Wife with older staff member and me with her daugh


Wife with older staff member and me with her daughI was making the bed after my wife had left early to her florist business that she owns. I noticedstains on the sheets which was not there the morning before and we had not sex since then.Was she having it off with another. I needed to know even though my wife and I have a good sexual relationship.I retrieved a mini digital wireless camera I bought to protect our house when we are away on holidays. I then powered up the recorder to tape any movement in the bedroom.Two days latter after she went to work I downloaded the video of the day before.Was I surprised when I saw her with the woman next door and was also her assistant at the florist shopat first just undressing each other and then Mary the neighbour started kissing my wife Julie, first on the lips then holding Julie’s breasts and nibbling on her nipples.Marry pushed Julie onto the bed and moved between her legs.My cock was now fully erect and had to remove my pants to release it. Weeping precum watching my wife having her clit nibbled and licked until she let out a scream as her orgasm erupted. Julie grabbed her hair and rubbed her face in her wet warm cum.Julie took her vibrator out of the bedside draw and switched it on and first rubbed it over her nipples making them really stand out. Julie moved down to between Mary’s legs and teased her with short touches of her clit with the toy.Mary begged to have it deep inside her so Julie obliged thrusting it deep into her cunt. Mary let out a loud scream as the vib was forced deep inside her. Julie turned the vib on the highest speedmaking Mary shudder and groan, then bursting into an orgasm.By now I was stroking my erect cock and licking the precum from my fingers.The girls now moved into a 69 position licking and nibbling on each others clit.Mary moved into the house next door just a few months ago after leaving her husband and taking her daughter with her. Annie is in her early teens but has the body of an older girl. My wife often invites them over to swim in our pool as they don’t have one.Often after school Annie would come over for a swim while we are both at work but one day I came home early and there she türbanlı adapazarı escort was naked and floating on her back. My cock went to an immediate erection.She hadn’t seen me arrive home so I watched from the kitchen window as she swam and rolled over, dived to the bottom then kicking herself off the bottom and shooting up out of the water displaying her beautiful tits.My hand was inside my trousers stroking my cock until I couldn’t take it any more and dropped my trousers to the floor. It didn’t take long watching her to squirt a load into the kitchen sink.A few days later I checked the hard drive and found that Julie and Mary had been at it again. This time it was more passionate with loads of kissing and licking all over. Also fingers were disappearing inside their wet pussies.Mary asked Julie to get the dildo and fill her arse with it. Julie got the toy out of the drawer and also the lube which she smothered over the flexible dildo and her fingers which she inserted two to open her up a little. On removing her fingers she pressed the end of the dildo against here lubed hole. Gently Julie forced it slowly, inch by inch until all but enough to hold it was left.Mary was squirming and gasping as the dildo was withdrawn a few inches and pushed back in. This went on for a few minutes until Julie slowly slid it out.Julie was now looking at her deep stretched hole. She put a few fingers in Mary’s arse making Mary moan again. After fingering her for a about a minute she clutched all the fingers together and slowly squeezed her hand into Mary’s arse. Mary screamed from the pain at first but soon relaxed asking Julie to side it in and out. As she did Julie reached around the front and was now rubbing her clit creating another orgasm from Mary.I just couldn’t believe that my wife was so lusty even though we had regular sex.Julie came back from the bathroom and Mary told her to lay on her back where see licked and nibbled until she squirted her juices into Mary’s mouth.AnnieA few weeks after this it was school holidays and I came home around lunch time. When I got to the kitchen window I saw Annie laying on türbanlı adapazarı escort bayan a deck chair totally naked. This time I decided to approach her. When she saw me come out of the door she just looked and smiled. I said to her that she should have something on, where she remarked that I should take off my clothes before I burst out of my pants.Dumfounded I sat on one of the other chairs she then walked towards me and then turned and dived into the pool with her legs wide apart displaying everything to me.When she surfaced to turned to me and asked me to join her. I was hesitant at first but after many requests I removed my clothes and dived in.After doing a few laps I went to the shallow end on the pool where the was a ledge to sit on. Annie soon joined me and sat close.”I have never seen a cock as big as yours” I asked her how many she has seen”Besides my fathers 2 other boys who I had sex with”.I asked her didn’t she think she was too young but just shrugged it off.I was shocked and surprised when she reached over and took hold of my cock.I think you are a bit young to be doing that.”I want to do it with an older man to teach me everything as the two guys I had it with were just in and out and gone”She was now stroking my cock under the cool water but my cock was stiffer than ever.I said that we should go take a shower.In the shower she said she wanted to wash my cock, which she did for some time and had she had gone a bit longer would have shot my load over her.We dried each other off and went to the bedroom and pulled down the sheets. While she was getting into bed I went to the next room and switched on the cameras.When I came back she was laying in the middle of the bed with her legs wide apart and said”take me”But I laid along side her and reached out and cupped one of her breasts and played with her nibble.She moaned with delight and then went over and kissed her lips which she held firm. I told her to relax and let her lips soften and to move them with my lips. I eased my tongue into her mouth and then pulled away from her, telling her to use her tongue too. It didn’t taken long before türbanlı escort adapazarı she was really into to it and her breathing became more rapid.I moved my hand down between her parted legs, feeling for her clit, which was small but was hard and erect. Tweeking between my fingers making her moan and wriggle.I moved down the bed and took her clit between my lips and licked its tip. My tongue soon found it’s way into her tight opening and after a few minute went back to licking her clit as I slid a finger inside her causing her to have her first wild orgasm with her wildly wriggling and her moans turning to mild screams.I moved back along side her and kissed her with her own cum, this time she was using her tongue licking around my lips.My cock was now weeping precum all over the bed and told her to lick it clean for me which she didn’t hesitate. I instructed her on the sensitive parts of the penis and testicles and how to usethem to get a guy to cum.Annie moved between my legs and stroked my cock with one hand and sucked it as she grasped my balls in her other hand. I think it was less than a minute when I shot a huge load into her mouth as she gagged and spat some out but lapped it up and swallowed most of it.She moved back up to me with cum dripping off her chin and cheek which I wiped off with my fingerand put it in her mouth to swallow. I wasn’t sure she liked what happened until se told me she can’t wait to do that again.As we lay there she was holding and stroking my limp cock and all she talked about was wanting to feel my cock in her.It was only a few minutes and my penis was fully erect and told her I would take it slow and to let me know if it hurt.I pressed the head of my cock against her clit and rubbed it there for a short time making her moan and begging for me to insert my cock “fuck me” she said “fuck me, I want your huge cock in me”Slowly I pushed it in. Inch by inch. Annie moaned and groaned but kept saying”I want it all, don’t stop, fill my cunt with your cock”I had about 6in in her when I felt some resistance and just held it there. She let out an almighty squeal as her orgasm exploded. Her body went out of control, tossing and twisting. Loud squeals came from her mouth. She was biting on my lip so had to pull away.My cock exploded inside her and I collapsed on top of her then rolled off.Slowly her body relaxed, her eyes red and weeping tears of joy.”That was some fuck” were her first wordsI want you every day. It was so goodTHIS STORY WILL CONTINUE WITH ME FRONTING MY WIFE AND NEIGHBOUR AND MOREFUN WITH ANNIE

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