Yes, Mrs Wilson!


This story is separate from my first story. It is the first installment of a series inspired by a collaboration with Juliemom81 in the Literotica chat rooms. An amazing lady to say the least! The fictional Mrs. Wilson is loosely based on her very hot life! All the names are fictional and all characters are over 18. We hope you enjoy it and look forward to adding more installments in the series!


Looking into Room 223 at Crestview High nothing seemed out of the ordinary. The teacher, Julie Wilson, was sitting at her desk dressed very professionally in a blouse with only one button undone, a matching skirt that hit just above her knees and flats. The students were all listening to her intently.

But then she stood up. Underneath that professional facade, there was a body that couldn’t be disguised. Great tits, curvy hips, and tanned shapely calves hinted at what those clothes were trying to hide. Mrs. Wilson was hot!

Adding to her physical charms was a sunny disposition, sense of humor, and easy smile that made it not possible to dislike her. Then there was the fact that she was in her low 40’s, nice looking, fit, and a mother. In other words, a classic MILF! In between their sexual fantasies, even the boys would agree that Mrs. Wilson made Social Studies at least bearable.

What the casual observer wouldn’t know is that under those clothes Mrs. Wilson wasn’t wearing any panties. Sexual fantasies weren’t just the student’s domain. Mrs. Wilson loved fantasizing about the swinging she would be doing most every weekend!

The truth is outside of school, Mrs. Wilson and her husband of 20 years, Jeff, are very popular swingers. This particular weekend, they were going to the best house party in the area hosted by their good friends, the Campbell’s. Looking at the clock on this Friday afternoon, Mrs. Wilson couldn’t wait for the final bell to ring.

“You know that quiz I on Monday I was telling you all about a few minutes ago. The one that meant you had to read 4 chapters in your textbook over the weekend. Well, I was just kidding! Have a great weekend!” The final bell was ringing, the students were now happy. She was happy. Let the weekend begin!

Julie was expecting a hot, fun weekend. What she didn’t know is that things were going to happen that would change her family forever!

Starting with Friday night, Julie was meeting a couple of her friends for drinks in an hour. Time enough to get home and change into one of her short, tight dresses that transformed her into the hot-looking MILF that she was. Nothing wrong with teasing all the men in the bar!

Burke’s was their favorite meeting place. A small bar/restaurant on a quiet corner in town. The bartender knew them and their favorite drinks came without having to order them. Julie, as Mrs. Wilson was known away from school, was having a good time with her girlfriends!

“Hey, Mrs. Wilson!” That was a familiar voice Julie thought as she turned to look for the speaker. “Oh my god, Lonnie! how have you been!” Lonnie happened to be one of her favorite fantasies from 2 years before in class. He was the star of the football team. 6’3”, handsome, muscular, and black! Now he is playing on his college team she had heard.

Julie stood up and hugged him. He was happy to see her she thought. “Do you have time for a drink Lonnie? Let’s catch up!” Julie boldly asked. Lonnie motioned to the other boys he was with, “I’ll catch up to you guys later.” He wasn’t going to miss out on a drink with Mrs. Wilson!

They took seats at the end of the bar and started talking nonstop. Julie did always like Lonnie and imagined fucking him many times! As the conversation was moving along she was starting to realize he was thinking the same about her.

“I am afraid to say what we guys were thinking when you were up there writing on the blackboard!”

“Maybe if you tell me I might tell you what I was thinking!”

“Well, we were always looking for panty lines in your skirts. Never saw any. We all decided you weren’t wearing any! Am I right?”

Julie laughed. “Are you kidding? Did you ever listen to anything I was teaching? I think you can call me Julie now because I am going to answer that. The answer is No I wasn’t wearing any!”

Lonnie was sensing his fantasy might be coming true tonight. “You don’t know what else I was thinking about you.” He decided to go for it! Julie leaned closer and whispered in his ear, “Why don’t we get out of here and talk about it?” She was finding it difficult to keep her hands off him.

Lonnie took her arm as they walked outside. Julie pressed her body against him and asked coyly “So what were you thinking Lonnie”

Lonnie stopped her and looked in her eyes, “I wanted to fuck you so bad!”

Julie was so ready to hear that. She kissed him hard, probing his mouth with her tongue. A very big bulge was pressing against her stomach pushing her over the edge. “Fuck me now Lonnie. Right now!”

They managed to walk around the corner to Lonnie’s kaynarca escort car. There didn’t seem to be anybody around but they were going to fuck regardless. “Get in the back seat” Julie went into her dominant mode, “On your back!” Julie straddled his legs and shut the door.

Lonnie was tugging at his belt and opening his pants as fast as he could. Julie grabbed the sides and pulled hard. Lonnie’s almost hard cock sprang into view. Julie only got his pants down to mid-thigh before she had to stop and get that cock in her mouth.

Stroking him with one hand while the other cupped his balls, Julie concentrated on swirling her tongue around that big, beautiful head. “Holy shit Julie” Lonnie managed to get out, “So good!”

A couple of minutes of Julie’s cock sucking had Lonnie rock hard. Julie leaned back and lifted her dress to her waist. “No panties tonight either Lonnie.” letting him see her very smooth, wet pussy.

Lonnie slipped 3 fingers in her and leaned up to kiss her hard. Julie pushed him back down after a minute and position herself over his cock. Reaching back she guided the tip between her very wet lips. “Now fuck me. Give it all to me”

Lonnie thrust up into her burying all 9 inches in her. Julie gasped “Hard baby. Give it to me hard!” Lonnie’s hips responded with a hard fast rhythm. Julie was kissing his neck and meeting his thrusts with her hips. “Fuck it Fuck it I love your cock!”

Lonnie was overcome by the sheer passion of Julie. He was pumping his cock into her as hard as he could and felt a huge orgasm building. “Oh god, fucking shit I am going to cum!”

“Give me that cum. Cum inside me!” Julie’s body was quivering now with her orgasm. Such intensity from Lonnie had brought her to orgasm in record time. Soon they lay exhausted in each other’s arms. Lonnie’s cock was still inside her.

After a couple of minutes, their breathing started to return to normal. “That was so much better than I ever imagined Julie. You are so fucking hot!”

“That was the most intense fuck I have had in a long time young man” Julie managed to say, “I so much want to ride that cock again!”

Lonnie kissed her. “I want you too. The only problem is I have a date tonight.” Looking at his watch Lonnie said, “Oh fuck, I have to pick her up in 25 minutes.”

Julie laughed. “I didn’t mean right now silly. I can’t believe nobody called the cops on us! We just fucked in a car! I have to get home to my husband too you know.” Julie wasn’t going to let Lonnie in on the swinging side of her life until she cleared it with Jeff.

They managed to get their clothes back in place. Julie opened the door and climbed off him. Out of the car, she looked around half expecting to see a crowd of people that had been watching them! Unbelievable! Nobody was around!

Lonnie got out of the back seat and kissed Julie tenderly. “You are amazing!”

“So are you Lonnie, give me your cell number. I will text you next week so we can find a time to do this again. Maybe in a bed!” she laughed.

Julie’s car was 2 cars down. They kissed once more and said their goodbyes. Julie could feel his cum dripping down her thigh as she walked to her car. Getting in she checked her face in the mirror. Flushed, sweaty but makeup looked intact. A little hair brushing and she was ready to make an entrance at home.

Before starting the car Julie took out her cellphone. Her husband answered. “Hi Honey, I just fucked one of my ex-students!” Julie smiled knowing how his mind was exploding with a million questions but she just disconnected leaving him hanging. “Such a bad girl!” Julie thought as she started the car to head home.

Jeff, her husband, was sitting on the sofa with the rest of their family, Josh 19, and Kim 18, watching a movie. He said before he answered, “It’s your mom! She must be done gabbing with her friends finally!” Then with the phone up to his ear, a very stunned look came over his face. They looked at each other like what’s up?

Jeff hung up and tried to act casual, “Mom will be home in a few.” In a minute he got up to go to the kitchen right in the middle of the big Avengers battle. Something was off they figured. They saw him standing by the kitchen window looking out at the driveway.

Julie parked the car and went in the back door. Jeff was standing right there and planted a big wet kiss on her lips.

“We have to talk,” he said, taking her hand and pulling her towards the stairs.

“Hi, you guys” Julie waved as he dragged her past them to go upstairs. Now they were intrigued.

“What do you think they are doing?” Josh asked Kim.

“They don’t seem angry. I don’t know!”

“Let’s go listen!” Josh replied pausing the movie. They both got up and quietly went up the stairs.

“We have to be very quiet,” he whispered to Kim.

Their parent’s bedroom was the last door on the left. When they got close they could see the door was slightly ajar. Kim nodded as Josh put his finger up to his lips reminding her to be quiet.

“His orhanlı escort cum tastes so good!” they heard their Dad say.

“Get it all Hon. It’s on my thighs too. He had such a beautiful cock!” Mom sounded like a woman whose pussy was being eaten!

They looked at each other in amazement. WTF was going through both their minds. They hardly were breathing now wanting to hear everything!

“How big was he?” Dad asked.

“9 inches Baby. Thick too. I could hardly get more than the head in my mouth!”

“You love those big black cocks. Remember those guys at Jen Peterson’s party? I thought you were going to pass out the way they were fucking you!”

They could hear Dad eating Mom while she spoke.

“I came twice. He pounded me hard with that big cock of his. I want to fuck him again!”

“I want you to also Honey. I so want to watch!”

Kim noticed a very large tent forming in Josh’s sweatpants. They were both mesmerized by what they were hearing. Without even thinking about it her hand started stroking his cock. She was excited too.

“When was he in your class?”

“2 years ago. I used to fantasize about fucking him all the time. Don’t stop eating me! I am getting close!”

Another minute of the sounds of Dad sucking on her pussy brought Mom to another loud orgasm.

“Fuck me now! I want to taste my pussy on your face!”

Listening to their parents fucking hard now they looked at each other for the first time as lovers would. So many nights they guessed about what their parents were doing when they would leave the house dressed very provocatively. Mom especially. Swingers parties was a frequent guess!

Without a word, Josh took Kim’s hand and led her down the hall to his room. They both knew they were going to fuck. Now they know for sure that their parents were into some kinky shit. They also knew they would be confronting them about it in the morning.

It seemed like the line they had never crossed with each other was obliterated tonight. Sexual norms didn’t apply anymore. Their parents had their own set of rules about it and it was time for them to do the same. As soon as Josh closed his door Kim was down on her knees yanking his sweatpants off.

Josh was a handsome guy. A lean, muscular frame from 3 years of High School sports along with his friendly disposition made for the total package. Far from a virgin, Josh did his best to take care of a long list of girls since the 8th grade. Now, the one thing Kim didn’t know about him, is he was the proud owner of a large very hard cock.

Kim was no virgin either. While she didn’t command the attention Josh did in school there were plenty of boyfriends in her past. She was slender but fit. Swimming was her sport and her body showed the results. As soon as she got Josh’s pants off she went to work on that beautiful cock.

“That’s so good Kim. I wish I knew you sucked cock like this before!” Josh quietly joked with her. Kim looked up at him with his cock in her mouth and took it out for a second. Her eyes said she loving it.

Kim pulled her arms out of her sweatshirt while she sucked. Backing away from his cock for one second while she pulled the sweatshirt over her head and threw it across the room, she went right back at it. She played with her very hard pink nipples while she sucked her brother!

“Stand up. Let’s get those shorts off. I have to fuck you!”

In a second they were both naked locked in a deep French kiss. Josh gently backed her up against the door. They were still kissing when he lifted one of her legs and used one arm to hold it up. Kim’s hands found his cock and guided it towards her pussy.

Josh opened his legs more to get to the right height. The tip of his cock was inside her now. He drove the full length into Kim using his legs for power. Kim gasped ” love it, Josh! Fuck me!” Josh obliged giving it to her hard and fast.

Kim wrapped her arms around his neck and wrapped her leg around his waist. Josh knew what she wanted. He grabbed her ass and lifted allowing her to get her other leg around his waist. Now they were fucking standing in the middle of his room. Josh thrust up into her while he bounced her up and down with his hands on her ass.

A few minutes of that was all it took. Kim was quivering with another orgasm when Josh said he was cumming. There were no words at this moment, just gasps and moans as they both came hard. Finally the fucking stopped and they fell exhausted onto the bed.

After a few minutes of enjoying the afterglow, Kim looked and Josh “Let’s do it again!” So it went for the next 3 hours until they exhausted themselves and fell into a deep sleep in each other’s arms.

Julie woke up early Saturday morning. 6:15 to be exact. Nude, she got out of bed and surveyed Jeff sprawled nude across the bed. Coffee was the only word she could think of after all that cock she got the night before. She put on a short robe and headed down the hall to the kitchen.

Julie stopped in tepeören escort her tracks. “What the fuck.” There was Kim’s bedroom door wide open, her bed not slept in. Pondering that sight Julie started to wake up. “Where the fuck is she.” was her next thought. Then her eyes came to rest on Josh’s shut door.

“No way. It can’t be.” Julie tried to reassure herself. There was only one way to find out. She quietly turned the doorknob and slowly opened the door a crack. A few inches was all it took to see Josh and Kim laying on the bed nude, sleeping soundly in each other’s arms. Their clothes and the sheets were strewn across the floor. No doubt about what they had been doing.

Quietly closing the door, Julie was thinking “Shit, Shit, Holy fucking shit! What the fuck? Fucking shit.” Teetering on the edge of crying, screaming, laughing, and, yes, wanting to look some more Julie scampered back down the hall to her room.

“Wake the fuck up,” Julie pounced on Jeff with her knees.

Jeff groaned and opened his eyes wide. “What the hell was that for? Did I cum too fast last night? I don’t remember.”

“Look at me, Jeff. Listen to the words I am saying.” Julie continued sitting on top of him. “Josh and Kim fucked last night!”

“Fucked who?” Jeff responded.

“Each other! Can you please wake the fuck up, I don’t know what to do.”

Wide awake now they looked at each other. After a minute Jeff offered “We need coffee!”

“Right. You’re right. Let’s go to the kitchen.”

Out in the hall, Julie motioned to the closed door and mouthed the words “Do you want to see.” to Jeff.

He nodded yes. Quietly opening the door again Julie stepped back so Jeff could stick his head in.

Jeff stood there looking at them longer than Julie did. His cock was starting to swell. Julie stepped in and closed the door. Grabbing his hand she pulled him towards the kitchen.

“Are you fucking kidding me? You were getting hard!”

“I know. They looked so beautiful in each other’s arms. I was thinking that I would like to join them! Tell me you didn’t think the same thing when you saw them.”

Being an outraged parent was not the road Julie was wanting to go down either. “I suppose I should say no and you are a dirty old man but you know you are right. I was thinking the same thing. We are going to Hell!”

“Let’s be honest. We have been indulging our fantasies for 20 years now. Except one that is. What we saw this morning was something neither of us wanted to acknowledge.”

Julie knew he was right and was calming down now. The situation was becoming clearer. They needed to be honest with Josh and Kim!

Then they heard them coming downstairs. Jeff and Julie looked at each other. “Honesty it is,” Julie stated.

Josh and Kim didn’t waste any time. They were holding hands and standing, ready to make a speech.

“We want you to know we had sex with each other last night. We aren’t sorry about it either. We listened to you telling Dad how you fucked one of your ex-students and how much Dad loved it and that party you are going to tonight and everything else. Kim and I always figured you guys were swingers but now we know. What we wanted to say is it turned us on.”

They chose honesty too. Now it was their parent’s turn. Julie spoke first.

“Look, when I saw your room was empty I have to admit my first reaction was panic. But when I saw the 2 of you sleeping in each other’s arms I have to be honest. You looked beautiful!

“I thought the same thing when your mom had me look too.”

“So we have decided to be honest with you both this morning too. As your parents, the socially acceptable response would be punishment and therapy for you both but your Dad and I have never made decisions by what’s socially acceptable. Yes. We have been swingers since before you were born. We are both bisexual and love the lifestyle.”

“That is the truth you two. We have never limited ourselves when it comes to sex. Anybody or anything that either of us wanted to try was fine as long as we either did it together or told each other about it later. It probably seems crazy to you but it has made us so much closer.”

Kim spoke up this time. “We want you to know that we think it is so cool that you guys are like that. We want to be too. Josh and I are adults now. We want to be able to be open and honest about our sexual desires too.”

“So Kim and I were talking this morning. Why can’t we go to that party you were talking about at the Campbell’s tonight too? We are old enough and we really would love to see what goes on.”

Jeff and Julie looked at each other and knew it was a good idea. Jeff spoke up.

“The Campbell’s have been having these parties for years. There are 12-15 couples that get invited and each can bring guests that they think the group will like. The truth is some have brought their adult family members before. The Campbell’s daughter is 25 now and is one of the regulars. So yes that is a good idea I think.”

“The ground rules with family members is no sex with each other for obvious reasons.” Jeff continued “You would be free to watch and have sex with anybody else. They are a good group so all you have to do is say no if you don’t want to do anything.”

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