Wonder Woman.


Wonder Woman.I thought some of you might like to read this. Enjoy.A guy who occasionally works as a Labourer on the farm, and it was his step sons 18th birthday party, fancy dress. We have talked a bit and he invited me along. So I managed to get a costume together, Wonder Women. I had some high red boots already and managed to make the rest from some of my gym clothes, I never use them now, they where a little tight especially the shorts, but I tippexed some stars on them and they looked pretty good, I trimmed the sleeves of a red top and used a little but of yellow paint t paint on an eagle. I had a loop of yellow clothes line for my lasso and a wide gold belt. Because of how tight the shorts where. I didn’t wear any knickers as they would have shown through and in the low light of my room it looked safe enough. So I went, uşak rus escort had a long coat on and seemed ok.got to the party at a rugby club and went in. There where quite a few people there and some good costumes but I noticed I was he getting quite a few looks, all very flattering and made me feel good and sexy. I went over to the birthday boy and wished him happy birthday and went to give him a kiss on the cheek and he put his arms round me for a hug, and he had a quick feel of my bum too. I pulled away and told him he was cheeky and gave a smile. Then he asked if I was the stripper. I tried to laugh it of and told him I knew his dad. I went to the bar and got a G&T and a couple of his friends came over to talk. At first apologising for his stripper comment.I said it was ok and quite uşak rus escort bayan a compliment really. They said I would make a good stripper, I laughed. They naught me more drinks and even had a dance. All very nice and I admit I liked the attention, liked it a lot, even enough to not mind there hands touching a little and brushing up against me. We had more drinks, some quite strong ones, and there. hands where getting more touchy. Then one said that he could see my cunt, and he could see how wet I was through the wet patch on my shorts. He was holding my arm his friend holding my other and he reached down and pressed his finger right up between my lips and rubbed deep then put his finger in his mouth. I staired but didn’t move. My back was too the room, and no one could see, but rus uşak escort I knew everyone would see my wetness if I turned around. I said I think I should go and they said they had a van outside. I know I shouldn’t but I went to the van with them and started kissing and them fingering my puss, my cunt. They ended up tearing a hole in my shorts and I just let them opened my legs and had them both fingering my cunt and later my bum as I kissed them both and they groped and pulled on my toys, we got into the back and they both fucked me, very hard very rough in my mouth, cunt and up my bum too, I acted like a slut for them letting them do everything and they had so much stamina they didn’t stop. I was aching and in pain and I asked them for more and more, the m in me at the same time and sometimes a dirty bottle from in the van stuck in me as well. Has been a long time and I was shameless. My costume was in pieces and covered in mess but I didn’t care. And still don’t, but don’t know there names to see them again. Also a little embarrassed because I realized in bright light like the rugby club my shorts where completely see through.

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