with her daughter’s friends. She invited him for dinner and she realized that he has a lot of misjudges about white people and it was wrong. Then she decided to help him andremove his all unnecessary misjudges and she told that every South African must fight against racism and other misjudges individually and although she wasn’t born in the SA, she feels like she is from here and she does her best to help this country. Then she said:”- In the beginning I thought that Mondli was dangerous, he had too much anger and he was violent. Later I talked to him and I gave a chance to him to know us better. I got him explore myself. I let him enter deep inside me and he did it very successfully. He went so deep, as none could do it before. He felt so comfortable and safe there. I saw in his eyes that it is not easy to do that for him yeşilhisar escort but I always supported him, I encouraged him to go deeper and he will be safer and feel my compassion. I let him to empty his all weight inside me and get him relieved, relaxed and got lighted. Whenever I give him a therapy, I feel so satisfied when I see the peace in his eyes. I always welcome him to empty his weight, stress and enter deep inside me. He is a very strong young man, Mr. Bongani and you must be proud of him.”He was influenced. He said:”Wow! I appreciate you Mrs. Nilsson. Yes, my boys have too much energy and I am happy to know there is someone who helps them. They are a luckier generation. When we were young, blacks were always discriminated and we were third class people of this country.” Then he continued his experiences about racism and how much black people suffered from it. Then in the end she said that:”- I am so glad that this is over. Now, I know you have some mutual k**s with white women and even with some white families. I appreciate that and I think such things will help black and white people to get close to each other.”- Now, I am a black man and you are a white woman and we sit and talk in your house. It was impossible when we were young. We couldn’t talk with white women or do anything else. We even couldn’t dance with a white woman.- You couldn’t!? It is a shame. But do you like dance? I like it and we are free to do it now. I have to confess I had never danced with a black man either.”Then he smiled and walked through her and stood near her. He gave his hand to her and offer a dance. She look up at him and hold his hand and stood up. Then he hold her waist and pulled her against his stomach. She was so excited. It had been years not to dance with a man and get close with a man. She meant with a real man. She never thought Mondli was a real man, he was just so strong, powerful, energetic and brave but he was too young to be considered as a man. But Ayize was the strongest man of the town and she felt so good in his arms. They were so close to each other and she felt amazing his breathing stomach on her stomach and her big breasts were squeezed by his strong chest and her white hands were melted in his big black hands. He didn’t have a handsome face. He had a face of a farmer, a village man but he looked so self assured and strong and it was the best thing. Her ex husband was a total Swedish man, who has a beautiful face and academicposture but this wasn’t what she wanted now. Then they both left hands and started to hold each other’s waist and dance in this position. They hold each other really tight and finally she felt a very thick, long and hard meat on her stomach. She felt even more nervous after it. She was breathing deeper. Now she couldn’t feel his stomach and chest anymore because of the thick piece of meat between them. The long thick thing was behind his trouser for now but it was so thrilling to know that soon it is going to pop out and then be inside her. They continued their slow dance as if nothing happens. She grab his waist stronger. His body was so hard. She felt his hands on her waist but then she started to feel his hands were going down on her hips. She looked at his face. There was no shyness neither regret. His look was even stronger. She felt more thrilling. Then she did the same and put her hands on his above hips. Then he broke the all mental barriers and grab her bums strongly. She said “OH!” and she took a deep breath. She hold his shoulders and then he gave a big kiss on her lips. She was completely melted now and surrendered. She hugged him tight and gave a big kiss too. Then he lifted her up and she wrapped her legs around him. She was feeling like she is out of the world now. She was lifted by a strong black man who has a great manhood and she was under control of him. She had nothing to stop him to get her. He carried her till the bedroom and he was kissing her neck and necklace in the meanwhile. She was only stroking his short haired head and moaning. Then he put her on the ground and unbutton her dress. He started to suck her marble boobs. She felt like she was flying. Finally she was completely naked and he was kissing all over her body. She felt so defenseless but she loved that feeling. Then she unbutton his shirt and stared at his large strong body. He looked like strong a like a king, a chief of Zulu Tribe. Then she unbutton and zip off his trouser. He had a hill on his boxer, more than a bulge. Then she pull his boxer down and looked at his manhood as her eyes locked. She started to kiss it, worship it, while her hands were caressing his legs and butt. She sucked it, kissed it and for a while she gave a break and put her head on his hard strong stomach muscles and hold his buttock cheeks with her two hands. She stroked his buttock, legs and strong stomach and chest. She was worshipping him as if she is thirsty for her all life to a man. He also felt like a king and finally he hold her hands and pull her up. They kissed again on the lips and he shoved her to the bed in a gentle way. She immediately spread her legs and help him take his place between her legs. He started to shove his cock head on her pussy and it was driving her crazy. She felt like she has sex first time in her life. After 1 minute, she became totally his. While he was moving inside her, she was looking at him as if she is looking at a god. She was kissing his moustache and big lips in the same moment. He started to move inside her more rhythmic. She was caressing his back from his neck back to his bums and sometimes she was grabbing his buttocks. The pleasure was not to be describe. There was no word for it. She was getting black out, faint of pleasure. Then they changed the position. She got up and stood on her fours. He took a place behind her and started to pump her in this position. Her eyes were closed and her head was on the pillow and she wasn’t able to think about anything. She could only feel the pleasure. She was so happy to be surrendered by Ayize Bongani. All what she could hear was his roaring, her moaning and groaning and the voice of his balls crashing on her vagina. She was being pumped like crazy and she had no complain about it. She was happy and satisfied with what the man behind her does to her. Then she needed to rest a little bit and take some breath. She lied her head down on his chest and grab his balls. She had a real man in her hands and she hadn’t felt so great maybe since she was born. She felt like she was completed. Then she gave a kiss to him and she mounted on him. She grab his cock and put it’s head inside herself. It wasn’t easy to mount on it in the beginning but after sometime it started to slide in easier. She felt it in her every single cells. Then she had everything on him and she started to move slowly. She was doing circles on his cock and every tour made her felt crazy. She put her hands on his chest and ride him harder. Her mouth was opened and she couldn’t even control her posture anymore. Then he took the control again and pumped her. She was only screaming and she couldn’t understand anything else about what’s going on. He was pumping her so hard, finally she cracked a last scream and she squirted. She lost her all power and lie her head down on his chest while his cock was still inside her and his seeds were boozing out of her vagina. She couldn’t even get up and wear his clothes. They slept together and in the morning he woke up earlier than him. She was watching him naked and brushing his teeth. His body still looked so manly to her and she loved his hanging cock between his legs. Now, she could understand better why he is the strongest man of the town. Later she stood up naked and took a shower. They are breakfast together and then everyone left to his work. She was feeling so relieved, although she knew that it wasn’t love or relationship but she felt that it was what she needed. She thought she found her healthy and fresh good.

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