You Belong to Me


You Belong to MeI glance around as, you, Alexandria dig through your purse, searching for your house keys. “What time is your boyfriend, Tony the pony, coming home again?” I ask, waiting impatiently as you continue rummaging. “Stop worrying about it?” you chide, pulling your keys from the purse, yet still fumbling them in your drunken fingers. “He won’t be back until the morning.” “It’s morning already isn’t it?” I am ready to slap you and head back to my hotel room for sleep. Her smart mouth is beginning to get on my last nerve.”Its 3 A.M.”, you answer back, as you open the door and step into the flat. “We have plenty of time.” Taking one more cautious glance around, I observe the empty hallway before following you inside. “Want a drink?” you inquire, tossing the keys on the kitchen counter. “Ummm,” I begin in contemplation as I kick off my trainers. “Don’t you think we’ve had enough already?””Well, one more won’t hurt,” you shoot back, opening the fridge door. “As long as you’ll still be able to get it up later.””Hey,” I warn as you smile teasingly. “Whatever,” you say, smiling as you grab two glasses from the cupboard. I smirk as I walk by, giving you a firm pat on the ass before heading towards the living room. A few minutes later you follow, carrying the two glasses. Setting one glass on the coffee table, you sit on the other couch with the second, immediately taking a long drink. “What’s this?” I ask suspiciously, smelling the dark liquid that fills the glass. “Rum and Coke,” you answer, setting your drink back down. “Sorry. I don’t have any Diet Pepsi.””That’s okay,” I respond, before taking a sip. “Hopefully, I’ll be able to burn off the extra calories tonight.” You smile at my innuendo, as you bring your feet up and rest them on the edge of the coffee table. “Oh yeah?” you ponder, staring at me with a lascivious look in your dark brown eyes. “And just what are you going to be doing to me tonight?””Oh I don’t know,” I begin in a jesting tone. “I was thinking about a little missionary position followed by some cuddling.” “Fuck that,” you snap back with a laugh. “If I wanted that, I’d just have sex with my boyfriend.” I shake my head, smiling as I take another drink. “Don’t you mean ‘fiancé’?” I tease you further. “When’s the big day anyway?””We haven’t set a date yet,” you answer meekly, your eyes shifting downward. “Oh is that a little guilt I see?” You shrug, but remain quiet, a pouting expression appearing on your face. In all the previous times you had cheated on your boyfriend with me, you had shown surprisingly little remorse. You have even admitted that cheating behind his back turns you on and adds an element of excitement to our weekend sessions. I agreed. In fact, if not for the presence of your boyfriend I most likely would have lost interest long ago. We had started hooking up the previous summer, when you and your boyfriend Tony had been on a break up. When I had returned from Art School the following summer however, you both had reconciled and were even engaged to be married. After a night of partying one night, you and I had found ourselves alone in a friend’s living room after everyone else had gone to bed. One thing led to another and before we knew it, you were on your hands and knees with my dick inside you. After that brief encounter, the flood gates opened and we had been conducting secret late night meetings every chance we could get. Not only had our rendezvous been growing more frequent as of late, but they had also been growing increasingly kinkier. Each of us relished pushing the boundaries of the other to see how far we would go. As my mind wanders, I keep glancing nervously at the clock. We had experienced a few close calls in our previous encounters and it is something I have not enjoyed. You, on the other hand, seem to get even more excited from the thrill of almost being caught. “Would you stop that?!” you scold. “You’re starting to make me nervous. He won’t be back until at least six.” “That’s what you said last weekend,” I counter sceptically. “Oh yeah,” you say with a laugh. “That was funny.” “How funny would it have been if he had come home ten minutes earlier?” Again you shrug dismissively. Sometimes it seems as though you care less about getting caught than I do. In fact, it almost appears as though you desire your boyfriend to find out. You had insinuated in the past that you would have no problem leaving him for me and almost welcomed the prospect. I didn’t have the heart to tell you that there is no way in Hell I would ever enter into a serious relationship with you. My interest in you, as cold as it may sound, is and would always remain purely sexual. You burned me once before and I had not forgotten how much that rejection had hurt.”Well, you know what the problem is?” you state more as a proclamation than a question. “We always wait too long to get started.” I nod in agreement. After coming back from the clubs, we generally sit around talking and listening to music before actually getting down to business. “Well, what do you feel like doing tonight?” I ask, turning the conversation back to sex. “I want you to make me your dirty little whore,” you answer bluntly without batting an eyelash. “I was hoping you’d say that,” I state, smiling. You penchant for rough, degrading sex is the main factor that keep me coming back for more. “How dirty?” I coyly ask, prompting you to continue. “Very, very, very…dirty,” you answer seductively as you move over to the couch I is sitting on. “I want you to use me. I want you to…degrade me.” I could feel my dick stirring in my pants as you tempt me with those pleasing words. “And you’ll do anything I want?” I ask. You nod, your eyes lock on mine with lustful determination. “Okay…,” I consider, as I rise to my feet, looking down at you as I attempt to hide my eager smile. “You want to be my slut?””Yes.””Say it.””I want to be your dirty little slut,” you obey promptly. My cold expression cracks as the edge of my lip curls upward into a sly grin. “Okay, you dirty little slut…” I declare, standing with my arms crossed. “Get on your fucking knees and suck my black dick.” As soon as the words leaves my lips, an expression of pure lust appears across your face as your eyes blaze with carnal desire. Sliding down off the couch, you crawl obediently to my feet. Reaching up, you begin undoing my pants. As I watch you with satisfaction, my pants fall to the floor. “Put your hands behind your back,” I order, kicking my pants aside. Doing as instructed, you lock your arms behind your back as you stare up at me with an innocent, c***d-like expression. As I step forward, your mouth opens and my engorged erection passes into the waiting mouth. As your lips close around my shaft, your eyes shut with pleasure. You are now sucking gently on the end of my black dick. “Open your eyes, you fucking whore,” I admonish sternly. “Look at me when you suck my nigger dick.”Your eyes immediately pop back open and you moan around my shaft as you slide your lips further down my length. I know that the dirtier I talk, the more aroused you would become. Reaching down, I grab a handful of your dark maroon hair and guide my dick deeper into your mouth. As you feel the tip of my dick touching the back of your throat, you fight your gag reflex as I slowly withdraw my saliva coated shaft. I hold your head in place as I give a couple quick strokes, fucking your face before pulling my wet dick from your soft lips. Passively holding your tongue out, you wait patiently as I slap my hardness against your lips with a slippery ‘smack’. “Do you like being on your knees?” I ask, slapping my spit-covered dick against your face. “Yes,” you gasp as my fleshy pole strikes your face again before slipping back into your hungry mouth. Immediately, you resume sucking with renewed vigour. Your soft, red lips glide up and down my pulsing shaft. Your head bobs back and forth as I feel your tongue tickling the underside of my dick with each pass. “FUCK, I love seeing you on your knees with my meat in your mouth,” I moan as you struggle to take my entire length down your throat. “I wish I had a picture of this.” Letting my glistening dick pop from your mouth, you smile up at me before glancing over at the coffee table where my mobile is situated. “Here,” you offer, grabbing the phone and handing it to me. I grin as I accept the phone, flipping it open and quickly setting it to the camera function. You take my dick back into your lips, sucking me down to the base as you gaze up at me with wide open eyes. I point the phone at your dick-filled mouth and snap the picture, before inspecting the finished result with satisfaction. I then turn it around, showing you the image of sarıoğlan escort your face with your lips wrapped tightly around my shaft. Most girls in your position would never allow any evidence of their infidelity, but you seem to revel in it. “Suck my balls,” I order, preparing the camera for another picture. As I lift my length, you lean in, accepting my swollen sac into your little wet mouth. I let out a subtle moan as you suck gently, letting your tongue probe the area behind my balls. I snap another picture as you continue sucking, gradually tilting your head back as you probe further between my legs. “Mmmm, and just what are you trying to do down there?” I taunt, slowly stroking my dick with long, gradual pumps of my fist.”You know what I’m trying to do,” you answer quietly. “I want to lick your ass.” “Hmmm, maybe you should ask nicely,” I state, clutching your hair in my grasping hand as I pull your head back as I look down into your sparkling eyes. “Can I lick your ass, Daddy?” you innocently ask, looking up at me with your mouth agape. “Please.””Now why would I let a dirty little cunt like you lick my ass?”, I tease.”Please,” you insist with increasing desperation. “Please let my stick my slutty, little tongue in your asshole.” Satisfied with your crudely worded answer, I turn around and oblige your dirty request by pulling your face into my ass. I hear your gasp the word ‘yes’ just before your voice becomes muffled as your lips immediately find my hole. Next your little, pink tongue shoots out to stab at my ass. I wiggle my hips, as you maneuver your face between my cheeks, grinding my asshole into your hungry mouth. “Mmmm,” I sigh pleasurably. “Good little whore.” My hand continues clutching my stiff rod as the tip of your tongue tests my little muscular ring with increasingly aggressive stabs. “I want a picture of your tongue in my ass,” I grunt, fumbling with the phone. Reaching behind me, I position the phone to the best of my ability and press the button, snapping a photo with your face buried in my ass. As I bring it back up to view the result, I scowled in disappointment. “Dammit,” I curse, looking at the screen which showed only the blurry image of the side of my leg. “It didn’t turn out.” “Here,” you offer, holding your hand out. “Let me do it.” I hand over the phone happily and then reach back to spread my cheeks in preparation. You jab your nimble, wet tongue back into my ass as you hold the camera at arm’s length and snap the picture. Excited to view the finished product, I turn around and grab the phone. “Nice,” I exclaim, inspecting the lewd image which clearly shows your tongue pressed into my tight little opening. Smiling meekly, you remain kneeling submissively before me. I close the phone and sit it back down on the table before turning to you. My lustful desire grows by the second. “Where should I fuck you?” I ask, towering over you as you wait patiently. “You can fuck me anywhere you want, Daddy” you reply, relinquishing all control. I briefly consider bending you over your kitchen table, but soon settled on another idea. “I’m going to fuck you in your bed…,” I hiss sadistically. “…so the next time you’re lying there with your fiancé, you can think about all the dirty, slutty things you’ve done.” Your eyes close as your mouth slowly forms into a sexy smile. “Fuck that’s hot,” you gasp. As you scramble into the bedroom, I follow, stalking you as my dick throbs with each beat of my heart. Pulling your tight dress off as you go, you leave it on the floor behind you as you enter the room wearing only your underwear and the pair of thigh high fishnet stockings that I had requested you wear. “I’m assuming you want me to leave the fishnets on?” you ask, as you light a candle before turning out the lights. “Yes,” I answer, walking up behind you as you stand as you leaf through your CDs, looking for some appropriate sex music. As I come up behind you, my dick presses into your lower back. I lean in, breathing hot breath onto your neck. Sighing, you tilt your head to the side as you fumble with the stereo. “Hurry up,” I hiss into your ear as my hands travel up your thick thighs, grazing the silky fabric of your little black, unnecessary panties. As soon as the music fills the room, I grab hold of your thick hair with one hand as I grip your right arm, twisting it behind your back. Letting out a brief, startled gasp before your soft body melts into mine, you give yourself over to my control. Pushing you towards the bed, I force you down to your knees and bend your torso over the mattress. “Where are your handcuffs?” I ask coldly. “In the box, under the bed,” you whimper quietly. Reaching under the bed, my hand searches for and quickly locate the shoebox. Pulling the box from under the bed, I flip open the lid before marveling at the assortment of toys contained within. Rifling through the dildos and butt plugs, I locate the metal handcuffs and yank them out, pushing the box aside. “Do you ever use these with your boyfriend?” I ask, dangling the metal cuffs beside your face. “No,” you answer, trying to withhold your eager smile as I place the first shackle around your wrist. I know you are telling the truth. Your fiancé, Tony, is notoriously ‘vanilla’ when it comes to sex. It is the main reason you look forward to our little encounters. They actually seem like an odd match since you are by far the kinkiest girl I had ever met. You let out a subtle moan and wince as I tighten the cold metal cuffs around your wrists, firmly securing your arms behind your back. The restraints had originally had a red, plush furry substance around the rings, but you have chosen to remove it for aesthetic purposes, making them much less comfortable to wear. “Mmmm,” I mutter in admiration as I take in the enticing spectacle presented before me. “Now you’re all mine.” Reaching down between your legs, I press my fingers against the silky material of your panties, feeling the dampness of your pussy through the thin fabric. “Ohhh,” I exclaim, nuzzling my wiggling fingers up into your dripping hole. “What made you so wet, Alexandria?” “I’ve been wet all night,” you peep, squirming from my touch. “I’ve been waiting for this since we first went to the bar.””Waiting for what?” I inquire, tugging your panties down over your round, naked ass. “Waiting for you to…use me. To make me…your slut.” I smile. You always know what I want to hear. Tearing your panties down around your knees, I note your moans of reluctant approval. Bending my knees down, I grasp my dick and aim it towards your dripping cunt. “You want my dick inside you don’t you?” I taunt, my tip teasing your delicate folds as I wiggle it against your wanton opening. “Yes!””Beg for it, you fucking Syrian whore,” I order. “Please stick your black dick in my wet cunt, Daddy.” you gasp. You are one of the only womyn I know that likes to use the word “cunt”. I push forward, my dick sliding easily into your wet hole as you purr at the sensation of being filled. My balls nestle against your dewy lips as I work my way in as far as I could. Reaching up, I grab your freshly trimmed hair, pulling your head back with lustful authority as pumped my dick deep into your pussy with each forceful thrust. Shrieking with surprise as my hips slam into your ass with a violent “smack”, you know what’s in store for you this early morning. I repeat my eager thrusts ten more times, piercing your hot little hole as my hand tightens around your hair. As I fuck you, I lick my thumb and pressed it against your puckered asshole, rubbing it with firm, circular motions. “Mmmm,” you purr, feeling the pressure against your exposed hole. “It’s been so long since anyone’s done that?” “Oh yeah?” I ask, pushing past your tight muscular ring. “You’re fiancé doesn’t play with your ass?””No…,”you respond meekly. “So my dick is the only one you’ve had in your asshole?””Yes.” is your answer. I know that is a lie, but I could care less at this moment.I push my thumb deep as I slam my hips into the back of your full thighs. Moaning, you gasp as I roughly yank your head back. I am fucking you with increasingly forceful thrusts. Your tight, little ass eagerly swallows up my entire thumb as I feel your contract around me. Feeling the tightness of your clenching orifice only furthers my desire, I slip my digit from your body and strike your ass with a firm, open handed slap. “I’m going to fuck your slutty ass, you nasty little whore” I state plainly, looking down at your bent, prone body.I slide my dick from your moist pussy, while pushing your ample cheeks apart. I spit onto your asshole and watch it wink in response. “Beg for it whore,” I order, picking up a small bottle of lubricant from the basket. “Please put your dick in my ass,” you gasp, the determination in your voice betraying your hidden kinky desires. I smile as I dribble the lubricant down the length of my shaft, my mind constantly working to find new and degrading ways of using my little slut. I wrap my hand around my black dick and spread the slippery fluid over every inch as you wait patiently.I could hear you sigh with expectant pleasure as my tip touch your tiny, pink hole. I tease you with a few gentle stabs before pressing my eager head past your clenching ring with one fluid motion. Your body tenses under me as you struggle to relax, feeling your most private orifice being violated by my sinking dick. I moan with ecstatic bliss as I revel in the incomparable sensation of your clutching hole grasping every inch of my throbbing pole as I push it into your willing body. I grab your hair, pushing your face into the bed as I watch my dick disappear inside you.”You like that, slut?” I ask, settling in, buried within your hot, little asshole as I yank your head towards me. “Fuck yes!” you pant, as my hips gyrate into your plump ass, my balls caressing your pussy as work myself as deep as I am able. Closing my eyes in concentration, I begin to move in and out, using your asshole to pleasure myself as I hold you firmly pinned to the bed. Gradually, my pace increase as you groan into the bed sheets. I sense your discomfort from the posturing of your body as well as the faint sounds emanating from your lips. As much as you crave my shaft in your ass, you usually had a hard time handling it for long periods of time. But tonight isn’t about you. It is about me. “Where’s my dick, slut?” I ask harshly, pulling your head back to better hear your gasping reply. “I…In my ass,” you stutter in between anguished moans. “Ass…hole!” I correct, tightening my grip on your hair. “Asshole!” you blurt back in response as I drive particularly deep inside you. “Your dick is in my asshole!”I smile in response, drawing my length from your tight little ring before slamming back inside. “And where is it going next?” I demand, my voice seething with lust. “I…in…my mouth,” you answer meekly. “Why?””B…because, I’m a dirty fucking whore!” As soon as those words left your gasping lips, I yank your head back as I let your tightening asshole expel my rigid rod. Next I drag your body backward roughly and slap my dick against your soft mouth. Your lips part with desperation as you try to capture my swaying pole, just slightly out of reach. “You want this?””Yes!” you beg, your tongue reaching for my dangling head. “I want to taste my ass on your fucking cock!” Moving your head forward, I slip my dick into your open mouth, nearly gagging you as my tip butts against the back of your throat. Your lips immediately clamp down around my dark shaft as you moan with approval, gliding back and forth with very little prompting. Urging you to take me deeper, I pull on your hair. Your head bounces back and forth on my dick as you passively encourage me to use you. Satiated with your considerable oral talents, I slap my wet dick across your face before forcing you back down against the bed. My shaft throbs with desire and hungry to feel the inviting confines of your tight, little ass once again. “Oh my, Daddy, I love it when you fuck me like this!” you squeal as I work my thick shaft back into your taut little tunnel. Sinking in easily, I push myself deep as you squirm with delight, your hands struggling against metal cuffs. As I resume abusing your asshole with emphatic thrusts, I know that I wouldn’t be able to last much longer. “You know I’m going to cum in your ass don’t you?” I simply taunt, feeling a sensation of pre-orgasmic warmth flowing through my body. “Uh huh,” you sigh quietly, your blue eyes tightly closed as my savage thrusts ream your tiny orifice with unabated intensity. “You can do whatever you want to me. I’m yours to use.”That subtle declaration is music to my ears as my strokes suddenly cease. I notice my balls tighten violently. Gritting my teeth, I tear at your thick hair as my pulsing prick erupts inside you, filling your well-fucked hole with shot after shot of searing hot semen. Moaning, you feel your insides warm by the fluid from my spurting dick. As my climax subside, I keep my shaft buried inside you, sliding it back and forth, now lubricated by my own juices as it gradually slips out of your clutching embrace. After I finally slip free, I inspect your well worn hole which is now reddened, swollen and leaking cum. I remove the handcuffs and climb onto the bed, pulling you up with me by the hair. I recline back in a relaxed position as you remain in a submissive pose, your knees tucked up under your body as your face presses against the bed. “Mmmm,” I moan, admiring my recent handiwork. “Spread that ass. I want to see the slutty little asshole that I just fucked.” Doing as ordered, you reach back with both hands to pull your cheeks apart and fully expose your recently violated asshole. I smile while gripping my dick, my hand moving with slow, lazy strokes as I watch. I certainly do not want the night’s events to end.”Mmmm,” you purr seductively, stroking a finger over your sensitive hole. “I love having your cum in my ass.” As you speak, you push your finger deeper inside, feeling your cum coated tunnel with your wiggling digit. “I love feeling it inside me,” you continue, sliding your finger back out, now clearly covered in a glistening sheen of slimy cum. “Especially when I’m lying here with my boyfriend.” You gaze back at me as you put the finger to your mouth, sucking the cum from it. I smile, continuing to be impressed by the depths of your depraved mind. I actually don’t know how much of your act is genuine, since I suspect your actions are often conducted for the purpose of turning me on. After our countless times together, you know just what to do and say to get me going. As you turn and crawl towards me, you resume talking. “And I want you to fuck me before my wedding,” you exclaim as I spread my legs before you. “Oh really?” I ask, my interest peaked by the slutty suggestion. Again, I didn’t know if she was telling the truth or even if such a thing would be plausible. I had mentioned it as one of my fantasies though, so she was obviously bringing it up for my benefit. “Yes,” you answer, lying flat against the bed with your head between my legs. “I want you to use me and make me your whore while I’m wearing my wedding dress.”My dick immediately starts twitching. “Yeah?” I utter, bending my knees and placing my feet flat on the bed. “What do you want me to do to you?””Everything!” you reply parting your lips around my balls as I continue to stroke my dick. “Fuck me…use me….make me lick your asshole.”I swallow hard as you speak in between slow laps of your tongue against my balls. “That’s what I really want,” you explain. “I’ve been thinking about that a lot lately. Me in my little white wedding dress, on my knees in some bathroom somewhere with my tongue up your ass.” My subtle moans serve as ample encouragement as your tongue flicked down under my balls, venturing further with every passing second. “Would you like that?” you ask, pushing my legs up higher. “Having a little whore bride tongue-fucking your asshole?””Fuck yes,” I gasp, feeling the tip of your tongue once again teasing my hole with playful, wet stabs. “Mmmm, and I want you to fuck me up the ass. I want to walk down the aisle with your cum dripping out of my asshole…and the taste of your ass on my lips.” “Oh you fucking whore!” I exclaim, reaching down to pull your face into my ass, overcome by your filthy requests. You moan into my ass as your tongue jabbed at me, trying to wriggle its way inside. My dick pulses as I feel my tiny asshole being penetrated by your nimble, wet tongue. As you move away smiling, you place a finger between my legs, caressing my hole with firm strokes as you look up at me. “That was the hottest fucking thing I’ve ever heard,” I proclaim, gazing down at you as you begin to slide your finger into my ass. “Good,” you answer with satisfaction, pushing deeper inside me. “I can’t wait.”Your tiny finger strokes in and out as you inhale my spit coated shaft back into your hungry mouth. As your wet lips close around my shaft, I feel myself hardening within their inviting embrace. Retrieving your finger from my ass, you lubricate it with your tongue before sliding back inside and returning your mouth to my dick. “You fucking whore,” I mutter with amazement as I shake my head, causing you to smile around my shaft. For the next few minutes I sit back with contentment as you take turns pleasuring my meat and asshole with your eager lips, fingers and tongue. It is something you absolutely love doing and you would continue it all night if I were to let you. “Alright, slut,” I state adamantly, grabbing your hair and pulling your insatiable mouth off my spit-shone dick. “Get on your back and spread your fucking legs!”A brief look of excitement flashes across your face as you lay back on the bed, widening your legs with anticipation. It seems like the worse I treat you, the more you love it, constantly urging me to find newer and dirtier ways of degrading you.I move into placed between your legs as you spread your pussy lips with expectation. Placing my saliva covered tip between your eager folds, I ease myself into you until I feel my balls compressing against your asshole. Feeling my own cum dribbling from your tiny opening and wetting my sac, I withdraw and slam back hard as you blurt out a startled gasp. “That’s what you like isn’t it?” I ask, grabbing your ankles and pushing your legs up towards your head as I drive my hips into yours with violent force. “Getting fucked hard like that?””Yes,” you respond quickly, your eyes gleaming with lust. “Fuck me hard. Use me like the worthless little cunt I am!””Yeah,” I groan with satisfaction, my hips rising and falling with rhythmic intensity. “Tell me what a dirty fucking whore you are.””I’m such a filthy fucking slut,” you moan back, responding to my urging with more salacious talk. “A dirty little asslicking whore!” “Mmmm, say that again,” I order, releasing your firm legs while pinning your arms up above your head. “I’m a dirty little asslicking whore!” you state, following instructions.”A dirty little…cheating…asslicking whore,” I correct, driving my black dick deep into your sweltering wet pussy. Focusing your eyes on mine, you stare with a lustful intensity. “I’m a dirty cheating asslicking whore,” you say with conviction, eliciting a smug grin from my satisfied face. “I’ll do whatever the fuck you want me to.””What if I want you to fuck my friends?” I ask, pumping my hips into yours with constant, driving force. “I’d fucking love that!” you admit unexpectedly, your face brightening with excitement. “I would love to have you pass me around to your friends.”I am surprised at your declaration, but I want to hear more. “What would you want them to do to you?” I ask, pushing deep into your body as I lift your hips from the bed. “I’d love to have you tie me up and let them do whatever they want to me. Use every hole on my fucking body. Cover me in cum and then send me home to my boyfriend.”I increase the speed of my thrusts, as you continue to arouse me with your filthy fantasies.”I’d love to be bent over and have everyone take turns fucking my ass and then making me suck their black dicks. ” “What if I wanted you to lick their asses?” I ask, determined to learn how far you are willing to go. “I’d fucking love it,” you reply promptly. “I’d love to be your dirty, little asslicking slave. Just tie me down and take turns forcing me to lick everyone’s asshole.””Alexandria, you’re fucking dirty,” I moan with pleasure as your soaked pussy grew wetter around my engorged erection. Letting out a playful giggle, you reach under to finger your own ass as I continue to fuck you. Releasing one of your wrists, I move my hand down and place it on your neck. My fingers encircle your throat as your eyes remain fixed intently on mine. As my grip tightens, your mouth opens as your eyes shut with ecstatic enjoyment. “Where’s your finger?” I inquire, squeezing your throat. I slowly deprive you of air. “In my ass,” you respond with a raspy, breathless gasp. “And whose ass is that?” “Yours, Daddy.”Leaning down, I pin your neck roughly to the bed with my hand as I spit into your open mouth. Your blue eyes flutter open briefly. I smile sadistically, before gradually allowing my grip to relent. “And when can I have your ass?” I ask. My hand clutches your hair as my dick penetrate your dripping wet hole with every thrust. “Whenever you want!””Mmm, that’s right,” I hiss, gathering some more saliva in my mouth before spitting in into your open mouth once more. I smile at your submission. Now I grab your around the neck once again. “Take your finger out of your ass and put it in your mouth,” I order coldly. Responding with enthusiasm, you are now sucking the small finger between your lips as your eyes remain locked on mine with adoration. “I hope you know that your ass in mine forever,” I claim, fucking your hot little cunt with increasing urgency. “I’m going to take it whenever and wherever I want.””Yes,” you agree, returning your clean finger to your cum filled asshole. “I’m your dirty little asswhore.” “Even when you’re married years from now,” I continue, losing myself in my authoritarian role. I’m going to come to your house whenever I want…and use you however I want.””Yes!” you gasp, obviously delighting in the idea. “You can come over when my husband is at work and treat me like the whore that I am. You can do whatever you want.” “Do you know what I want you to do right now?” I ask, desperately needing to find a way to release the pressure in my aching balls. “What?” you innocently ask, as I release my dripping wet dick from your abused pussy.”I want you to lick my asshole and make me cum.” I declare.Your eyes brightened at the suggestion as I stand up and turn around, towering over your willing face. I then lower myself down onto your waiting mouth, sighing with relief when I feel your soft lips pawing at my asshole once again. “Mmmm, that’s it,” I mutter, settling in on top of your upturned face, my ass pressing firmly against your mouth. “Now show me what a dirty little slut you can be.”With my ass pinning your head to the mattress, you moan and attack my hole with savage thrusts of your hot, wet tongue. Reaching down, I grab one of your nipples in each hand, squeezing them hard as you squirm under my body. “Come on, whore,” I urge as I begin to stroke my shaft. “I want to feel your tongue deep in my ass.”Never one to disappoint, you jam your tongue right into my ass, wriggling it as far inside as you possible could. I sigh with blissful pleasure while stroking my dick as I grind my asshole into your busy mouth. “I wonder what your fiancé would think if he saw you right now,” I utter in contemplation. “…if he saw you right now…in his bed…with your tongue up my fucking ass.”You only moan in response as you increase your attempts. You are thrusting your tongue into my clenching hole. My hand works at a blinding speed in an attempt to bring the dirty adventure to an end. As you continue to tongue my ass, I note the cum beginning to surge up into my throbbing dick. Holding off for as long as I could, I finally tense my entire body, my asshole contracting around your invading tongue as the cum bursts forth from the end of my weary dick. I cup my hand and cover the spurting head, catching the majority of the hot liquid in my waiting palm. I then reach back with my cum filled fist and shove it between my ass cheeks. I am smearing the slippery white fluids over my asshole before sitting back down onto your face. “Oh my, Daddy!” you manage to gasp before your lips once again became muffled by my ass, now coated in hot cum. Eagerly, you suck and lick, taking every drop into your hungry mouth as I pant with exhaustion, feeling your tongue delving into my ass to get every bit of cum. As my dick finally goes soft before my eyes, I slump down onto the bed beside you, a contented smile of disbelief firmly etched into my face. “I think that was the dirtiest session yet,” I comment, lying down beside you. “Yes, I think it was,” you agree, smiling back at me. My eyes begin to close, but I could hear the sound of birds outside the window, reminding me that morning is fast approaching. The darkness of night is fast giving way as thin streams of light are now seeping in through the blinds. “I guess I should go,” I say reluctantly as I sit up and reach for my pants. “Okay,” you agree, a hint of sadness in your voice. You generally like me to stay longer, but in our previous encounter we have been interrupted by Tony the pony’s early arrival. I am already starting to get anxious and have no interest in making another last minute getaway through the bedroom window. I quietly dress before heading to the door. I look back to see you staring back at me, your face frozen into a post-coital look of contentment. We exchange our goodbyes and I make a hastily retreat out the door. As I leave the building, I begin to wonder how much longer this could go on. I am worried that you are starting to get a little too attached. “Oh well,” I mutter to myself as I search my pockets for my car keys. “I guess we’ll just see what happens next week.”I didn’t know it then, but that would be the last time I saw you.

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