Young black man, mature white female


Young black man, mature white femaleMy gorgeous mature white wife went to our nude, adult campsite we use. She wanted to relax, maybe find a young black man to have sex with as over the years she’s enjoyed having several black men as sexual partners. She’s 54, just about to turn 55, but easily passes for 10 years younger. She has a great mature curvy figure, is 44E-38-45, has long blonde hair, blue eyes, hairy bush and takes great pride in being all natural. Some wrinkles, little extra here and there, but a truly voluptuous shape. She arrived at noon on Friday and went for a walk. Black men can’t resist her curvy, big breasted figure. Made arrangements with a young black man (Rodwell) to meet at the restaurant around 3:00 for a bite to eat then a swim. They had an enjoyable meal, she discreetly asked about his family history, wanted to make sure if she wants him as her sexual partner that he’s healthy. Two hours flew by, she likes a young man who’s well read and can carry on an intelligent conversation. So a very good start. As they left the restaurant my wife noticed his long and thick penis hanging straight down with its extra large head (he was circumcised) swinging as they walked. She hadn’t noticed his penis as she arrived at the restaurant first and was already sitting when Rodwell came up behind her and sat down. As they placed their towels on the beach she felt relieved that she probably didn’t have to worry about getting pregnant, but then again, she missed the possibility of conceiving a baby, so mixed feelings on the subject. She thought to herself “oh well, not to worry, just enjoy this young black man, haven’t ovulated in 5 months, getting old Tryphaena”! They entered the water, had fun banter with each other. She swam under the water, he spread his legs, as she swam between his legs she turned to face the surface and firmly grabbed his balls, then pulled them up behind him. He had no choice but to jump forward in a circle under the water as when she pulled his balls up towards the surface he was at her mercy! He laughed, said that felt great, wife can take a hint, they repeated this several times. Rodwell would swim underwater between my wife’s legs and pull her very large pussy lips, she’s always liked attention paid to her 3″ long, thick pussy lips. Good start all around for these two!They kissed a few times in the water, held hands while exiting the water and lied down on their large beach towels. Wife loved watching his long, thick and veiny penis swing as they exited the water. She noticed Rodwell taking several looks at the water running down her ample breasts. She liked that attention.As they lied down, they continued to talk and playfully touch each other. Rodwell used his index finger and slowly slid it along the veins in her breasts, said they looked fantastic. This made my wife’s nipples harden, so he slid his fingers along them. Next he slid his fingers along her belly, she asked why he likes an old, white woman who has those stubborn extra 10lbs that won’t go away in her waist? He said she’s absolutely beautiful! He moved down to her feet and started to massage them, she loved his pressure, it was perfect. Next he massaged her back and neck. By this time she’s totally relaxed and enjoying the sun on her body. Next he massaged her legs, again masterful job, she’s so turned on yet relaxed at the same time. He moves between her legs, stares at her large pussy lips, says “wow! They’re incredibly beautiful! Can I touch them?” She loves it when a man asks permission, so gives it to him. He rises to his knees, she opens her legs more, she then notices his 10-11″ penis hanging straight down starts to rise. It stops at a 90 degree angle, so it’s now pointing directly at her. She can’t stop staring at its enormous head. As he starts to gently touch and stimulate her pussy lips and clit she moans, doesn’t want to lie down, enjoys looking at his penis’ head, but has to lie down as she’s getting turned on big time. Breathes heavily, has a couple of orgasms. He expertly works her genitalia without sliding his fingers inside. After about 20 minutes and two orgasms she tells him to stop, it’s driving her nuts, sits up. She stares at his penis which is now fully erect all 11″ pointing straight up, she thinks “that’s impressive”! She now looks at him and says “may I now reciprocate?” Of course Rodwell’s okay with it. She holds his massive balls in her hands, takes her time, enjoys the size of them, feeling their weight, massaging them one at a time, both together. After a few minutes he moans, she squeezes them and pulls, he laughs while wincing a bit. Both laugh, she tickles him, he returns the feeling. Both of them roll around on their towels, tickling each other, laughing, next she feels his very large penis head “pop” into her vagina, just it’s head though. He pulls out and apologises doesn’t want to get her pregnant if she doesn’t want that. She says it’s okay and slide back in. So he “pops” just his head in and out, makes a game of it, both laugh, wife enjoys the feeling of such a large penis head “popping” inside her. This is a new feeling as she’s never had such a large penis head enter her before.They stop tickling each other. Rodwell slides all the way in, balls deep. Wife feels his massive head push against the back of her vaginal wall. They kiss and keep the atmosphere light, talk, laugh. She likes it when he laughs as his penis’ head moves around at the back of her vagina and stimulate her cervix opening. She digs her nails into his back has another intense orgasm. After several minutes, he pulls out and uses his penis’ head slides up and down between her pussy lips, teases her vaginal opening, rubs her clit and pushes her clit into his penis head. She loved that! Never had a man bury her clit inside his penis head before, said his body heat and sperm juices felt incredible, another orgasm.Rodwell then slid completely inside again. They kissed, then he pulled out saying “I’m pushing my luck, probably oozed a lot of sperm inside you, don’t want to get you pregnant if you don’t want that”. She smiled said “I’m an old white woman, slide back in, don’t worry about a pregnancy”. So he slid back inside her, she held his hands above her head, asked him to put his body on top of her, line their legs up. He asked if he’s too heavy to lie on her. She felt a little uncomfortable, but enjoyed his body completely on top of her while his 11″ penis was fully inside.After 30 minutes he asked if she’s okay with him depositing several thousand sperm inside her. She again assured him not to worry about pregnancy, she’s old. He told her he’d rather be cautious, so he pulled out without making a direct sperm deposit aside from oozing inside her for a couple hours. Wife thanked him, thought he was so considerate and kind. She said she wanted to sleep alone tonight and wondered if he’d like to visit a secluded swimming hole not far from the nude campsite in the morning and spend the day there? Rodwell thought it would be a great idea. So they arranged to meet at the restaurant for an early breakfast @ 9:00 then travel to the swimming hole.Wife woke up at 6:00, her usual time. Started the campfire, made a cup of java, grabbed a towel and went to have a shower. She walked into the shower room, sat down on the toilet. While there she smiled, thought to herself “wow! What a handsome young black man! I want to drain his balls today and if I have my way for a few days to come!” She reached down in between her pussy lips and wondered why it was so lubricated. Thought it must be from yesterday, then felt again. Rubbed her fingers together, it was awfully slippery. Lighting was terrible in the toilet area. Came out towards the showers, was alone, reached down, rubbed between her pussy lips, little bit inside her vagina, then pulled her fingers up towards her face. There’s green mucous covering her finger tips. Her mind races back to yesterday, thinking about Rodwell’s popping his massive penis head inside her vagina and how smooth such a large head went inside, it should have been harder to fit inside. Then it hits her! She was ovulating while with Rodwell yesterday, he was inside her for a couple hours, oozing thousands of sperm directly at her cervix opening and directly up into her uterus where there’s an egg or eggs waiting in her fallopian tubes to be fertilized. She hears her heart pounding in her head. Thinks, have your shower and think this over.In the shower her mind races, keeps saying “I delivered my last babies 16 years ago. I’ll be 55 in 2 days. Do I want another baby? What should I do?” After a few minutes, she smiles, relaxes, pushes her belly where her ovaries are, thinks about how this could be her last opportunity for another black baby? Plus, she has three rules when making love to a black man, they are;1. No condoms. 2. No pulling out. 3. It’s a privilege to have a black man flood her fertile womb, to feel his sperm swimming deep inside her forcing her waiting egg or eggs to swim in a sea of his sperm is what every white woman wants and desires. While drying herself off she thinks “maybe I’m already pregnant. He did slowly ooze a lot of sperm deep inside me yesterday, so him emptying his massive balls load into me today may not matter. Plus she feels really fantastic, she can still get pregnant at 55!!” She decides not to tell Rodwell about her ovulating, wants to tease him mercilessly before she lets him seal the deal by flooding her fertile womb! Leaves the shower room feeling on cloud 9! Asks herself “what on earth does this handsome young black man find attractive with this plump, curvy, mature white woman? Young black men truly are crazy! But hey, I’ll take his baby or even better babies!!”She meets Rodwell for breakfast, then they drive to the secluded swimming hole. Lovely place, only 5′ deep, great smooth rock formations, sandy beach shore, big trees. Rodwell loves it. They lay a couple of big beach towels down, take their clothes off, run into the water. Lots of playful banter, Rodwell asks “what’s with you, you seem extra jovial, extra happy?” Wife looks at him and simply says “you’re crazy, what does a handsome young black man like you want with an old, plump, curvy, big breasted white woman like me? But hey, I’m flattered, so keep being crazy!” He holds her close, kisses her, then tells her “you’re so incredibly gorgeous, [touches her hair] your blonde hair, blue eyes, big breasts, great curves, butt and the most amazing pussy lips make you irresistible to me”. She tears up and says “keep going”. He laughs, picks her up and throws her into the water. She comes up laughing, both swim, she grabs his balls under the water, he winces but grins from ear to ear at the same time. They exit the water lie side by side, catch some rays. She loves the feeling of the sun’s warmth, this super strong and kind black man beside her knowing she has an egg or eggs waiting for his sperm to fertilize. She smiles uncontrollably. Rodwell looks at her asks why is she smiling so much? She gaziantep rus escort tells him “just keep being a crazy young handsome black man who can’t resist me, I LOVE IT!” He rolls her over onto her stomach, starts to slowly and sensually massage her back, neck, butt, legs then feet. She totally relaxes. He wants her to turn over, she wants to continue to tease him, doesn’t want him to notice she’s ovulating, so tells him to lie on his front, it’s her turn to massage him. He enjoys his massage, she turns him over massages his front. She loved sliding her nails along the veins in his long and thick penis, no complaints from him. His penis head oozes sperm, she collects it on her fingers then inserts her fingers into her vagina rubbing his sperm onto her vaginal wall. Rodwell says “tempting fate some more?” Wife says “sure, why waste some good sperm”. She then tells him to hold his penis straight up. She then mounts his penis facing his feet. His penis head “pops” again into her vagina, she loves that feeling, his head is so big its hard to just fit his head into her, but she loves the feeling of it sliding inside. She sits down so his penis head pushes the back of her vaginal wall. She then slides leans forward until her face is at his feet and kisses his feet. His penis is majorly pushing against her vaginal wall as his 11″ fully erect penis is facing straight down. She asks him if it hurts, he says a little. She then holds his feet and pulls about 8″ of his penis out of her vagina, then pushes back up so he’s completely inside her. He says that feels incredible. Wife repeats this move several times, then sits back up enjoying his fully impaled penis deep inside her.Rodwell asks her if she’s concerned he’s oozing sperm into her unprotected womb. She tells him “I’m old remember?” She really wants his baby or even better babies, but wants to tease him as long as possible, after all, her ovulating is a big surprise to even her, but she’s totally at peace with it and enjoys that at 55 she can have another baby. She then turns sideways with her right foot in his face, left foot by his feet, then slides flat onto the ground forcing his penis to his side. Rodwell says it hurts but feels fantastic. She repeats this movement, turns and does it to his other side several times.Next she sits up while he’s still fully inside her, she now faces him. She has an enormous grin on her face, he smiles back to her and asks “you know I’m oozing hundreds if not thousands of sperm inside you, are you sure you’re okay with that?” She lies down with their noses touching, they kiss a few minutes. She then pulls a few inches away from his face, he’s still fully erect and inside her unprotected, very fertile womb. She asks him if he’s overly worried about impregnating her? He says “but you’re too old right?” She grins, says to relax, “that’s right, I’m an old fart! But this crazy handsome young black man thinks this ‘old’ white woman is still sexy”. She then asks him how old is he. Rodwell says he’ll turn 19 in a day. Wife laughs, “says we have the same birthday! I’ll be 55 tomorrow! Imagine that, you’re making love to a big breasted, blonde, blue eyed, curvy, mature, white woman who’s a whopping 36 years older than you!! Still find me sexy?” Rodwell grins and says “very sexy!” Wife looks at him and says “I have three babies younger than you, the other 9 are older than you”. “TWELVE BABIES” exclaims Rodwell. “Yes, my wife says. Last 5 pregnancies I delivered 11 babies. First delivery was 1 baby, next 4 pregnancies I delivered twins each time and finally my last pregnancy, 16 years ago I delivered paternal twins with another egg fertilized about a week after the twins, so I delivered 3 babies, although they weren’t triplets”.Four of my babies have a black father, two sets of twins. Although only two are black in appearance, other two are Caucasian with long blonde hair with blue eyes”. My two paternal black twins are 23 and 21 years old. 28 years ago I tried to have a black baby, made love to one Jamaican man for about 20 days, thought for sure I’d get pregnant, but no, soooo disappointed! 2 months later made love to a Nigerian man for 9 days straight, 2 weekends and one week, again, no pregnancy. Couple of months later made love to a man from Ghana while ovulating over a 4 day weekend, again, no pregnancy. Final time I made love to a black man (can’t remember his heritage) for 7 weeks straight, starting when I was ovulating. Wanted my black baby! 4 weeks in I ovulated again, thought how can this happen? I should already be pregnant! No pregnancy. He checked his sperm, his count was very poor, very inactive so poor swimmers as well. He offered to donate some sperm to be artificially inseminated. No way! If he can’t impregnate me the natural way, I’m not having his babies!!Rodwell said “wow, 12 babies and now you don’t mind taking your chances with another baby because I’m oozing my sperm in you”! Wife then said “as I stated I’m old now, BUT, if I could get pregnant odds are I’d release 2 or more eggs to be fertilized based on my history of having babies. Wife rolled over so Rodwell was on top, she said “I loved you sliding your enormous penis’ head in and out yesterday, it “popped” going in, felt incredible, never had that feeling before. Want to tease me some more by doing that?” Rodwell gladly complied, wife loved the feeling, she couldn’t control herself, major orgasm.She next asked him “to pull out, I’d love to feel those super large and heavy balls of yours”. He pulled out, she gently caressed them in her hands asked “with balls this big you probably have 4 times the regular amount of sperm of normal men, impressive!!” He grinned told her “to lie back down”, he then started to massage her extra large pussy lips, clit, g-spot and vaginal opening. Wife was worried she hadn’t cleaned the mucous out well enough. But he stopped and went to get a beer, came back.Wife looked puzzled, he poured some beer on her toes, sucked them. Then some into her belly button, sucked it out. Then lifted her hips up slightly, poured it into her vagina. Wife thought it felt cool and super sexy, he then seductively sucked it out while teasing and biting her pussy lips. She had another major orgasm. He repeated pouring it into her vagina until he drank the whole bottle out of her vagina. He looked at her seductively, she wondered what he had in mind. He then inserted his right hand into her vagina, she loves being fisted, he stimulated her cervix opening. When she had another orgasm he slid his index finger into her cervix, she screamed with pleasure until his finger was completely inside her cervix. He said he felt his finger tip was in the open. Wife laughed said his tip is in her uterus and it felt great! Then said “that’s where our babies will grow”. She immediately realized her slip of the tongue and said “if I was still younger and could get pregnant is what I meant.”He then inserted the empty beer bottle into her vagina, spout first, took a little doing but it completely fit with some work. Then reversed it with the bottom first, once inside he turned the spout against the inside of her vagina, her pussy lips closed, he said it looked amazing, no one would know a bottle was inside! She asked him to insert another bottle just the opposite way, spout first. He loved it, two bottles inside her massive womb, pussy lips wouldn’t quite close though. Rodwell then said “should be lots of room for our babies to come out in 9 months time!” Wife looked shocked as she gazed into his eyes. He said “I can easily see your mucous, didn’t see that yesterday, so you’re clearly ovulating, right?” Wife then said “I haven’t ovulated in 5 months, noticed my mucous this morning in the shower room. You asked earlier why I was so cheery, well, it’s because I thought about out trip to this secluded swimming hole while showering and wondering, ‘do I want another baby or more realistically with my history, babies?’ And the answer is a definitive yes!! I want your babies!! I’ve made love to 19 black men in the past with the 4 babies I told you about, I have three rules when making love to a black man, and you’d be my 20th black man. The rules are simple; 1. No condoms. 2. No pulling out. 3. It’s my privilege to receive a black man’s sperm and have it flood my entire reproductive system. As I’ve never asked a black man to wear a condom I’m thrilled and totally comfortable having you flood my vagina, cervix, uterus and fallopian tubes forcing any egg or even better eggs to swim in a sea of your grade A, young, vibrant black sperm! So I’d love to have your babies!!!”Rodwell pulled the beer bottles out of my wife’s vagina. He said “I do have a major case of ‘blue balls’, man they hurt. BUT, are you comfortable having my babies?” “Yes, totally. I’m rich so don’t need your money, but need to give you a chance to fertilize my waiting eggs!!”Rodwell then slid inside my wife’s vagina, started pumping her with vigor, wife had numerous orgasms. He became rigid, stiffened and his big balls exploded flooding my wife’s reproductive system with millions of his sperm. Rodwell pumped her non stop for over 2 hours, making 5 sperm deposits. Both were exhausted. Wife looked at him and asked him if he has any favourite baby names. They laughed, talk it over. Made love again and again.After returning to the nude campsite, wife treated him to dinner at the restaurant, then he returned to her tent. They were inseparable for the next two weeks. Made love in every position imaginable. Wife looked at him and said “you young, strong and healthy black men live to impregnate a mature white woman don’t you?” Rodwell grinned, said “only gorgeous plump women like you. God, you’re so beautiful!” She liked that. One twist, after 10 days Rodwell noticed my wife was ovulating again. Wife told him she didn’t know what that means, did she release an egg or eggs last week? Was that a false ovulation? OR, was her ovaries releasing an extra egg for him to fertilize? In any event she told him to give her another baby, might as well be positive!!Over the 2 weeks Rodwell made over 200 sperm deposits, wanted to make sure this gorgeous mature, white woman would be carrying their babies! Wife visited her doctor one month after her campsite trip. He confirmed she’s pregnant. At three months she had an ultrasound. She’s pregnant with 3 babies, one is slightly smaller. Wife told the doctor about her second time ovulating, he agreed an extra egg was released at that time. Should be okay as paternal twins will carry for 9 months and other baby will be 8 months and 3 weeks. After 9 months wife delivered 3 healthy black babies of Rodwell. That raised her total baby count to 15, 8 with me as their father and 3 black men fathering the remaining 7 babies. Wife couldn’t be happier, 3 new babies and one of our daughters delivered another baby just the week before for 7 grandc***dren and counting! Wife was super thrilled delivering 3 healthy black babies at 55! She still thinks Rodwell is crazy for finding this plump, curvy, big floppy breasted, white woman attractive!! But she loves it!!!

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