wife’s office Christmas party


wife’s office Christmas partyMy wife work’s for a big company and vey year they have a Christmas party. It’s a formal get together where profit sharing statements are handed out and everyone gets to dress up nice. And every year my wife leaves with a little more than her profit statement. So far each year she has been able to have her pussy serviced at least once during the party. Last year it was twice and she hopping this year will be a repete. Lasy year she bought a dress just for the party. It was a red formal off the sholder number. It was long but she had it shortened to just above the knee. She wore black lace top stockings , a black garter belt and a black half cup bra under it. The bra was strapless and left her nipples uncovered. With the dress on she looked just stunning. A pair or four inch black hills and we where out the door headed to the party. On the ride there she told me to not hover around her tonight, that she had planes on getting some action with a co worker. I asked who but she wouldn’t say.When we got there a valet met us at the door. I was out and around on the passanger side as he held the door for my wife to get out. She did so with total grace, even with the dress being that short she was able to exit our car without showing any of her sexy under things. Women I’ve found out will only allow you to see what they want you to see. I took her arm and we entered the party. We where met my a young lady and given name tags. They had both our first and last names on them. As we entered the room where the music was playing I noticed most everyone was either dancing to the live band or chatting in small groups. There was an open bar and my wife told me to go get something to drink. I asked what she wanted ? She said I want you to go to the bar and stay there. Oh , OK I said. I made my way to the bar and got a drink, as soon as I had it I turned my back to the bar to have a look at all the well dressed folks there. What I noticed was I didn’t see my wife. Now pınarbaşı escort where could she have gotten off to that quick I wondered.I had a couple of drinks while at the bar and then I saw an open table near the dance floor. I hurried over and sat down. There where four chairs at each table and I figured that soon I’d be sharing it with another couple. When the song ended the band took a break. Soon a middle aged couple came up and asked if they ould set at my table. I said sure have a seat. They asked me if I worked for the company? I said no that my wife did. They glanced around and asked where she was? I made up a story about her stepping outside to use the phone. We sat there for at least thirty minutes. The lady asked if I thought everything was OK that my wife had been gone for a long time. I said I’m sure my wife is just fine and that if anything where wrong she would come get me. Another twenty minutes pasted and I could tell that they where starting to wonder if I was telling them a story. The lady kept saying I should go check on my wife. I didn’t want to tell her I had no clue where she was. I was about to go get another drink at the bar when just as I was about to stand up and hand on my shoulder pushed me back in my seat. It was my wife. She leaned in and kissed me square on the lips , and as she did I got a hint of cum on her lips. I spoke up quickly and said honey I hope your phone call went OK us three where worried about how long you where gone. She looked at the couple setting with me and said oh , yeah everything is just fine. I said where you able to get done what you where hopping to? She looked me dead in the eye and said yes sweetheart I got everything I needed. The couple where only half ass listening to us. My wife leaned over and wispered in my ear that her pussy was full of cum and if I wanted to eat it then we had better hurry before it ran out and spotted her dress. I excused myself and my wife and I made our way out side. We found a dark corner and my wife put her hands on the wall and leaned foward. I lifted her dress up over her ass and squatted down and burried my face in her wet musty smelling love hole. I licked her for all I was worth. She indeed had been very well fucked. Her clit was swollen and puffy I sucked it between my lips and this caused her to raise up on tiptoes. After I cleaned her good enough to avoid and leak down her legs I stood and lowered her dress. She turned around and we kissed, she explored the inside my mouth with her tongue. She loves the taste of her pussy mixed with cum when I eat her. She said Ok go away I have another one lined up. I stood up and my hard dick was sticking out in my dress slacks. I said what about this as I pointed to it. She looked down and in a flash burried her knee in my balls. I let out a loud moan and bent over. As she walked off she said over her shoulder when you can walk go back inside. I found a bench near by and sat down and fought the feeling of throwing up. I about ten minutes I felt better and went back inside. I got a fresh drink and went back to that same table. Those folks where still setting there. I said hey again and sat down. The wife of the couple asked me if everything was OK ? I said yeah why. She said well first of all we just saw your wife and another guy going out that door back there then you show up pale as a ghost. I said everything is nice trust me. I know she didn’t buy it but she let it go. In a few minutes her husband said honey lets go to the meeting room and wait for the profit sharing statements. I said that’s a good idea I’ll be in there in a few. They left and I sat and waited on my wife to come back. She wasn’t back when they came over the intercom and said that everyone to the meeting room. I went in and sat down. I saved a seat next to me for my wife. As they started calling names out I looked around for my wife. When they called her name I was about stand to go get her statement when out of the corner of my eye I saw her walking down the other row of seats. I sat back down. She had seen me stand and after picking up her suff she came and sat next to me. As soon as she sat down she whispered that she knows there will be a wet spot on the back of her dress when she stands up. When they where finished and everyone started leaving the room my wife said wait till everyone is standing and you walk close behind me. I followed her out and to the curb. As the valet went to get our car I stepped back far enough to have a look. I said baby you have a wet spot but I’ll hide it. When the guy pulled up with our car I opened the door and she got in quickly. I ran around handed the guy his tip and we sped off. I said baby you look like you peed your self. That’s more than a load of cum back there. She said it should be three. Three I said you mean two don’t you? She said you ate one and then me Mark, Tom, and Jackie had a little gang bang. I said they pulled a train on you? she said yes I sucked one had one up my ass and the third tore her pussy up. I shook my head and said baby you are a loose woman. She said you aint k**ding I’m loose every where right now. When we got home I ate her ass and her pussy before she would allow me to jack off while looking at her well used lady parts. She never allows me access to her vagina with my cock. It wouldn’t do any goos as she says my equipment is large enough to matter. The next morning she had me set and talk to her as she soaked in the tub. I even watched her douche herself. She put on one of my t-shirts and that’s all. As we wrapped Christmas presents setting in the den floor she made sure her shaved pussy was in full view to me. My cock stayed hard all day. That evening I complaned of having blue balls. She she I’ll jerk you off if you want me to. I said HELL YES. She made me lay on my back and pull my legs up over my head. I was staring at my cock that way. She said open your mouth and you had better catch everything that comes out. She begain stroking my dick and in less than a minutes I was squirting a load of seaman rightin my own mouth.

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