‘Yes, Officer’


‘Yes, Officer’I worked in a dry cleaners for almost ten years. I’ve seen it all. In that industry sex sells. Men pick up their clothes and they want to see a hot bitch barely dressed. They need her to flirt. You get deep in their heads asking ‘how their day went?’ Suddenly, you seem to care about them more than the trophy wife at home.If you want a rich husband, working at a dry cleaners is a good place to look. I don’t do the suit and tie kind of guy. I had a boyfriend. Most girls cheated. We were all alone in a tiny store with no cameras. Fucking in the bathroom was practically a rite of passage. I worked at one location in the morning with a bunch of horny sex fiend women. Dear God, all we did was discuss who was fucking who and all the details.I was the shy one. I earned the nickname ‘little lynn,’ because I am really short. It’s also my voice. I sound like a little girl. I have a hundred stories about my time at that store. My boss was a German lady who was totally a nymphomaniac. She knew only one customer caught my eye. It was so silly. He was the tall boy in my klndergarten class named mike. I was the pretty little girl in cute dresses. That was our only class together.But, it’s strange how much a flve year old can remember. I grew up to be pretty hot. He was still out of my league. He was at least six four and built like a linebacker. My luck the fucker was a cop. Let’s just say I had a wee problem with pot. Mike was also in the druog task [email protected] squad. It was not a match made in heaven. Then maybe it was.I always got high during lunch. Once a week, he came waltzing in and I panicked. I was always stoned, covering the smell of pot with a ton of perfume. My boss made me wait on him so she could giggle. I had such a crush on him, I could barely speak or walk. I couldn’t even really smile. I couldn’t look him in the eye. And that motherfucker loved it.Mike knew he made me into a horny little shy girl that still felt stuck in klndergarten. His smile said it all. He knew I wanted him. He knew most women wanted him. He had a reputation for banging down so many chicks in town. He loved the power. He loved the control. He loved watching a woman break under his will.Mike would linger and talk about druog busts. He knew he made me crazy. Knowing myself, I probably stood there and played with my tits. Which for the record has always been the most embarrassing habit I’ve ever had. If you make me nervous my hand goes to my cleavage and I’ve actually unbuttoned my whole kilis rus escort top before. It’s hilarious.Mike knew he had me. I couldn’t look him in the eye. Me and my work buddy stella, totally had a fetish for smelling a man’s shirts. We only sniffed shirts from hot guys. But as soon as my klndergarten cop was out the door we both stuck our noses in his uniform tops. We were totally getting wet from the smell of his sweat, deodorant, cologne and pheremones. We could sit there and nearly rub ourselves against the counter smelling his shirts.Finally, our boss Marion said ‘enough you horny bitches, get back to work.’ Every afternoon at two, I switched locations to work at a tiny drop store all by myself. I used to get bored out of my mind. I don’t know if he asked where I was one afternoon and my boss told him, I was all alone across town. That was all he needed to know.Mike came waltzing in wearing normal clothes instead of a uniform. He walked in like he owned the place. I got weak in the knees, nearly pissed my pants and had heart palpitations. He was one of the very few people who could make me lose the power of speech. I think I mumbled ‘how can I help you?’ He actually laughed at me. I kind of wanted to hit him. Mike leaned over the counter and said ‘why do I make you so nervous?’ I managed to get cocky enough to say ‘I’m sure you make lots of girls nervous.’He busted out with ‘you were the little girl that I wanted to kiss on the playground.’ I had the courage to say ‘you were the boy, I was dying to get that kiss from.’ He asked me ‘Are you still dying for it?’ All I could do was nod. He looked around and said ‘does this place have cameras?’ I told him ‘no.’ I was so fucking nervous.Mike said ‘you should show me the back.’ We both knew what that meant. I happened to be dressed cute as fuck that day. I was wearing a tight pair of white shorts and a little green tank top. I knew I looked hot. I didn’t feel out of his league. I took his hand and walked him behind the conveyer belt. All we had back there was a microwave.He pressed up against me. He was so much taller than me, I could feel his hard dick pressing against my belly button. He whispered ‘should we go in the bathroom?’ I was not about to fuck my dream man next to a toilet. I told him where we were was perfect. I showed him how to unlock the backdoor and slip outside if a customer came in.He laughed at me again. I giggled and said ‘what?’ He said ‘I totally kilis rus escort bayan want to see you naked but we have to do this with our clothes mostly on.’ I told him ‘that totally sucks, doesn’t it?’ He didn’t hesitate. He grabbed me and kissed me so hard. It was way better than a playground kiss. Our height difference was an issue. He [email protected] me to my knees while he sucked all over my neck rubbing my tits.Luckily my tank top didn’t require a bra. All he had to do was lift my tits out of my shirt. He started sucking on my nipples and I just whimpered. He sort of held me up on my knees with one hand on my back. He slid his other hand up my shorts. I picked the perfect day not to wear panties. He muttered ‘hmmm you turned into such a little slut not even wearing panties or a bra to work.’My pussy was so wet. His fingers were almost too big to rub my clit going up my shorts. He sort of teased the sides of my pussy. He knew I wanted more. Really hard he started rubbing my clit through the fabric of my shorts. He kissed me again and said ‘beg me to pull your shorts off.’ I said ‘please fucking do it’In seconds he had me unbuttoned and unzipped with my shorts pushed down to my knees. Thank god, I was totally shaved. Mike said ‘God your pussy is so beautiful. I’ve barely touched you and your soaked.’ He started sucking my nipples again and first he rubbed my clit and then he stuck one of his huge fingers deep inside me. He didn’t waste time. He was fucking me hard and fast.Mike moaned ‘you like that don’t you?’ All I could do was thrust my hips against his hand instead of answer his question. He told me ‘no one’s been fucking you good. You’re almost too tight.’ I nearly winced when he started using two fingers to fuck me. His fingers were huge. I felt so stretched. I couldn’t get enough. He knew I was about to cum. He could tell from my breathing and moaning.He pulled his fingers out of me and said ‘suck them.’ It tasted like heaven sucking my juices off his fingers. We both knew we were running out of time. Soon a customer would come in. I know he wanted me to suck his cock. He settled on having his fingers sucked.I watched as he unfastened his belt and unzipped his jeans. He pulled out a massive hard dick. He knew I wanted it in my mouth. He looked at me dead serious. He said ‘before I walk out of here, you’re writing your address and phone number down so we can do this the right way.’ I just said ‘yes, but please just rus kilis escort fuck me real hard. I don’t care if someone comes in.’He poshed me down on my back so my head was laying against plastic from the dry cleaning conveyer. He lifted up my ass, pushing my shorts around my ankles so my legs were totally spread. Then he slammed his dick in me so hard I did scream. I dug my fingernails in his back. He knew I was out of control with the noise.It was so fucking hot. He put his hand over my mouth and said ‘shhhh.’ I lost it. No one had ever fucked me like that. No wonder women couldn’t resist him even if they tried. His rhythm and [email protected] were perfect, He had no choice but to keep his hand over my mouth or I would’ve been screaming Fuck,Yes, Holy Shit and Jesus Christ. I knew I was about to cum. My whole body was shaking.He fucked me so hard and fast my body exploded and I could feel my muscles squeezing down on his dick. He moved his hand from my mouth and said ‘can I cum inside you?’ He said it like he was desperate and begging. I said ‘fill me up with your cum.’ I bit down on his shoulder as he absolutely lost control making just as much noise as I did. I could feel that massive eruption of cum pour into my pussy.I could feel his sweat dripping against my face. His whole body collapsed on me and I felt crushed. But, it felt wonderful. He regained his composure and crawled off of me. Once again, Mike was all cockiness. He said ‘tell me that was the best you’ve ever had and you want it again.’ I repeated it word for word. He pulled my shorts up and buttoned them. He said ‘I want you to spend the rest of the day with my cum inside you. Making your shorts wet. Making your thighs sticky.’I told him ‘Yes,officer.’ He rubbed my pussy through my shorts guaranteeing I had one hell of a wet cum covered crotch. All I could do was giggle. I said ‘You know customers are gonna think I pissed myself.’ He said ‘good.’We both kind of staggered to the front of the store. I immediately wrote down my address and phone number. He said ‘do you live with your boyfriend?’ I smiled and said ‘actually he doesn’t want me to move in. So I live with my mother.’ He said ‘You’re boyfriend’s fucking stupid. I thought I was going to have to fuck you in the back of my cruiser. And trust me, that isn’t easy because the doors lock.’I told him ‘You’re in luck. I’m home by ten every night except Friday and Saturday.’ He shook his head. He said ‘I hate being married.’ I laughed at him and said ‘Mike, the whole town knows you suck at marriage.’ Then he said ‘If you were my girl you would be in my bed every fucking night.’ I told him my asshole boyfriend ‘needed space.’ Mike said ‘He has no clue how easy it is for the hot chick at the dry cleaners to meet men.’ I told him ‘We should keep that as our little secret.’

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